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Another IOC official points to May deadline for Olympics, says virus peak must be over by then –



French Olympic Committee president Denis Masseglia said on Monday that the coronavirus pandemic needed to be beyond its peak by the end of May for the Tokyo Olympics to go according to schedule.

“My feeling is that if we’re still in the crisis by the end of May I can’t see how the Games can happen [on time],” Masseglia told Reuters.

“If we are beyond the peak and the situation is getting better questions will rise about who qualifies, but we will find the least worst solution.”

Montreal’s Dick Pound, a former IOC vice-president, said in an interview with The Associated Press last month that the end of May loomed as a possible deadline for the IOC to make a call on the Tokyo Olympics.

On Sunday, John Coates, the leader of the IOC’s co-ordination commission, said there is no May deadline to cancel the Games and he remains confident the event will go ahead.

“It’s all proceeding to start on the 24th of July,” Coates told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

The IOC will hold talks with heads of international sports organizations on Tuesday in response to the coronavirus outbreak, a source close to an international federation briefed on the issue said.

The IOC will also hold an unscheduled executive board meeting via teleconferencing on Tuesday to internally discuss the latest developments, another source said.

A source within the Olympic movement told Reuters no decision was expected on Tuesday by the executive board. Masseglia said that the IOC will hold a conference call with the National Olympic Committees on Wednesday.

With less than five months to go until the scheduled start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on July 24, questions have been raised as to whether the Games can go ahead.

The virus has wreaked havoc on the global sporting calendar, leading to some Olympic qualification events being cancelled or postponed and concern has been rising about whether the entire Games should be scrapped or postponed.

However, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Tokyo 2020 organizers have reiterated that preparations are going on for the Games to be held as planned.

Abe says Games would be victory over virus

Abe told parliament on Monday he wanted the Tokyo Games to represent a world’s victory over the coronavirus pandemic, Kyodo newswire reported.

According to a telephone poll conducted by Kyodo, however, Abe’s fellow citizens are less optimistic about prospects for the Games, with 69 per cent of respondents saying they did not think Tokyo would be able to host the gathering as planned.

Kyodo did not say how many people were questioned in the survey.

The IOC, asked about a report by Japanese public broadcaster NHK that talks on the impact of the coronavirus were scheduled for Tuesday, said they were a regular part of dialog with stakeholders.

“Since this situation started to develop some weeks ago, the IOC is constantly updating its stakeholders on the latest developments,” the IOC said in a statement to Reuters.

“The calls are part of this regular information sharing process.”

Changes to qualification process

IOC sports director Kit McConnell discussed changes to qualification processes with various international sporting federations last week.

The IOC had established an Implementation Group to “act quickly, where necessary, on behalf of the IOC executive board to approve the necessary changes to the qualification systems,” McConnell said in a letter to federations.

The letter, dated March 9, was seen by Reuters.

Changes could include the extension of qualification periods, but not beyond June 30, the re-assignment of quota allocations and the removal of certain eligibility criteria.

It is not known whether further changes to the qualification process would be discussed at the IOC executive board meeting.

Several qualifying events, including those for climbing, boxing, fencing and judo have been cancelled or postponed, leaving athletes in the lurch about how and when they will be able to qualify for the Olympics.

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Report: MLB mulling hub city playoff format – TSN



When Major League Baseball announced its plan to play the 2020 regular season at teams’ home ballparks, many were skeptical this could be done without large-scale setbacks due to COVID-19. Given what’s happened with the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins recently, it looks like the league could reverse course come playoff time.

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, the MLB has held preliminary discussions about holding its postseason in bubble-type format out of fear that a similar situation with the Cardinals and Marlins could happen in the playoffs.

Passan reports that a full bubble like the NBA’s campus environment at Disney World in Orlando would be difficult for MLB, but a hub city structure similar to the format the NHL has adopted in Edmonton and Toronto is gaining traction.

