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IFIC Monthly Investment Fund Statistics – July 2021 – GlobeNewswire



TORONTO, Aug. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) today announced investment fund net sales and net assets for July 2021.

Mutual fund assets totalled $1.983 trillion at the end of July 2021. Assets increased by $33.0 billion or 1.7% compared to June 2021. Mutual funds recorded net sales of $8.8 billion in July 2021.  

ETF assets totalled $313.6 billion at the end of July 2021. Assets increased by $6.7 billion or 2.2% compared to June 2021. ETFs recorded net sales of $3.0 billion in July 2021.

Mutual Fund Net Sales/Net Redemptions ($ Millions)*

Asset Class Jul. 2021 Jun. 2021 Jul. 2020 YTD 2021 YTD 2020
Long-term Funds          
Balanced 4,929   8,053   203   44,504   (6,449 )
Equity 1,857   3,796   (87 ) 27,783   1,831  
Bond 2,080   1,112   2,574   11,410   7,265  
Specialty 413   565   526   3,512   3,424  
Total Long-term Funds 9,279   13,526   3,216   87,208   6,071  
Total Money Market Funds (447 ) (942 ) 154   (6,448 ) 5,119  
Total 8,833   12,584   3,370   80,760   11,191  

Mutual Fund Net Assets ($ Billions)*

Asset Class Jul. 2021 Jun. 2021 Jul. 2020 Dec. 2020
Long-term Funds        
Balanced 977.1 959.1 819.9 874.4
Equity 699.4 686.9 522.8 593.4
Bond 259.1 257.2 232.0 246.4
Specialty 19.8 18.7 30.1 35.0
Total Long-term Funds 1,955.4 1,921.9 1,604.8 1,749.3
Total Money Market Funds 27.3 27.8 37.2 34.4
Total 1,982.6 1,949.7 1,641.9 1,783.7
* Please see below for important information regarding this data.

ETF Net Sales/Net Redemptions ($ Millions)*

Asset Class Jul 2021 Jun. 2021 Jul. 2020 YTD 2021 YTD 2020
Long-term Funds          
Balanced 292   320 90 2,620   1,052
Equity 2,449   2,727 2,293 20,535   17,718
Bond (362 ) 1,224 3,303 7,661   6,775
Specialty 273   665 261 6,059   1,261
Total Long-term Funds 2,651   4,936 5,947 36,875   26,805
Total Money Market Funds 357   103 423 (1,216 ) 2,193
Total 3,009   5,039 6,369 35,659   28,998

ETF Net Assets ($ Billions)*

Asset Class Jul. 2021 Jun. 2021 Jul. 2020 Dec. 2020
Long-term Funds        
Balanced 10.5 10.1 5.8 7.2
Equity 200.4 195.4 138.8 158.4
Bond 85.9 85.8 74.6 79.3
Specialty 10.6 9.8 4.8 5.2
Total Long-term Funds 307.5 301.2 224.1 250.0
Total Money Market Funds 6.0 5.7 6.7 7.3
Total 313.6 306.8 230.8 257.3
* Please see below for important information regarding this data.

IFIC direct survey data (which accounts for approximately 91% of total mutual fund industry assets) is complemented by data from Investor Economics to provide comprehensive industry totals.

IFIC makes every effort to verify the accuracy, currency and completeness of the information; however, IFIC does not guarantee, warrant, represent or undertake that the information provided is correct, accurate or current.

* Important Information Regarding Investment Fund Data:

  1. Mutual fund data is adjusted to remove double counting arising from mutual funds that invest in other mutual funds.
  2. ETF data is not adjusted to remove double counting arising from ETFs that invest in other ETFs.
  3. The Balanced Funds category includes funds that invest directly in a mix of stocks and bonds or obtain exposure through investing in other funds.
  4. Mutual fund data reflects the investment activity of Canadian retail investors.
  5. ETF data reflects the investment activity of Canadian retail and institutional investors.

