Teen tweets

After getting her phone taken away by her mother, a 15-year-old teen Twitter user used her wifi-connected refrigerator to fire off one last tweet to her followers.

On Aug. 4, a user who runs an Ariana Grande fan account under the name “Dorothy” tweeted that her mother had taken away her phone and this was “goodbye”. But the tweet gained attention when users noticed the tweet was sent through a Nintendo 3DS game console’s image sharing feature.

Dorothy told New York Mag that her mother had taken away her electronics when she became distracted on YouTube while boiling rice and the “stove burst into flames.”

A recent Twitter update included a feature where users can see what device was used to send a particular tweet. Typically, most tweets would indicate they were sent from an Apple device, an Android device, or through a web browser. But Twitter says this can also include third-parties who can access Twitter through other applications.

Just over 10 minutes after the first tweet, the account tweeted again, supposedly written by Dorothy’s mother, claiming that she had discovered her daughter was tweeting from the Nintendo device and the entire account would be deleted.

It clearly was not — Dorothy told NY Mag her mother “isn’t good with tech” and couldn’t figure out how to delete the account.

Looking for new ways to send tweets out to her followers, the account starting writing posts through a Wii U game console — one was an extensive note written through the note-taking feature in the video game Minecraft, and the other was a screenshot of a Mii made to look like Ariana Grande —  and then back on the 3DS. Each of the tweets on the game devices included automatic hashtags from the applications they were sent from.

Out of options, the account tweeted two days later: “I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck,” it read.

The source of the tweet? An LG Smart Refrigerator. “My mom uses it to google recipes for baking so I just googled Twitter,” she told NY Mag.

The high-end refrigerator, retailing between $4,000 and $5,000 in Canada, is part of a newer trend of smart home devices with wifi capability. Samsung offers a fridge which would allow you to order a ride from Uber.

Dorothy’s fridge tweet went viral, gaining more than 16,000 retweets and sparking the hashtag #FreeDorothy, with other companies jokingly advocating for her freedom.

When The Guardian asked Dorothy how long she would be grounded for the stunt, she wouldn’t say.

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