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Present Day Realities. Not Acceptable



I’m Not too Crazy about Reality, But it is still the only place to get a Good meal(G. Marx)

Just got back from dropping my son off at the mall. He works there 1 hour short of a full-time position. Stopped off at the grocery store. The price for a bag of milk has gone up a lot. Items that cost $1.99 a little over two years ago have price increases of 2-3$. What gives here. Sure we are experiencing all sorts of problems affecting our economy, like supply shortages, and staffing issues but according to our elected officials we are economically back, stay safe, but yeah, we are back. So why are these prices escalating every damn day? I live in a nation that can produce energy resources like no other, gas, oil, and natural gas too. Why are we buying our energy from dictatorships and antiquated Kingdoms?

My fellow employees cannot afford to drive to work, and there are no reliable alternatives offered to them. No railway, subway, or bus system is extensive enough. Why? Because our unimaginative, cheap-ass politicians did not initiate or approve of these effective methods of transport. Canada was united historically by the vast railway systems of the past. Now you cannot take the train very far to Northern Ontario, or any other area’s in Canada. WE HAVE TO DRIVE! We need gas to do so.

When our fuel, food, services and other necessities become unbearably costly, what do Canadians do?
Well, they complain about it. Just that. Americans would freak out as their gas prices escalate much like their New York Stock Exchange. If our taskmasters, who formulate and manipulate our economy do not do something soon, we can assuredly believe “that bad things are coming our way”.

True Story: I knew a Franciscan Priest, a Father Anthony, born in Italy long ago. As a young priest (in Pre-WW2 Italy)Fr. Anthony was put in charge of the most progressively active Dioceses in Italy, just outside of Rome. At the time, Communist and Anarchist Forces openly agitated for strikes, protests and hopefully “revolution”. Mussolini’s Government needed cash(like our present-day governments), so they increased all sorts of taxes and prices of items they managed. The price of milk, eggs and bread increased drastically, and this enraged this concerned priest to a point where Fr. Anthony had to respond, and so he did. This Friar stormed into The Dictator Mussolini’s Office, whereupon this priest verbally challenged the leader of Italy to a fist fight. Two hours later, this priest returned to his church, certainly waiting for the police to arrest him. Instead, the price for milk, eggs and bread not only returned to their previous prices, but a further 10% was taken away.

The theme of Story: Complaining will get you NOWHERE. Become an active citizen, and protest the prices our Grocers, Gas companies, and Governments have unleashed upon us. We are talking about STRIKES, or perhaps we can stop going to those stores that seem most dishonest, profiteering upon our backs. How about the People Sanctioning the Profiteers and our Governments who seem unwilling to do anything about it.

If you do nothing, nothing will change. Be the solution Folks. Our leaders are leading us down the pathway to recession, depression and mass mental illness. Much of what happened before the Great Depression is happening now. Surely this shows us our elected leaders know nothing of history. After the Great War, many people became well off(the roaring ’20s), and there was a great deal of money flowing into the economy. Rich folks were making massive profits, so the average Joe also wanted in, but he had little money. Off to the bank, he went borrowing funds that were then used to buy stocks. Many of the stocks at that time were issued by firms with no real worth. Joe needed more money, so he borrowed more funds using his stocks as collateral. Then the Stock Market levels dropped. The Banks called in many loans. Joe lost everything. Apply this to what’s happening within our economy. People are severely indebted, over extended. They own homes, cars and things purchased using credit.

We have fallen into a vicious financial cycle that many of us will not be able to escape, much like Joe in the 1930s. We need to drive prices down. Only through the application of citizens’ efforts can this be done. Protest, March, Deny the profiteers your cash. Manage your debt responsibly, but most of all STOP being the Willing Victim. Pressure Governments to Act in your interest, not the present-day Profiteers.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario


Celebrations and protests planned for first in-person Canada Day in Ottawa in years



OTTAWA — Both celebrations and protests are set to take place throughout downtown Ottawa for Canada Day.

Heritage Canada says for the first time in 50 years, Ottawa’s main celebrations are being moved off Parliament Hill, where Centre Block is under construction.

The main events in LeBreton Flats Park and at Place des Festivals Zibi in Gatineau include a daytime ceremony and evening performances, acrobatic shows and activities for families.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds, however, will not fly over the capital as planned — a recent technical issue has been fixed but the team needs time for practice flights and maintenance before returning to the air next weekend.

