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Galaxy Z Flip leaks and rumors: $1,400 price, foldable glass screen, no 5G for Samsung's post-Galaxy Fold phone – CNET



Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is rumored to come in purple and black.

Evan Blass via Twitter

Samsung is doubling down on foldable phones. Rumors, leaks and good old-fashioned speculation reveal a compelling look at the foldable flip phone that’s now known as the Galaxy Z Flip, possible code name Galaxy Bloom. We’ve known since October that a foldable clamshell design was coming, and as the days get closer to Samsung’s Feb. 11 Unpacked event, the rumors get juicier.

Now we have a good idea what the Galaxy Z Flip will look like, how much it will cost, its camera arrangement and its specs. 

For example, the Galaxy Z Flip is likely to go down in history as the first foldable phone to introduce an ultra-thin glass screen that bends in half, a design element that promises to fix nearly every problem that befell early review units of the Galaxy Fold.

Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated

Any glass that tops a foldable phone has to be thin enough to bend without breaking, but strong enough to protect the electronic display underneath. Ultrathin glass that measures as thick as a strand of human hair is likely to be the first to come to market, with other possibilities down the line, like a foldable glass made of diamond crystal.


This render imagines how the Galaxy Z Flip phone’s hinge might look with the foldable phone opened up.

Lets Go Digital

With this smaller, and likely cheaper, flip model, Samsung has another chance to hook people who are interested in foldable phones. It also gives the brand an opportunity to prove that it can make a successful foldable phone.

The Galaxy Flip is expected to be smaller than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold from 2019 and rival the Motorola Razr flip phone, which goes on sale Feb. 6. It could unfold into a 6.7-inch screen, unlike the Galaxy Fold, which has a 7.3-inch screen that bends in half to open like a book. 

After only three significant devices in 2019, foldable phones still teeter on the edge of futuristic fancy and reality. Done right, they could double your usable screen space while still closing into a small enough rectangle to carry around. Done poorly, these expensive science experiments could confirm that ever-larger phones are the right way to make a phone.

Read on for everything we know and don’t know about Samsung’s next foldable phone.

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Details about Samsung’s next foldable phone pop up everywhere


Latest rumored specs

These speculated features are gathered from a variety of sources, including WinFuture, Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, Twitter leaker Evan Blass and LetsGoDigital. 

  • 6.7-inch vertically folding display, possibly with bendable ultrathin glass and 2,636×1,080-pixel screen resolution
  • 1.06-inch external display with 300×116-pixel resolution
  • Two 12-megapixel rear cameras (one main, one ultrawide)10-megapixel front-facing camera with auto-focus
  • Two batteries, one with 900-mAh capacity (other unknown)
  • Hideaway Hinge” that could help keep our dust and crumbs
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset
  • 8GB RAM, 256GB on-board storage
  • 3,300-mAh battery
  • Wireless charging
  • $1,400 price (about $1,070 or AU$2,080) with a Feb. 14 sale date 
  • 4G only; no 5G
  • Android 10 with Samsung One UI 2Colors: Black, purple

Could the Galaxy Z Flip stand up at a 90-degree angle?


It could be an AT&T exclusive in the US

The Galaxy Z Flip is said to go on sale Feb. 14 for $1,400, according to Weinbach. In the US, it might sell exclusively through AT&T, at least for a limited period of time. The foldable flip phone will also sell unlocked. 

An AT&T exclusive or limited-time exclusive would give both Samsung and the carrier ammunition against the Motorola Razr, which sells exclusively with Verizon’s service in the US.


The Z Flip would be long and tall when fully opened.


Galaxy Z Flip price: $1,400 makes sense

If the Galaxy Z Flip sells for $1,400 (about 1,500 euros), Samsung will have effectively undercut the Motorola Razr’s $1,499 retail price with a phone that delivers a more comprehensive bundle of specs. 

Industry watchers agree that going with a clamshell style is one of the best ways to make these foldable phones cheaper, and therefore more likely for regular people to buy, not just those with $2,000 laying around.

$1,400 is a far cry from an earlier report by The Korea Herald that Samsung’s foldable flipper could cost $850, according to its sources. But it would still be well under the Galaxy Fold’s $1,980 price. 


The Z Flip could have two cameras on the back and one on the front.

