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Roberta Place couple scored high on love, low on the golf course – BarrieToday



If any solace can be taken from the death of a married couple associated with Roberta Place, it could be they left this world within 24 hours of each other after a half-century of love and travel. 

The Barrie long-term care home on Essa Road has been in outbreak since Jan. 8 when it was declared by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. In total, 70 deaths have been attributed to the outbreak — 66 confirmed and three considered probable, all residents. One essential caregiver associated with the 137-bed facility also died after contracting the virus. 

Not much was known about the essential caregiver until Natasha Capling spoke to BarrieToday.

Beverley Moffatt, 83, was Capling’s step-grandmother who was living at Roberta Place. Moffatt died on Jan. 24 and her 86-year-old husband, Sonny Van Tassell, who was providing care, died the day before.

Married for almost 50 years, the couple was inseparable, even with Moffatt residing at the long-term care home in the city’s south end. 

“He was there like clockwork to take care of her,” Capling said. “He was there daily to help with bathing her and to do her hair.

“They were very sweet together.”

Van Tassell and Moffatt met on a golf course in New Brunswick decades earlier and it was no surprise to anyone that’s where the romance began.

“They were avid golfers. Like, always golfing,” Capling said. “Grandpa was from Digby, N.S., and they somehow met when he was in a men’s league and Bev was in a ladies’ league. They became partners and it took off from there.”

Van Tassell was in the Canadian Armed Forces and was eventually stationed at CFB Borden, west of Barrie. Moffatt began a job at the Angus branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia, where she remained for 30 years. 

“They lived in Angus for as long as I can remember, but again, with golfing, they did a lot of travelling,” Capling said. “We’d have them for Christmas and they were off to wherever the warmer weather would allow them to play. They played until they couldn’t physically play anymore.”

Capling says until he contracted COVID-19, Van Tassell’s health was OK.

“Two years ago, Grandpa golfed nine holes before coming to my wedding,” she said.

In 1996, Moffatt suffered a brain aneurysm that began to hinder her ability to walk. Van Tassell took care of his wife as long as he could from their home, but a fall one day changed that.

“Grandpa did his best, but Bev was getting worse with her mobility. One day she fell; he tried to catch her and they hit the table,” Capling said. “That was the signal that they both needed more help.”

Moffatt chose Roberta Place in 2017 as where she wanted to live. Van Tassell would take Moffatt out for a date day together from time to time, until COVID hit and she had to stay inside the facility.

“He was going in to help with her. Obviously, no one else was and it was supposed to be safe. But that virus really went fast,” said Capling. “Grandpa always spoke very highly of all the staff.”

It is believed they both contracted the virus around Jan. 14. Van Tassell was hospitalized on Jan. 18.

“At one point, the doctors told us he was making good progress and would likely be able to leave soon. Then they called us and said there was nothing they could do,” said Capling. “His condition changed so fast.”

Van Tassell died Jan. 23 around 6 p.m. Moffatt passed nearly 24 hours later.

“Everyone loved them, everyone. When they were in Angus, people loved them. Everyone knew them at Borden and they were a great couple at Roberta Place,” said Capling. 

There are currently no active cases among residents at the Roberta Place long-term care home and there haven’t been any new cases announced since Jan. 27. There have also been no new deaths reported since Feb. 2.

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‘Genshin Impact’ 1.4 Preview Gives Out New Primogem Gift Codes, Reveals New Banners – Forbes



Genshin Impact has just revealed some details about the coming Update 1.4 as 1.3 starts to wind down here after the release of Hu Tao. To start with, we have three new gift codes that you can redeem for 300 primogems total, plus 50,000 Mora and some Hero’s Wit XP and Mystic Ore.

Redeem the codes here after you log in with your account:


Past that, however, we learned more about the upcoming banners, and the game has taken the unusual step of new debuting any new 5 stars in 1.4. At least not with the two banners being shown.

The first banner will mark the return of Venti, which we already knew.

The second banner will mark the return of Childe (Tartaglia), and will also feature the new 4 star, Rosaria, the cryo polearm user from the Albedo questline.

Given that we have been getting three banners an update, there’s a chance that yes, we could see a new 5 star in the third banner, just like we saw Hu Tao with this one.

Genshin Impact also showed off some upcoming visual novel-type stories that will become a permanent part of the game, featuring older characters like Barbara, Noelle, Bennet and Chongyun, how exactly these will function and what the rewards will be for them are unclear, but it looks to be a departure in style from the character quests we’ve had so far. Perhaps less work to animate, if they’re in the style of visual novels.