About IFIC
The Investment Funds Institute of Canada is the voice of Canada’s investment funds industry. IFIC brings together 150 organizations, including fund managers, distributors and industry service organizations, to foster a strong, stable investment sector where investors can realize their financial goals. By connecting Canada’s savers to Canada’s economy, our industry contributes significantly to Canadian economic growth and job creation. To learn more about IFIC, please visit

For more information please contact:

Pira Kumarasamy
Senior Manager, Communications and Public Affairs

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FXM VENTURE – Offers News Investment Platform – GlobeNewswire



Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the intention of being one of the top investment platforms for investors of all stripes, FXM Venture was established in July of 2020. FXM has been extending its impact to adjacent nations thanks to the vision and leadership of its core members.


Ten significant individuals were involved in the founding and early development of FXM Venture, with the goal of establishing this investment fund’s brand on a global scale. And today, 100 members work in 6 transnational branches and continue their tradition. In addition to being directed and run by professionals with decades of expertise in a variety of sectors, including finance, investing, marketing, and technology, FMX is also run by vital departments like: customer service personnel, technical staff,…

Additionally, in just two years (starting in July 2020), FMX has called for a total investment of 8 million USD.


For both long- and short-term traders, funding rates are regular payments. Investors are free to select a transaction based on their financial situation and liquidity. Users can, in particular, withdraw money at any moment and get interest.

At FXM Venture, we have experienced traders in both Forex and Cryptocurrencies allowing us to build a stable financial foundation to increase the returns of our investors.

FXM also has AI technology in trading approaches to Real-time forecasts of hundreds of scenarios, execution strategies, and commercial alliances, in addition to our research, market neutral algorithms by monitoring market movements and building trading algorithms. Our primary goal is to establish a win-win relationship between the customer and the firm, in which FXM Venture develops specific investment plans and strategies, while investors can then choose suitable investment packages, together with FXM consider and select specific investment plans.


By expanding its operations and financial system in 2022, FXM aims to become one of the best legitimate funds in the world. To that end, 4 additional branches will be opened, and recruiting efforts will be stepped up to reach our target of 200 members.

In terms of financing, FXM VENTURE’s aim is to raise our fund up to $15 million.. Aside from that, FXM equips you with the resources you need to be completely confident in your investment decisions. Furthermore, you may invest with FXM with complete confidence because here are what make FXM different:


FXM does not intend to stop at satisfying almost 30,000 customers who have been using services and investing in FXM (with a customer satisfaction rate of 78% and a customer return rate of 85%), FXM is as complete as possible with the goal of increasing the number of clients to 50,000 in the next quarter with a satisfaction level of over 90%.


Visit the website for more information

And also, Remember to refer friends to be rewarded with $25 for every friend who joins and registers at least one package — with no cap on the number of people you can refer, and gain matching income on their profits: F1 (10%), F2 (5%), F3 (3%), F4 (2%).

Media details:

Company Name: FXM Venture

City: Glasgow

Country: Scotland


Telegram group:

Telegram channel:


There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, nor a recommendation of any securities or any other products or services. Furthermore, nothing in this PR should be construed as a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any investment or security, or to engage in any investment strategy or transaction. It is your responsibility to determine whether any investment, investment strategy, security or related transaction is suitable for you based on your investment objectives, financial situation and risk tolerance. Please consult your business advisor, attorney or tax advisor regarding your specific business, legal or tax situation.

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PepsiCo Makes $550 Million Celsius Investment As Hip Hop Mogul Sues For His Shares – Forbes



has its sights on gaining a bigger share of the energy drink with a $550 million investment in Celsius Holdings. The energy drink maker is also at the center of a lawsuit between Russell Simmons and his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons along with her husband Tim Leissner, as he tries to retrieve his shares in Celsius back from them. Allegedly Kimora Lee and Leissner transferred and were using his shares of Celsius as collateral to pay a bond in connection with these criminal charges. Leissner already pleaded guilty, and agreed to forfeit $43.7 million for his role in the Malaysia 1MDB scandal that cost Goldman more than $3 billion. Simmons alleges that his shares of Celsius are being used as collateral to pay a bond in connection with these criminal charges.