Meanwhile, a new round of protests against COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are scheduled throughout Ottawa’s downtown core.

Organizers say they plan to march from the Supreme Court of Canada to city hall in the afternoon, and hold a dance party on Parliament Hill in the evening.

There have been several large demonstrations since supporters of the “Freedom Convoy” occupied the downtown core for three weeks in January and February.

While police have plans in place, preventing demonstrations from getting out of hand during Canada Day is likely to be complicated by the presence of thousands of people celebrating the national holiday.

Mayor Jim Watson said Monday that people should feel comfortable heading to the Canada Day celebrations, but to be prepared for delays, street closures and other travel disruptions.

The city has put in place a vehicle control zone around Parliament Hill, from 8 a.m. Wednesday to 6 a.m. Monday, to prevent vehicle-based protests.

The bylaw department has increased fines for unusual noise, shouting, urination or defecation on roads and sidewalks, blocking a highway and idling. Fines are now $1,000 for all five offences, and the city says its zero-tolerance approach will also apply to fires, fireworks and littering.

Ottawa police said there will be significant road closures along with a major increased police presence, including support from Ontario Provincial Police and RCMP.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 1, 2022.

This story was produced with the financial assistance of the Meta and Canadian Press News Fellowship.


The Canadian Press

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Putin maintains he’s not relenting on the war with Ukraine



Ashgabat, Turkmenistan- Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has maintained that he will continue with his military operations in Ukraine until the Donbas region is liberated.

Putin said while the goals stay the same, the tactics used to achieve them may change according to what the military considers appropriate.

“Everything is going according to plan nothing changed, (as the goal is to) liberate Donbas, to protect these people and to create conditions that would guarantee the safety of Russia itself. That’s it!

I am not talking about deadlines, I never do, because that’s life, this is reality. Imposing deadlines is wrong, because it is related to the intensity of the fighting, and the intensity is directly linked to the possible casualties, and we have to first and foremost think about preserving the lives of our guys,” said Putin.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, citing Kyiv’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian State. The Minsk protocols were first brokered by Germany and France and were signed in 2014.

As a result, Russia recognized the Donbas Republics as independent States and demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join any Western military bloc.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom (UK) has pledged to provide Ukraine with artillery worth US$1.2 billion.

“UK weapons, equipment and training are transforming Ukraine’s defences against this onslaught, and we will continue to stand squarely behind the Ukrainian people to ensure Putin fails in Ukraine,” said UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

However, Russia has repeatedly warned against the supplies of weapons to Ukraine by the United States, the UK and other allied nations, saying it will only prolong the fighting while increasing the risk of a direct military confrontation between Russia and the West.

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R. Kelly to appeal 30-year-sentencing



New York, United States of America (USA)- Jennifer Bonjean, R. Kelly’s attorney has said that the R&B artist will be appealing the 30-year-sentencing handed down by US District Judge Ann Donnelly yesterday afternoon.

Prior to yesterday’s sentencing, Kelly was found guilty of racketeering and sex crimes including kidnapping, sexual misconduct, bribery, and sexual exploitation of a child.

“We were prepared for it. We are now prepared to fight this appeal. Kelly is fine. We are excited about this appeal that we are bringing, obviously, it was a hard day he’s been sentenced to a serious sentence but we are confident in the arguments that we raised.

30 years in prison is like a life sentence for him but at the same time, we knew the government was asking for 25 years, and we were prepared for what the judge might impose. He has regrets and is sad. He disagrees with the characterizations that have been made about him, he is not a predator,” said Bonjean.

In addition, Bonjean said Kelly did not breach the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, which provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

“Our position is this was not a RICO or racketeering act violation. These were isolated events that happened many years ago and the government simply tried to plead around the statute of limitations to bring it in a RICO charge, which was inappropriate. All I can tell you is there was no enterprise. It was one man with allegations by a number of women, which doesn’t make it an enterprise and that is why he is not guilty of racketeering,” said Bonjean.

Kelly’s sentencing comes years after sexual misconduct allegations were first made. He was charged with 21 counts of making child sexual abuse videos involving various sexual acts in June 2002 but was acquitted on all counts following a trial in 2008.

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