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PS5 DualSense controller will support Android – Android Authority



playstation 5 dualsense ps5 controller officialplaystation 5 dualsense ps5 controller official

  • Initial reports on the PlayStation 5 appear to confirm that the DualSense controller supports Android.
  • This means you’ll be able to connect the controller to your phone via Bluetooth for gaming.
  • This lines up with earlier rumors that the DualSense is very similar to the DualShock 4.

Twitter was inundated today with reports from reviewers who received their PlayStation 5 review units. One of those reviewers, Austin Evans, posted a video on YouTube talking about what he’s allowed to talk about so far.

In an unboxing video for the DualSense controller that will come with PS5 consoles, Evans confirms something we suspected: the DualSense will support Android out of the box.

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In the video, Evans actually uses the controller to play a game through Microsoft’s xCloud service (oh, the irony). You can see the video mirrored below.

DualSense Android support is real!

[embedded content]

If all you’re interested in is the Android support, fast forward to 6:50.

Although this is exciting news for Android gamers, it isn’t totally unexpected. Not too long ago, we heard that the innards of the DualSense controller strongly align with those in the DualShock 4, the PlayStation 4’s controller. As such, it makes perfect sense that the DualSense would also support Android.

Still, it is exciting to know that your shiny new PlayStation 5 controller can double as a shiny new Android controller whenever you wish!

The Sony PlayStation 5 will hit store shelves on November 12. However, good luck getting one as pre-orders have been selling out in minutes. The DualSense controller, though, should be relatively easy to get.

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Tips on how to find the Playstation 5 and XBox Series X, the hottest items this Christmas – CTV News Ottawa



One of the hottest items on many Christmas wish lists this holiday season is the Playstation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X consoles.

With so many people at home looking for something to do during the COVID-19 pandemic, demand is high for the latest generation gaming consolesGetting your hands on one seems to be a game all on its own.

Salim Saikley is one of the lucky few able to purchase a new console this holiday season.

“It really feels like you’re part of an elite club,” said Saikley.

After weeks of trying to buy a Sony PS5 gaming console, he finally found one at an online store, “I was able to pick one up as of 6:30 a.m.” He ‘picked it’ online, and hopes to have it delivered next week.

The new PS5’s are reselling on sites like Kijiji for nearly double the retail price. Saikley does not think that is something he would have done.

“Really hard to justify a gaming console for over a thousand dollars,” said Saikley.

Even though he doesn’t consider himself a ‘gamer‘, he’s looking for something else to do at home during the pandemic.

“COVID for sure is a massive factor; another thing to do in the home besides projects and cooking, building projects – we’re a little tired of that,” said Saikley.

At retailers like The Source, which is owned by CTV News Ottawa’s parent company Bell, the pandemic is helping to drive sales.

Gaming gives us a really good opportunity to play interactively; to play with other families, and to make sure that we’re keeping that social connection alive,” says Andaleeb Dobson, vice-president of Merchandising and Supply Chain at The Source. Gaming is through the roof, it’s been seven years since we’ve had new XBox or Playstation consoles.”

The hottest game consoles have been on the market for about a monthDobson says launch day was very busy on their website, “We sold lots of consoles in less than half an hour.”

Best Buy Canada says pre-orders sold out quickly, and a company spokesperson told CTV News Ottawa, “We expect that demand to last well into the new year as inventory becomes available.”

Hamse Deira managed to buy three on pre-order months ago.

“Honestly, it’s amazing,” said Deira, who sold one and surprised his older brother with the other new console“He was still sleeping, so I put it on his on his bed, and I just tapped him and he woke up and was freaking out; he almost knocked it off the bed!”

How to get one now?

Ray runs the website and twitter feed

CTV News Ottawa asked Ray for tips to find the Playstation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X consoles this holiday season.

“Turning on notifications for Twitter helps get the latest alerts for surprise drops, but for scheduled ones like the ones Walmart and EB Games just did, it takes speed and a lot of luck,” said Ray in a Twitter message to CTV News Ottawa.

He says you’ll need that luck and suggests you follow all of the retailers’ social media accountsRetailers often post when they will be releasing more consoles.

He offers other tips on his website too, including creating an account at the online store ahead of time and making sure it works. Ensure your billing address and shipping address are correct, and add a valid credit card number ahead of time.

Ray also suggests trying stores’ online app; while many are trying to log onto the website, you may have luck with your phone.

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15th Give a Little Life Day raises over $590000 for new NICU – paNOW



(Victoria Hospital Foundation)

By Jeff D’Andrea

Generous Donations

Dec 4, 2020 6:37 PM

It had a different, virtual, and socially distanced feel to it, but the 15th Annual Give A Little Life Day Radiothon still raised one of its best totals ever.

A grand total of $592,563 was raised to furnish and equip the new neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for babies born early or are born with health problems.

“There’s no way we could do any of this without the support of our community, so thank you,” said Sherry Buckler, CEO of the Victoria Hospital Foundation (VHF).

All the donations will go directly to the new NICU, which provides much-needed upgrades with the biggest one being a lot more space.

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Outbreak declared at London shawarma restaurant –



Outbreak declared at London shawarma restaurant

Photo of the Middlesex-London Health Unit from

The local health unit has declared an outbreak at a London shawarma restaurant after six employees tested positive for COVID-19.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit announced on Friday that the outbreak had been declared at The Shish Shawarma & Grill restaurant located at 1401 Ernest Ave.

The first case was brought to the health unit’s attention on Tuesday, and the health unit made the decision to close the business after another two cases emerged on Wednesday. The next three cases were reported to the health unit on Thursday.

At this time, the health unit said there was a low-risk to customers who visited the restaurant, however, health officials are still investigating whether or not the staff members were infectious.

“Any interactions between restaurant employees and patrons would have been brief and staff who interacted with customers were wearing masks, which would have reduced the possibility for COVID-19 transmission,” said Dr. Alex Summers, the associate medical officer of health with the health unit, in a news release. “We will continue our investigation and work with these six people directly, determine who their close contacts are and provide the support they need to help navigate this situation.”

Anyone who attended the restaurant between November 22 to December 2 is asked to monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19.

The health unit reported 25 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday. Since the start of the pandemic, the region has recorded a total of 1,759 COVID-19 cases and 75 deaths.

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