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‘Genshin Impact’ Reveals 9 Inazuma Characters, Update 2.0 Landmarks And Gift Codes – Forbes



Genshin Impact has just aired its livestream revealing its most significant addition to the game since launch, which will arrive close to a year after its release last fall. That would be the expansion into a new zone, Inazuma, home of the Electro Archon Baal, and we got our first official look at what that’s going to contain, outside of an endless stream of leaks and teases we’ve gotten so far.

Here are the highlights about what’s coming from today’s livestream, which will be uploaded to YouTube in full in a few hours.

Might as well start with the Gift Codes from the stream, right?:

  • GBNA9J5H9Y4H – Primo 100 + Hero’s Wit 5x
  • AS6BQKLY9GLD – Primo 100 + Mystic Ore 10x
  • LS6T4L9ZZ7TH – Primo 100 + Mora 50k

Now for the rest:

  • The release date for 2.0 and Inazuma is July 21, 2021
  • Inazuma is much larger and more dense than Dragonspine and the Golden Apple Archipelago, and required a lot more work. It contains many more types of world puzzles that we’ve seen previously, many of them electro-based, as electro has been integrated into the landscape.
  • The gameplay of electro will be expanded past the supercharge and overload aspects we’ve seen so far.
  • A brief example of a side story was given where the owner of a local Inazuma teahouse is a Shiba Inu named Tarouamru who forces people to work for him forever.
  • It’s the only one of the seven nations located entirely in the ocean as an archipelago, it has six main islands in total.
  • A driving force of the plot is why the electro archon is now pursuing the goal of “eternity” for the nation.
  • The island nation is split into multiple factions. Watatsumi Island is home to a resistance group pushing back against the stripping of visions by the archon.
  • Inazuma has three main “commissions” – military and security, finance and customs, and shrines, festivals and events.
  • Naku Weed and Sakura Bloom are two new electro-based plants to collect.
  • A sacred Sakura tree in the shape of a fox represents protection over the whole island. Technically it’s one tree that is the root of an entire forest in the nation.
  • The Raiden Shogun faced a huge serpent and killed it with a slash that cut an entire island in half, a gorge which is one of the major landmarks of the region. The serpent and its remaining influence on the island will be a plot point and source of some quests relating to mining and swordmaking.
  • Ayaka, the upcoming cryo sword-user is the daughter of the clan leaders and a beloved figure in Inazuma by the public. She’ll be the first character to appear in the main story quest.
  • Yoimiya (pyro bow-user) is not in any of the commissions, but owns a fireworks store. She explores “hopes and emotions” related to people when they shoot off fireworks and is a very emotional person. Even the Raiden Shogun likes her fireworks. She’s good with children, is very chatty and gets along with everyone. She is also a part of the main Archon Quest storyline. Ayaka and Yomiya also have their own individual story quests.
  • Sayu (anemo claymore-user) is a ninja who is kind of lazy and always tired. She’s small and wants to be taller like everyone she knows. She thinks sleeping will help you grow taller, which is why she’s always seeking out sleep.
  • They showed off a whole bunch of future heroes that will be coming to the game in future updates past 2.0. They previewed Raiden Shogun, Baal (electro).

Thoma, with a mystery identity (possibly pyro).

Kujou Sara, loyal to the Raiden Shogun and charistmatic general (electro).

Military advisor Sangonomiya Kokomi (hydro).

Gorou is the “brawn” and may be a resistance fighter (not clear on vision, geo or anemo?).

Yae Miko is intelligent and cunning and meets with the Traveler many times in the story (electro)

Inazuma is designed in “three levels” which contain higher up areas in the mountain, ground level for towns and the shore, and then there are vast underground areas full of secrets. They used Studio Ghibli as a big design inspiration for a lot of the areas and colors. One island is overgrown and covered in “Thunderbird feathers.” Another is constantly surrounded by a raging thunderstorm.

They gave an overview of all the events that are coming over the course of 2.0, most of them new, and one that gives you a free copy of Beidou.

