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Coronavirus cases identified on flights in Vancouver and Toronto | News – Daily Hive



More aircraft have been identified as potential points of coronavirus exposure, after flights touched down in both Toronto and Vancouver.

According to the BC Centre for Disease Control, two Air Canada flights, one from Toronto to Vancouver, and another from Vancouver to Victoria, carried passengers with confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

Any person who flew on flight number AC 111 and AC 8073 on July 13 should self-isolate and monitor for symptoms for 14 days following the flight, according to the BC CDC.


The flight information has not been posted to the Government of Canada’s flight exposure list at this time.

Ten other domestic flights have previously been confirmed to have carried coronavirus cases. Flights have departed from Montreal, Toronto, Kelowna, and Vancouver and arrived in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver.

International flights with confirmed COVID-19 cases

As of July 14, 16 international flights have been confirmed with coronavirus cases.

Flights on the list are as recent as July 9 arrivals, from Switzerland and the US to Toronto. Other US flights also arrived in Vancouver in recent weeks.

Flights with COVID-19 as of July 14. (Government of Canada)

As per the federal government, if you think you might have coronavirus, use the self-assessment tool to find out what to do. And always follow the recommendations of your local public health authority.

“We recommend that flight passengers self-isolate and monitor for symptoms for 14 days following the flight,” the BC CDC said previously.

The announcement of the new cases comes after Air Canada published an open letter asking that blanket restrictions and quarantines be replaced with “more proportionate” restrictions to control the spread of the virus, ultimately resulting in a “measured restart of aviation.”

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Home Business Tips – 4 Tips to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy



Home Business

During this past week, I have heard the phrase “I’m my own worst enemy” so many times I had to write about it. It is a phrase that many people use often. Becoming your own best friend is much more effective for your health and wellbeing.

Here are four tips to assist you…

1) Be 100% present for you – you will only be successful when you stay 100% present. It would help if you did it for yourself – for your success. As you build your home-based MLM business give it everything you’ve got, don’t leave anything on the table. The people who fail are the ones that treat their business with casual interest, who build their business in “their spare time”. When you are not willing to give it your all, then it likely won’t succeed.


2) Take action NOW – There was a study done by a major university looking for the common factors in people who were successful in business – that common factor is Speed of Implementation. You might ask why that would be important; the reason is that to learn you have to experience. Most people only play the success of their home-based business out in their mind and unfortunately talk themselves out of it before it even has a chance to begin. Once you implement, you begin to see progress and that progress assists you in taking that next step forward, and the next step, and the next step.


3) You must get clear about your why – You are the one who is responsible for keeping yourself motivated. If you are not experiencing the success you want right now, then you must change your approach, there is no magic pill. As you build your home-based MLM business, you will be hit with challenges & obstacles, everyone is. The personal discipline it takes to succeed works way better with why. It will be your driving force. Have more than one reason/why. You’ve got to be specific; I have a way of sponsoring 100 children with Plan Canada, all the way to having luxury bamboo towels.


Put your why in front of you – pictures on the wall, use your computer to gather pictures from everywhere. Your why will pull you forward and help you through the hard times.


4) Then you must use your why as a tool – review it before every training. Repeat it out loud to yourself every morning when you first get up, and every evening before you go to sleep. This way, you will put your brain to work for you because as you go through your day and your training session, you will use your imagination to assist you in making the why to happen! The brain is infinitely powerful, and most of the time is juggling stuff that doesn’t usually matter. Reviewing your why sets your compass – your focus and assists you in using your brain for your good.

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COVID-19 restrictions extended in Halifax and Hants; N.S. ramps up asymptomatic testing – CTV News Atlantic



Nova Scotia has extended the pandemic restrictions in areas of the Halifax Regional Municipality and Hants County for at least one more week.

Dr. Robert Strang noted that Nova Scotia is still reporting daily cases in the double digits, including another 15 on Friday.

“Modelling projects that this will continue for several more days,” Strang said during a news conference in Halifax on Friday. “So we need more time with the existing restrictions in place to see these numbers come down and to be certain they will stay down.”

The restrictions will remain in place until at least Dec. 16.

A decision on whether to continue with restrictions that saw Atlantic Canada’s largest city close down in-person dining at restaurants as well as close public libraries, museums, gyms and casinos, was to be made next Wednesday. Strang said that’s now been moved to Dec. 16.

He said he couldn’t make any promises about what the situation will look like then.

“What I can tell you is that the more we buckle down and stay tight right now . . . the better position we will be in to have some slight relaxation as we enter the holiday weeks before January starts.”


The province also launched a period of asymptomatic testing across the province to limit the potential spread of the virus by detecting positive cases in people who do not have symptoms.