Giuseppe Spinelli/LetsGoDigital

Feb. 11 launch date likely, same as the Galaxy S20

In addition to unveiling the Galaxy S20, industry watchers also believe Samsung will use its spotlight to unveil this second foldable phone, which makes sense for two simple reasons. The first is that the unveiling would follow Samsung’s pattern from last year, where it introduced the Galaxy Fold alongside the Galaxy S10. 

The second reason we think we’ll see it Feb. 11 and not, say, at Mobile World Congress (MWC) two weeks later, is because it’s cheaper and easier to plan one big announcement event than two. It’s possible, however, that Samsung will go over the basics at Unpacked and save the details for MWC, the world’s largest mobile devices show.

Name: Galaxy Z Flip, not Galaxy Bloom after all

Speculation is settling on the Galaxy Z Flip as a more likely name for the new foldable phone than the Galaxy Bloom and especially the Galaxy Fold 2. Here’s one good reason to expect that Fold 2 isn’t in the works: The Korea Herald reports that there will be a Galaxy Fold successor (the Fold 2?) in August.

Even without those rumors, it’s clear that Samsung wouldn’t want to make a foldable flip phone part of the Fold family — not when the Galaxy Fold represents a luxury device with an enormous screen. This foldable clamshell phone will have a much narrower display.


During its annual developer conference in October, Samsung discussed two ways a phone could fold.

James Martin/CNET

It’s suggested that the Galaxy Z Flip will unfold into a tall, slim 6.7-inch display, larger than the Motorola Razr’s 6.2-inch screen. Remember that screen dimensions are measured at the diagonal, but they don’t tell the whole story. The Razr’s usable screen space feels a lot smaller than the Galaxy Fold, and minute compared with the 8-inch Huawei Mate X.

Can the Galaxy Z Flip avoid the Galaxy Fold’s fatal screen flaws?

One thing that isn’t clear in the leaked photos is what kind of design enhancements Samsung has made to sidestep the Fold’s design flaws.

For its second attempt at the Galaxy Fold (the design that eventually went on sale), Samsung used plastic end caps to shrink a gap that could let in dust and debris. It also reinforced internal support for the delicate plastic display, among a few other fixes.

We’ll still need to keep a close eye on this unnamed foldable phone’s screen and hinge to see if there are any potential gaps.

Two cameras on the back and one inside

The Galaxy Fold has a total of six cameras: There are two on the outer “cover” display, one on the inside for video chats and selfies and three on the back. The Galaxy Z Flip could cut the total camera share in half, following a supposed leak from frequent phone leaker Ice Universe (originally from Chinese social media platform Weibo).

We see some pixelated images with a clear central hole-punch camera on the phone’s foldable screen, and two cameras on the front cover of the phone. These would take selfies when the phone is closed, and also serve as your main camera when it’s open.

A smaller screen crease could help fix one Galaxy Fold annoyance

Before all its screen damage overtook headlines, the biggest concern lobbed at the Galaxy Fold was about the center crease where the phone folds in half. Would it ruin the experience, how bad would it look, would it worsen over time?

One of the advantages of a vertical fold like the Motorola Razr is that the part where the screen creases is much smaller than on the Fold. There’s just less screen width to bend with this design.

Support for 8K video capture

8K video capture is a rumor that applies to both the Galaxy S20/Galaxy S11 and the new foldable phone. That’s a potential resolution of 7,680×4,320 pixels for a total of 33,177,600 pixels, or 16 times the number of pixels in a 1080p resolution. There’s good reason to believe this one, too. 

In December, we saw how Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon processors can support 8K video, and how 5G data can help you edit these massive videos online. We’re seeing 8K TVs out now, but the videos to watch on them are more limited. 8K phones, 8K YouTube streaming and 8K screens could converge to help make these superhigh-resolution videos more prevalent. 

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Motorola Razr vs. Galaxy Fold: Foldable phone specs compared


Can the Galaxy Z Flip avoid the Galaxy Fold’s fatal screen flaws?

One thing that isn’t clear in the leaked photos is what kind of design enhancements Samsung has made to sidestep the Fold’s design flaws.

For its second attempt at the Galaxy Fold (the design that eventually went on sale), Samsung used plastic end caps to shrink a gap that could let in dust and debris. It also reinforced internal support for the delicate plastic display, among a few other fixes.