A few other minor additions revealed in the 1.4 stream:

  • You can lower your world level once per day if you want.
  • You can toggle auto cook.
  • You can showcase your namecards, not just one.
  • There will be a new boss added.
  • There will be a new area added (not a huge one).
  • There will be a new event with three types of minigames, and you will get a new limited time bow, similar to the Dragonspine sword.

It’s a lot, and we still have more details all this still to come. Update 1.4 will be here in just under two weeks I believe, and there will be more previews for it ahead of that. Until then, start saving for the return of two of Genshin’s best heroes, I suppose.

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2021 Canadian Car of the Year finalists announced ahead of top pick reveal – Driving



The 2021 AJAC Canadian Car of the Year and Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year committee revealed its six finalists early March, ahead of the reveal of a single pick in each category later in the month.

Members of the Automotive Journalist Association of Canada tested and then voted on the selections from a pool of new 2021-model-year vehicles, and the individual results were tabulated by international accounting firm KPMG.

The three finalists for Canadian Car of the Year are the Genesis G80, Kia K5, and the Mazda3. The Mazda3 was the recipient of the 2020 award, and recently received the award for Best Mid-size Car in Canada for 2021. The Genesis G80 was declared the Best Mid-size Premium Car in Canada for 2021, while the Kia K5 earned similar honours as the Best Large Car in Canada for 2021.

The three finalists for Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year are the Genesis GV80, Kia Telluride, and Nissan Rogue. The GV80 has already gained acclaim as the Best Mid-size Premium Utility Vehicle in Canada for 2021, while the Kia Telluride similarly earned the Best Large Utility Vehicle in Canada for 2021 award. Finally, the Nissan Rogue took home Best Mid-size Utility Vehicle in Canada for 2021.

The awards are usually presented at a ceremony during the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) in Toronto, but due to the pandemic, that event was cancelled for 2021. Instead, the winners for the awards will be announced on The Morning Show on Global Television, on March 30, 2021.

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Tsartlip First Nation 'outraged' after Green MLA revealed COVID-19 outbreak – Victoria News – Victoria News



The Tsartlip First Nation expressed outrage this week after Green MLA Adam Olsen revealed that the community had been experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak – a fact that the First Nation chose not to make public after witnessing the racism faced by the Cowichan Tribes after an outbreak there.

On March 2, Olsen, the representative for Saanich North and the Islands, shared on social media that the Tsartlip had been under shelter-in-place orders for several weeks and that all adults would be receiving a vaccine dose shortly. He added that as a member and resident of the nation, he too would be vaccinated on March 3.

READ ALSO: ‘Vile; filled with racism’: Officials condemn reaction to Cowichan First Nations COVID outbreak

In a public statement on Thursday, Chief Don Tom called Olsen’s announcement “highly offensive” and said the MLA had overstepped his role. He said the Tsartlip First Nation experienced an outbreak at the end of January and members were ordered to shelter-in-place starting Feb. 8. He said the last positive test was on Feb. 6 and that the nation currently has no active cases of COVID-19.

“Tsartlip has a right to self-determination, we cannot have an MLA misrepresenting our First Nation, and taking liberties to make public statements without consulting Tsartlip,” Tom said, adding that Olsen owed the community a public apology.

READ ALSO: BCAFN condems racism against Cowichan Tribes after COVID-19 outbreak

The same day, Olsen called Tom to offer his “unreserved apology” and shared an open letter on social media acknowledging it is not his role as an MLA to speak on behalf of the nation.

“I know these past weeks have been an incredibly difficult time for our community and I’m devastated that my actions have increased anxiety,” he wrote. “You have my commitment that this situation will not be repeated, and I fully accept your frustration and anger with my actions.”

READ ALSO: Adam Olsen declared winner in Saanich North and the Islands

Tom emphasized that the Tsartlip First Nation had specifically chosen to keep the outbreak private after witnessing the “cruel racism” members of the Cowichan Tribes experienced after an outbreak was declared in January. The Cowichan Tribes issued a stay-at-home order until Jan. 22 after more than 70 COVID-19 cases were reported.

According to Derek Thompson, Cowichan Tribes general manager, racism towards members of the First Nation increased immediately after the outbreak was disclosed.

“We chose to not subject Tsartlip members to this and kept our outbreak status private,” Tom said, noting that after Olsen revealed the situation, the First Nation was forced to address the outbreak publicly and clarify the situation. “Our membership now feel angst and worry for their social well-being.”

-With files from the Canadian Press

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