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2019 was 'historic' but 2020 could be the 'greatest' for Apple, says analyst – Times of India



Last year this time, it was supposed to be all doom and gloom for Apple. There were reports about the iPhones XS, XS Max and XR not doing well and the Cupertino-based tech giant was ‘struggling’, according to most analysts. Now, an analyst says that the turnaround of Apple has been CEO Tim Cook’s “finest hour.” A report by CultofMac quotes Dan Ives, an analyst with Wedbush, who says that Apple had a “historic year” in 2019 and is set to have a great 2020 as well.

The CultofMac report cites an investor note by Ives, where he wrote, “A year ago Cupertino was facing major Herculean-like challenges around lagging China demand, tariff escalation on the horizon, increasing competition on smartphones, and trailing Samsung and others in the key 5G race,” Ives writes. He further said that investors thought that Apple’s growth story was over.

Ives says that Cook turned it around with critical decisions like settling long-standing dispute with Qualcomm, acquiring Intel’s modem business for a billion dollars, carefully managing to ‘sort’ the China problem, and of course, the launch of iPhone 11.

For 2020, Ives is overtly optimistic for Apple as he says that, “To this point, we believe 200 million units could be the starting point for 5G Apple smartphone demand as roughly 350 million iPhones within the 900 million installed base of Cupertino are currently in the window of an upgrade opportunity.”

Clearly, Ives believes that a 5G iPhone could be a definite game changer for Apple. He also says that Apple will continue to see more growth in China particularly with Huawei still struggling with its various issues in the smartphone industry.

Apple, as per several rumours and leaks, is set to launch as many as five iPhones in 2020. Reports have indicated that the first iPhone of the year will be a really affordable variant, which is being touted as the successor to the iPhone SE.

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OnePlus 9 will come with a charger in the box – TechRadar



OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the company’s upcoming phones  – confirmed as the OnePlus 9, 9 Pro and 9E – will ship with a charger in the box.  

A year ago, this probably wouldn’t have been big news, but after both Apple and Samsung decided against shipping their latest flagship devices with chargers in the box (and look to continue the trend for future phone releases), OnePlus’ announcement is a refreshing one.

For those who know their chargers, all phones in the imminent OnePlus 9 line will come equipped with the company’s ultra-fast Warp Charge 65 variety, the same as was included with the OnePlus 8T.

Lau’s comments arrive alongside the first official teaser of the OnePlus 9 Pro, posted to the company’s official Twitter page. 

In the short clip, we catch a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse of the upper rear half of the 9 Pro, which includes four separate cameras and, of course, the Hasselblad logo, following the announcement of OnePlus’ partnership with the camera company.

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March ahead

The teaser also ends with a confirmation of the official OnePlus 9 series launch date.

The company intends to officially unveil its new smartphone range on March 23 via an online event streaming from the OnePlus website at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 2PM GMT.

Of course, there isn’t all that much to reveal, since we’ve pieced together a pretty clear picture of what to expect from the three upcoming devices. 

For all the latest information regarding specs, price, rumors and leaks, head over to our OnePlus 9 round-up page to read everything we think we know about the OnePlus 9 and its siblings.

Come March 23, we expect to learn the official prices of the devices – which is still a point of debate – as well as receive confirmation of a release date, which we anticipate will be a week or two after the announcement. 

  • OnePlus announces partnership with camera company Hasselblad 

Via GSMArena 

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How To Create Enticing Video Content – Forbes



The pandemic solidified our need for video entertainment. There’s nothing better than binging a new Netflix series or scrolling the TikTok For You Page for hours – and few disagree with that. Videos pull our attention in a way that blog posts, Instagram photos, or ads simply don’t, and there’s some psychology behind that: according to research from the University of Sydney, your eyes are attracted to movement, and because of that, people are 27 times more likely to click on a video ad as opposed to a banner ad. 

Of course, these videos have to be enticing and entertaining to keep the viewer’s attention after they’ve clicked. But videos are also sharable – and average 1,200% more shares than text and images combined, according to Idea Rocket Animation – meaning that when you create a really great piece of video content, there’s no telling what can be done with it. 

So, it’s no wonder why more brands and individuals are moving to video content as a form of marketing, but not in the way you think. Video-form ads aren’t always the move here. Modern day consumers automatically tune out anything that sounds promotional, or infomercial like, which presents a new opportunity to create a different type of video content than you’ve ever created before. You get to answer the question: what does my target consumer want most? What burning questions do they need answered? Here’s how to create enticing video content for your brand.

Choose A Medium

There is no shortage of options on video content mediums at the moment, due to the recent explosion of TikTok and the closely following introduction of Reels on Instagram. Then, there’s our trusty steed YouTube, which is still going strong. The medium you choose should come down to two factors, and the first is what type of content you want to create. TikTok and Reels are for short form content (60 seconds max and 30 seconds max, respectively), whereas YouTube is for long form content. 

