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Samsung Galaxy S21 goes through the ultimate 12-day underwater test – comments –






  • Anonymous
  • j%t
  • 1 hour ago

S21 is laughing at the Mi 11 with no IP rating, only a small splash resistance.
Obviously the Mi 11 is not flagship quality.


At least this does show that Samsung’s IP68 rating is effective.


  • cyber
  • S2D
  • 3 hours ago

samsung water protection is superior as ever,phone x,xs,11 pros-cant make it even for an hour


  • LLL
  • Kxc
  • 4 hours ago

Did they try running some benchmark tests while it being submerged?
(Liquid cooling on steroids)


12-day underwater test is just extreme


  • Anonymous
  • 7Xc
  • 5 hours ago

Anonymous, 6 hours agoBetter hope the outcome of this event won’t end up like the Fold’s folding stress te… moreIt’s these kinds of “tests” that will have people doing stupid things and then wondering why the phone in the video survived a submersion in what’s most likely pure, deionized water or even mineral oil, but then their phones didn’t even last a minute in mineral/compound-rich tap/pool/saltwater.


  • Anonymous
  • sUS
  • 6 hours ago

Better hope the outcome of this event won’t end up like the Fold’s folding stress test.

Too perfect conditions that are almost impossible to replicate/achieve in real life. Hence, different results.


  • Anonymous
  • sUS
  • 6 hours ago

Alex, 10 hours agoOK, Samsung is trying to be creative promoting their unsuccessful release. Two questions:
– W… more
Ha. Tough luck with that. They do not entertain water damage from detectors discolorized by moisture. They also issue docs/warnings to some people I know how they should keep their newly-repaired/battery replaced phone AWAY from water.


  • haha
  • 3Zy
  • 6 hours ago

Uncle D, 10 hours agoLol, i really don’t care of this rating when i buy a phone, since the smartphone get rele… moreLol live a little unless monotony is your thing.


  • Kea
  • 62Q
  • 7 hours ago

Check the battery %, it’s always 100.


  • Anonymous
  • mE0
  • 7 hours ago

Demongornot, 10 hours agoSalt water as well as pool water who usually contain chlorine both are damaging to the joints…. moreI use those exact bags for my pixel phone , fantastic value for money , and the one I got is big enough to house the iPhone 12 pro max with a case on as well , I know the iPhone is IP rated but I’d rather use the bag for peace of mind


Demongornot, 11 hours agoI’ll bite your bait.
I hope you do realize that it isn’t the IP certification that … more
IP X7 / X8 is rated for IP X0 to X4

X5 and X6 are separate tests.

IP X9 is rated for IP X0 to X4

K – increased pressure, temperature, duration

IEC 60529 was born out of bathrooms washrooms

ISO 20653 – where k is found, is road vehicles, but can be used elsewhere.

Look for ‘versatile’ and ‘restricted’

IP X6 is a 1 / 3 min test…. BUT manufacturer can ask for longer.

IP X8 can be tested and approved for any length of time form 30 min to days… months…


Lol, i really don’t care of this rating when i buy a phone, since the smartphone get released in the past i never take my phones in the shower, pool or something other crazynes 🙄


SaltyWisdom, 10 hours agoFor those unaware: Salt water is not more penetrative than fresh water. The issue with salt wa… moreSalt water as well as pool water who usually contain chlorine both are damaging to the joints.
So effectively it won’t teleport magically indeed, but it will lessen or even totally break the water resistance, and if you had any build defect, which happen quite often, well, your phone is dead.
It doesn’t mean that it is fine to put the phone in water too, even distilled water for that matter, there are waterproof bags where we can put the phone in for those who want to take them underwater.
Amazon Best Seller waterproof bag for smartphones :


  • Alex
  • qC@
  • 10 hours ago

OK, Samsung is trying to be creative promoting their unsuccessful release. Two questions:
– Will USB ever work or the moisture detector will keep bugging you for the rest of your life?
– Will Samsung honor their IP rating in their warranty?


masterv, 11 hours agoI’m washing my phone (Galaxy S9+) since the release 3 years ago, and it didn’t got d… moreAnd some have had their phone bricked the first time they did that, also some damages takes months to show up because of corrosion and aren’t necessarily work or doesn’t work but can be a slight issue in some cases that many would think it is anything but that time 3 month ago they put their phone in the aquarium to take a picture of the fish.
I mean, many drive without their seatbelt and aren’t dead, but does it mean their luck will last forever?

