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BlackBerry Stock Investment for 2021?



BlackBerry (TSX:BB)(NYSE:BB) stock flies under the radar. Most people think the company still makes smartphones. What they don’t know is that this company has totally reinvented itself.

Right now, BlackBerry has multiple bets on rapid-growth markets that could turn a $1,000 investment into $10,000 or more. Few investors are paying attention, but this could prove the best investment of 2021.

Get in early

Why should you take a bet on a company that will grow in 2021? Why not stick with 2020 winners?

BlackBerry is a tech stock focused on one of the most lucrative segments: cybersecurity software. This market is growing like a weed, and valuations are commensurately high.

For example, CrowdStrike trades at 44 times sales. That’s a hefty price tag, until you realize sales have doubled every year since 2017. The cybersecurity software market is a gold mine if you can figure out how to tap it.

As a new industry player, BlackBerry’s valuation is deeply discounted. Shares trade at just 2.7 times sales. That’s 90% lower than peers like CrowdStrike.

The rewards for getting in early are clear, as you benefit from two tailwinds.

First, you win when the valuation multiple trends towards the industry average. BlackBerry may never reach the levels of CrowdStrike, but it would be very reasonable to expect shares to trade at 10 times sales. That’s where much of the industry trades, and still represents 200% upside through multiple reversion alone.

Second, you’re able to buy these high-growth rates at low-growth prices. As the company ramps up its cybersecurity businesses, growth should consistently be in the double digits. Sales growth will only compound the multiple reversion returns.

BlackBerry stock is ready

The market hasn’t figured it out yet, but BlackBerry just finished a multi-year turnaround that will transform the business from a money loser into a true growth stock. This isn’t a transition waiting to happen; it’s already done.

The company’s portfolio of cybersecurity tech already leads the industry in some areas. Its Cylance division uses artificial intelligence to protect endpoints from attack before the attacks even occur. That’s useful in high-risk applications with catastrophic costs of failure, like self-driving cars.

Speaking of autonomous vehicles, BlackBerry’s QNX cybersecurity platform is already installed in more than 160 million cars worldwide. Nine out of 10 global manufacturers use the platform. As our cars get more connected, BlackBerry is in the lead to provide the cybersecurity component. It could become the Microsoft Windows for cars.

The market doesn’t trust that the company has turned a corner. That keeps the valuation multiple extremely depressed. Once there are signs of growth, expect that valuation gap to narrow quickly.

We may have just reached that milestone. Last week, the company shocked analysts by posting positive organic growth rates. The market was expecting a decline in revenue. John Chen, the company’s CEO, stressed that this is a turning point for BlackBerry. The stock popped 10% on the news.

Everything is lining up for BlackBerry stock to have a promising year in 2021. Through multiple reversion or underlying organic growth, there are several ways to win.

We like our latest stock pick (below) even more than BlackBerry.


Source:- The Motley Fool Canada

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Download Bitcoin Investment App for Online Trading – Net Newsledger



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ROGER TAYLOR: CPP's investment head says sticking with oil and gas companies will help wind, solar development – Cape Breton Post



Climate change is important to the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, but it’s not ready to divest of its holdings in conventional oil and gas.

Although a segment of the Canadian population may want the CPPIB to drop conventional energy, the board’s top spokesman says its investment decisions are not necessarily motivated by politics or a change in public policy.

Michel Leduc, CPPIB senior managing director and global head of public affairs and communications, said in a phone interview on Monday that conventional energy sources are not going away as quickly as some people may believe, and oil and gas will have a role in the global economy for some time to come.

Michel Leduc is senior managing director and global head of public affairs and communications at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. – Contributed

It is the investment board’s view that conventional oil and gas is still a good investment, providing a good return for years to come, said Leduc, and the board will maintain such investments.

The conventional oil and gas companies are making the switch to unconventional wind and solar energy themselves, Leduc argued, so if the CPPIB was to cut its investment in such companies it would actually help slow the transition from conventional to renewable energy.

