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Cyber Monday Couch Deals: The Best Discounts To Get Right Now – Forbes



As retailers launch their Cyber Monday sales, we’re seeing some amazing deals on furniture, with couches chief among them. Now is the best time to shop for a new couch to anchor your living room, whether you’re looking for a major piece for the den or a pretty sofa to use as an accent piece in your home office.

Tip: Bookmark this page for the best Cyber Monday couch deals. We’ll be updating it frequently as new deals go live.

In terms of savings, on average we’re seeing sales hovering around 25-30% off. There are also some sites going even deeper, offering 40% off or more. And some sites are still running extended Black Friday sales to take advantage of, so you’ll find those listed below as well.

Allform Couch Deals

Allform is still running their Black Friday sale. Save 20% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY20 on custom furniture, which includes sofas and sectionals, made in the USA. If you love their stuff and don’t want to miss out on potential Cyber Monday couch sales, bookmark this page, as we’re continually updating info as new deals hit.

3-Seat Sofa

AllModern Cyber Monday Couch Deals

There’s a good selection of sofas to choose from during AllModern’s Cyber Monday sale at up to 50% off. Also, Flash Deals are happening on select items for additional savings.

Kylie Sofa

Amazon Cyber Monday Couch Deals

Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale is on—and there are more sofas deals than there were for Black Friday, including this gorgeous cream leather chesterfield for a steal at $730.

Elle Decor Amery Chesterfield Tufted Sofa in Ivory

Anthropologie Couch Deals

Anthropologie is extending their 30% off sitewide sale, so don’t miss out on scoring one of their posh sofas for a discount. And, you’re in luck if there’s a sale item you like, because it’ll be an extra 50% off.

Asymmetrical Serpentine Sofa

Apt2B Couch Deals

Apt2B has extended their Buy More Save More Black Friday Sale. Get 20% off storewide, and online, save 25% off orders of $2,499 or more, 30% off for spending $3,999 or more, and 35% off totals of $4,999 or more. The sale includes some new items, too, like this pretty sofa.

Samson Sofa

Article Couch Deals

Article’s extended Black Friday sale is 50% off sitewide, though just a handful of sofas are part of the sale. Their white modular Solae sofa is one of them.

Left-Facing Chill White Fabric 2.5 Seater Modular Sofa

Ballard Designs Couch Deals

Ballard isn’t running any Cyber Monday deals at the moment, but their Black Friday sale is still going, with up 40% off sofas and other furniture.

Hartwell Leather Sofa

Burrow Couch Deals

Burrow is running even better deals than they were on Black Friday—with double the discounts. Add the code DOUBLE at checkout to take advantage of savings of up to $1,000 off purchases of $5,000 or more on their custom couches.

Nomad Velvet King Sofa

Hayneedle Couch Deals

You can still get up to 50% off plus an extra 10% with the code THANKFUL at Hayneedle.

Baxton Studio Nikko Sofa

Inside Weather Couch Deals

Savings continue at Inside Weather, which is still running their is still offering sales across the site, which include discounts on well priced custom sofas. Get 15% off your entire purchase, plus save 20% if you spend $1,000 or more and 25% off totals of $2,000 or more.

Custom Nox Sofa in Honey

Joss & Main Cyber Monday Couch Deals

There’s a great selection of sofas for Joss & Main’s Cyber Monday sale. Save up to 50% plus get an additional 25% off with the code SAVE25.

Ryan Velvet 85.82″ Square Arm Sofa

Joybird Couch Deals

Don’t miss the end of Joybird’s furniture sale—you can still save 35% off, but hurry as the sale ends on tonight at midnight. The Chelsea Apartment Sofa is one of their bestsellers.

Chelsea Apartment Sofa

Lulu & Georgia’s Couch Deals

You can still save 25% off a good selection of attractive sofas during Lulu & Georgia’s sale, with the code THANKFUL at checkout.

Afia Sofa, Sapphire Birch

Macy’s Cyber Monday Couch Deals

Macy’s has launched in Cyber Specials sale across the site, and it includes a decent selection of couches with fairly deep discounts.

Virton 2-Pc. Leather Chaise Sectional Sofa, Created for Macy’s

Pottery Barn Couch Deals

If you love Pottery Barn and want a new couch, today is your last chance to save up to 40% off on furniture. The Big Sur Square Arm Leather Sofa is one of their bestsellers.

