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The moon'melts down' and scientists are stunned – haveeruonline



The moon'melts down' and scientists are stunned

According to a newly published study month Experts are puzzled by this discovery.

Research published in Scientific advancement, May be the result of water found in the molten moon, but it’s still shocking given the lack of oxygen and water in the Earth’s celestial satellite.

“It’s very confusing,” said Shuai Li of the University of Hawaii, the study’s lead author. statement. “The moon is a terrible environment for hematite formation.”

The blue area of ​​this composite image of the lunar mineralogy mapper (M3) aboard the Indian Space Research Organization’s Chandrayan-1 orbital line shows water concentrated at the lunar pole. Researchers examining the rock spectrum there found traces of hematite, a form of rust. Credits: ISRO/NASA/JPL-Caltech/Brown University/USGS

The massive lava tubes on Mars and the Moon can be homes of life. Researchers

Li was investigating data from the JPL Moon Mineralogy Mapper, and realized that the researchers sensed “spectra (or reflected light from the surface)” and discovered that the lunar pole had a very different composition than the rest.

The abstract of the study showed that the polar surface showed a spectrum consistent with the mineral hematite (Fe2O3).

“It has been speculated that the oxidation process works on the lunar surface and forms iron-containing minerals that contain iron, but it has yet to be revealed to unambiguously detect iron minerals that form under highly reduced conditions on the moon,” the researchers said. Wrote in the abstract of this study. “Analysis of the lunar mineralogy mapper data shows that the iron mineral, hematite, exists at the lunar high latitudes and is mostly associated with the eastern and equatorial planes of the tops of the terrain, and occurs more on the near side than on the far side.”

Melted Mars, also known as iron oxide, turns red.

This image, based on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft data, shows the face of the moon as we see it from Earth.

This image, based on NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft data, shows the face of the moon as we see it from Earth.
(Credit: NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University)

“At first I didn’t fully believe it, it shouldn’t exist depending on the conditions that exist on the moon,” added research co-author Abigail Fraeman, NASA JPL planetary earth scientist. But since we discovered water on the moon, people have been speculating that if that water reacted with rocks, there could be more different minerals than we think.”

Scientists are bewildered where rust occurs due to the lack of an atmosphere that supplies oxygen to the moon and the solar wind from the sun carrying hydrogen, which should act as a “reductant” to prevent oxidation. However, they believe it could originate from Earth because the Moon has “traces of oxygen” thanks to the Earth’s magnetic field.

The discovered hematite was not so far near the rime found on the moon, adding another complexity to the discovery. Scientists have suggested that dust particles hitting the moon can unlock water molecules and interact with hematite, but further research is needed to see if this is correct.

“The influence of tiny water and dust particles can cause the iron in this body to rust,” explains Fraeman.

“This discovery will change our knowledge of the lunar polar regions. statement. “Earth may have played an important role in the evolution of the lunar surface.”

The moon is much younger than it was initially believed, according to a new study

The moon has been a source of fascination for mankind for many years. Apollo In the mid-20th century, space exploration significantly increased human knowledge of celestial satellites.

Scientists recently Lose water A study published in March 2019 found that when meteors hit the surface.

NASA’s ARTEMIS mission also revealed that solar winds have a significant impact on the lunar surface, scarring the lunar surface and exposing it to the sun’s radiation. Similar to “sunburn”. It is due to the weak magnetic field of the moon.

Separate study published in August 2019 suggestion The moon is 100 million years older than previously believed, and was based on analysis of the lunar rocks taken by Apollo astronauts.

Research published in January 2019 suggestion A lump of 4.1 billion-year-old Earth was discovered month By Apollo Astronaut.

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NASA Astronaut Will Vote From Space – KCCU



On Election Day, NASA astronaut Kate Rubins will be more than 200 miles above her nearest polling place. But she’s still planning to vote — from space.

“It’s critical to participate in our democracy,” Rubins told the Associated Press. “We consider it an honor to be able to vote from space.”

Rubins, who has a Ph.D. in cancer biology from Stanford and was the first person to sequence DNA in space, is currently training for her upcoming six-month mission on the International Space Station.

Voting from the space station is similar to voting absentee from anyplace on the planet — except instead of relying on the U.S. Postal Service to deliver the ballot, Rubins will get hers forwarded electronically from Mission Control in Houston.

