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Best iPhone 12 cases 2020: Protect your new, flat iOS smartphone – Pocket-lint





(Pocket-lint) – Apple’s latest phones are making waves with their return to the old ways, with a beautiful flat design that’s reminiscent of the glory days of the iPhone 4 and 5. 

Flat, angular edges are the sort of thing that can make dropping your phone all the scarier thought – if you’re going to pick up Apple’s latest, there’s every chance you’ll want to pair it with a case.

You might opt for one that uses Apple’s new MagSafe update to secure itself with magnets, or perhaps you’re fine with a traditional fit. Either way, we’ve gathered some of the best options out there, right here.

The best iPhone 12 cases available to buy today

AppleBest iPhone 12 cases 2020: Protect your new, flat iOS smartphone photo 2

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

As is often the case, the case that will suit most people the best for the iPhone 12 is Apple’s own soft case – although it’s far from the most affordable option.

It fits perfectly, and the soft silicone finish is great to grip. Plus, you’ve got MagSafe on board in case you decide to pick up a snap-on magnetic accessory later. 

AppleBest iPhone 12 cases 2020: Protect your new, flat iOS smartphone photo 3

Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

If you’re taken with MagSafe, and want it in your case, but also want the colour of phone you chose to shine through, you might think about this clear case from Apple.

It’s much like those for previous versions of the iPhone, with an obvious exception – those MagSafe magnets give it a funky, patterned look on the back. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it’ll get the job done.

OtterboxBest iPhone 12 cases 2020: Protect your new, flat iOS smartphone photo 4

Otterbox Strada Via case


Otterbox has a deserved reputation for protecting phones to almost crazy extremes, making sure that it doesn’t matter whether you’re clumsy or not. 

This case is a folio-style wallet that you open up to use your phone, and other finishes let you give it a leather feel, but the most affordable option is this soft-touch plastic. It’s a solid case that’s impressively protective. 

Tech21Best iPhone 12 cases 2020: Protect your new, flat iOS smartphone photo 6

Tech21 Evo Check

A really nice, simple case that’ll protect your phone handily but doesn’t bother with the complexity of MagSafe, the Evo Check case from Tech21 is a great plastic shell case.

You can get it in a few translucent colours, and the subtle patterning makes it looks surprisingly elegant. 

Pad and QuillBest iPhone 12 cases 2020: Protect your new, flat iOS smartphone photo 5

Pad and Quill Bella Fino case

If you want leather in your case, though, and don’t mind spending a bit more, Pad and Quill has long been making luxury cases for the best phones.

It’s been quick to do the same for the iPhone 12, and you can pick up a soft, gorgeous leather wallet for your phone in a range of finishes and with your choice of elastic strap. 

GreenwichBest iPhone 12 cases 2020: Protect your new, flat iOS smartphone photo 9

Greenwich Blake case

Another case that’s at the luxury end of the market, Greenwich’s Blake leather case gives you a plush and polished wallet case to wrap your iPhone 12 in. 

It’s solidly built from high-quality materials and does a great job of retaining the core of Apple’s design even while it covers the phone up. A built-in card holder makes it practical on a few levels, too. 

PresidioBest iPhone 12 cases 2020: Protect your new, flat iOS smartphone photo 7

Incipio Grip case

Another clean and simple case is offered up by Incipio, with some smart features to make it great to use. There are little rubbery grip dimples along the sides of the case to make it great for holding even in a slippery grip. 

Plus, a few colours to choose from mean that you can express your style as you like. 

MousBest iPhone 12 cases 2020: Protect your new, flat iOS smartphone photo 8

Mous Limitless case

From a small name a few years ago to one of the big up-and-comers of recent times, Mous makes cases that can save your phone from jaw-dropping falls and slips. 

They’re also handily attractive, of the Limitless line we particularly like this fabric-finish option, which gives a nice texture to your phone. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Dan Grabham.

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The 2021 Hyundai Elantra N Line Is A Serious Threat To The Civic Si – Jalopnik



Photo: Hyundai

At a time where both sedans and manual-transmission models are fading from the market, it’s nice to see automakers continue to make compact and fun four-door offerings. Hyundai just released pricing for the Elantra N Line and it seems that it has the Honda Civic Si sedan squarely in its sights.


Hyundai brought some substantial updates to the Elantra lineup for the 2021 model year, including a drastic styling change that adds some flair to the commuter-car segment. The all-new 2021 Elantra N Line uses a formula similar to its competitors — four-door compact sedan, performance upgrades, manual gearbox — but offers an awesome value at a starting price of $25,095 with the six-speed manual and $26,195 with the dual-clutch automatic.


In comparison, the Si is $26,155 is available only with a manual gearbox. The Elantra N Line uses a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder that makes 201 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque. Honda’s motor is a turbocharged 1.5-liter that makes 205 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque

While the performance specs are incredibly similar, the Elantra N Line lays it on heavy with standard equipment. The sporty trim builds on the already well-equipped SE and SEL, which come packed with advanced safety equipment and technology, and then adds a host of upgrades to set the N Line apart. From Hyundai’s press materials:

Larger front brakes, Multi-link rear suspension Leather/cloth combination sport seats, Sport mode select option, Power driver seat 18-inch alloy wheels w/ 235/40 R18 Goodyear Eagle F1 summer tires, Heated front seats, Chrome twin exhaust N Line analog gauge cluster, Sunroof Leather-wrapped sport steering wheel & shift knob, Full LED taillights, Alloy pedals, N Line front grille and bumper, Black headliner, N Line rear fascia w/ diffuser, 60/40 split-folding rear seatback with armrest & cup holders N Line DLO (glossy black)

Also in this category is the updated VW Jetta GLI that puts down similar power but has a starting price of $27,460 with a manual transmission. However, the VW doesn’t include the same level of standard equipment as the Hyundai.

