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Make It Last: 15 Tips For Building Stable Social Media Connections – Forbes



Whether you’re looking to hire, gain new clients or just meet like-minded business leaders, social media is a highly effective way to find new connections. While it can seem intimidating or impersonal to reach out online, social media often gives you access to rich, relevant information about a person’s professional background that can help you forge a strong relationship. 

Many members of Forbes Business Council understand the art of making business connections through social media. We asked 15 of them to share the most important thing small business leaders should remember when seeking to make connections via social media. Their responses are below. 

Photos courtesy of the individual members.

1. Aim To Start A Conversation 

A rule of thumb to remember when making any internet connection is that people are generally jaded from making multitudes of introductions with strangers that never amount to anything. Go beyond the copy/paste message or click of the accept button. Make an effort to start a conversation or begin a target-specific interaction with a party you are truly interested in doing business with. – Adelheid Waumboldt, ISET Agency 

2. Demonstrate Value Upfront 

Build relationships and demonstrate value for your social media connections without demanding something in return or being solicitous. Demonstrate your thought leadership, knowledge and credibility first and foremost. People will feel compelled to share your content and be more likely to see you as a key resource for meeting their needs and building a strong community of trust. – David Crean, Objective Capital Partners, LLC 

3. Practice Empathy 

Be forgiving. People will often portray themselves differently through social media and other forms of digital communication. If you get a response that sounds off-putting, take a moment before you respond. Try to have a bit of empathy to understand where they’re coming from. You’ll make more friends than enemies, and you’ll close more deals in the long run. – Corey Lewis, 1AND1 Life 

4. Be Your Authentic Self 

As a small business leader, you represent both your personal brand and your company’s brand. Be as authentic as possible is key. A year ago, we were certified by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) as a diversity-owned business. While it doesn’t define who we are and what we offer clients, it does define our relationships with clients as open and authentic. – Andy Seibert, Imprint 

5. Make It Heartfelt 

People have a greater propensity for connecting when it has to do with vulnerability rather than a transaction. Heartfelt messages tend to invite a real, impactful response, whereas a comment that portrays assertiveness and aggression can be off-putting. As small business leaders, we have the opportunity to state a case with optimism, realism and passion while offering a connection to collaborate. – Shamini Dhana, Dhana Inc. 

6. Do Your Research First 

When you change your title to CEO, you immediately get bombarded with spam and people asking for something without providing you with anything. We only engage people on social media that we’ve researched beforehand so that we can really engage them in a meaningful way that provides them with value. It’s extra work, but that extra work makes you stand out. – Maurice Harary, The Bid Lab 

7. Explore Audience Behavior 

Understanding your audience’s behavior is key to driving your business’ growth using social networks. In other words, increase the usage of social media as a tool for engagement and communication rather than merely as an active promotional platform. Observe how your audience interacts with you and what their interests are. – Beth Worthy, GMR Transcription Services, Inc 

8. Seek Common Goals Or Interests 

When reaching out on social media, do your research to find a commonality and similar goals before giving your elevator pitch. When you do engage, be real and connect genuinely. – Emily Erkel, LePrix 

9. Keep Up Your Own Social Presence

Make sure your social media presence is up-to-date. This includes having recent posts, a decent number of followers and a bio and banner that clearly speak about what services/products you provide. If someone reaches out to me via Facebook and their company page is outdated or with low activity, my first thought is that they are not serious about their company. – Meghan Gardner, Guard Up, Inc. 

10. Get To Know Them 

It is very important to understand that everyone doing business with you is a person with a story. Get to know them personally and try to establish a respectful, meaningful relationship with them. Business should always come naturally. If they can relate with you better as a person, you have more chances to have a lasting business relationship with them. – Syed Gilani, Safr Technologies Inc 

11. Stay True To Your Business Culture 

Authenticity is felt, even through your social media. You want to stay on brand and true to your business culture and vibe. It’s important to not flip-flop your stance for anything just to appeal to the masses. When you’re authentic, you appeal to your true demographic and those customers and clients will advocate for you. Just do you, be unapologetic about it and proud! – Hoda Mahmoodzadegan, BAḴT Global 

12. Approach It Based On Their Values 

Remember, they don’t care about what you offer or how well you offer it. They care about their problems, profit, comfort, company, family and what they get. Remember to focus on the value they get and not on the super-duper functionality/capabilities you, your product and your organization provide. – Sid Mohasseb, Anabasis, Inc / Venture Farm 

13. Be Multidimensional And Real 

Although we are experts within discrete industry sectors, we also have a more diverse and broad-based knowledge beyond one single area of concentration. Being able to discuss and share information on a variety of topics allows our existing followers and potential new online friends to get a sense of our personalities, interests and values. This is a more natural approach to building connections. – Denise Caron-Quinn, In Order to Succeed® 