Passan adds MLB would need at least three potential hub cities because of their decision to expand the playoffs to 16 teams beginning this season. This would be reduced to two and eventually one as the playoffs progress. Remaining in a select number of cities would reduce air travel for teams and would also limit different hotel stays.

Given their status as two-team cities, Passan reports Los Angeles, Chicago and New York “would make the most sense” due to stadium availability. A regional setup including multiple cities such as a Philadelphia-Baltimore-Washington combination is also a possibility. He adds that Los Angeles would be the logical choice to host the latter part of the postseason out of cold-weather concern in many eastern or Midwest marks in mid to late October, although no favourite has emerged because of the preliminary nature of discussions.

Knock on wood, but it’s been so far so good for the NBA and NHL returning to play in bubble format. Neither league has announced a positive test in multiple weeks and not one single game has been disrupted by COVID-19. The same can’t be said for baseball.

The Cardinals have not played since July 29 and sit just 2-3 on the season. By comparison, the division-rival Cincinnati Reds have played 16 games. As of now, the Cards are scheduled to resume their season in Chicago on Friday. Earlier on, the Marlins were forced out of action for eight days because of multiple coronavirus cases.

Passan writes MLB did consider a bubble environment in April but did not go far in the planning stages. With the league projected to take in north of $1 billion in playoff television revenue, MLB is highly motivated to avoid a disruption or cancellation to the postseason.

The playoffs are currently schedule to begin on Sept. 27.

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Toronto Maple Leafs news, NHL Playoffs schedule, daily hockey chat for August 10 – Pension Plan Puppets



Well that’s it for the Toronto Maple Leafs. They lost their qualifying series, they lost the draft lottery, they lost their first round draft pick.

The Leafs are have no more scheduled events until the October where the 2020 NHL Draft is scheduled to take place on October 9th and 10th.

They could do plenty of things in the meantime however. They could trade a player, they could fire a coach, they could fire a GM. They have a hole in their coaching staff to fill with Paul McFarland now officially leaving the Leafs for the Kingston Frontenacs.

Should they do anything drastic? Yesterday Omar thought aloud about the future of the Leafs:

I don’t feel like anyone is going to be fired. Keefe just got here, Dubas is two seasons in and Paul McFarland has already chosen his next destination as head coach of the Kingston Frontenacs.

The Leafs don’t need to follow the Florida Panthers path considering the long track record Dale Tallon has behind him. But I can understand the rationale of thinking they need something to give.

I just don’t know what that is exactly.

So what do we do now, after that exciting one week of hockey?

It’s still August, so there’s some beautiful weather out there to enjoy (even if it’s a bit hot). There are lots of hobbies out there to pick up, though I wouldn’t recommend hockey blogging right now.

Speaking of hockey, if you’re still interested there are some games today as the first round of the playoffs begin:

NHL Schedule Tuesday August 11th, 2020:

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Columbus Blue Jackets – 3:00PM
Series tied 0-0 – Sportsnet, TVA Sports, NBC Sports, Subn, FS=O

Calgary Flames vs Dallas Stars – 5:30PM
Series tied 0-0 – CBC, Sportsnet, NBC Sports, TVA Sports, FS-SW+

Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins – 8:00PM
Series tied 0-0 – CBC, Sportsnet, TVA Sports, NBC Sports, NESN, FS-CR

Chicago vs Vegas Golden Knights – 10:30PM
Series tied 0-0 – Sportsnet, TVA Sports, NBC Sports, ATTSN-RM

Elsewhere in Leafs land:

[embedded content]

Alright, so, how much of the playoffs will you watch?


How much of the playoffs will you watch?

  • 7%

    Every second.

    (24 votes)

  • 7%

    The prime time game only.

    (26 votes)

  • 42%

    I’ll check out some highlights, watch an elimination game or two.

    (141 votes)

  • 42%

    I’m out. See you at the draft.

    (139 votes)

330 votes total

Vote Now

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Rangers’ Win Sparks Conspiracy Theories About Rigged Draft Lottery – Sports Illustrated



In Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: NHL fans start conspiracy theories about the draft lottery, Kyle Kuzma gives a great quote after nailing a game-winner and more.

