Canada economy news

Canada economy news – A Big drop of the Canadian dollar

The American president, Donald Trump, declared that the NAFTA deal can be performed further even without Canada. The president wrote posted it on Twitter, which shocked the audience. Canada will be included in the deal only if the US will get some kind of compensation for the years of abuse, by the words of the American president.

In the last few days, he was saying that the NAFTA is one of the worst deals ever. Even though Canada is among the top trade partners of the USA, Trump said they have lost millions of dollars because during the past years.
This affected the Canadian dollar, which dropped in comparison to the US dollar. The US dollar reached its highest value since July this year. All of this will have a negative impact on the Canadian economy.

Misconduct of the border officers

Around 95 millions of the tourists visited Canada this year. Till this day, more than 100 complaints were directed to The Canada Border Service Agency. The complaints were against the border officers and their misbehavior. Besides the yelling or arrogant attitude towards the travelers, the officers used race as a reason for misconduct.

Canada still doesn’t have a special complaints organ, which should be established in some time in the future. The current situation is not well-appointed for the tourists, as many of the allegations were marked as unfounded.

However, this doesn’t mean that the CBSA ignored the complaints. They took some measures against the officers who were mistreating the travelers.

Most common complaints are about yelling, screwing, abusive, racist behavior of the border officers.
It is important to know that a translator should be available in all cases that the communication with the officer can’t be maintained, due to speaking different languages. The language barrier can’t be in any case a reason for misconduct of the border officer.

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Hurricane Florence might endanger Canada

Hurricane Florence might endanger Canad

Even though there are still no sure predictions, the hurricane Florence can take a path to Canada. After a brutal summer in Canada, it is still important to be cautious. Hurricanes don’t appear often here, but as this one is in the mid-Atlantic, everything is possible. Florence will go to America or Canada in the few upcoming days. The area that would be affected is Maritimes. The eventual hardness of the hurricane is still not confirmed.