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‘iPhone 12’ event announcement expected this week



Another leaker is casting doubts on the possibility of an imminent hardware release, with the expected Tuesday press release predicted to just contain details of when the fall “iPhone 12” launch event will take place.

A number of rumors have pointed to Apple holding some form of event in September, with at least one leaker claiming an event will take place during the week of September 7. Accoring to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman on Twitter, the latest murmors of an Apple press release may not necessarily be for a product launch.

Posted to Twitter on Sunday, Gurman proposes people don’t “get too excited about rumors of new Apple products appearing this week.” Instead, he thinks its more likely to be an announcement relating to an upcoming event for the “iPhone 12” and “Apple Watch Series 6,” one that will almost certainly be “virtual.”

The post follows an earlier tweet from serial leaker Jon Prosser, which claimed Apple was readying a press release for September 8, which would be published at 9 A.M Eastern time. Prosser didn’t discuss on Sunday what he expected would be in the press release, but said the time could change, and that it would require the press to have been “briefed, day of” before its publication.

Gurman’s warning is fairly prudent, given Apple’s tendency to provide at least a week’s warning before holding an event surrounding a major product launch. For 2019’s “By invitation only” special event for the iPhone 11, Apple told media about the September 10 date on August 29, giving 12 days warning.

Even for a virtual event with a premade video, one that could end up being similar to how Apple presented the WWDC 2020 keynote, Apple may still err towards providing advanced warning of the upcoming iPhone launch.

Expected products

Apple is largely expected to reveal new four iPhone models during the event, consisting of two “iPhone 12” models and two “iPhone 12 Pro” versions. As well as differing by cameras, the Pro models are thought to reuse the iPad Pro’s LiDAR sensor for depth mapping, with 5G connectivity also believed to be a major addition across the board for this generation.

The event may also be the launch venue for the “Apple Watch Series 6,” which this year may include a plastic version, Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) to improve wireless performance, and blood oxygenation monitoring.

A new iPad model could be on the way, potentially in the form of the “iPad Air 4,” which could borrow the design and second-generation Apple Pencil from the iPad Pro.

The often-rumored “AirTags” may also make an appearance. Consisting of a Bluetooth and UWB-equipped tag, the “AirTags will potentially work with Apple’s existing Find My app to help users locate lost items it is attached to.

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Epic Games battles to get Fortnite back in App Store – Japan Today



Epic Games will strive anew Monday to convince a judge that its hit title Fortnite should be restored to Apple’s App Store, despite sidestepping the tech titan’s standard commission on transactions.

Apple does not allow users of its popular devices to download apps from anywhere but its App Store, and Epic is challenging its practice of taking a 30 percent cut of money spent on the apps by users.

The clash comes as Apple puts priority on selling digital content and subscription services to the one billion-plus people around the world using devices powered by its iOS mobile operating software.

The commission dispute has also become a rallying cry for app makers who believe Apple’s App Store policies are monopolistic.

Major app developers including Epic and streaming music giant Spotify recently formed a coalition to press for new terms with the major online marketplaces operated by Apple and Google.

Google runs a Play Store for apps tailored for devices powered by its Android software and also takes a commission, but people are free to get apps from other online venues.

The new Coalition for App Fairness advocacy group said it will seek legal and regulatory changes for the app stores which serve as gatekeepers for much of the mobile software distributed to smartphone users.

The move comes amid rising criticism of the fees and terms imposed by the app stores, and legal challenges by both Epic and Spotify to Apple’s commission for online subscriptions.

A hearing slated for Monday before a federal judge in California will focus on whether Apple should be compelled to put Fortnite back in the App Store while an overarching lawsuit plays out.

Apple pulled Fortnite from its online mobile apps marketplace on August 13 after Epic released an update that dodges revenue sharing with the iPhone maker.

The judge in the case previously rejected an emergency injunction request by Epic, saying Fortnite’s eviction by Apple was a “self-inflicted wound.”

But Epic did not back down from its fight against Apple, accusing the tech giant of being “a monopolist.”

Due to the legal row, Fortnite fans using iPhones or other Apple devices no longer have access to the latest game updates, including the new season released at the end of August.

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Microsoft's Buyout Of Bethesda Could Be A "Brilliant" Counter Move Against Sony, Founder Says – GameSpot



Bethesda Softworks founder Christopher Weaver–who no longer works at the game company–has shared his thoughts on Microsoft’s $7.5 billion buyout of Bethesda and its parent company ZeniMax. Speaking to Inverse, Weaver said he sees Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda as being similar to the company’s buyout of Bungie.

Microsoft famously acquired Bungie in 2000, and its new game, Halo: Combat Evolved, proved to be a very big success and has since become synonymous with Xbox. Bungie and Microsoft later split, but Halo remains one of Microsoft’s crown jewels.

If Microsoft can successfully integrate Bethesda into Microsoft, this could be a “brilliant counter-move against Sony,” Weaver said of the longstanding rivalry between the two companies.

“The acquisition of Bungie acted as an important trigger for the success of the early Xbox. Depending upon how soon Bethesda can prime the Microsoft pipeline, I suspect Microsoft is looking at their playbook and looking to repeat one of its ‘best moves,'” Weaver told the site. “If the strategy works, it will be a brilliant counter-move against Sony. Users from around the world will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this deal. I wish them well.”

Weaver also spoke about how he believes Microsoft purposefully timed its announcement of the Bethesda deal to be close to the recent PS5 news.

“Properly managed, consolidation can provide a powerful mechanism for groups to share experience and ‘best practices,'” he said. “I do not think it is any accident that this announcement occurred so close to Sony’s PS5 announcement. There are only a limited number of proven creators of AAA. What Microsoft owns, Sony cannot get. There are many economies of scale that consolidation between the right partners has the capacity to provide, but the ultimate test will be evidenced by the quality of products produced over time.”

The full interview at Inverse touches on a number of other interesting subjects–go read it here. And for more on the buyout, check out GameSpot’s stories below.

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Benefit broadcast raises $131,000 for Chatham-Kent Hospice – The Kingston Whig-Standard



More than $131,000 was raised for the Chatham-Kent Hospice during the first Hearts Together for CK Hospice benefit broadcast.

Greg Hetherington, left, and Cheryl Johnstone host the first Hearts Together for CK Hospice benefit broadcast in Chatham, Ont., on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020. (Contributed Photo)

More than $131,000 was raised for the Chatham-Kent Hospice during the first Hearts Together for CK Hospice benefit broadcast.

The event streamed live on Facebook and YourTV on Sept. 24 asking viewers to donate to local palliative care.

Money was also raised in advance through sponsorship and donations.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity and kindness shown by donors in support of our hospice families,” event chairperson Randi Bokor Caron said in a statement. “Even with the COVID-19 pandemic and the many restrictions associated with it, Chatham-Kent Hospice continues to provide compassionate care to those at end-of-life and their families.

“With over 50 per cent of the Chatham-Kent Hospice operating budget being covered by donations each year, these funds will be used to ensure hospice residents remain comfortable and connected to their families at no cost to them.”

The hospice’s benefit gala held annually in October was cancelled this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its proceeds are part of the donations that go towards the hospice’s operating budget.

The broadcast included testimonials from families supported by hospice, video performances by local artists, and prize draws for gift cards to local businesses. Greg Hetherington and Cheryl Johnstone were the hosts.

Donations are still being accepted at

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