“For the past week, we have had double-digit case numbers daily and most of them are in the areas where we added restrictions last week. These restrictions are important to help us slow the spread of COVID-19,” said Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil. “We have also ramped up testing significantly as a key measure in containing the virus. Adding more opportunities for asymptomatic testing is another way of enhancing our testing strategy.”

McNeil said that in the last two weeks, public health has conducted more than 7,000 rapid tests and these have helped flag 22 potential cases of COVID-19 from people who had no symptoms.

“Without everyone’s hard work to run these clinics, and without all of you coming forward to be tested, we would not be able to track COVID as quickly,” McNeil said.


Health officials in Nova Scotia reported 15 new COVID-19 cases on Friday. With 17 more cases resolved, the number of active cases has dropped to 117. 

Eleven of the new cases are located in Nova Scotia’s Central Zone. This includes a case connected to Halifax’s Citadel High School, which was first reported late Thursday.

Three cases are in the Northern Zone and are close contacts of previously reported cases.

The other case is in the Western Zone and is related to travel outside Atlantic Canada. 


Nova Scotia Health says a positive case has also been identified at Park West School, a primary to Grade 9 school in Halifax. 

The person did not attend school on Friday and is self-isolating.

The school will remain closed to students until Dec. 10 so a deep cleaning can take place. Students will study from home in the meantime.

Nova Scotia health says, as a precautionary measure, the school’s offsite pre-primary location will also be closed until Dec. 10. Students and families can expect an update on Wednesday.

Public health will notify any close contacts of the person who tested positive. Everyone who is a close contact will be notified, tested and required to self-isolate for 14 days.


Strang said the province has added voluntary testing for rotational workers who are not showing symptoms.

Rotational workers can book an appointment through the COVID-19 self-assessment on Day 6, 7, or 8 of their modified self-isolation.

“This will not change any of the restrictions, but it does offer a level of reassurance if they don’t have COVID, and if they do, it will help us contain the virus quicker,” said Strang.


The Nova Scotia Health Authority’s labs completed 1,623 Nova Scotia tests on Thursday.

Since Oct. 1, Nova Scotia has conducted 73,254 tests. There have been 269 positive COVID-19 cases. Of those, 152 cases are considered resolved, leaving 117 active cases.

There have been no deaths during the second wave and no one is in hospital. Cases range in age from under 10 to over 70. 

Since the start of the pandemic, Nova Scotia has conducted a total of 196,425 tests, with 1,358 positive cases confirmed overall. Of those, 1,176 cases are considered resolved and 65 people have died. 

The province’s overall confirmed cases range in age from under 10 to over 90.

Fifty seven per cent of cases are female and 43 per cent are male.

There are cases confirmed across the province, but most have been identified in the Central Zone, which contains the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The provincial government says cumulative cases by zone may change as data is updated in Panorama, the province’s electronic information system.

The numbers reflect where a person lives and not where their sample was collected.

  •  Western Zone: 63 cases
  •  Central Zone: 1,154 cases
  •  Northern Zone: 86 cases
  •  Eastern Zone: 55 cases

The provincial state of emergency, which was first declared on March 22, has been extended to Dec. 13.


Canada’s COVID-19 Alert app is available in Nova Scotia.

The app, which can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or Google Play, notifies users if they may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.


Anyone who experiences a fever or new or worsening cough, or two or more of the following new or worsening symptoms, is encouraged to take an online test or call 811 to determine if they need to be tested for COVID-19:

  •  Sore throat
  •  Headache
  •  Shortness of breath
  •  Runny nose/nasal congestion

With files from The Canadian Press.

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Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine provides immunity after 3 months – Global News



U.S. biotech firm Moderna says its vaccine is showing signs of producing lasting immunity to COVID-19 and that it will have as many as 125 million doses available by the end of March.

Moderna’s messenger RNA vaccine is one of the first two Health Canada expects to approve, with at least 20 million doses guaranteed for Canadians.

READ MORE: Canadians worry vaccine won’t come fast enough to stop coronavirus surge, Ipsos poll shows

Currently, only two million doses are supposed to arrive in the first three months of 2021, but the company says it should have 15 to 25 million doses available for non-U. S. deliveries before the end of March.

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Moderna has said Canada — the first country to sign a deal to buy its vaccine — will be getting doses from the company’s first batches, but it’s not yet clear whether Canada will receive more than two million doses in its first deliveries.

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Coronavirus: Trudeau won’t confirm date of receiving Moderna and Pfizer vaccines

Coronavirus: Trudeau won’t confirm date of receiving Moderna and Pfizer vaccines – Nov 19, 2020

Moderna also says new data from its first small clinical trial shows patients still showed signs of good immunity three months after receiving their second dose of the vaccine.

Moderna is among several vaccine makers whose initial clinical results show their vaccines are safe and effective at creating antibodies, but since the vaccines are so new there has not been enough time to know how long those antibodies will last.

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