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Seasonal Tokens: A New Approach to Crypto Market Investment



Cryptocurrency adoption has increased in recent years, and with it, new disruptive tools are emerging to transform the investment landscape. Seasonal Tokens are one of these innovative tools, designed to align with the patterns and rhythms of seasonal trends.

Whether you are a savvy investor or just getting started, incorporating Seasonal Tokens into your investment strategy can be a great way to earn stable returns and reduce risk. This article will explain what Seasonal tokens are, how they work, and explore the benefits of including them in your portfolio.

Seasonal Token Origins And Evolution

To understand the power of Seasonal Tokens, it’s essential to grasp the concept of seasonality in prices.

Picture a field of cotton or wheat, where the cost of the crop changes predictably throughout the year due to harvest seasons, demand and production levels. During harvest season, there is an abundance of crops available, which tends to lower their prices. Conversely, during periods of low production, there is a shortage of crops available, which tends to increase their prices. This rhythmic price fluctuation is known as seasonality.


Traders and investors use seasonality to predict changes in price by analyzing patterns in price movements and supply shifts, such as those in agricultural commodities. This helps them pinpoint predictable opportunities and make more informed financial decisions.

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin BTC/USD, have a predictable pattern of price changes due to their production rates being halved at regular intervals. Every four years, Bitcoin’s production undergoes a halving which results in a decrease in supply and an increase in scarcity, driving its value up sharply. However, after reaching a new peak, the price tends to decline significantly and reaches a new equilibrium, repeating the cycle.

To address the high volatility of Bitcoin and the challenges it poses for miners and new investors, Seasonal Tokens were created as a more stable investment opportunity. Unlike Bitcoin’s market, Seasonal Tokens provide a predictable rise in value without sharp fluctuations.

What Are Seasonal Tokens?

Seasonal Tokens are a quartet of four tokens – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter –  that  integrate the concept of seasonality into their production and pricing, similar to the natural cycle of changing seasons. Every nine months, one of the four Seasonal Tokens undergoes a systematic halving of production rates, aligning with the idea of seasonality in price changes. This results in predictable shifts in supply and demand and consequent changes in price.

Like Bitcoin, the strength of Seasonal Tokens lies in their use of the proof-of-work (PoW) system on the blockchain, which is a commonly used method for validating transactions in the cryptocurrency world. This approach allows Seasonal Tokens to operate in a decentralized, trustless and transparent way, without human intervention.

Benefits Of Seasonal Tokens

Seasonal Tokens are a fantastic opportunity for investors that crave the thrill of navigating seasonal patterns. Here are a few of the top advantages of Seasonal Tokens:

Positive Sum Environment

Unlike traditional markets, Seasonal Tokens create a positive sum game environment, allowing all stakeholders to potentially benefit without causing someone else to lose out.

To understand how this is possible, it’s important to consider the impact of a fixed versus an increasing supply. In a fixed supply scenario, acquiring more of an asset means there is less for everyone. However, in a situation where supply increases over time, it is possible for everyone to benefit.

Seasonal Tokens are designed to increase in quantity over time, creating opportunities for traders to acquire new tokens through cyclic trading. Although there is still the possibility of loss, the set of four tokens provide a way for investors to capitalize on supply changes without negatively impacting others.

Minimize Risk

Seasonal Tokens offer a revolutionary solution to the volatile and speculative nature of the crypto market. Their unique trading approach based on transparent, predictable shifts in supply allows investors to mitigate risk and make informed decisions, making them a more promising alternative to the many traditional crypto investments that rely on a particular business or team’s success.

Moreover, Seasonal Tokens offer an independent source of returns – linked to specific events such as the nine-month halving interval between tokens – which is beneficial in diversifying investment portfolios.

Seasonal Tokens: The Future Of Investment?

Overall, Seasonal Tokens are a new approach to crypto investment that can help investors maximize their returns and diversify their portfolio, without causing harm to others.

To get started, simply exchange your USDT on a cryptocurrency exchange like or, or through a software wallet like MetaMask.

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Budget 2023 Includes Some Investment but Must Fully Address Urban Indigenous Realities in the Near Future – Financial Post



Article content

OTTAWA, March 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) receives this 2023 federal budget with measured acknowledgement and urges future engagement. While the NAFC believes that Friendship Centres and urban Indigenous people will benefit from the investments in urban, rural, and northern Indigenous housing, including $4 billion over 7 years, starting in 2024-2025, to implement a co-developed Urban, Rural, and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy, there are still gaps to be filled when addressing the realities of urban Indigenous communities.