We’ll still need to keep a close eye on this unnamed foldable phone’s screen and hinge to see if there are any potential gaps.

No headphone jack is likely, so are Android 10 and One UI 2

Samsung officially ditched the headphone jack. The Note 10 phones didn’t have them at all, and neither does the Galaxy Fold. There is, however, a USB-C charger port. It’s also all but guaranteed to work with Android 10 and Samsung’s One UI 2 software layer that rides on top of the Android OS.

Keep checking back for more details as they surface. In the meantime, brush up on all your Galaxy S20 rumors and leaks.

Published last month and periodically updated with new information.



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Overwatch 2’s second season and new tank hero Ramattra arrive on Dec. 6, and a new trailer for the free-to-play game’s new content shows what else players can expect in season 2. That includes a new Zeus-themed mythic skin for Junker Queen, Greek mythology-inspired skins for other heroes, a new Escort map, and the return of two classic Overwatch holiday events.

Season 2 of Overwatch 2 will also include a new limited-time event called Battle for Olympus, which runs Jan. 5-19, 2023. The trailer doesn’t offer much in the way of specifics, but it does appear to take place on the game’s Ilios map and includes Junker Queen calling down team-wiping lightning strikes. The Greek gods theme for the game’s second battle pass appears to include new skins for Roadhog (Cyclops), Ramattra (Poseidon), Lúcio (Hermes), Widowmaker (Medusa), Reinhardt (Minotaur), and Pharah (Hades). Junker Queen’s new mythic skin will likely be the end-of-battle-pass reward, similar to Genji’s Cyber Demon skin from season 1.

A closer look at Overwatch 2’s season 2 skins, some of which will be available through the battle pass, others through the in-game store, are in the gallery below:

Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated

Elsewhere in the trailer, we get a peek at new holiday cosmetics for Bastion, who appears to be getting a gingerbread house-inspired skin for Winter Wonderland 2022 (which runs Dec. 13 to Jan. 4), and Mei, who is getting a rabbit-themed skin for Lunar New Year 2023 (which runs Jan. 17 to Feb. 6).

But the bigger gameplay additions come in the form of Ramattra, who will be included as part of season 2’s battle pass, and a new Escort map, Shambali, set in the Himalayan peaks.

Overwatch executive producer Jared Neuss said earlier this month that, in response to season 1 of Overwatch 2, Blizzard wants players “to feel more rewarded” for playing the game in future seasons. Neuss hinted at more free skins that can be earned by playing events — like Battle for Olympus — and by watching streamers on Twitch.

Overwatch 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Another trailer for the hotly anticipated Super Mario movie has hit the internet; the film looks gorgeous, and surprisingly faithful to the wonderfully weird lore of the games. If there’s a single criticism to be made, it’s Chris Pratt’s “Mario” voice.

It’s become something of an internet tradition to pile on Chris Pratt after the release of a popular trailer (usually a Marvel movie), and the Super Mario movie provided Pratt’s haters with plenty of material.

Most of the voice actors we hear in the trailer match their characters perfectly; Charlie Day nails Luigi’s anxiety, Anya Taylor-Joy is a soft, determined Peach, and Jack Black is clearly having a blast playing Bowser (and putting effort into crafting a gruff, distinctive voice).

Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated

Pratt, on the other hand, is saying Mario’s dorky little catchphrases using his regular voice, and it’s a little uncanny.

There’s nothing wrong with Pratt’s voice, exactly; the man has “generic main character” energy, and that matches the essence of Mario, an empty vessel inhabited by the player. But it is strange to hear Pratt’s voice emerge from such an iconic character.

Obviously, kids watching this movie aren’t going to care – to them, Pratt will be Mario. On Twitter, however, adult Super Mario fans weren’t impressed.



But Pratt’s flat voice acting wasn’t the sole inspiration for the pile on. Over the years, Pratt has gained a reputation as a staunch conservative and Evangelical Christian; at one point, actor Elliot Page called him out on Twitter, claiming that Pratt belonged to a church that is “infamously anti-LGBTQ.”

The church in question was believed to be Hillsong Church, which does view homosexuality as “sinful.” Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn once corrected the record on Twitter, insisting that Pratt didn’t deserve his bad reputation, while Pratt himself later claimed to have never attended the church, and even described himself as “not a religious person.”