The second factor is visibility. Many are flocking to TikTok and Reels because of the inherent promotion functionality, meaning that both platforms will then show your video to new audiences. However, you can also make a sneak peek, condensed version of your YouTube upload and repurpose for TikTok or reels. 

Create A Robust Content Plan 

The content should both be directly related to and in the same sphere as what it is that you do. Someone who has done an all-star job of this is Houston-based real estate mogul Julia Wang. Wang is changing the game of real estate with the closely knit inclusion of her personal brand in her marketing efforts. 

For example, her YouTube channel features content that is directly related to her work: a video that provides information to home listers about why they should stage their home and how to get home sales ready. Then, she also has content that is related to her work in real estate, but piques interest without being overtly promotional or salesy, such as her video, “What a $20M home in Houston looks like.” 

Follow this same structure in building out your content video plan. Ideally, there will be videos that offer direct educational advice or show off your product or service to the viewer, then other videos that are related. For example, if you own a pet accessory business, maybe you could also compile a montage of funny dog videos from your customers. This type of content will naturally attract other pet owners. 

Prove Why Consumers Can Trust You 

You may have heard the phrase “Know, Like, and Trust” – the three step process to winning a consumer’s purchase. “Know” means they’re aware of you. “Like” means they’re on board with your brand or feel compelled by your product. But “trust” is in a whole new sphere – when a consumer trusts you, you can count on them to be a repeat customer. 

Videos provide an unparalleled opportunity to establish trust with viewers, when done right. So, consider – what will make your consumer trust you most? Usually, it’s when you share something that should be coveted with them, like ‘secrets’ or ‘never before seen access.’

If you’re a personal brand or people know your name and face associated with your business, this may be sharing behind the scenes videos of a day in the life of building your company, or videos in which you share your story. If you’re a product-based business, maybe you take the cameras to the factory where your product is manufactured, or show the initial design prints you sketched. 

Providing pertinent information will also go far. If your company is a digital marketing firm, expose some of the ‘secrets’ of digital marketing, as if you’re teaching the consumer to go and do it on their own. Many companies shy away from this type of marketing, worried that they’re giving away trade secrets and eliminating the need for their service. The opposite is true. In order for consumers to trust you, they have to understand your processes and expertise. This is what will make them follow you and, eventually, hire you.

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New website tracks traces of COVID-19 in Calgary's wastewater | News – Daily Hive



There’s a new way to trace the COVID-19 virus in Calgary.

A collaboration between the University of Calgary, City of Calgary, and Alberta Health Services has made data available that tracks traces of the virus found in the city’s wastewater.

This information can be found on the Centre for Health Informatics (CHI) website, and it shows real-time SARS-CoV-2 RNA (the virus responsible for COVID-19) data for Alberta, including any traces in three different wastewater collection zones in Calgary.

The data can help identify to COVID-19 outbreaks early and determine areas of the city where infection rates are high.

Alberta Health Services is looking at this information as an additional tool to understand how the virus is spreading in the community, as high levels of traces of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater are followed by a rise in clinically diagnosed cases.

According to Dr. Michael Parkins, MD, associate professor at the Cumming School of Medicine and section chief for the Division of Infectious Diseases for AHS, “Wastewater data is unbiased and comprehensive.”

“It captures all cases in a defined population, including symptomatic and asymptomatic cases — not just those diagnosed cases,” Parkins continued in a media release.

Wastewater tracing data may even be helpful when government officials are making decisions about what can be reopened safely.

“Policy-makers might be interested to use wastewater tracking in specific locations, where you might be able to pick up on the outbreaks earlier and limit the spread,” says Danielle Southern, senior researcher at CHI.

“The wastewater could give us some predictive tools. Say you’re seeing it in a high school, that means it’s probably out in your community, whereas if it’s in a hospital, those people are likely constrained to that one place.”

Those interested can visit the Centre for Health Informatics online, where they’ll find a map of Calgary that’s been divided up into three areas, based on the collection zones for each City of Calgary water treatment plant.

The map is placed beside a graph with data points tracking any traces of SARS-CoV-2 found in wastewater on a chosen date, going as far as July 2020, when researchers started gathering samples.

“Each data point represents a 24-hour period, where a 100 ml sample is taken every 15 minutes to generate a 10-litre sample,” says Parkins. “We then test to look for evidence of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA genetic material.”

The CHI tracks a number of other datasets, including COVID-19 outbreak proportions in Alberta, variants of the virus in the province, and weekly deaths by age group.

This tracking has been expanded over the past 11 months, based on questions the CHI has received from policy-makers and government officials.

“Originally it was, ‘what measures should we put in place?’, and now it’s shifted to, ‘what can we re-open safely?’” says Southern.

Researchers hope to soon be able to share more precise information from location-specific sampling.

“Wastewater testing has tremendous potential to help keep our communities safe, and catch outbreaks before they reach critical mass,” says Parkins. “The further we can take this research, the better.”

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