“Using a set of unique credentials sent to each of them by e-mail, astronauts can access their ballots, cast their votes, and downlink them back down to Earth,” the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum explained in 2018.

The ballot is then sent to the county clerk for tabulation.

American astronauts have been able to cast ballots from above for over two decades now, ever since a Texas lawmaker learned that astronaut John Blaha couldn’t vote in the 1996 presidential race between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. At the time, Blaha was serving on Russia’s Mir Space Station, a predecessor to the ISS.

“He expressed a little bit disappointment in not being able to do that,” Republican State Senator Mike Jackson told NPR’s Nell Greenfieldboyce in 2008.

Voting from space had never really been an issue before then, because NASA astronauts typically spent no more than about two weeks on shuttle missions. But with the advent of the space station, Americans were sometimes on missions for months at a time.

So a new law was born. “I can attest to how important one person’s vote is because my first election I won by seven votes out of over 26,000,” Jackson said.

Texas lawmakers approved the measure in 1997, and then-Gov. George W. Bush signed it into law. That same year, astronaut David Wolf became the first American to “vote while you float,” as NASA cheekily put it.

“I voted alone up in space, very alone, the only English speaker up there, and it was nice to have an English ballot, something from America,” Wolf told The Atlantic in 2016. “It made me feel closer to the Earth and like the people of Earth actually cared about me up there.”

Most NASA astronauts live in Houston, so since that Texas law was passed, several astronauts have been able to cast ballots from above. This isn’t even the first time Rubins has exercised her orbital privilege; she also voted in the 2016 presidential election from the space station — listing her address as “low-Earth orbit.”

“I think it’s really important for everybody to vote,” Rubins said. “If we can do it from space, then I believe folks can do it from the ground, too.”

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Estee Lauder Pays NASA $128000 for Photo Shoot in Space – BNN



(Bloomberg) — Estee Lauder Cos. is sending its newest skincare formula into space, and it’ll cost only about as much as paying a big influencer for a few Instagram posts.

The U.S. cosmetics giant is spending $128,000 for NASA to fly 10 bottles of its skin serum to the International Space Station. Once there, astronauts will take pictures of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair in the cupola control tower, which has panoramic views of the cosmos. The images will be used on social media, with the company planning to auction one bottle off for charity when the items return to Earth this spring.

The global recession, triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, has pushed brands to get more creative with their advertising because consumers are cutting back. Within beauty, several companies are spending less on traditional ads, while looking for new ways to break through the glut of content out there. In a press release, Estee Lauder highlighted it being the “first beauty brand to go into space” as a means to tout its “skincare innovation.”

The Northrop Grumman Antares rocket that will transport the skin serum as part of a supply run is scheduled to launch on Tuesday night from Wallops Island, Virginia. The Cygnus cargo craft will then dock on the space station early Saturday.

Estee Lauder’s push into micro-gravity is part of NASA’s effort to commercialize low-earth orbit and make it a domain where private enterprise eventually does business as routinely as the government conducts spacewalks. Companies from Goodyear Tire & Rubber to Merck & Co have used space for research, and NASA is hoping to expand its use, including private citizens visiting the space station.

“We need to expand people’s perspective on what we can accomplish in space,” said Phil McAlister, NASA’s director of commercial spaceflight development.

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A dazzling full 'harvest moon' is set to illuminate Vancouver skies next week – North Shore News



While the weekend forecast calls for rain, Vancouver skies are expected to clear next week, which is just in time for the glorious full Harvest moon. 

Earlier this month, locals were treated to a full corn moon. Last year, September’s full moon was a full ‘harvest moon,’ which takes place in two years out of three. However, since October’s full moon falls closest to the fall equinox this year, it will carry the harvest title. 

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According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, “this full Moon name is attributed to Native Americans because it marked the time when corn was supposed to be harvested.”

The Harvest Moon gets was given its name because farmers needed its silvery light to harvest crops. It has since inspired a rather dreamy, beautiful song by Canadian icon Neil Young, too.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac also notes that Native peoples would give distinctive names to each reoccurring full moon to mark the change of seasons. As such, many of these names arose when Native Americans first interacted with colonialists. 

The October moon will be at its fullest in Vancouver on Thursday, Oct. 1 at 2:05 p.m. 

Stargazers should opt to travel as far away from city lights as possible in order to avoid light pollution that will obscure the clarity of heavenly bodies. While this works best in more remote places, anywhere that has a higher elevation will also provide more ideal viewing conditions.

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