We heard last week that one case of influenza-A had been confirmed in the Porcupine Health Unit’s jurisdiction.

Public health nurse Katelin Gambino says that’s the last number we’ll hear this flu season.

“After we have a lab-confirmed case of influenza, we expect to see others showing up in our region and it’s totally normal to see that,” she says.  “We are aware that influenza is circulating in the communities in our area and it’s important that people take precautions not to spread their germs.”

Gambino notes that a stomach ailments is not usually part of influenza.

“GI symptoms are not typical of influenza and most people who get influenza feel much sicker than they would with a simple cold or stomach flu.”

Symptoms you will experience are just like a bad cold with the added all-over aches and pains, fever, headache and fatigue.

Gambino says that all usually lasts about five days.