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Fauci: Media should stop 'pitting' me against Trump | TheHill – The Hill



National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday that he wishes the media would stop “pitting” his advice about the coronavirus against that of President TrumpDonald John TrumpMnuchin, Schumer brief Trump, expect coronavirus stimulus deal Tuesday US airlines drafting plans for potential shutdown: report White House hits CNN, MSNBC for cutting away from coronavirus briefing MORE, encouraging people to “look ahead at the challenge we have together.”

During an interview with Fauci — a leader on the White House Coronavirus Task Force — the host of the Morning on The Mall Podcast, Vince Coglianese, asked if the doctor thinks the media is attempting to emphasize differences of opinions between himself and Trump. 

“That is really unfortunate — I would wish that would stop because we have a much bigger problem here than trying to point out differences,” Fauci said. “There really fundamentally at the core … are not differences.”


Fauci said that Trump does listen to his expertise and opinions of other officials on the task force. 

“The president has listened to what I have said and what the other people on the task force have said. When I have made recommendations he has taken them,” Fauci added. “The idea of just pitting one against the other is just not helpful.”

Previously, Science Magazine had published an interview in which Fauci admitted some of Trump’s remarks on the coronavirus pandemic were not true, leading some to suggest that disagreement among White House officials could be holding back the progress of the federal coronavirus response. 

But Trump praised the director during Monday’s White House briefing.

“He’s a good man. I like Dr. Fauci a lot,” Trump told reporters when asked why Fauci was not at Monday’s briefing. “He’ll be back up soon.”

Trump has promoted advice from experts on the task force such as Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, the coronavirus task force coordinator who was in attendance during Monday’s briefing.


However, the president suggested that he and Fauci do not agree on every point.

“If it was up to the doctors, they might say shut down the entire world,” Trump said.

Trump suggested there may be some disagreement when asked if Fauci was on board with his belief that the economy needs to be reopened sooner rather than later.

“He doesn’t not agree,” Trump said. “He understands there’s a tremendous cost to our country both in terms of lives and in terms of economics. … He fully understands that.”

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Social & sensible: Due to the lockdown, time spent on social media grew exponentially for everyone. So is a break the need of the hour? – The Tribune India



The lockdown left us to the mercy of social media to ensure physical distancing even while keeping one emotionally connected. But the over-dependence, lack of other channels to keep engaged to routines going haywire, led to excessive time being spent on social media. Is it time for a digital detox? Celebs share their take.

Use it right

Asis Sethi

In order to ensure that you are giving yourself and your loved ones time and energy, you have to not only switch off from social media but also put your devices away. Right now, I am not on a digital detox, but, yes, I am actively putting my phone away throughout the day. Social media can be a positive space, only if you do not get bogged down by the negativity. – Asis Sethi, filmmaker-director

Habitual behaviour

I am not dependent on social media, but, yes, I am hooked onto it! That is true because checking your social media handles every few minutes has become a habit with everybody. I have never taken a break from it because my work is related to it and I need to spread the word about it. But if I am not working for a few days, I might just take a break.

– Tarun Khanna, Raja Krishnadevaraya in Tenali Rama

No dependence

During the lockdown, I was never totally dependent on social media. I rather gave time to my family and to my own self. I started playing the casio; I was doing workouts at home and started cooking with my mother. I am still not dependent, but I love being on social media; I love interacting with my fans. I learn a lot from them; but no dependence, either during or after the lockdown. – Ansh Sinha, Rishabh Bansal in Tera Yaar Hoon Main

Set your limits

One should know how much time to invest in social media; you must set your own boundaries. The best way to detox is to keep your phone away from your reach and engage in an activity that you love. I like being connected to my close ones; it gives me positive energy. – Paritosh Tripathi, actor

Books beckon

I love interacting with people, but not completely on social media. If you focus on negative things you will have negative vibes, but if you see the talent on social media you will be happy and positive. Whenever I use social media too much, I detox by picking books.

