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N.B. reports zero new COVID-19 cases; four cases removed from confirmed case total – CTV News Atlantic



New Brunswick is reporting no new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, with the province’s total of active cases dropping to 45.

On Sunday, the province revealed two previously reported cases in Zone 2 (Saint John region) had been accounted for in another province. Due to confidentiality, the province where the cases were previously recorded cannot be identified.

Additionally, two individuals previously identified as cases, one in Zone 1 (Moncton region) and one in Zone 6 (Bathurst region), were removed from the confirmed cases of COVID-19 due to the identification of false-positive results. The COVID-19 testing lab is currently working to determine the cause of these false positives.

When Public Health evaluates the results of its tests, they consider the epidemiological links and case information to determine the likelihood for these to be positive. The province says in certain rare situations, such as this one, the results were not in keeping with the patient information or the COVID-19 activity in the area, so the samples were retested. The people involved are being informed of their negative results.

The updated number of cases will be reflected in New Brunswick’s COVID-19 dashboard, an online tool that allows New Brunswickers to see data related to the pandemic, such as the number of coronavirus tests performed, the number of active cases and the number of hospitalizations


New Brunswick has had 574 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Of those, 520 have recovered. There have been eight deaths, leaving 45 active cases in the province.

Currently, there are three people in hospital as a result of COVID-19, with one in intensive care.

To date, 145,988 COVID-19 tests have been conducted in New Brunswick.


The number of cases are broken down by New Brunswick’s seven health zones:

  • Zone 1 – Moncton region: 149 confirmed cases (5 active cases)
  • Zone 2 – Saint John region: 128 confirmed cases (9 active cases)
  • Zone 3 – Fredericton region: 113 confirmed cases (11 active cases)
  • Zone 4 – Edmundston region: 32 confirmed cases (18 active cases)
  • Zone 5 – Campbellton region: 137 confirmed cases (no active cases)
  • Zone 6 – Bathurst region: 11 confirmed cases (2 active cases)
  • Zone 7 – Miramichi region: 4 confirmed cases (no active cases)


New Brunswick’s online dashboard includes information about vehicle traffic attempting to enter the province.

On Saturday, 1,335 personal and 791 commercial vehicles attempted to cross the border into the province.

Of the vehicles attempting to cross the border, 20 were refused entry, for a refusal rate of 0.9 per cent.

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PM warns Canada could impose new COVID-19 travel restrictions without notice – CTV News



Citing the evolving situation with the identified COVID-19 variants from other countries, the prime minister is strongly urging Canadians not to travel because federal travel rules could change very quickly.

In French, the prime minister implored anyone who has booked trips to cancel them, saying a vacation is not worth it given the uncertainty and chance of either contracting the virus or ending up stranded abroad.

He said the federal government is closely following the latest science on more transmissible strains, such as those from the U.K. and Brazil, and officials could impose new restrictions without advance notice at any time.

The government continues to advise against any non-essential travel, though that decision is left up to Canadians and no outright ban is in place. 

Canadian airlines and travel companies continue to offer vacation packages and flight deals to warmer destinations, with flights departing from Canada daily. 

Acknowledging that people have the right to travel, Trudeau said the government also has the ability to impose penalties for those endangering others’ health. 

Canada has had restrictions on international travellers entering the country since mid-March 2020, as well as a mandatory 14-day quarantine period for anyone who returns from an international location. 

In December, while some Canadians opted to vacation abroad, the federal government imposed new travel rules, including the requirement to show a negative COVID-19 test result before boarding a flight coming back into this country. As well, for a short period of time flights from the U.K. were banned with little notice, but have since resumed. 

Violating any of Canada’s international travel screening and self-isolation requirements can result in charges under the Quarantine Act, with maximum penalties of up to six months in jail or a fine of up to $75,000.

According to Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam, in Canada there have been 23 confirmed cases of the variant first reported in the U.K., and two cases of the South African strain. Further, the Public Health Agency of Canada is reporting nearly 200 recent international flights that have landed in Canada with at least one COVID-19 positive passenger aboard. 

“Every vacation travel we postpone for a better time in the future, every outing or activity we avoid, shorten, or limit to essentials… helps to reduce spread of the virus,” Tam said Tuesday.  

