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Tiger’s PNC return is a reunion with the Thomases –



ORLANDO, Fla. – This is all you need to know about the close relationship enjoyed by Tiger and Charlie Woods and Justin and Mike Thomas. When the Thomases teamed together to win last year’s PNC Championship, they celebrated by donning their bright red Willie Park champions’ belts and strutting over to Tiger’s house to show them off.

Laughter all around.

“We would expect them to do the same thing,” Justin said.

The Thomases – Justin and his parents, Mike and Jani – are a tightknit bunch, so Justin and Mike appreciate being allowed inside Tiger’s inner circle. It’s fitting that they’ll be playing alongside Team Woods as Tiger returns to golf at 12:18 p.m. Saturday for the first round of the PNC Championship at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando.

“My excitement level is high just for him being out here and being somewhere other than his house, and getting to see a lot of familiar faces,” Justin Thomas said. “And I know spending time with Charlie is a huge deal to him. I know he’s excited for that part.

“In terms of the competing, I think his expectations are very low. But at the same time, he is who he is for a reason, so I’m sure he’ll be (ticked) off if he didn’t play well.”

Mike Thomas, 62, is the son of a PGA club professional who went into the family business, working for years as the professional at Harmony Landing in Goshen, Kentucky. He and his son are defending champions at the PNC (Mike joked on Thursday he probably hasn’t defended a title of any kind in at least 20 years). Mike’s only child, Justin, is ranked sixth in the world, having seen the view from No. 1, a perch in the world pecking order that Woods occupied for 683 weeks of his meteoric career.

Justin Thomas is 28 and the owner of 14 PGA TOUR victories, including this year’s PLAYERS Championship and the 2017 PGA Championship. His career is off to a nice start. Tiger Woods is two weeks shy of turning 46. He already has climbed his mountains. He currently shares the record for most PGA TOUR victories (82, along with Sam Snead) and has won 15 major titles. He’s not sure when, or if, he will compete again on the PGA TOUR, stating he’ll never again be a full-time player. If he does choose to play, he expects his appearances to be very limited. This week’s PNC, where Charlie can hit drives from a forward tee about 1,000 yards ahead of Dad’s (Tiger will play at 7,106 yards) and Tiger can ride along in a cart, marks one small step in his journey.

The bond that the Thomases have built with Tiger and Charlie Woods represents an interesting mix of golf generations, a high-flowing conversation of information that lives within the game they all love. Tiger has mentored Justin, just as Justin now serves as a sounding board and mentor to 12-year-old Charlie. (“It’s probably less sage advice that he’s passing on,” Mike said, “and more of verbal comedic abuse, just because that’s what we do.”) Mike Thomas is in the picture frame, too, serving as a valuable set of eyes as he watches all three work on their golf swings.

Justin hasn’t played golf with Tiger since last December, but Mike recently played with Tiger and Charlie, and came away quite impressed with both.

“I mean, he’s still – he’s got some speed,” Mike said of Tiger. “He’s got some length. Hits a lot of really, really flush shots. I mean, I was surprised.”

The constant jabbing and sharp needling that goes on between the four golfers require all of them to have thick skin, and to stay sharp and quick on their feet. A year ago, Charlie walked to his ball inside a fairway bunker and found a funny note left from the Thomases: Draw hole. A few holes later, Charlie, who’d wisely kept the note, responded with the same.

All expect more of the same fun banter come Saturday.

“It’s going to be the same as if us four were just playing at home,” Justin said. “I mean, we’re all rooting for each other. We want to go out there and have fun. It’s the same thing for all of us, is that I’m here to spend time with my dad, and Tiger is here to spend time with Charlie, and vice versa. And it just so happens we’re playing in a televised tournament.

“That’s really — at least for me personally, that’s how I’m looking at it. I’m sure we’ll have our needling here and there. But at the end of the day, we’re all pulling for each other, and we just want to have a good time and see each other do well.”

Justin Thomas said Woods has been invaluable to his career, letting him inside the vault to one of the toughest competitors – mentally and physically – the game has seen. After they played for the first time in a TOUR event years ago, Thomas reached out to Woods and asked for an honest assessment. No surprise, that’s exactly what he received.

