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2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing and CT4-V Blackwing make their debut



General Motors pretty much gave it all it had in the warmup to Monday night’s unveiling of the 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing and CT4-V Blackwing.

It kicked things off last week with an online media reveal of the four-door cars that was conducted by members of the engineering and design staffs. During the discussion, several mentions were made of Cadillac’s dominance in recent years of the Rolex 24 at Daytona, the first of sports car racing’s three big events, the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Le Mans being the others.

It was obvious that Cadillac anticipated big things from its teams at Daytona last weekend and even emailed reporters a link to a commercial teasing the cars that was shown during the NBC telecast.

Everything was going to plan – except that Cadillac didn’t win the race. It came close. The Chip Ganassi Racing entry being driven by Renger van der Zande was second late in the running but a flat tire ended the team’s hopes with only minutes remaining.

That didn’t spoil the party, though. Cadillac officially unveiled the cars Monday night and you’d have to be a slug if you said you weren’t impressed. We’re talking about two ultra-high performance sedans that, the company says, “combine on-track excitement with luxury and comfort.”

Sounds good. Let’s take a closer look, starting with the power.

The CT5-V Blackwing uses an upgraded 6.2-litre supercharged V8 that, because of a higher flow air-intake and revised exhaust system, is rated at 668 horsepower and 659 lb-ft of torque. The company says that this makes the CT5 the most powerful production Cadillac ever built.

Now, get this: each CT5 V8 is hand-assembled at GM’s plant in Bowling Green, Ohio. Each engine is numbered and its plate is signed by the builder. Now, that’s luxury, in my books.

The CT4-V Blackwing is an evolution of the Cadillac 3.6L Twin-Turbo V6 and features an improved air intake system coupled with revised control system software to create 472 horsepower and 445 lb-ft torque.

Both cars come with Brembo brake calipers (they come in grey, blue, bronze and my favourite, red) for controlled braking on the track and, if necessary, sudden stops on the street.

We know that both cars have plenty of power (GM-estimated top track speed: more than 300 kilometres an hour; GM-estimated 0-100 kph: 3.7 seconds) but because of its racing heritage, speed plants like the ones at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park are the best places to stretch the legs of these two beauties.

There are other elements that go into making these cars fly like eagles – electronic limited slip rear differential, advanced suspension refinements, magnetic ride control, improved steering response and handling on the track – but that’s enough about speed and smoothness.

Because just as it’s highly unlikely that people who purchase luxury automobiles that double as off-road vehicles actually drive them onto the tundra, the same goes with people who will purchase these two dillacs. The cars might be track worthy but chances are they will probably never see one.Cadillac Blackwing

For those folks, here’s what interesting about the insides of the cars.

There are three levels of premium interiors (Base, Mid-level and Up-level) boasting unique trim and technologies including standard wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto capability and wireless phone charging.

The high-performance front seats can be adjusted 18 ways and include lumbar massage. The carbon-fibre seats in the CT5-V Blackwing cost extra but will likely be worth it.

As is the case with most manufacturers, Cadillac has been working on seat design that will improve comfort. The seats in these cars are designed to improve lateral support during track-day driving and adjustability to make people of all shapes and sizes feel comfy in other environments.

The seats have heat and driver’s memory settings plus those previously mentioned 18 adjustments.

The high-performance steering wheel comes with magnesium shift paddles and traction control. The steering wheel on the CT5-V is standard and an option on the CT4, which has one that’s less fancy. Meantime, the manual transmission centre console has a gearshift featuring a 3D-printed medallion cap.

A 12-inch-diagonal HD display includes unique V-Series Blackwing graphics and Track screen performance settings with timers for 0-100 kph and quarter-mile acceleration. A Performance Data Recorder will provide new levels of driving analysis. There are three display personas: Tour, Sport and Track.

The audio system has 14 speakers in the CT4-V Blackwing and 15 speakers in the CT5-V.

Reservations for both vehicles are now open with deliveries expected this summer. Pricing begins at $67,198 for the CT4-V Blackwing and $89,898 for the CT5-V.

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PS4 Sold 6 Units A Minute, PS5 Is Selling Nearly 1,000 – Forbes



Just how insane is PlayStation 5 demand? Sony came up with a striking comparison in a recent presentation about the future of the brand, and the current situation of console sales.

We all know that PS5s are selling out instantly whenever they appear…anywhere, but Sony explains just how fast the system is selling compared to its predecessor:

  • In the US, at this stage of the console’s lifecycle, the PS4 sold 80,000 units in nine days.
  • The PS5 has been selling 80,000 units in 82 minutes, on average.
  • That’s 6 sales a minute for PS4, nearly 1,000 sales a minute for PS5.

They also have a graph about “purchase interest” in the console one year after launch where the PS4 has 28% interest and the PS5 has 55% interest. Again, all of these stem from the fact that so many of the people who want the PS5 just have been physically unable to get one, and this is the only reason that the PS4 is outselling the PS5 at this point in both lifecycles.