The speakers are weak spots and doesn’t need any cracks nor damages to cause issues.
The simple natural wear of the body and its joints by carrying in your pocket or because of temperature differences can be enough to allow enough to get in and damage or kill it, and unlike the myths about the pop up, this is actually a real thing that do happen.

Plus, washing your phone with soap and flowing water isn’t the most effective method and is more dangerous than anything for the phone, I’d hate to be your phone’s USB port…
Here is how it is done :


  • SaltyWisdom
  • Cxn
  • 10 hours ago

CptPower, 12 hours agoAs long as the company warranty doesnt include water damage t warranty IP certificationis noth… moreFor those unaware: Salt water is not more penetrative than fresh water. The issue with salt water is corrosion.

So dropping a phone in salt water does not mean it is done for. Salt doesn’t let the water magically teleport inside. It causes corrosion of exposed metal components.

So if you drop a water resistant device into salt water just rinse out the charging port (headphone jack if present) with fresh water and you’ll likely be fine. Still you should never intentionally immerse your phone in fresh or salt water– it’s resistance, not proofing.


  • masterv
  • Tvt
  • 11 hours ago

I’m washing my phone (Galaxy S9+) since the release 3 years ago, and it didn’t got damaged by water yet. Sometimes I put it for some time in a bucket of water and soap too.

If there are no cracks in the front and back glass, then it is totally fine.


  • Anonymous
  • Bw5
  • 11 hours ago

Demongornot, 11 hours agoI’ll bite your bait.
I hope you do realize that it isn’t the IP certification that … more
Agree. It’s stupid when people think their phone is water ‘proof’ not resistant. They put their phone into saltwater or pool water and ask why their phone is affected by it.

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‘RIP SN10’: SpaceX rocket goes up in flames after landing – Al Jazeera English



Starship rocket SN10 blows up eight minutes after appearing to nail landing, the third prototype to be destroyed.

The third time appeared to be the charm for Elon Musk’s Starship prototype rocket, until it wasn’t.

The rocket soared into the sky in a high-altitude test on Wednesday from Boca Chica in Texas, then flew itself back to Earth and manoeuvred into its first – successful – upright landing.

But the triumph was short-lived.

“A beautiful soft landing,” a SpaceX commentator said during a live broadcast of the test flight, as an automated fire-suppression system trained a stream of water on flames still burning at the base of the rocket.

About eight minutes later it blew itself to pieces, lurching into the air and crashing back to the ground.

There was no immediate explanation for what went wrong.

SN10 was the third Starship to be destroyed in a fireball although it came far closer to achieving a safe, vertical touchdown than two previous models – SN8 in December and SN9 in February. The rocket is being developed by SpaceX to carry people and cargo on future missions to the Moon and Mars.

For Elon Musk, the billionaire SpaceX founder who also heads the electric carmaker, Tesla, the outcome was mixed news.

This screengrab made from SpaceX’s live webcast shows the Starship SN10 prototype as it prepares to land during the second attempted test flight of the day [Jose Romero/SpaceX via AFP]

In a tweet responding to tempered congratulations from an admirer of his work, Musk replied, “RIP SN10, honorable discharge.”

The video feed provided by SpaceX on the company’s YouTube channel cut off moments after the landing. But separate fan feeds streamed over the same social media platform showed an explosion suddenly erupting at the base of the rocket, hurling the SN10 into the air before it crashed to the ground and became engulfed in flames.

The complete Starship rocket, which will stand 394-feet (120 metres) tall when connected with its super-heavy first-stage booster, is SpaceX’s next-generation fully reusable launch vehicle – the centre of Musk’s ambitions to make human space travel more affordable and routine.

The first orbital Starship flight is planned for year’s end.

On Wednesday, Japanese billionaire and online fashion tycoon Yusaku Maezawa, who paid an undisclosed sum for a SpaceX lunar spaceship trip, invited eight people from around the world to join him.

The Starship tests take place in a nearly deserted area leased by SpaceX in southern Texas near the border with Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico.

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Google Chrome: It's time to ditch the browser – ZDNet



Google Chrome is the most-used browser on the internet. The browser rose to fame as an alternative to slow, sluggish incumbents — Internet Explorer and Safari. But Google Chrome has become the new leader, and as a result has itself become the sluggish incumbent.  