The subject of energy may come up again Tuesday when Leduc hosts a CPPIB virtual town hall for Nova Scotians, during which he will explain what the investment board is doing with its $430-billion fund.

Every second year, the CPPIB holds public meetings individually for each province and the northern territories throughout October. Nova Scotia is the second last of year’s presentations.

There are a total of 20 million CPP contributors and beneficiaries in Canada and, of that, there are 461,799 contributors and 220,693 retirement beneficiaries in Nova Scotia.

Leduc said that despite the economic concern brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the solvency and sustainability of the Canada Pension Plan is on solid footing for at least the next 75 years.

Before the creation of the CPPIB in 1997, the Canada Pension Plan was 100 per cent invested in government debt, Leduc said. To better prepare for so-called black swan events, such as a pandemic, the investment board has diversified the fund.

The fund is invested in three broad categories: 20 per cent in fixed income, which is mainly sovereign bonds and provincial bonds; 53 per cent in equities, both publicly traded stocks and private companies wholly controlled by the CPPIB; and the remainder would be in real assets, which includes toll roads, commercial real estate and ports, which provide steady income for a long period.

Geographically, only about 15 per cent of the CPPIB’s investments are in Canada, Leduc said, and about 85 per cent is invested across the developed economies of the world.

Considering that Canada represents only about three per cent of global markets, most of the CPPIB investments are outside of the country to be fully diversified and protect the fund from downturns in the Canadian economy.

The largest portion of the outside investments are in the United States, followed by Europe, Japan, South Korea and then developing countries, which includes China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

In Canada, the fund is invested in both conventional and renewable energy, the financial sector and technology, including Ottawa-based tech darling Shopify, Leduc said.

The CPPIB has a 50 per cent holding in the 401 toll highway in Ontario, which has proven to be the investment board’s biggest return on investment so far, he said.

In Nova Scotia, the fund has investments in Empire Co. Ltd., parent of the Sobeys grocery chain, and Crombie REIT, both of which are controlled by the founding Sobey family of Pictou County.

Internationally, the CPPIB owns 23 ports in the United Kingdom, which also provide steady income over a long period.


The virtual Canada Pension Plan Investment Board town halls are accessed at The Nova Scotia session is scheduled for today from noon to 1 p.m.

To join, click the link for the meeting and register with an email address. Registrants will get a response and can submit a question in advance.

In Nova Scotia, 461,799 residents are CPP contributors (47.9 per cent of the provincial population) and 220,693 are CPP retirement beneficiaries (22.9 per cent of the population).


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Jarvis: A massive, game-changing investment – Windsor Star



Article content continued

So the third shift is forecast to return in 2024, when mass production of the new vehicle begins. All 425 workers still laid off are expected to have the opportunity to be recalled plus another 1,500 are expected to be hired.

Here’s the but.

Workers will have to weather more layoffs before more jobs come back.

“We’ve got another down week coming. That’s already been announced,” said Dias. “I wish I could say with conviction that everything is going to be fine after the down week, but I really can’t say that.”

Everything is tied to consumer demand. Minivan sales are stable now, he said, “but it’s not like it was.”

There are also questions about the investment, said Automotive News Canada reporter John Irwin.

Normally, when negotiations lead to a new investment, that investment happens before the contract expires. Mass production of the new vehicle announced as part of this contract won’t start until 2024, after the contract expires.

But retooling for the new product will start in 2023, before the contract expires, Dias said.

The auto industry makes these decisions four to five years in advance, he said.

“If we had waited another three years to talk about this investment, it probably would have been in Mexico,” he said.

The agreement also doesn’t identify the vehicle to be produced, only that it will be a plug-in hybrid “and/or” battery-powered electric vehicle.

A key feature is that the platform will be flexible enough to build cars, crossovers or pickups, Dias said.

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