Article content

“We welcome the investments in urban Indigenous housing, but none of the other NAFC’s pre-budget submissions were announced,” said Kelly Benning, NAFC President. “The renewal of the UPIP program and the ongoing investments for Friendship Centres are crucial in order to help us support our communities and help the federal government meet its stated Reconciliation objectives. We fear that urban Indigenous peoples are being asked to wait once again.”


Article content

Friendship Centres have a long and demonstrated history of effectively supporting the communities they serve. With comprehensive and supportive funding, NAFC member Friendship Centres will be able to continue to offer essential Indigenous-led programs and services. Investing in a well-resourced Friendship Centre Program contributes to meaningful economic growth and development for Friendship Centres and PTAs that directly builds up urban Indigenous people.

Article content

“We have appreciated the opportunity to work collaboratively with this Government on a wide range of issues, and we have demonstrated our ability to be effective,” said Jocelyn Formsma, NAFC CEO. “It will be crucial for the federal government to engage with us to fully bridge the gap that urban Indigenous communities face when trying to access critical supports. We are confident that this is the ultimate goal for all.”

In their pre-budget submission, the NAFC requested that the Government of Canada ahead of the budget to (1) re-establish ongoing Friendship Centre funding at a minimum of $60 million per year, (2) invest in urban Indigenous children and youth by re-establishing a national Indigenous youth program and Indigenous children’s strategy at a minimum of $23 million per year, (3) invest in urban Indigenous infrastructure, including for-Indigenous-by-Indigenous housing and homelessness response offered by Friendship Centres through a minimum of $180 million per year, and (4) support urban Indigenous employment and training, including upskilling and reskilling, through $16 million per year to employment and training initiatives provided through FCs, develop, and implement new initiatives, and reduce barriers to employment for urban Indigenous people.

The National Association of Friendship Centres is a network of over 100 Friendship Centres and Provincial/Territorial Associations, which make up part of the Friendship Centre Movement–Canada’s most significant national network of self-determined Indigenous owned and operated civil society community hubs offering programs, services and supports to urban Indigenous people.

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Trends in The Cryptocurrency Market in 2023



Cryptocurrency, a decentralized digital or virtual currency protected by cryptography, is taking the world by storm. Since Bitcoin’s debut in 2009, its popularity has been steadily increasing – and now, with no sign of slowing down! In 2023 there will be several exciting cryptocurrency trends to keep an eye on.

Crypto markets are maturing at a rapid rate. With the adoption of digital crypto assets by governments and institutional investors on the rise, 2023 looks to be an exciting year for crypto enthusiasts! We’ll explore developments in decentralized finance, key regulatory moves that are helping shape this expanding domain, as well as how more countries continue to adopt their forms of digital currency.

Cryptocurrency in the DeFi Sector

In recent years, the cryptocurrency industry has seen explosive growth as it evolves at a rapid pace. Cryptocurrencies are virtual assets that use cryptography to protect their transactions and regulate the production of new currencies. These digital coins do not succumb to any centralized power or government body since they are fully decentralized in nature.

Cryptocurrency has experienced a surge of growth in the DeFi crypto sector, and this trend is predicted to blossom further in 2023. The power behind decentralized finance lies within blockchain technology. It allows for financial services to be delivered without any third-party intermediation. This essentially cuts out banks or other institutions from being involved, which offers people greater accessibility and control over their finances!


As cryptocurrency continues to grow and evolve, 2023 is set to be a groundbreaking year for the industry. Thanks in part to advancements making DeFi applications more user-friendly, we can expect an abundance of new financial products and services offered by decentralized crypto exchange (DEX), lending platforms, stablecoins, and much more! What’s also exciting is the increasing number of regulatory frameworks being developed worldwide – indicating that governments are beginning their journey towards embracing cryptocurrencies while ensuring they remain safe from misuse. All eyes will surely be on what further developments emerge this coming year!

Crypto Regulations Increased

Recently, the European Union and the United States have made moves to bring cryptocurrencies under closer regulatory oversight. The EU has proposed a framework designed to combat money laundering and terrorism activities while the SEC is focused on cracking down by way of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as well as other measures. These steps are aimed at creating an environment where investors can feel secure in digital asset investments both locally and internationally.