“Immediately, he’s like, ‘You don’t have near enough shots. … You can work it, but you don’t have enough shots to be, you know, as dominant as I was’ kind of thing,” Justin said. “He’s like, … ‘You have some (shots) that you can hit, but you don’t have all of them, and you don’t have enough.’ It’s like, all right.”

Thomas went to work to figure it out, and today says he has so many more different types of shots in his arsenal, something that allows him to shape shots and get after flags he might not have been able to access in the past.

“It’s helped,” he said.

Just as Justin is willing to answer anything that Charlie might pose to him, and how Mike is willing to help all three. On Saturday, finally, Tiger Woods will be back on the golf course once again. And rest assured, all four players in the group will be thankful for that.

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Oilers place goaltender Stuart Skinner in COVID-19 protocol –



The Edmonton Oilers have placed goaltender Stuart Skinner in the NHL’s COVID-19 protocol, the team announced Monday.

The Oilers are now down two goalies, with Mike Smith sidelined one to two weeks with an injured thumb.

Edmonton’s No. 1 option between the pipes is now Mikko Koskinen, who’s posting a .900 save percentage this season and last earned a win on Dec. 1. After a promising start to the season, the Oilers are plummeting down the standings — currently four points outside a wild-card spot and without a win in their last six games.

Skinner, 23, was given the chance as the No. 1 starter after Smith went down with an injury, but allowed five goals on 25 shots against the Ottawa Senators on Saturday. He has four wins, six losses and a .907 save percentage so far this season.

The Oilers’ next game is on Thursday against the Florida Panthers.

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Mega Jackpot: New Jersey Woman Wins $3.5 Million



December 1st of 2021, this day was engraved in stone for Dori B. The New Jersey resident bagged $3.5 million in casino winnings from popular BetMGM casino Borgata. One of the largest payouts issued by online casinos for real money games is the amount. The amount is also many jackpot records for individuals playing MGM Grand Millions of slots in the United States. BetMGM officials issued the check for the $3.5 million on Sunday with huge smiles and commented on the win. The vice president of BetMGM, Mr. Matthew Sunderland, congratulated the lady on her success. He termed it record-breaking since it is one of the highest ever issued by an online casino. The Vice President was enthusiastic and indicated that the company was proud to offer players Life-Changing Prizes! He takes pride in their casino games, terming the MGM Grand Millions slot as an Exclusive Jackpot Network, offering the best wins for the players who want to find the best online casino bonuses. He states that BetMGM cannot wait to continue setting records throughout the U.S.

  • Dori B. Approach to the Jackpot
  • What plans do you have?
  • Popular Wins by BetMGM
  • More about BetMGM

Dori B. Approach to the Jackpot

The winning lady, whose name is Dori B., states that her decision to play the game wasn’t an impulsive one. She says that it stemmed from seeing where the grand prize stood at that moment. in her own words, during the press conference held by BetMGM officials, she said, I just knew it had to hit soon! In the press release, she shows her conviction on the jackpot outcome by saying, And boy did it! Her actual statement read, I thought, ‘Someone is going to hit it, maybe it could be me!

She describes the night she won the jackpot as a regular one for her. Once she took a look at the jackpot and decided it would hit soon, she decided to try her luck. She says that On the night I won, all it took was a $10 spin. She at first didn’t believe that she would be the lucky winner, but she only knew it would hit soon, and someone would scoop those millions. A second later, she was the lucky winner. She states that One second later, I became a millionaire. Now, thanks to the BetMGM and the Borgata online casino, Dori B. is a millionaire. She laughs it out and seriously says ‘and my life has changed forever’.

What Plans Do You Have?

BetMGM has a record of issuing quality game prizes worth millions. Last year, the company awarded another $3.2 million to another gambler in the country. However, what players do with the cash awarded remains their private business. Dori B., however, was proud to share what she thought she would do with her winnings. She states that her newfound fortune will be used through Family Vacations and constant volunteering! Dori B. says that her $3.5 million has made her dream of being a Mega Jackpot Winner come true. What remains is to use the money on family vacations and volunteer work.