Finally, in the wrap-up:

  • The Serentiea Pot is getting a gardening system where you can plant seeds and grow things.
  • There are new monsters including different variants of Ruin Guards called Ruin Sentinels, which come in many different forms. There are also new human enemies that seem to be replacing the Fatui and Treasure Hoarders. Some new Fatui members appears however, like a new hydro woman called a Mirror Maiden.
  • Ayaka is the first banner and Yoimiya and Sayu are in the second banner. There are five new Inazuma-based four star weapons to forge. And two new five star Inazuma electro-based weapons. There’s a new weapon wish system coming where you can work toward your “chosen weapon” and eventually buy it if you don’t get it through wishing.
  • There are two new artifact sets, one focused on energy recharge, one focused on attack and elemental skill. You can now sacrifice 3 5 star artifacts to a new system that lets you target other new artifacts.
  • Cross save is coming to PlayStation and mobile/PC in 2.0 with linking deatils to follow.
  • They are planning content for five years or “even longer.”

Whew, that’s a lot. I’ll add any more if I come across stuff I may have missed while writing this live.

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Amazon's Alexa could soon mimic voice of dead relatives – Prince Rupert Northern View – The Northern View



Amazon’s Alexa might soon replicate the voice of family members – even if they’re dead.

The capability, unveiled at Amazon’s Re:Mars conference in Las Vegas, is in development and would allow the virtual assistant to mimic the voice of a specific person based on a less than a minute of provided recording.

Rohit Prasad, senior vice president and head scientist for Alexa, said at the event Wednesday that the desire behind the feature was to build greater trust in the interactions users have with Alexa by putting more “human attributes of empathy and affect.”

“These attributes have become even more important during the ongoing pandemic when so many of us have lost ones that we love,” Prasad said. “While AI can’t eliminate that pain of loss, it can definitely make their memories last.”

READ MORE: Amazon hikes prices for Prime membership

In a video played by Amazon at the event, a young child asks “Alexa, can Grandma finish reading me the Wizard of Oz?” Alexa then acknowledges the request, and switches to another voice mimicking the child’s grandmother. The voice assistant then continues to read the book in that same voice.

To create the feature, Prasad said the company had to learn how to make a “high-quality voice” with a shorter recording, opposed to hours of recording in a studio. Amazon did not provide further details about the feature, which is bound to spark more privacy concerns and ethical questions about consent.

Amazon’s push comes as competitor Microsoft earlier this week said it was scaling back its synthetic voice offerings and setting stricter guidelines to “ensure the active participation of the speaker” whose voice is recreated. Microsoft said Tuesday it is limiting which customers get to use the service — while also continuing to highlight acceptable uses such as an interactive Bugs Bunny character at AT&T stores.

“This technology has exciting potential in education, accessibility, and entertainment, and yet it is also easy to imagine how it could be used to inappropriately impersonate speakers and deceive listeners,” said a blog post from Natasha Crampton, who heads Microsoft’s AI ethics division.


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Nothing Phone 1 Colors – What're Your Options? – KnowYourMobile



When it comes to colors, what options will you have with the Nothing Phone 1? Let’s find out…

Part of the Nothing Phone 1’s allure is its design. The phone runs a fairly unique, though not as cool as the leaks suggested, transparent back panel design, whereby you can see its internal components. Because of this design, however, the color schemes – at least at launch – are limited to just one color option: white.

Nothing Phone 1 Colors

The Nothing Phone 1 will be available in a single color option when it gets released. The phone will be white with a transparent back panel, through which you’ll be able to see some of its internal gubbins. This design harks back to Nothing’s first product release, the Nothing Ear 1 wireless headphones.

What else do we know about the phone? Well, for starters we know that it will run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778+ CPU alongside 8GB of RAM. The phone will also ship with 128GB of storage as standard, although there is no word on whether it will support MicroSD cards. The display will be a 6.55in OLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, and the phone will run on Nothing’s custom Nothing OS on top of Android 12.

With respect to other internal components, the Nothing Phone 1 is expected to ship with a 4500mAh battery, complete with 45W fast charging abilities. You’ll also have support for WiFi 6, 5G, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. The Nothing Phone 1 will not support a headphone jack, however, and this is likely down to Nothing wanting you to buy its wireless Nothing Ear 1 headphones.