14. Listen To Their Needs 

As small business owners, we are many times so concerned with getting our message out or selling our business to others that we fail to take the time to listen to our potential clients and colleagues. We have to remember that when we have a service or product to provide, it’s all about how we can do something for someone else. If we listen to their needs and wants, we will be more successful. – Edward Alvarez, Edward A Alvarez, DDS, PC/NYCLaserDentist 

15. Send A Personalized Message

First of all, make sure your message is in their interest–not yours. To this end, you should do your research and know the basics about the people you are reaching out to. Communicate the value of being connected. Show them what’s in it for them and personalize your message. – Jason Richmond, Ideal Outcomes, Inc.

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China accuses Canada of condoning media criticism of Hong Kong comments – Global News



China said Monday that it has complained to Canada for allegedly condoning anti-China comments that appeared in Canadian media following controversial remarks made by the Chinese ambassador.

Ties between the countries are at their lowest point in years amid China’s outrage over Canada’s detention of a top executive of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. Last week, China’s ambassador to Canada, Cong Peiwu, branded pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong as violent criminals and said if Canada grants them asylum it would amount to interference in China’s internal affairs.

“If the Canadian side really cares about the stability and the prosperity in Hong Kong, and really cares about the good health and safety of those 300,000 Canadian passport-holders in Hong Kong, and the large number of Canadian companies operating in Hong Kong SAR, you should support those efforts to fight violent crimes,” Cong said in a video news conference from the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa.

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Read more:
China denies Canadians ‘arbitrarily’ detained in response to Meng Wanzhou arrest

Cong was asked whether his remarks amounted to a threat, to which he replied, “That is your interpretation.”

On Saturday, the Toronto Sun published an editorial calling on Cong to either apologize or leave Canada. “It’s not enough for the Trudeau government to publicly scold Cong,” the paper said. “If he won’t apologize and retract his threats, boot him back to Beijing.”

Cherie Wong, the executive director of Alliance Canada Hong Kong, a group that advocates for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, called Cong’s comment a “direct threat” to all Canadians.

“It should not be lost on Canadians living in Hong Kong or China, they could be next. Ambassador Cong suggested so himself,” Wong said.

Click to play video 'China lodges complaint with Canada over Trudeau’s remarks on Hong Kong, Xinjiang'

China lodges complaint with Canada over Trudeau’s remarks on Hong Kong, Xinjiang

China lodges complaint with Canada over Trudeau’s remarks on Hong Kong, Xinjiang

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian did not identify specific comments that he said resulted from a deliberate misinterpretation of Cong’s remarks, but said Canadian leaders “did not verify, but also condoned the anti-China comments spreading across the nation and made groundless accusations against China.”

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“We express strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to it and have lodged solemn complaints with the Canadian side,” Zhao told reporters Monday at a daily briefing.

Protests against the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese governments swelled last year, and Beijing clamped down on expressions of anti-government sentiment in the city with a new national security law that took effect June 30.

Click to play video 'Trudeau condemns China’s diplomatic approach, says it shouldn’t be viewed as a ‘successful tactic’'

Trudeau condemns China’s diplomatic approach, says it shouldn’t be viewed as a ‘successful tactic’

Trudeau condemns China’s diplomatic approach, says it shouldn’t be viewed as a ‘successful tactic’

The law outlaws subversive, secessionist and terrorist activity, as well as collusion with foreign powers to interfere in the city’s internal affairs. The U.S., Britain and Canada accuse China of infringing on the city’s freedoms.

Cong also flatly rejected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s assertion that China is engaging in coercive diplomacy by imprisoning two Canadian men in retaliation for the arrest of a Chinese Huawei executive on an American extradition warrant. The executive, Meng Wanzhou, is living under house arrest in Vancouver while her case wends through a British Columbia court.

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In December 2018, China imprisoned two Canadian men, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, and charged them with undermining China’s national security. Convicted Canadian drug smuggler Robert Schellenberg was also sentenced to death in a sudden retrial shortly after Meng’s arrest.

© 2020 The Canadian Press

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Media Beat: October 19, 2020 | FYIMusicNews – FYI Music News



From Ad Contrarian Bob Hoffman’s latest newsletter

We haven’t heard much from the “TV Is Dead” imbeciles recently, so I thought a little update would be appropriate. First some background.

The concept that the TV-Is-Deadheads never quite seemed to understand is that there’s a difference between consumer behaviour and industry shit fights. The fact that broadcast tv and cable tv and satellite tv and internet-delivered tv were fighting over share meant less than nothing to consumers. Consumers like to sit on their asses and watch television. That’s all there is to know about the subject.