Marvel fans didn’t buy it, and regularly post tweets and memes that frame Pratt as a homophobic MAGA-enthusiast (for the record, Pratt has never made a disparaging comment about the LGBT community). After the Mario trailer showed a scene featuring Rainbow Road, Pratt’s haters took the opportunity to crack a well-worn joke.


As for being religious, well, Pratt’s Instagram is filled with posts that praise God; there is even a photo of him dragging a large metal crucifix up a mountain, which seems like a religious thing to do. At the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Pratt famously went on a lengthy tangent about God, Jesus, and the power of prayer.

While he might never have attended Hillsong Church, Pratt did mention in an interview that he plays golf with Chad Veach, the pastor of Zoe Church. Veach previously told The New York Times that he modeled Zoe Church after Hillsong Church, and was involved in the 2017 film The Heart of Man, a docudrama on “sexual brokenness” which aligns homosexuality with porn addiction and infidelity.

Pratt’s haters might be on to something. Or maybe they just find the actor kind of annoying, and the mass mockery has become a running joke.

Whether Chris Pratt is unfairly maligned, or not, he’s not a great fit for Mario; the man should have practiced that voice before he got to the recording studio.

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Are Folding Phones Really a Good Choice for Mobile Gamers?



One of the latest developments in smartphone technology is the foldable phone. A foldable phone is basically a smartphone that comes with what is known as a folding form factor technology that enables the device to be folded, often in half. Some folding smartphones come with a flexible display, whereas other designs come with several touchscreen panels on a hinge.

They are great for the more graphically demanding, high-end video games, and they are also great for playing state-of-the-art live dealer casino games at licensed casino sites, such as LeoVegas Canada. One of the most popular foldable smartphones on the market today is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which some of you may already be familiar with by now. The question being asked here is, are folding phones really a good choice for mobile gamers?

Are foldable phones any good for gaming?

The difference between some folding smartphones out there today and regular-sized smartphones is that when a foldable phone is unfolded, the screen is square in appearance and not rectangular, which is how almost every smartphone in the world appears. Games have been designed to be played across rectangular-sized screens, not square screens.

There are pros and cons for both when it comes to gaming, and in most games that are played across a foldable phone screen, the main thing that you will notice is that there is more space in the background. The landscape appears bigger in all directions. The gameplay has remained largely unchanged, so it’s just down to an individual’s personal preference.

Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated

Some players like to game on a foldable phone and watch the action across a square screen, and others still prefer to play on the standard-size smartphone screen. However, it seems that the vast majority of mobile games are actually in favour of gaming from a traditional smartphone and not a foldable smartphone.

A look at some of today’s best foldable smartphones

Some of today’s best foldable smartphones that are great for gaming in 2022 include a variety of Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei devices, such as the:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Huawei Mate XS
  • Motorola Razr 2020

If you’re not a fan of foldable smartphone devices, and if you’re looking to become more actively involved in mobile gaming, some of the other popular smartphone devices for gaming in 2022 to keep an eye out for are the following:

  • Nubia Red Magic 7
  • Xiaomi Black Shark Pro 5
  • Asus ROG Phone 6D
  • Asus ROG Phone 5
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Sony Xperia 1 IV
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

What are the best games to play on foldable smartphones?

There are literally too many great games for playing on your foldable smartphone to list individually here, so here are just some of the most popular foldable smartphone games to keep an eye out for in 2022. They include hit titles, such as Call of Duty Mobile, Pokémon GO, Raid: Shadow Legends, Monument Valley, Among Us, Alto’s Odyssey, Forge of Empires, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Apex Legends Mobile. In addition to these great games, top-rated casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, slots, and video poker, also look fantastic on foldable phones.

Are foldable phones worth getting for gaming?

As mentioned, it all boils down to personal preference. You can see what mobile gaming from a smartphone looks like before spending hundreds of dollars on a device that you may not like by heading to YouTube. Famous live streamers have also uploaded lots of videos of themselves gaming from foldable smartphones on the Twitch video gaming site. The good thing about foldable smartphones is that the games look great. The only real downside is that these handsets still aren’t cheap. They are more expensive than your average smartphone.

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