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Destiny 2 Lightfall Patch Notes For Update Include A Massive Set Of Changes – GameSpot



The release of any new Destiny 2 expansion is always accompanied by a large set of patch notes, and Lightfall is no exception. Update is now available for preloading ahead of Lightfall’s launch on Tuesday, and Bungie has now released the full patch notes. While they largely consist of details we’ve been hearing about for weeks or months, it does conveniently bring together all of the key changes in one place in case you haven’t been scouring every one of the many blog posts in the lead-up to launch.

Among the key changes are adjustments to difficulty. Adept difficulty has been removed, and the activity levels for Hero (soft cap +20), Legend (+30), and Master (+40) have each been tweaked. “Each has a scaling combat delta that keeps you under level in the activity and provides a smoother pathway to Grandmaster,” Bungie says. Alongside this is a division of the previous singes/burns system, where elemental damage you dealt and received would be subject to an increase based on a rotating modifier. Now, surges and threats, respectively, will dictate those independently, and a new “overcharged” system will allow for certain weapon types to deal additional damage, based on a combination of activity modifiers and upgrades you’ve unlocked on your seasonal Artifact.

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