Prince George’s Community Arts Council (CAC) has launched Arts North Digitial Studio as well as Arts North Media.

(Graphic Arts Studio. Photo supplied by Michael Kast)

Arts North Media is now the new communications branch of the CAC and was created by local artist and podcaster Michael Kast.

Content will be developed and delivered via podcasting, television, and a wide range of social media platforms.

“The potential for the new Arts North Digital Studio to positively impact the arts and non-profit sectors is tremendous, as we are all currently undertaking transformations to ensure viability in the immediate post-pandemic world”, said Sean Farrell CAC Executive Director.

“As COVID-19 financial supports disappear and earned revenues and fundraising monies are slow to return to pre-pandemic levels, we want to be able to help those in these sectors learn new technologies and access online channels to rebuild, or even re-imagine brands, messages, and public offerings.”

In addition, Studio 2880 social media profiles will continue to cover specific initiatives and events at their facility.