Since the world has a comprehensive record of casino winnings, especially with slots games, it is difficult to tell the amount the next winner will collect. Online slot jackpots have delivered $23.6 million to a Finnish player in the past. The player won €17.8 million, equivalent to the $23.6 million. BetMGM is one of the online casinos the Borgata has in New Jersey. The Borgata casino had revenue of $38.8 million back in October. It is the highest amount the casino has ever made since it went live in November of 2013. It joins the record set by New Jersey’s 29 casinos online, which is $127 million in a single month.

Popular Wins by BetMGM

Dori B. isn’t the only famous win ever awarded by BetMGM. Over time, the casino has had opportunities to reward various players with excellent prizes. In 2017, anonymous players received $14 million in BetMGM sports betting after placing a successful wager during the L. A. Dodgers and the Houston Astros match. A famous poker player, Billy Walters, decided to try his luck and bagged $3.5 million with a successful wager during the Super Bowl XLIV. However, amongst all possible wins, the best is Steve Whitley, who managed to win €1.45 million, equivalent to $1,825,274 million back in 2011. Vegas Dave also brought with him $2.5 million. For some people, all these examples give grounds even to think seriously about becoming a professional gambler who even is ready to pay taxes for having gambling as the only income source.

More about BetMGM

New Jersey as a state alone has been a BetMGM stronghold. The company has several online casino brands in the state, generating $341.3 million in October alone. The amount is a testament to the casino brand’s quality of services. Also, it is double the amount made in the past ten months back in 2020, which rendered it in the third position. However, the new revenue generated in October brings the casino to the first position after overthrowing the famous Golden Nugget and Resorts Casino.

Such success is accorded to its branding or marketing and its status as one of the best gaming establishments ranking first in the United States. The casino brand competes with the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel. According to popular casino reviews, BetMGM is the largest online gaming operator. The company and its brand bring in an estimated 32% of the gross gaming revenue in four different states. These include Michigan, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

But, these aren’t the only states in the United States where players can access BetMGM. Players can also partake in the sports betting section of the website in various forms. These include Virginia, Indiana, Wyoming, Arizona, the District of Columbia, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, and Tennessee. The gaming platform delivers gambling services of various natures to players allowing them a myriad of opportunities to win.

If you are a gambler who lives in Canada, you can find more information about gambling in B.C. before you start to make your winnings.


BetMGM is a reputable online gaming platform and brand. MGM Resorts International and the MGM Resorts and Entain run this specific online platform as a joint venture. AS a result, players winning from the casino and other sports betting services don’t have to worry about fraudulent activities. With Dori B. carrying her check for $3.5 million and many other winning chances evidenced by people, players can remain assured of their potential winning opportunities while playing at BetMGM!

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Prescott on Cowboys fans throwing debris at refs: 'Credit to them' – theScore



Dak Prescott seemingly applauded the Dallas Cowboys fans who threw debris at officials Sunday after their wild-card loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

The quarterback initially thought spectators were showering Cowboys players with garbage before reporters informed him the trash was intended for the referees.

“Oh, well, credit to them, then,” Prescott said, according to WFAA’s Mike Leslie.

Prescott was offered a chance to clarify his remark at the end of his postgame press conference but chose not to, according to Leslie.

Dallas lost moments before the debris was thrown, as the driving Cowboys failed to spike the ball while the final seconds ticked off the clock. Dallas lined up to snap the ball, but an official bumped into Prescott from behind and couldn’t spot the ball in time.

“The fans felt the same way as us,” Prescott said, according to the Dallas Morning News’ Michael Gehlken. “I guess that’s why the refs took off and got out of there so fast. I think everybody is upset with the way this thing played out.”

Referee Alex Kemp said afterward the officials operated properly and spotted the ball correctly.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was also frustrated by the way the final seconds played out.

“We shouldn’t have had any problem getting the ball spotted there,” he said, per CBS Sports.

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