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Top Benefits of Life Coach Services by Athanasios Gomatos



There’s no running away from the fact that staying positive is the only way to succeed in life. People who are encapsulated by negative thoughts have a very difficult time in doing anything good to themselves. However, when you come across an individual who can show you a larger perspective of life, it becomes easier to stay happy and achieve different milestones. This person is referred to as a life coach and will assist you in different walks of life. So whether be it carving a new goal or identifying the problems in your life, they will make sure that you make progress in life and become a better version of yourself. Here, we will walk you through a few benefits of working with Athanasios Gomatos to fulfill your dreams and wishes:

  1. He Will Helps you Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever walked into a maze or played a game that involves it? It can be very confusing since you move in one direction only to walk towards another obstacle. Eventually, you begin to realize that it is important to seek help to get out of the problem. Unfortunately, some people decide to spend their entire life in the maze and never walk out of it. This is where a life coach can help and will show you different paths of life. Because he has hands-on experience of helping a lot of people in the past successfully, you can rest assured about starting a new chapter in life with different goals and values.

  1. He Will Provides an Unbiased Feedback

Another strong reason to work with Athanasios Gomatos or any other life coach is to get unbiased feedback. Keep in mind, a friend or a family member is not always the best when you need honest reviews about your life. Especially when you consult a near and dear one, they will never identify any loophole in your personality or work routine out of unconditional love. However, because a life coach is supposed to help you in working on your mistakes, they will only provide you with an unbiased opinion. This way, you will rest assured about coming across your mistakes and correct them on time.

  1. Helps in Creating a Vision for the Future

We all have different dreams in life and want to achieve them. However, many people don’t have the energy to fulfill their dreams because they don’t know anything about carving goals. Bear in mind, having a vision for the future is one of the most important aspects of your life. Without a vision, you can never carve short-term goals. However, when you begin to work with a life coach, they will help you paint a bigger picture for your dreams and jot down the milestones that you need to achieve.

  1. A Life Coach Will Uplift Your Confidence

Confidence is the key to success and the only trait that can make you stand out amongst the masses. Therefore, if you believe that confidence is what you lack, you need to look for a mentor who can help restore it. A life coach will help you believe in yourself and go ahead in life. The coach here will not only listen to your issues in detail but will also help you work on them. The most intriguing benefit of working with a life coach is, they never judge. So you can rest assured about confiding your secrets with them and opening about the different issues in life.

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Brazil’s Vale says output begins at Reid Brook nickel deposit in Canada



Vale’s Voisey’s Bay nickel mine in Northern Labrador has started the production at its Reid Brook deposit, the Brazilian miner said in a securities filing on Tuesday.

Vale said the Canadian Reid Brook and Eastern Deeps mines are likely to produce 40,000 tonnes of nickel by 2025.


(Reporting by Carolina Mandl; editing by Jason Neely)

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EU, U.S. agree to talk on carbon border tariff



The United States and European Union agreed on Tuesday to hold talks on the bloc’s planned carbon border tariff, possibly at the World Trade Organisation, EU chief executive Ursula von der Leyen said.

U.S. President Joe Biden met European Commission President von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel on Tuesday for a summit tackling issues from trade to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The leaders also discussed climate change policy, including the EU’s plan to impose carbon emissions costs on imports of goods, including steel and cement, which the Commission will propose next month.

“I explained the logic of our carbon border adjustment mechanism,” von der Leyen told a news conference after the summit.

“We discussed that we will exchange on it. And that WTO might facilitate this,” she said.

Brussels and Washington are keen to revitalise transatlantic cooperation on climate change, after four fractious years under former president Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, they outlined plans for a transatlantic alliance to develop green technologies and said they will coordinate diplomatic efforts to convince other big emitters to cut CO2 faster.

But the EU border levy could still cause friction. A draft of the proposal said it would apply to some U.S. goods sold into the EU, including steel, aluminium and fertilisers.

Brussels says the policy is needed to put EU firms on an equal footing with competitors in countries with weaker climate policies, and that countries with sufficiently ambitious emissions-cutting policies could be exempted from the fee.

The United States and EU are the world’s second- and third- biggest emitters of CO2, respectively, after China.

A draft of the EU-U.S. summit statement, seen by Reuters, repeated commitments the leaders made at the G7 summit at the weekend to “scale up efforts” to meet an overdue spending pledge of $100 billion a year by rich countries to help poorer countries cut carbon emissions and cope with global warming.

It did not include firm promises of cash. Canada and Germany both pledged billions in new climate finance on Sunday, and campaigners had called on Brussels and Washington to do the same.

The draft statement also stopped short of setting a date for the United States and EU to stop burning coal, the most polluting fossil fuel and the single biggest of greenhouse gas emissions.

Brussels and Washington said they will largely eliminate their CO2 emissions from electricity production by the 2030s.


(Reporting by Kate Abnett, additional reporting by Valerie Volcovici; Editing by Marguerita Choy, Andrew Heavens and Barbara Lewis)

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U.S. fine Air Canada $25.5 milliom over delayed refunds



The U.S. Transportation Department said on Tuesday it was seeking a $25.5 million fine from Air Canada over the carrier’s failure to provide timely refunds requested by thousands of customers for flights to or from the United States.

The department said it filed a formal complaint with a U.S. administrative law judge over flights Air Canada canceled or significantly changed. The penalty is “intended to deter Air Canada and other carriers from committing similar violations in the future,” the department said, adding Air Canada continued its no-refund policy in violation of U.S. law for more than a year.

Air Canada said it believes the U.S. government’s position “has no merit.” It said it “will vigorously challenge the proceedings.”

Air Canada obtained a financial aid package this spring that gave the carrier access to up to C$5.9 billion ($4.84 billion) in funds through a loan program.

The carrier said it has been refunding nonrefundable tickets as part of the Canadian government’s financial package. Since April 13 eligible customers have been able to obtain refunds for previously issued nonrefundable tickets, it said.

The Transportation Department disclosed it is also “actively investigating the refund practices of other U.S. and foreign carriers flying to and from the United States” and said it will take “enforcement action” as appropriate.

The administration said the Air Canada penalty sought was over “extreme delays in providing the required refunds.”

Refund requests spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since March 2020, the Transportation Department has received over 6,000 complaints against Air Canada from consumers who said they were denied refunds for flights canceled or significantly changed. The department said the airline committed a minimum of 5,110 violations and passengers waited anywhere from five to 13 months to receive refunds.

Last month, a trade group told U.S. lawmakers that 11 U.S. airlines issued $12.84 billion in cash refunds to customers in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic upended the travel industry.

In May, Democratic Senators Edward Markey and Richard Blumenthal called on carriers to issue cash refunds whether flights were canceled by the airline or traveler.

($1 = 1.2195 Canadian dollars)

(Reporting by David Shepardson in WashingtonAdditional reporting by Allison Lampert in MontrealEditing by Matthew Lewis)

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