Nothing Phone 1 Price – What To Expect…

As for pricing, the Nothing Phone 1 is expected to retail for around $500/£500. The phone will get a release date on July 21, following its July 12 unveiling. As with OnePlus’ first phone, the Nothing Phone 1 will be available – at least at first – via an invite-based system. Carl Pei has plenty of experience with this in the past, so he is adopting it once again to create hype around the phone. As of right now, some 14,000 people have registered for an invite.

The Nothing Phone 1 will not be getting a release in the United States nor Canada, however, with Nothing focussing its efforts on the UK, Europe, and other markets. Given the phone’s price, I’d assume it would be a big hit in one of the most important phone markets on the planet right now, India. In fact, Indians apparently make up the bulk of those who have signed up for an invite for the Nothing Phone 1.

Carl Pei, Nothing CEO, said while there will be no US release date to begin with this could change as things progress and develop. The main reason for the US market being skipped is likely down to how locked down it is at the moment – hardly any brands outside of Apple, Samsung, Google, and Motorola can get a look in with US carriers. And this needs to change if consumers are to be given more choice with what phones they can and can’t buy.

But if Xiaomi cannot get a look in, I highly doubt Nothing will have much success…

Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin has been working as a tech journalist for over 10 years. He is the editor and owner of KnowYourMobile.

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GPods TWS earbuds use light control to let your unique soul shine through – Yanko Design



[embedded content]

Wireless earbuds like the Apple AirPods have become a common accessory in this digital world. It isn’t considered odd or even rude anymore to see people walking about with small knobs sticking out of their ears. While different brands try to stand apart in their designs, most Bluetooth earbuds share the same basic shape or, at the very least, share the same standard color choices. Almost everyone wants to personalize not only their experience but also their accessories to show off their personality and style. Earbuds, however, are one of the most difficult things to personalize, but this revolutionary pair breaks out of the mold and uses light and color to let the real you shine even in the dark.

Designer: HHOGene

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $129 (38% off and free shipping). Hurry, exclusive deal for YD readers only.

Call it whatever you want, but each one of us has what some would refer to as a unique soul. It is a part of ourselves that sets us apart from others, whether through the way we see the world or the ways we express ourselves. Our clothing, our accessories, and even our gadgets have become part of such expressions, but mass-produced electronics like earbuds don’t always offer customization options, and that’s where the GPods come in, shedding some light on the problem, literally.

Whether it’s matching the beat or matching your style, the GPods’ six RGB LEDs light up the stem of the earbuds to let you shine and show what you hear and feel. Every color is in your control, whether you handpick the hues yourself or let the AI select the colors based on a photo of your choosing. With 72 basic colors at your disposal, you or the AI can create around 300,000 color combinations, ensuring that no two GPods owners will be alike.

Adjustable Light Mode – The software system allows full control of emanating light. Dimness, brightness, rhythm response, shades, and colors are all at your fingertips.

Color Photo Recognition – Artificial Intelligence (AI) with algorithmic capabilities allows for arranging photos and analyzing the color ratios found in stored photo images.

Custom Lighting GPods support an estimated 300,000 color combinations built on a foundation of 72 basic colors.

Detachable Accessories – Personalized snap-ons hold GPods in place while carefully keeping each earbud’s speaker unit separate from the outer casing.

And if that weren’t enough, the GPods come with snap-on accessories that further add a bit of flair to the earbuds. Most notable is the Tiger Stripes, which introduces a play of light and shadow into your listening and shining experience. Ripples, Solar Eclipse, and Newborn are some of the planned accessories that you can easily snap and swap to truly make your buds unique.

The GPods isn’t just all show, of course, and it packs some of the best hardware found inside Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth buds. High-quality audio is delivered by 10mm dynamic drivers with polymer composite diaphragms, and Bluetooth 5.2 is the conduit through which your music travels. Convenient touch controls and IPX4 water resistance make the GPods a fit for any use and occasion, while the remarkable five-hour battery life (20 if you include the charging case) and speedy charging mean it will be ready for action anytime you need it.

We stick earbuds to our heads all the time these days, and these accessories have become an important part of our lives. Why settle for bland, uninspiring, and common earbuds when the rest of your body and your accessories are screaming with expression? With the GPods TWS earbuds and its light control, you can tell the world just how much you enjoy your music and dare to let your unique soul shine, whenever and wherever.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $129 (38% off and free shipping). Hurry, exclusive deal for YD readers only. Raised over $115,000.

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