– Jyoti Sharma, Dulari in Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare

Mental cleansing

Shamin Mannan

The lockdown made me dependent on social media, but, thankfully, I realised that and also eventually got bored of it. It is depressive at times with the fake news doing the rounds. I went for a 15-day social media detox during this time. It was great, as I could give more time to reading, painting and yoga. Also my sleep pattern improved. It was like mental cleansing for me. – Shamin Mannan, Koel in Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare

Limit yourself

Taking a detox during the lockdown didn’t occur to me. However, right now I am on a break from social media and not planning to make a comeback anytime soon. We all live in a world where we have this constant urge to keep ourselves updated. And this urge is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. Little do we realise that most times it grows to a certain level of toxicity. The idea is to cut-off when you require to or at least limit yourself. – Karan Jotwani, Neel in Qurbaan Hua

Only saviour

Liza Malik

Social media was the only platform on which we were connected. I am a social being and would have died without it! So yes, it was a saviour, but anything in excess is always harmful. So, I did give it a break. The detox experience has been like meditation. There was no competition, no updates. – Liza Malik, actor-singer

– As told to Mona

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InvestorChannel's Media Watchlist Update for Thursday, September 24, 2020, 16:30 EST – InvestorIntel




InvestorChannel’s Media Stocks Watchlist Update video includes the Top 5 Performers of the Day, and a performance review of the companies InvestorChannel is following in the sector.
Sources Include: Yahoo Finance, AlphaVantage FinnHub & CSE.
For more information, visit us at or email us at [email protected]

Watchlist Companies:
– Lingo Media Corporation (LM.V) CAD 0.09 (20.0%)
– QYOU Media Inc. (QYOU.V) CAD 0.07 (16.67%)
– MediaValet Inc. (MVP.V) CAD 2.13 (5.97%)
– Network Media Group Inc. (NTE.V) CAD 0.14 (3.85%)
– Stingray Group Inc. (RAY-A.TO) CAD 5.47 (1.86%)
– Slack Technologies Inc. (WORK) USD 26.59 (0.83%)
– GVIC Communications Corp. (GCT.TO) CAD 0.15 (0.0%)
– HubSpot, Inc. (HUBS) USD 283.18 (0.0%)
– Media Central Corporation Inc. (FLYY.CN) CAD 0.01 (0.0%)
– Postmedia Network Canada Corp. (PNC-A.TO) CAD 1.60 (0.0%)
– Quizam Media Corporation (QQ.CN) CAD 0.49 (0.0%)
– Thunderbird Entertainment Group Inc. (TBRD.V) CAD 1.95 (0.0%)
– WOW! Unlimited Media Inc. (WOW.V) CAD 0.36 (0.0%)
– ZoomerMedia Limited (ZUM.V) CAD 0.07 (0.0%)
– Adobe Inc. (ADBE) USD 467.67 (-0.58%)
– Ltd. (WIX) USD 248.46 (-0.7%)
– Corus Entertainment Inc. (CJR-B.TO) CAD 2.77 (-0.72%)
– Zoom Video Communications Inc. (ZM) USD 464.98 (-7.1%)
– Glacier Media Inc. (GVC.TO) CAD 0.20 (-11.11%)
– Moovly Media Inc. (MVY.V) CAD 0.07 (-18.75%)


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Surrey-born Trybe social media app's award system connects with Nickelback singer – Cloverdale Reporter



Dan Swinimer helped gather a tribe to launch a new app he hopes will disrupt the world of social media and websites where things are bought and sold.

Currently beta-tested for public launch, the Trybe platform counts Nickelback singer/guitarist Chad Kroeger among its four “founders/angels,” along with Swinimer, his father Bill and fellow Surrey-area musician/construction company boss Felipe Freig.

“We set out to try and monetize social media, while making it a safer and more positive experience,” said Swinimer, who lives in the Clayton area of Surrey. “We felt it unfair that social media users do all the work, provide all the content but make none of the profits.”

Trybe is based on an award system that sends as little as 10 cents per “like,” coupled with a built-in “win-win” for users, as Swinimer describes it.

“Every time you award someone else’s post, you get exposure for your own post which gives you a better chance of your post being seen and also making money in awards,” he told the Now-Leader.

“It’s turned into a thing, it really has,” added the Ontario-raised Swinimer. “We sold shares and raised almost $2 million, we have head offices in Toronto, a CEO (Thomas Jankowski) and staff of 10 coders. It’s turned into so much more than we originally conceived.”