Increased regulation of cryptocurrency has been met with mixed reactions in the industry, but it is an important step for greater legitimacy and stability. Not only does this assure existing investors, but it also encourages institutional investment that would otherwise remain hesitant due to a lack of regulatory clarity. With better oversight over the crypto market comes stronger confidence in its future – both from individual traders and major financial organizations alike.

As digital currencies become more and more mainstream, governments across the world are taking note. China has been leading this charge with its innovative Digital Yuan – a revolutionary financial toolset to challenge traditional banking systems as we know them. Currently, in test-mode, it’s expected that the Digital Yuan will be fully rolled out by 2023 and could potentially have an immense impact on global finance!

In 2023, the world of digital currencies is expected to undergo a sweeping transformation with exciting innovations. Governments around the globe will continue to explore ways in which digital currency can revolutionize financial accessibility while simultaneously reducing costs typically associated with traditional payment systems.

Crypto Trends – The FTX Collapse

The crypto industry has been dealt a disastrous blow with the collapse of one of its largest exchanges, FTX. Its repercussions have sent shockwaves throughout the market and shaken investor confidence in digital assets to its core. With overall market capitalization on a downward trajectory and liquidity issues afflicting many firms, 2023 promises only further turmoil as regulatory clarity is still lacking. This could cause difficulties for DeFi protocols too while potentially hampering NFTs’ growth opportunities this year – there’s no doubt that cryptocurrencies are facing an uphill battle ahead!

Meme Cryptocurrencies

Dogecoin may have been born out of an Internet joke, but 2021 proved it to be a serious contender within the cryptocurrency space. Influencers like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban along with Naomi Osaka’s co-signs aided its rise in popularity this year. As crypto continues evolving on the verge of mass adoption, we can expect some seismic changes happening across all financial markets around the world – making for one exciting era indeed!

Crypto Betting on the Rise

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, crypto betting has become the latest trend. As more and more people seek out quicker ways to get their bets in on sports events, politics, or entertainment news – cryptocurrency has surged as a preferred option for quick transactions with the ease of accessibility. 2023 saw an unprecedented increase in demand across all areas related to crypto gambling due largely to advancements within technology which enabled these assets as payment methods that are now accepted worldwide by many industries. Betting is no longer what it used to be: its evolution reflects how far we’ve come since then! Therefore, nothing prevents you from betting on your favorite sport or playing online roulette with real money using any cryptocurrency.

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18 Mutual Funds with Clearly Defined Investment Processess



What are we looking for?

Top-rated mutual funds with top-rated investment processes.

The screen

When investors look at the performance of mutual funds, they are likely looking for something simple – are those performance numbers positive or negative? Considering why those numbers are positive or negative is also important. Why a fund performs a certain way can be the direct result of its investment philosophy and process. An understanding of these components can help investors better gauge if performance results are expected given the goal and method applied. This can be particularly helpful during periods of volatility, such as the one we have experienced since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank earlier this month. A strong investment process is well-defined and consistently executed, and generally able to withstand short-term market shocks and reward investors over the long term.

A fund’s investment process can be nuanced. To help guide investors, Morningstar’s manager research team assigns ratings to Canadian funds and ETFs that include an explicit component focused on understanding their investment philosophy and process. We refer to this component as the “Process” pillar and rate each asset manager as either Low, Below Average, Average, Above Average or High, depending on the efficacy of their practices. To highlight a few great mutual funds available to Canadians with top-rated investment processes, I used Morningstar Direct to screen more than 3,400 Canadian-domiciled mutual funds and ETFs to find a selection of options to consider. The criteria include:

  • A Morningstar Quantitative or Analyst Process Pillar rating of High, indicating the fund has a clearly defined investment process and performance objective that is repeatable and implemented effectively.
  • A Morningstar star rating of five stars. The star rating is an objective look back at a fund’s after-fee, risk-adjusted returns relative to the category to which the fund belongs. Though the measure is backward-looking, Morningstar’s research shows that over time and on aggregate, five-star funds continue to outperform four-star funds, three-star funds, etc., after receiving the rating.
  • A top quintile category rank month-to-date indicating the funds selected have outperformed their peers since March 1, 2023.