Big Sur Square Arm Leather Sofa Chaise Sectional

Target Cyber Monday Couch Deals

For attractive sofas at prices that won’t break the bank, Target is a go-to. Their Cyber Monday sale is live, with savings across the site, with up to 50% off furniture.

Cologne Tufted Track Arm Sofa – Project 62

Wayfair Cyber Monday Couch Deals

Snag savings of up to 70% off on seating for Wayfair’s Cyber Monday sale.

Cazenovia 82″ Reversible Sofa & Chaise

West Elm Couch Deals

West Elm is continuing their 15% off furniture sale, which includes sofas, There’s also free shipping on orders over $79 with the code SAVEBIG.

Axel Leather Sofa

When do Cyber Monday couch deals end?

Some retailers have special promotions and sales that end on Saturday, November 28, but others are extending sales through Cyber Monday, which falls on November 30.

Should I buy a couch now or wait until after Christmas?

Well-priced, popular items are often the first to go out of stock, so if you see something you like or if you’ve had your eye on a particular piece, your best bet is to buy it now. You may save a few more dollars by waiting, as prices can fluctuate on some sites, but then you run the risk of missing out.

What’s considered a good deal on couches during Cyber Monday sales?

The average discount is around 25-30% off, so anything near or above that percentage is definitely a discount to take advantage of as soon as possible.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Retailer Guide

Interested in shopping more Black Friday deals? Here are quick links to some of the best Black Friday sales at popular retailers right now:

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Cyberpunk 2077's Latest Patch Reportedly Added A Game-Breaking Bug – Kotaku



Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

Last night, CD Projekt Red dropped the first major update for its troubled open-world shooter, Cyberpunk 2077. “Major” is a relative term. While larger than previous updates, yesterday’s patch 1.1 focuses more on stability fixes rather than a wide-ranging overhaul. In fact, it may have even made the game worse—by introducing a potentially game-breaking bug.

Patch 1.1 addresses an issue in the mission “Down on the Street” where Takemura would not call, thereby preventing any progress in the mission. He’ll call now, apparently, but then won’t say a word. Some users say that reloading old saves or creating new save files doesn’t fix it either.

There’s at least one apparent workaround. First, try to call Judy before Takemura calls. When he does, hang up the line, then tackle a side job. (The player who reported this workaround tackled a Delamain side-quest.) Wait 24 hours in-game and Takemura should call in—with dialogue and everything—allowing you to progress in “Down on the Street.”


Kotaku has reached out to CD Projekt Red for comment.

I’m playing Cyberpunk 2077 on an Xbox Series X, where it performs better than it appears to on last-gen consoles but not, as one of my roommates likes to so frequently remind me, as well as it does on his high-end rig. Still, I’ve run into some bugs since day one. Usually, they’re garden-variety hiccups: NPCs floating in the air in ways they should not, or a weapon refusing to reload even though I’ve tapped “X,” like, eighteen times. Small potatoes.

bug in cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.1

I hope the funny bugs (see above) never go away.
Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

The bug that soured me on the game popped up during the “Stadium Love” side-quest, in which you meet up with a bunch of veterans, throw back bad vodka shots like you’re at a bad frat party (“What is this, rubbing alcohol?” V asks), and then engage in a shooting contest. In one attempt, I wasn’t able pull out my gun—pretty much an instant DQ in a shoot-off. In another, I was, but all of the veterans around me also would whip theirs out and then start shooting at me. That sucked too. I decided to shelve the game until it was in a better state.


“Stadium Love” is not listed among the dozen or so quests that were addressed in yesterday’s 1.1 patch. Against my better judgement, after downloading the 16.5GB (!!!) update, I tried the quest again. I was able to shoot my gun without issue. I also still got shot at. So, not perfect.

CDPR says yesterday’s update addresses an issue with the quest “M’ap Tann Pèlen,” where players could run into a roadblock trying to talk to the character Mr. Hands on the phone. I had no issue doing so today, but hadn’t tried the quest at all before downloading the 1.1 patch. Who knows if I would’ve hit a snag, say, three weeks ago.


In general, after spending some time with the game last night, I can say it feels pretty much exactly the same as it did before I put it down. Maybe those on last-gen consoles are seeing more benefits. Right now, social media seems to be loud with news outlets noting the patch exists or players pointing out how thin the notes seem. CDPR says this patch is “focused on various stability improvements and bug fixes” and “lays the groundwork for the upcoming patches.” Next one’s due in February, per a statement from December.