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3 Qualities to Look for When Hiring New Employees



Hiring New Employees

You’re hiring a new executive position at your firm. There’s a shortlist of five stellar candidates — compact with impressive experience, education, and references — that are about to engage in separate secondary interviews within the coming days. How do you make the right decision? They all made it to the second round of interviews due to their high qualifications and excellent interview skills, so how can you possibly choose just one individual?

There’s no denying that making the final hiring decision can be a challenge. However, if you can find the following three qualities in a candidate, in addition to relevant experience and skillset, you’ve got yourself the right person for the job.

1. Emotional Intelligence

You’re looking for someone who can think quickly on their feet, is a problem-solver, and can effectively communicate with peers. What some hiring committees forget to consider is whether or not a candidate conveys emotional intelligence. Would this person show empathy to colleagues? How would they react to a stressful situation? You want someone who’s not only devoted to producing excellent work but also someone level-headed with interpersonal skills. Ask candidates why they believe they’ve been successful in their careers thus far. The people who thank a mentor or previous manager are the ones you’ll want to get to know because their answer shows they see outside of their egos.

2. Confidence

To identify top talent in your candidate pool, you must look for individuals with high self-esteem and confidence. Confidence shows that they’re happy with themselves and could handle learning a brand new position without experiencing self-doubt. It also shows that they could positively carry themselves in an office full of new faces. You’ll want to stay away from those who appear insecure because such individuals are generally more hesitant at work. If someone is very nervous during the interview, let them know that they’re in a safe space and try to calm them down by saying that you understand and have been in their shoes. If they continue to exhibit signs of insecurity, you might want to move on to the next candidate.

3. Knowledge of the Company

If a person has made it to the second round of interviews, then they must have made it clear that they’ve researched the company on some level. But how much do they actually know? Of course, you don’t expect anyone to know precise figures from your last annual report (although it wouldn’t help if the position is in finance), but they should have a solid understanding of your mandate and trajectory. As you listen to answers, pay attention and see if they align with the company’s values and mission.

Seek Extra Help from a Recruitment Agency

Many organizations work with professional recruiters to help them find the best employees. When you work with a recruitment agency, you don’t have to spend days sifting through resumes and interviewing. A recruiter will handle the entire hiring process for you. There’s also less risk of hiring the wrong person because an agency has the hiring experience and access to exclusive talent.

Hiring is never easy, but by working with an agency and focusing on the right qualities, you’ll find the best candidate in no time.

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Gold price maintains daily gains as Yellen says 'U.S. does not seek weaker dollar' – Kitco NEWS



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(Kitco News) Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen confirmed U.S. commitment to market-set currency rate during her testimony in front of the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday.

When asked about the U.S. dollar and market-determined exchange rate if confirmed by the Senate, Yellen said that the “U.S. does not seek a weaker currency to gain competitive advantage, and we should oppose attempts by other countries to do so.”

These comments do not come as a surprise as markets were widely expecting Yellen to highlight this topic during her testimony.

“I believe in the market-determined exchange rates. The value of currencies should be determined by markets,” Yellen clarified.

The Treasury Secretary nominee also noted that she would work with President-elect Joe Biden will oppose other countries who try to gain an advantage in trade by using currency manipulation.

She added that targeting exchange rates for commercial advantage is unacceptable.

“I believe in a strong U.S. economy that delivers goods jobs for Americans. Stability in U.S. financial system is good for America,” Yellen said.

If confirmed, Yellen will replace Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and will be the first female treasury secretary in U.S. history.

Gold maintained its daily gains following the comments, with most of the statements already priced in. The February Comex gold futures were last trading near daily highs at $1,841.30, up 0.62% on the day.

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

Yellen also warned that there is a risk to the economy if the government does nothing, noting that it is better to “act big” now.

“Without further action, we risk a longer, more painful recession now — and long-term scarring of the economy later,” she said. “Neither the president-elect, nor I, propose this relief package without an appreciation for the country’s debt burden. But right now, with interest rates at historic lows, the smartest thing we can do is act big.”

Getting people back to work is our first task, Yellen said. The second task is rebuilding the economy to create more prosperity.

The pandemic caused widespread devastation, she added. “Eighteen million unemployment insurance claims are being paid every week. Food bank shelves are going empty. The damage has been sweeping, and as the president-elect said last Thursday, our response must be too,” she said.

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