*Data as of March 23, 2023


What we found

Mutual Funds with Clearly Defined Investment Processes

Name Morningstar Category Annual Report Management Expense Ratio (MER) Morningstar Quantitative Rating Morningstar Analyst Rating Total Ret MTD (Daily) CAD Total Ret % Rank Cat MTD (Daily) Total Ret 1 Yr (Daily) CAD Total Ret % Rank Cat 1 Yr (Daily) Total Ret Annlzd 3 Yr (Daily) CAD Total Ret % Rank Cat 3 Yr (Daily) Total Ret Annlzd 5 Yr (Daily) CAD Total Ret % Rank Cat 5 Yr (Daily)
Dynamic Active Canadian Dividend ETF Canada Fund Canadian Dividend & Income Equity 0.84 Gold -3.20 20 -4.28 11 23.26 44 10.88 2
Fidelity True North Sr F Canada Fund Canadian Equity 1.08 Silver -2.29 13 -4.55 17 21.84 67 9.89 2
Fidelity Greater Canada Sr F Canada Fund Canadian Focused Equity 1.11 Silver -0.19 14 1.93 5 33.26 1 19.20 1
PH&N Inflation-Linked Bond Fund F Canada Fund Canadian Inflation-Protected Fixed Inc 0.37 Gold 2.28 1 -5.20 48 0.74 10 1.36 1
RBC Canadian Mid-Cap Equity I Canada Fund Canadian Small/Mid Cap Equity 0.71 Gold -3.00 18 -9.41 34 31.67 16 10.65 7
Fidelity Floating Rate Hi Inc F Canada Fund Floating Rate Loans 0.90 Silver -0.26 11 11.26 1 8.63 26 4.08 6
Manulife Global Equity Class F Canada Fund Global Equity 1.08 Gold 1.48 16 3.09 12 16.28 40 9.58 6
Dynamic U.S. Balanced Class Ser F Canada Fund Global Equity Balanced 1.08 Silver 3.87 1 -3.74 65 12.47 39 10.15 1
Dynamic Blue Chip Balanced F Canada Fund Global Neutral Balanced 1.11 Silver 1.60 3 -1.73 28 9.39 38 6.41 5
Manulife US Balanced Val Priv Trust F Canada Fund Global Neutral Balanced 0.91 Silver 1.34 6 -3.02 58 14.87 3 8.11 1
Manulife US Monthly High Inc F Canada Fund Global Neutral Balanced 1.13 Bronze 1.33 7 -3.24 64 14.62 4 7.91 1
Fidelity NorthStar Sr F Canada Fund Global Small/Mid Cap Equity 1.13 Silver 0.36 9 3.55 7 18.40 28 6.26 9
Dynamic Global Real Estate Series F Canada Fund Real Estate Equity 1.22 Gold -7.12 16 -15.14 12 12.92 30 5.27 8
RBC Life Science & Technology Fund F Canada Fund US Equity 0.94 Gold 6.31 1 -0.51 21 18.91 49 14.53 3
Canoe Defensive U.S. Equity Port Cl F Canada Fund US Equity 1.25 Silver 1.09 18 7.22 2 17.25 66 11.70 12
Fidelity US Focused Stock F Canada Fund US Equity 1.10 Silver 0.86 20 -8.19 78 16.35 75 12.03 9
RBC U.S. Mid-Cap Growth Equity Fund F Canada Fund US Small/Mid Cap Equity 0.93 Gold -1.73 1 -2.10 22 19.26 59 10.78 1
Dynamic Active U.S. Mid-Cap ETF Canada Fund US Small/Mid Cap Equity 0.78 Gold -5.70 17 2.33 4 17.79 66 7.55 24


The list above highlights funds from 13 different mutual fund categories (as defined by the Canadian Investment Fund Standards Committee) from six different asset managers, indicating strong processes are not confined to a specific asset class or investment style. Although not explicitly screened for, each of these funds also earned a Bronze, Silver or Gold Morningstar Analyst or Quantitative Rating indicating a forward-looking view of the fund’s ability to outperform its peer group and/or relevant benchmark on a risk-adjusted basis over a full market cycle. Every fund on the list has delivered, with all but two ranking in the top decile of their respective categories over the past five years.

Note that the management expense ratios listed here are reflective of the f-share class. In the table, f-class (also known as fee-based share classes) shares exclude the cost of advice and are held in fee-based accounts where the adviser charges separately for advice.

This article does not constitute financial advice. Investors are encouraged to conduct their own independent research before purchasing any of the investments listed here.

Danielle LeClair, MFin, is director of manager research, Canada for Morningstar Research Inc.

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