What was the pressure like coming into the league with your dad being an NHL legend?

At that point I’d done it my whole life. I was used to it, I don’t know if it was pressure, but I was used to being Bobby Hull’s son. As far as coming into the NHL, at that point, I had already figured out that I was never gonna be Bobby Hull. I just had to be Brett Hull and just go out and play my game and do the best I could. I always said if I could keep one foot in his shadow and one foot out, making my own shadow, and we could put the shadows together, it would be fantastic. And fortunately for me, that did happen, and I had my own very successful career.

Which current player reminds you most of yourself?

Well, I think the first player you have to look at is Ovechkin. We played a very similar style. He’s far more physical than I was, but we go to the same areas on the ice, we love our one-timers and we set up as right handers in the exact same spot. We love to score goals. Maybe even a little Steven Stamkos, who plays like both Alex and I, so I think those are the two closest guys that I would compare myself to.

And which current player would you have most liked to have played with?

I would love to say Connor McDavid, but it would never work because I could never keep up with him. He’s too fast! But I like Mitch Marner. I’d love to play with a guy like that who just loves to make plays. Nathan MacKinnon in Colorado, too. Anybody that loves to move the puck and is smart and creative, I would love to play with.

Who’s going to win the Stanley Cup this season?

It looks like Boston’s gonna be very hard to beat in the East. I think it’s anybody’s game out West. I’m gonna lean Dallas to make it to the Finals, and we’ll have a Boston-Dallas Finals.

Build your perfect player


There’s only one, it’s Connor McDavid. It looks like he floats on top of the ice.


There’s no question it’s Alex Ovechkin. Nobody can shoot it like Alex Ovechkin.


There’s a number of good passers, but I like Mitch Marner in Toronto.


How about Barzal on the Island? He can really handle that puck.

Hockey IQ

Sidney Crosby. There’s no one else. He’s the best all-around player in the game. Offense, defense, passing, shooting, all-around play. To me, he’s a hockey genius.