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Kootenay Gallery of Art changes operations during COVID-19 crisis – Trail Times



The Kootenay Gallery of Art, History and Science has had to change much of its operations since closimg in early March due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Executive director Val Field said the gallery has moved two of its exhibitions online so people can access them from the safety of their home.

One of the exhibitions called After Eden, which is a joint collaboration between artists Stephanie Kellett and Robert Livingood, explores the eerie wilderness settings of northern Canada.

“The exhibition is a reaction to their recent visit to the Yukon and how they were impacted around how few animals they saw. A video in the exhibition portrays that, ” said Field.

“The exhibition also showcases paintings of some of the Yukon animals, which are quite ghostly.”

The second exhibition called Anima was created by Kootenay artist Lydia Miller. It showcases artwork that she has created while living in Victoria, B.C..

“This is a 3D exhibition that showcases sculptures she’s made completely out of organic material,” said Field.

“Some material she’s used includes sea wood and branches. Her artwork is quite lovely.”

The gallery is also in the process of creating an online gift store to boost its revenue streams.

“We’re putting around 25 to 30 artists and their artwork online. That includes things like pottery, jewellery and woodwork pieces,” said Field.

The process has been time consuming, particularly since each item has to be weighed, measured and photographed before it can be put online.

The gallery will be promoting the online store on Facebook, Instagram and its website once it launches in the next couple of weeks.

The gallery’s physical store has also remained partially open for pick-up orders for its members.

Field said she and her other staff member have also adjusted their operations during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Up until this point, we’ve been working alternate days in order to avoid each other and keep each other safe,” said Field.

“A work-share program that we are on has also cut our own hours by half.”

Despite the hardships, Field said the community has been rallying behind the gallery to help it get through this difficult time.

“We’ve found that our funders have been stepping up. A provincial organization called the B.C. Arts Council have given us a one time payment and a cash advance on the annual amount that we get from them,” said Field.

“We are also anticipating more federal funding as well.”

You can learn more about the art gallery’s exhibitions by visiting its website.

The West Kootenay SPCA branch and the Castlegar Library are other local organizations that have had to drastically change their service models during the crisis.

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Ottawa business faces backlash after posts on Blackout Tuesday – CTV News Ottawa



Expressing outrage over racism can be a complicated and sometimes divisive action. One Ottawa business that tried to share its opinion on social media this week found out exactly how hard that can be.

Blackout Tuesday is a collective action to protest racism and police brutality. The action, originally organized within the music industry in response to the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Earlier this week, Art-Is-In Bakery, a popular eatery in Ottawa, posted a ‘black-tile’ for #BlackoutTuesday on its Instagram page. Stephanie Mathieson owns the business, along with her husband,

“We’re a family run business, and IG is run by a few members of this family, I posted the black square.”

Then, according to Mathieson, another family member created a promotional post – celebrating the stores re-opening; something that you are not supposed to do once you post a “black-tile” on social media; creating a backlash.

“Unfortunate that we hurt people along the way, and we are terribly, very sorry about this… We made a mistake, but our heart was at the right place; we deeply care what happened, that’s why we posted the black square in the first place.”

Comments then flooded the Art-Is-In Bakery Instagram account. Makda Kidane used to shop at Art-Is-In and she left comments, which were deleted. According to her, she was then blocked by Art-Is-In.

“We put money in your pocket, we support your business; we share this business with other people when I have my friends coming in from out of town, it’s an establishment that I frequent with them, and it was disappointing that they don’t see the value in our dollar or our voice.”

Kidane does not think the use of the “black-tile” is appropriate, if used along side a marketing campaign,

“The plight of black people is not a trend; it is our life, it is our reality; and, we need allies and we don’t need people to just follow a trend.”

Yodit Haile also saw the post, comments, and then the deletion.

“What they did was wrong; it’s clear that they used the Black Lives Matter movement for their own benefit, for their own advertising, and that’s not what this movement is about.”

Art-Is-In deleted the post, now making their Instagram page private.


“There’s no appropriate way to use that,” says Boulou Ebanda de B’béri, Professor of Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies at the University of Ottawa’s Department of Communication, whose areas of expertise include history, culture, and racism in Canada.

“When some businesses, particularly white businesses – white owned businesses are trying to all of a sudden become black, that is problematic; there is not an appropriate way to recycle pain.”

He says that businesses should participate more with their actions – who they hire, and who they employ in management positions.

As for Art-Is-In?

Mathieson says, “All our intention by posting this black square were good; it came from a concerned and caring place.”

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New works selected for Yukon Permanent Art Collection – Whitehorse Star



Eleven new artworks have been selected for the Yukon Permanent Art Collection, the territorial government said Thursday.

By Whitehorse Star on June 4, 2020

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Art and Entertainment should not have the Limitation of the Boundary – Net Newsledger



Today, when the entire world is running after a mundane lifestyle, the artists are the only souls who fill up their life. They project complex notions and performances as they breathe life into the world.

Bahadır Ünlü is a Turkish actor who plays a crucial role in spreading positivity and entertaining millions with his witty thoughts and stellar performances. He firmly believes that entertainment and Art should not have any boundaries, both metaphorically and physically. He explained, “Art and entertainment are kindred spirits. People should be able to experience them without any restrictions or inhibitions. Boundaries should be blurred, and people should come together.” Bahadir is a leading actor in Turkey, and he is keen to explore international projects and reach a broader audience.

Now his ambition is to reach out to the global audience so that he can connect with them through his Art as an actor. He is also a social influencer and enjoys interacting with his audience, fans, and followers. He enjoys social media as it is a medium that also transcends boundaries.

The actor, director life, was not a bed of roses. Bahadir has also gone through some challenging times, but experience taught him the critical aspects of life, and he knows how to connect the dots to achieve new heights. He believes that the best way to approach life is by being optimistic in the face of adversity. According to Bahadir, artists and entertainers are not bound by borders, and it is entirely correct. Bahadir believes that art and entertainment as mediums have the power to reach millions of people, surpassing boundaries like language, distance, and culture.

Bahadir has more than 600 thousand followers who regularly follow him on Instagram. Bahadır Ünlü has been very active recently on his social media. Bahadir has numerous upcoming international projects and is excited to reach out to a brand new audience, with whom he can connect and interact. Bahadir’s devotion to his Art is commendable as he continues to grow and evolve as an actor and director.

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