The Breakdown You Need To Know:

Celsius recorded a first-quarter domestic revenue increase of 217% to $123.5 million and the long-term distribution deal gives Pepsi a minority stake of about 8.5%. The brand, which doesn’t use artificial preservatives or sugar, adds to PepsiCo’s energy drink portfolio, which already includes Rockstar as well as Mountain Dew drinks Amp, Game Fuel, and Kickstart. CultureBanx reported that with these types of returns it’s easy to see why Simmons wants his shares back from the couple.

Quick Recap on how these three people ended up in this situation. Goldman Sachs
last year agreed to pay the Malaysian government $3.1 billion, to settle claims in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) fund. One of the main people who got the bank involved in this scandal was Kimora Lee’s Simmons husband Tim Leissner.

The bank swiftly parted ways with him after his shady dealings with Jho Low came to light. In November 2018, when Leissner agreed to pay $43.7 million toward victim compensation, it was in order to avoid jail time.

In his claim, Simmons says Kimora and Leissner “knew full well that Leissner would need tens of millions of dollars to avoid jail time, stay out on bail, and forfeit monies for victim compensation.” Simmons claims they used their Celsius shares as collateral for Leissner’s bail, and he wants his shares returned.

Now Russell wants no financial part in keeping Leissner out of jail. In a letter sent to his ex-wife Kimora Lee on May 5, 2021, he was pleading with her to do the right thing and avoid a lawsuit. He wrote that “I am shocked and saddened to see how your side has behaved in response to my repeated attempts to get an agreement from you to rightfully and legally reaffirm my 50% of the Celsius shares..which have been locked up with the government after being used for your husband’s bail money.”

What’s Next:

A representative for Kimora Lee said “Kimora and her children are shocked by the extortive harassment coming from her ex-husband, Russell Simmons, who has decided to sue her for shares and dividends of Celsius stock in which Kimora and Tim Leissner invested millions of dollars.” At this point Russell is asking a judge for damages against Kimora and Leissner and believes he should be awarded restitution for interest and equal value for the wrongfully obtained shares.

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Saskatchewan Leads Provinces In Building Construction Investment | News and Media – Government of Saskatchewan



Released on August 12, 2022

Saskatchewan first among the provinces in year-over-year growth

Today, Statistics Canada released June 2022 Investment in Building Construction numbers, which showed Saskatchewan with a 63.0 per cent increase (seasonally adjusted) compared to June 2021, ranking first among the provinces in terms of percentage change.

Saskatchewan also had strong month-to-month growth for building construction investment with a 17.6 per cent increase (seasonally adjusted) between May 2022 and June 2022, second among the provinces. The value of building construction investment in June 2022 was $464 million, the highest monthly investment in the province since August 2013.

Investment in residential building construction also saw strong month-to-month growth with an increase of 24.0 per cent.

“Saskatchewan’s economy is moving full steam ahead as we advance our Government’s strategy to increase our exports and attract investment into the province,” Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison said. “Saskatchewan is a global leader in the sustainable production of the food, fuel and fertilizer that the world needs, a reality that will lead to more jobs and opportunities in our province for years to come.”

The latest Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey showed there were 581,600 people employed in July 2022 – an increase of 24,400 jobs (+4.4 per cent) compared to July 2021, the third highest percentage increase among the provinces. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 4.0 per cent remained the second lowest among the provinces, a decrease from 7.1 per cent in July 2021 and well below the national average of 4.9 per cent.

Saskatchewan has ranked highly in a number of other key economic indicators in recent months, including June 2022 merchandise exports, which had the second highest year-over-year growth among the provinces at 57.3 per cent and June 2022 building permits, which had the second highest month-to-month growth among the provinces at 15.8 per cent and the third highest year-over-year growth at 27.4 per cent. June 2022 urban housing starts had the second highest year-over-year growth at 87.0 per cent, compared to the national increase of 0.2 per cent (unadjusted).


For more information, contact:

Jill Stroeder
Trade and Export Development
Phone: 306-787-6315

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