The “sales per minute” concept does not translate to something like PS5 sales would be 10,000% more than PS4 if they could only produce enough units, but it’s still pretty fascinating all the same. The slide is titled “unprecedented demand,” which certainly does not seem like an exaggeration, and it’s easy to imagine that PS5 probably would have broken all console sales speed records if Sony was able to produce more units. Instead, they are promising shortages that will continue into 2023 due to the ongoing supply chain/component issues. Things may not normalize until 2024, the company says.

The PS5 shortages seem to go hand in hand with another development, that Sony has started to realize they are shooting themselves in the foot by limiting their game sales to the PlayStation and PlayStation only, especially now in an era where they cannot make enough of the boxes. This seems in part behind their push to get more games to PC, and they’ve reported a huge surge in PC sales due to recent ports like God of War, and it seems like other exclusives such as Returnal are about to make their way to PC in a much faster fashion than past games.

Microsoft has been doing cross-PC sales with the Xbox for a while now, and this is different than Sony which is doing later ports, sold separately, but they can get away with that due to high demand for their exclusives outside of the PlayStation ecosystem. Expect PC to become an increasingly important part of their business as they expand this concept, as Sony says they want half their game sales to be PC and mobile by 2025.

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Instagram is down, users report trouble logging in – MobileSyrup



If you’ve been facing issues loading Instagram Stories, posts, or DMs, fret not, you’re not alone.

Outage tracking service Downdetector displays that users of the Meta-owned application have been facing issues logging in, along with connectivity issues since 12pm ET/9am PT.

Image credit: Downdetector

It’s worth noting that other Meta-owned services, including Facebook and WhatsApp, don’t seem to be affected.

Instagram hasn’t released an official statement about the update yet. Back in October, the Meta-owned photo-sharing app said that it is testing a feature that will let alert users of outages or technical difficulties directly in the app. It seems as though the feature is still in testing because the app has no mention of an outage currently.

It’s unclear what the cause of Instagram’s technical difficulty is. The last time the photo-sharing app had an outage was on October 4th, 2021, when it went down alongside Facebook and WhatsApp.

Image credit: Shutterstock

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China's Restrictions Delay iPhone 14 Development | by slashdotted | May, 2022 – DataDrivenInvestor



According to a source, iPhone 14 development is behind schedule owing to Chinese lockdowns

At least one iPhone 14 model is three weeks late

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

According to a fresh rumor today, the development of at least one iPhone 14 model is three weeks behind schedule owing to Chinese lockdowns, which might damage initial production levels in the worst-case scenario.

According to reports, Apple has instructed suppliers to accelerate product development efforts in order to make up for a lost time before the delay impacts the regular manufacturing schedule, which might impair the initial production numbers of the iPhone 14 series.

By the end of June, all new iPhone models should have completed the EVT and moved on to the verification step.

As speculation grows regarding the characteristics of the next iPhone 14 models, such as an always-on display, a fresh source claims that the development of the line has been slowed by China’s coronavirus regulations.

All iPhone 14 versions are presently undergoing engineering verification testing (EVT), which involves Apple working with suppliers to optimize production processes and calculate manufacturing costs.

The unexpected lockdown shutdown of major Apple suppliers in Shanghai, as well as the effect on regional transportation, have caused the delay.

Apple is apparently working with its suppliers to expedite the process and get back on track.

The story seems to imply that, unlike the iPhone 12, the iPhone 14 will not be delayed and would instead come in the same September launch window as its current best iPhone, the iPhone 13.

Is the iPhone 14 going to be delayed?

According to this claim, it is doubtful that the iPhone 14 would be delayed.

The story does, however, raise the likelihood that one of the iPhone 14 versions may be substantially more difficult to get when it is introduced later this year.

The delay is claimed to be due to the internal development of the iPhone 14 series production process

. According to Nikkei, suppliers must adopt new manufacturing processes and adjust current production lines as part of a process known as New Product Introduction (NPI).

Last month, supposed real-world iPhone 14 display panels leaked online, revealing the suspected pill-shape and circular display cuts that would replace the conventional notch on this year’s new iPhone models to house the front-facing camera and Face ID technology.

In March, claimed iPhone 14 Pro 3D CAD renderings leaked, revealing the device’s reported redesigned pill-shape and circular display cutouts, which are likely to contain the iPhone’s Face ID components and front-facing camera module, eliminating the rectangular notch from the device’s display.

China’s restrictions stymie iPhone 14 development — Mobile World Live

According to the news agency, Apple’s iPhone 14 is being created by contract manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron, with full production expected to begin in late August.

Nikkei Asia reported that engineering verification tests must be finished by the end of June in order to fulfill the manufacturing timetable and that one of the four iPhone 14 variants is three weeks behind schedule.

Due to the limitations, Pegatron paused manufacturing in its Shanghai and Kunshan plants earlier this year, while Foxconn halted operations at its Shenzhen factory.

Apple officials warned last month that supply concerns in China might affect sales by much to $8 billion in the current fiscal quarter.

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