A tradition unlike any other

For as long as sports leagues have been holding draft lotteries, fans have been accusing them of rigging the results. The most famous example of such a conspiracy theory is the idea that the Knicks’ envelope in the 1985 lottery was frozen so that David Stern knew which one to pick out of the pile. The NHL has its own urban legend that the 2005 lottery was rigged to hand Sidney Crosby to the Penguins, a formerly proud franchise that was the subject of relocation threats. But the drawing for the 2005 lottery was conducted behind closed doors. All Gary Bettman did on TV was open some envelopes to reveal the results, so there was never any guess as to how the process had been rigged in Pittsburgh’s favor. 

This year’s NHL lottery was different, though. The ping pong balls were picked right out in the open on national TV, allowing fans to start speculating wildly when the Rangers won

This is the smoking gun moment. 

Ah ha! The allegedly impartial arbiter from Ernst & Young dropped the Rangers’ ball! Therefore, it must be weighted differently from the rest!

If you search Twitter for fans accusing the league of tilting the scales in New York’s favor, you’ll find many, may results (of varying degrees of seriousness). That’s not because they all believe the fix was in for the Rangers. Accusing a league of favoring any team but yours (and especially big city teams like the Rangers) is just part of being a sports fan. 

The reason people are especially geared up to cry conspiracy in this case is that the presumptive No. 1 pick, Alexis LaFrenière, is a total slam dunk. He had 42 goals in his first season in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League—as a 16-year-old—and he has 217 points in 113 games over the past two seasons. He seems like a lock to be a star in the NHL for a long time. 

Only players like LaFrenière are worthy of developing conspiracy theories about. You don’t hear anyone saying the NBA rigged the lottery in favor of the Cavs in 2013 so they could take Anthony Bennett. Conspiracy theories are ludicrous on their face, but when they involve stars like Ewing or Crosby, they become part of a player’s lore. Rangers fans should hope LaFrenière turns out to be the kind of player who warrants having speculation about a ping pong ball follow him around for the rest of his career. 

What makes this example particularly exciting from a conspiracy standpoint is the added intrigue of the Ernst & Young guy’s butterfingers. If LaFrenière lives up to the hype, you’ll be seeing clips of that moment all over whichever new social media platform we’re all using in 2038 when the Rangers hoist their third Stanley Cup. 

The best of SI

What does it mean for baseball that pitchers have stopped throwing as many fastballs? … Analyzing the NBA bubble’s breakout stars. … Players pushing to organize was the perfect capper for a wild weekend of college football news. … What Tom Brady can learn from Joe Montana’s brief time with the Chiefs

Around the sports world

Bills defensive lineman Ed Oliver spoke about feeling “violated” for being arrested on drunk driving charges despite blowing a 0.0 on the breathalyzer. … MLB is reportedly considering a bubble format for its postseason. … As the Big Ten was crumbling around him, Jim Harbaugh called for college football to roll ahead by arguing, “This virus can be controlled.” … Ramón Laureano says he regrets charging at Alex Cintrón “because he’s a loser.” … Andre Iguodala explains why he decided to wear “Group Economics” on the back of his jersey. … Disney is making a movie about the childhoods of Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brother Thanasis.

If the NHL really wanted to rig it, this wouldn’t have happened

LeBron blocking a shot is the best

Clutch shot from Kuzma

I’m pretty sure Bol Bol has a longer wingspan than Jesus

Nebraska’s Scott Frost wants to find a way to play even if the Big Ten cancels football

Devin Booker is doing Steph Curry things now

Just stay in the hotel!

Not sports

Disney is rebooting Tron with Jared Leto starring. … A guy using a metal detector in Scotland found what appears to be the remnants of a Bronze Age horse harness. … James Gandolfini was apparently a big fan of the Green Day album Dookie

Extremely good pun

NBC is turning Will Forte’s MacGruber into a TV series

Sulfuric acid vs. sugar

A good song

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