But the Deadheads saw the eroding share of broadcast tv and knee-jerked that into “TV Is Dying.” Whether the signal gets to peoples’ tv sets by electromagnetic waves, underground wires, satellite pulses, web streaming, carrier pigeons or rowboats is of no interest to them. As long as it’s simple to use, entertaining, and cheap, they’ll watch (Although advertising has become so horrible lately people are willing to pay way more than imagined to avoid it).

Even in an environment in which streaming is gobbling up share, over the air broadcast is still dominating. According to Nielsen…

   – The average adult spent 4 hours and 30 minutes a day watching traditional tv in Q2 2020.
   – The average adult spent 1 hour and 6 minutes on streaming. The growth of streaming has been quite substantial and impressive, but it still constitutes only 25% of video viewing.
   – Remarkably, streaming services (Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, and Sling) bought over a quarter billion dollars of ad time on traditional tv in the past 12 months to promote their products. That’s gotta tell you something.

Regardless of who wins the internecine battle of delivery systems, one thing is clear. People love tv and reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated.  h/t Lara Bracken

Doug Ford gives thumbs up to media in a question about covid being a hoax

[embedded content]

And now, Jonathan Pie tells it like it is from the UK

[embedded content]

Postmedia financials look bleak

A $21M federal wage subsidy program helped pump Postmedia’s balance sheet to a $13.5M profit in Q4, but its annual report saw its deficit increase to $16.2M as of Aug. 31, compared with $6.3M in fiscal 2019. Revenue, mostly from advertising, print circulation and digital services, dropped nearly 18 percent for the full year to $508.4M. – The Canadian Press

Former prostitute and Edmonton radio host makes film festival debut

Illusion: The Fear is the story of Valécia Pepin’s harrowing struggle to free herself from the grip of her pimp, who attempts to reassert control. It had its debut at the Edmonton Short Film Festival on the weekend. – Andrea Huncar, CBC Edmonton

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Thai police order media probes over protest coverage – Reuters Canada



BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai police said on Monday they had ordered an investigation of four news outlets under emergency measures imposed last week to try to stop three months of protests against the government and monarchy.

FILE PHOTO: Pro-democracy protesters shine their mobile phone lights during an anti-government protest, in Bangkok, Thailand October 18, 2020. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha

The announcement prompted anger from media groups and accusations of an attack on press freedom by the government of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, the former junta leader the protesters are seeking to drive from office.

According to a police document dated Oct. 16, investigations have been ordered into content from four media outlets as well as the Facebook page of a protest group.

“We received information from intelligence units concerned that parts of the content and distorted information have been used and disseminated to cause confusion and instigate causing unrest to society,” police spokesman Kissana Phathanacharoen told a news conference.

He said it was for Thailand’s broadcast regulator and digital ministry to investigate and take appropriate action, adding that there was no plan to curb press freedom.

Putchapong Nodthaisong, a spokesman for the digital ministry, said it had requested court orders to take down content by the four media outlets and a protest page, among more than 300,000 pieces of content it said violated Thai laws.

Prachatai, an independent outlet among those being investigated, described it as a censorship order.

“Honored to report accurate info about human rights and political development in Thailand, we’ll try our best in continuing to do so,” Prachathai English said on Twitter.

The Manushya Foundation, an independent group which campaigns for online freedom, called the measures an attempt to silence free media.

“Since the ban on protests did not work, the military-backed government hopes to create fear of telling the truth,” its director Emilie Palamy Pradichit said.

“We urge free media to resist.”

The government ordered a ban on news and online information that could affect national security last Thursday as it also banned political gatherings of more than five people in the face of the growing challenge.

Protests have taken place every day since then, the latest drawing tens of thousands of people in Bangkok and across the country. Police gave a figure of 20,000 protesters in the capital.

“We will prosecute everyone,” deputy Bangkok police chief Piya Tawichai said, adding that 74 protesters had been arrested since Oct. 13.

Protesters seek the removal of Prime Minister Prayuth, accusing him of engineering last year’s election to keep hold of power he first seized in a 2014 coup. He says the election was fair.

The protesters have also grown more vocal in demanding reforms to the monarchy to reduce the powers of King Maha Vajiralongkorn. The Royal Palace has made no comment on the protests or protesters’ demands.

Protesters have said they will demonstrate every day, but had yet to set out a plan for protests on Monday.

Prayuth has said he will not quit. Speaking at Government House on Monday, Prayuth said he supported a proposal for a special parliament session to discuss the situation. His supporters have a majority in parliament.

“We are just asking people not to do wrong and destroy the government and people’s property,” he said. “What the government needs to do is to protect the monarchy.”

Writing by Matthew Tostevin; Editing by Michael Perry

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