Ten days ago, CDPR released a video stating that January’s big update would release within the following ten days. Yesterday’s 1.1 patch, in the most technical sense, hits that mark. These are indeed updates that indeed address some issues with the game. It also landed at 5:00 p.m. ET (10:00 p.m. Warsaw time) on a Friday. Make of that what you will.


Is Cyberpunk 2077 “good” now, in the way No Man’s Sky clawed its way to greatness? No. Not yet. But this is one small step in the right direction. I’m eager to see what’s next.

Cyberpunk 2077 is in a cyberfunk


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Microsoft blasts Apple's MacBook Pro in new Surface Pro 7 ad – iMore



Microsoft has fired several shots at Apple’s MacBook Pro in a new advert for its Surface Pro 7 shared yesterday.

The new advert compares the MacBook Pro with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7, seemingly mocking the MacBook Pro’s lack of support for either a touch screen or a pen. It also highlights the detachable keyboard of the Surface as well as support for various bits of software including games that macOS doesn’t have.

Finally, the 30-second clip highlights the price, at $890 the Surface Pro is certainly a lot cheaper than the MacBook, but are its criticisms fair?

Of course, Apple has a tablet with touch screen support, Apple Pencil, a detachable keyboard, and more in its iPad lineup, and you could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that comparing a Surface to a MacBook isn’t really a fair comparison… What do you think?

VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more

Apple is planning big changes to its Mac lineup this year, including the introduction of a 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with all-new Apple silicon chips. From a recent report:

A huge dump of massive MacBook Pro leaks has revealed a slew of details about Apple’s rumored upcoming new models.

First up, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed several key new details about the expected devices. In a note seen by iMore, Kuo reiterated that Apple will release a new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro in Q3 of 2021. They will feature a new chassis design with a flat, right-angled top and bottom cover akin to that of the iPhone 12, rather than the slight curve of previous models. Kuo says that MagSafe charging will return, but the Touch Bar is out in favor of a row of physical buttons.

Reports from Kuo are echoed by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who says that Apple will bring back both MagSafe charging and the SD card slot to its MacBook Pro this year.

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Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.1 arrives with stability improvements, bugfixes – MobileSyrup



Update 01/23/2020 at 1:03pm: Well, that didn’t last long. CD Projekt Red’s latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077 apparently introduced a potentially game-breaking bug even as it solved several other issues with the game.

As reported by Kotaku, patch 1.1 addresses an issue in a mission called ‘Down on the Street’ that caused a character named Takemura not to call the player. While Takemura will now make the call, he reportedly won’t say anything to the player. Worse, reports indicate reloading an old save or creating a new one also doesn’t fix the problem.

That said, there is one odd workaround that involves trying to call another character, Judy, before Takemura calls you. Then, when Takemura calls, hang up and tackle a side job, wait 24 hours in-game and then accept another call from Takemura. The second call will have dialogue and will allow players to progress the mission.

Aside from that new bug, Kotaku reported that the rest of the 16.5GB patch helps a little, but generally, the game feels as buggy as before, at least on the Xbox Series X the publication tested it on.

After a rocky launch and several hotfixes, Cyberpunk 2077 got its first major patch.

In a tweet on the Cyberpunk Twitter account, developer CD Projekt Red (CDPR) announced patch 1.1 for PC, console and Stadia, which focuses on various stability improvements and bugfixes. Additionally, CDPR said the patch “lays the groundwork” for upcoming patches.

The tweet included a link to a website listing all the changes included in patch 1.1. It’s a long list, but some of the highlights include improved memory usage in multiple areas, crash fixes related to loading saved games, opening or closing the game and the ‘Point of No Return,’ a section in the game in which players begin the finale of the main story and are no longer able to complete side content.

On top of that, patch 1.1 fixes several issues with quests, the user interface and more. CDPR’s patch notes say that the update improves performance on the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5 consoles, while Xbox One, One X and One S players should see improved memory usage in several areas of the game.

You can read the full patch list here.

Whether these changes will have a big enough impact on Cyberpunk 2077 to repair the damage of its rocky launch remains to be seen. The game arrived in a buggy state, especially on older consoles. CDPR released hotfixes to fix some of the worst issues. Eventually, Sony pulled Cyberpunk from the PlayStation Store, and retailers began offering refunds. CDPR itself eventually launched a refund program to help players who couldn’t return the game to the store they bought it from. Investors also filed a lawsuit against CDPR alleging the company misled them about the game’s issues.

The Verge notes that CDPR announced another major patch would follow this update. The developer called it a “larger, more significant update” and it will arrive in the coming weeks.

Source: CDPR Via: The Verge

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