It became the thing we hated. We created a monster.

It’s time for a change.

Also: Actively exploited Chrome browser zero-day vulnerability patched

I don’t say this lightly.

Over the past few months, I’ve been testing browsers, examining things like performance, memory usage, battery usage, and overall feel of using the browser.

I know that picking the “best” browser is a personal and potentially controversial thing. It’s a bit like asking whose Mom makes the best apple pie (mine, of course), or whether it’s cats or dogs that rule (cats, because dogs are just a rubbish, attention-seeking kind of cat).

The answers are personal. Specific to the individual use case.

But, with that said, I can still come up with a number of good reasons to dump Chrome.

Power usage

If your device is powered by a battery, then you’re best using the stock browser.

On Windows, that is Edge, and on Mac and iOS that’s Safari. Both have been highly tuned to the platform they are running on and offer the best battery life and thermal performance possible.

Yes, you can tweak and fiddle with Chrome to make things better, but better is still far from best.

Also: Google is really annoyed you’re using Microsoft Edge

When I switched from Chrome to Safari on my daily driver MacBook Pro, I was getting over an hour of extra battery life, which is a very significant gain.

Switching to Safari on the iPhone also got me significantly better battery life, but it’s harder to measure since the browser isn’t the main focus of my day on that platform.

For the best possible battery and power performance, use the stock browser.


Operating system optimizations

One of the great “selling” points of Google Chrome is that you get a streamlined, consistent experience across all the platforms you are using.

That’s nice for sure, but after using Edge and Safari on their respective platforms for a few weeks, I was surprised to find how clunky that experience actually is, compared to the stock browser.

It’s hard to put it into words, but Safari on Mac or Edge on Windows feel like an extension of the operating system. It’s a smoother transition between the OS and the browser. Coming back to Chrome suddenly felt clumsy (and this is when I also noticed the sluggish performance the most).

Having a choice

Google Chrome is a great tool for Google to slurp up a lot of data, both to find out how people use the internet and also things like passwords and payment details to keep us locked into the ecosystem.

While I’m not paranoid about my data, I’m a fan of having a choice over where my data is stored and how it’s used, and what companies I choose to work with, and being able to pick and choose what works best for me, not what is convenient.

The big exception

And that is Android. Here Google Chrome is the winner. I’ve played with other browsers on this platform, but Chrome is the one that works best. It is, after all, the stock browser, and as such as been tweaked to give the best performance.

What browser do you use? Why do you use it? When was the last time you tried a different browser?

ZDNet Recommends

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Nintendo Switch Pro will reportedly have 720p OLED screen –



Or display in 4K on TVs.

Nintendo’s widely-anticipated Switch Pro model will feature a seven-inch 720p OLED screen and output at up to 4K when connected to a TV.

That’s according to a Bloomberg report, which cites sources aware that Samsung will provide its screens and begin production on those from June.

Nintendo’s plan is to reveal the new Switch model this year with an eye to launch in time for the lucrative holiday season, the report concludes, though no firmer release window is given.

Eurogamer News Cast – Nintendo Direct special

The current Switch offers a 6.2 inch screen, while the Switch Lite’s screen is 5.5 inches. Both are LCD rather than OLED, meaning this new model – if it launches as reported – will boast a larger and higher contrast display.

The online response to news of a 720p screen has been mixed, but the gains from a 1080p resolution on a screen that size would likely not be as pronounced as some have suggested, while it would also decrease battery life and likely drive up the unit’s overall price.

Nintendo has kept mum about its plans for a new Switch model, though references to it have existed in the console’s firmware for nearly a year now. Security researcher Mike Heskin wrote back in January how these strings pointed to an OLED/MiniLED screen and the capability to upscale HDMI output to 4K.

Talk of a souped up Switch began in March 2019, when a Wall St Journal report stated two new Nintendo Switch models were on the horizon. One would be a cheaper option, which Eurogamer sources told us was designed for a handheld-only audience, and which was later revealed as the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The other would have “enhanced features targeted at avid videogamers” which Eurogamer reported would be comparable an upgrade as the one seen on 3DS to its New 3DS relaunch. It wouldn’t, in other words, be a Switch 2.

We’ve contacted Nintendo for comment on today’s report.

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