In the late-2000s, Swinimer and Freig were members of the rock band Jet Black Stare when they met Kroeger, who shared a manager at the time.

(Story continues below video)

[embedded content]

Today, Swinimer is a songwriter/producer with his own Manicdown Productions, and Frieg runs Langley-based Versa Homes.

A couple of years ago, Frieg told Swinimer about an issue involving his teen son, Jadis, who’d been posting video of his scooter-riding tricks to social media.

“You can’t even believe the tricks that this kid can do on the scooter, it’s amazing,” Swinimer said. “His son didn’t have any sponsors at that point, but he was spending hours and hours every day practicing, getting really, really good, and then he spent his own money buying all this video equipment and editing software. So he’d spend four or five hours a day practicing, learning tricks, videoing them from multiple angles, then he’d edit these videos just so that he could post them on social media. And what does he get for that? The ‘likes,’ and that’s it. He’d been doing this for awhile, and we realized that with the social media model, everyone is providing the product and getting nothing in return.”

(Story continues below video)

After Swinimer and Freig talked some more, they clicked on the idea for Trybe as a way to monetize social media.

“It’s a platform where if you post something, you have a chance to make money on that post,” Swinimer elaborated. “When people post to social media, the most important thing is content, connecting with people and receiving validation from others. So imagine if you mixed in the possibility of making money and also having complete control over how many people will see your posts.… The more people I reward, the more people will see my posts, and the more chance I have of making money on my posts. If the content is good and views-to-engagement ratio is high, it also drives exposure to the post, so that lights a little fire under the post.”

• RELATED STORY, from May 2020: Arm surgery for Nickelback’s Surrey-raised drummer Daniel Adair.

Out of the gate, Kroeger had the level of celebrity pull sought by Swinimer and Freig for Trybe.

“We discussed it with Chad and right away, he was excited about it because he could see how it could transform the music business,” Swinimer recalled. “It could completely disrupt the entire distribution chain, because it’s a pain in the ass going through iTunes, which takes a lot of the proceeds. So what about a world where you post new music on Trybe and you just say, if you give anyone who rewards this post a dollar or more, gets a download code, and now you’re keeping all the money that comes in, as opposed to just half of it.”

Right now, to get early access to the app, users join a waitlist by downloading the iOS or Android app from

(Story continues below)

On Wednesday (Sept. 23), Nickelback raved about Trybe’s launch to the band’s 738,000 followers on the rival Twitter platform: “No more giving away your creativity and time to social media giants. The new way — Social. Be yourself, be with your people, get rewards. See you on there.” A day later, Avril Lavigne posted the same message for her 21 million followers on Twitter.

Swinimer says Kroeger is “very involved” in the project, and likes to be in the meetings when and where he can, including the time when the four Trybe founders flew in Kroeger’s private jet to Silicon Valley.

“We didn’t tour with Nickelback (with Jet Black Stare) back then, but toured with a lot of their friends, like 3 Doors Down, Hinder and Staind,” Swinimer recalled. “For someone of his level of recognition, Chad is very accessible to musicians. He’s not hard to find and he’s happy to talk to people. One night he took us out to celebrate our record deal when we first signed it, so that was kind of our first foray. He took us out to the Commodore Ballroom because Kid Rock was doing a special invite-only show there. So we’re in his little VIP section, and then we went to some penthouse suite afterwards to hang out. It was weird, man, because to that point it was all independent music, never getting anywhere, and all the sudden we’re partying with Kid Rock. It was a wild ride.”

In the decade since those rock-band days, after Jet Black Stare’s record deal with Island Def Jam had collapsed, Swinimer turned his attention to country music and launching the careers of musicians including Madeline Merlo and Jojo Mason. “I’ve been living in Surrey for 20 years,” he noted. “I built my production company here and have written/produced upwards of 40 hit songs since startup.”

• RELATED STORY, from March 2020: Surrey’s JoJo Mason brings mom along for Saturday song during Diesel Bird Digital Music Festival.

As for Trybe, the app’s public release should be in a month or so, he said.

“We’re doing a system where we are making it very exclusive and making people excited about it, to get in early. We have multiple celebrities on board to get behind this new idea once we are public. It’s exciting.”

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