While it would be nice to have a hatchback option as well, the Elantra N Line sedan retains the formula of a fun car at an affordable price — if the styling is your thing.

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Sonos One Wi-Fi speakers are $40 off today – The Verge



Sonos ran an all-too-short one-day sale on its Wi-Fi speakers last week for Black Friday. The good news is that they’re discounted once again at Best Buy and Amazon, though the price cuts aren’t as steep. Both the Sonos One SL without microphones and the Sonos One (Gen 2) are $40 off at either retailer. This puts the One SL at $140 and the One (Gen 2) at $160. Neither are best-ever prices, but given that they’re within $10 of their lowest costs, we thought you’d like to know about these deals.

If HBO Max caught your attention yesterday with the news that all Warner Bros. films released through 2021 will debut day-and-date on the streaming platform, you understandably might want a subscription for yourself or to gift to someone else. For new and returning subscribers, you can save 20 percent by prepaying for a six-month subscription to the service. Instead of $90, it’ll cost you $70. Just note that this is non-refundable.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the latest installment that crams essentially four games into one package, has received a $10 price cut across all platforms at Walmart. The PS4 or Xbox One version of the game now costs $50 instead of $60. If you’re already gaming on the PS5 or Xbox Series X / S consoles, you’ll spend $60 (PS5, Xbox Series X / S) instead of $70.

It’s worth keeping in mind that if you get the PS4 / Xbox One version, there’s a $10 fee associated with getting the next-gen patch for either the PS5 or Xbox Series X / S. So if you just don’t want to fuss with that, get the pricier next-gen version instead.

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What you need to know about COVID-19 antibody tests – Toronto Star



A COVID-19 antibody test is now generally available to Ontario residents, with a doctor’s requisition. The medical laboratory chain Life Labs began offering the Health Canada approved serology test on Monday, Nov. 23, 2020. Currently available in British Columbia and Ontario, the test costs $75.

However, internal medical expert Dr. Gerald Evans advises that the results of a COVID-19 antibody tests are not always straightforward. He said he can’t think of many clinical circumstances when a doctor would request this information.

“Really it has very little utility in the general practice of medicine,” he said. “Right now the only use that we have for an antibody test, based on the guidelines that are issued, is to use it to investigate children who present with a multi inflammatory syndrome (IMSC)…. That’s really the only clinical utility we have for it,” he said.

He also explained that not everybody who gets COVID-19 exhibits the exact same antibody response, which makes the virus different from others such as measles or chickenpox.

“Most people get something, but some people are what we call ‘low-level responders,’ meaning the levels of antibodies that they get could be below a detection level that we’re looking for.”

“So if you wanted to do this test because you’re saying ‘I recall being ill and I think it was COVID,’ you do an antibody test. If it’s negative, it doesn’t really say that you didn’t have a COVID-19 infection. It may mean that you were one of these people that had a very mild infection and didn’t get a big antibody response.”

He also explained that humans make three different types of antibodies in response to a virus — IgG, IgA, IgM.

“IgM antibodies disappear very quickly. If you’re more than a couple of months out from your infection, you won’t find them. IgA antibodies are super tricky because they go up and down, they disappear, and some people don’t make them at all.”

The IgG antibody, which he said believes the Life Labs antibody tests are based on, is much more stable.

Life Labs CEO Charles Brown called antibody testing “another piece of the puzzle to better understand COVID-19.”

The company also explains on their website that a negative result might mean a person has been infected, but that antibody levels were too low for the test to detect. They note that you might receive a negative result, even after being infected, if not enough time has lapsed since the infection, to allow for antibodies to develop.

“Antibody response varies from person-to-person and can take up to three to four weeks post-onset of symptoms or post-exposure to be reliably detectable by antibody assays,” the company said.

Both Dr. Evans and Life Labs note that the test cannot be used to determine a current infection.

“It doesn’t really help in the diagnosis of COVID-19. Antibodies are made after you’re infected or when you’re in that recovery phase,” Dr. Evans said.

Dr. Evans said that typically, the IgG antibodies for the measles can be detected by a test in anyone that has ever had, or been inoculated against, the virus, even years later. They also indicate immunity. In the case of COVID-19, he said, it’s not the same thing.

“We still don’t quite have the exact test that tells us that those antibodies we’re measuring are at a high enough level or are responsible for neutralizing the virus, which would then predict that you’re immune,” he said.

“We’ve found people that even have these antibodies, they may not be in sufficient quantity. Or, it may not be the right antibody that actually protects them and gives them immunity. That’s the big problem.



“You could imagine somebody saying: ‘I’m going to get the test done to show that I’m immune,’ and that’s not really what it’s telling you.”

Life Labs website states that a positive test result does not infer immunity. They recommend getting the blood test three to four weeks after the onset of symptoms, adding that it’s possible to detect antibodies up to four months post-exposure.

“We look forward, to continue building our support for the healthcare system’s response to the pandemic, where Canadians have access to more important COVID-19 information to help them make informed decisions about their health,” Brown said.

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