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Apple says Android has up to 47x more malware than iPhone in continued pushback against sideloading – 9to5Mac



Amid growing pressure from private companies and governments to allow sideloading on iOS, Apple is out today with a new security paper diving into real-world data on how malware is impacting mobile devices. Along with statistics like Android having between 15 and 47 times more malware than iPhone, Apple is making its latest case against sideloading with data and recommendations from the US Department of Homeland Security, European Agency for Cybersecurity, NIST, Norton, and more.

As proposed legislation in the US, Europe, and elsewhere aims to force Apple to allow sideloading on iOS, the company is out today with a new security report that goes in-depth on why it believes opening up the App Store is a harmful idea. Today’s paper comes as a follow-up to the guide it published in June on the benefits of its curated App Store.

Titled “Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Apps – A threat analysis of sideloading,” the new report is a 28-page document that covers:

  • Current mobile threat landscape
  • Snapshot of common consumer mobile malware
  • How mobile malware attacks access devices
  • Risks of opening the iOS ecosystem
  • The limited mechanism to distribute apps outside of the App Store
  • The impact of sidloading on iOS
  • Sideloading and iOS users
  • Guidance from security experts

At the outset, Apple reiterates that it believes opening iOS to sideloading would “cripple the privacy and security protections that have made iPhone so secure, and expose users to serious security risks.”

The first page also highlights reports from Nokia in 2019 and 2020 that showed malware on Android (which supports sideloading) was between 15 to 47 times greater over the last four years than it was on iPhone.

Apple closes out its introduction by saying that “mobile malware harms consumers, companies, developers, and advertisers.”

Apple also claims that even users who don’t want to sideload apps could be at risk if iOS was forced to open the ecosystem.

Users also may have no choice other than sideloading an app that they need to connect with family and friends because the app is not made available on the App Store. For example, if sideloading were permitted, some companies may choose to distribute their apps solely outside of the App Store.

And another concern Apple brings up is those who would mimic the App Store or use freebies to encourage sideloading apps.

Cybercriminals may trick users into sideloading apps by mimicking the appearance of the App Store, or by touting free or expanded access to services or exclusive features.

The new Apple report also mentions recent Android trojans like Banker.BR, TeaBot, and BlackRock, the latter of which steals login credentials from 450 online services and poses as the popular Clubhouse app.

Apple believes that “Sideloading would make it easier and cheaper to execute many attacks that are currently difficult and costly to execute on iOS” and open a door to harming users, businesses, developers, and advertisers.

In closing, Apple cites seven sources from the US Department of Homeland Security to the European Agency for Cybersecurity to Norton to help make its case. You can find Apple’s full October security paper here.

In contrast, European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, previously said Apple shouldn’t use privacy and security concerns as a shield for anticompetitive behavior. And Epic Games plus the Coalition for App Fairness of course agree with that belief.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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Tesla says new factories will need time to ramp up, posts record revenue



Tesla Inc said on Wednesday its upcoming factories and supply-chain headwinds would put pressure on its margins after it beat Wall Street expectations for third-quarter revenue on the back of record deliveries.

The world’s most valuable automaker has weathered the pandemic and the global supply-chain crisis better than rivals, posting record revenue for the fifth consecutive quarter in the July-to-September period, fueled by a production build-up at its Chinese factory.

But the company led by billionaire Elon Musk faces challenges growing earnings in coming quarters due to supply chain disruptions and the time required to ramp up production at new factories in Berlin and Texas.

“There’s quite an execution journey ahead of us,” Chief Financial Officer Zachary Kirkhorn said, referring to the new factories.

Price fluctuations of raw materials such as nickel and aluminum had created an “uncertain environment with respect to cost structure”, he added.

Even so, he said Tesla was “quite a bit ahead” of its plan to increase deliveries by 50% this year.

“Q4 production will depend heavily on availability of parts, but we are driving for continued growth,” he said.

Tesla shares, up about 23% this year, were down about 0.6% in extended trade late on Wednesday.

Musk himself was not present on the quarterly earnings call for the first time, a development that may have disappointed those investors keen to hear the celebrity CEO’s latest thoughts.

Third-quarter revenue rose to $13.76 billion from $8.77 billion a year earlier, slightly beating analyst expectations according to IBES data from Refinitiv.

Tesla’s automotive gross margin, excluding environmental credits, rose to 28.8%, from 25.8% the previous quarter.

Tesla’s overall average price fell as it sold more lower-priced Model 3 and Model Y cars, but it raised prices in the United States.

The company posted robust sales in China, where its low-cost Shanghai factory has surpassed the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, in terms of production.

Tesla also said it intended to use lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, which is cheaper than traditional batteries but offers lower range, in entry-level models sold outside China. Analysts said this would help keep costs down and address shortages.

It expected the first vehicles equipped with its own 4680, bigger battery cells to be delivered early next year, although it did not say which model would be fitted with them. Musk said in September last year that using its own cells would let Tesla offer a $25,000 car in three years.

In the third quarter, Tesla posted $279 million in revenue from sales of environmental credits, the lowest level in nearly two years. The company sells its excess environmental credits to other automakers that are trying to comply with regulations in California and elsewhere.


(Reporting by Hyunjoo Jin in San Francisco and Subrat Patnaik in Bengaluru; Editing by Matthew Lewis and Stephen Coates)

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Samsungs Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition lets users customize their phone – MobileSyrup



Samsung is letting customers customize their handsets with a new ‘Bespoke Edition’ of the foldable Galaxy Z Flip 3.

The Bespoke Edition lets users configure the foldable smartphone with one or two frame colours (black or silver) and five-panel colours, including ‘Black,’ ‘White,’ ‘Yellow,’ ‘Pink’ and ‘Blue.’

The Bespoke Edition will be available starting October 20th for $1,399.99 CAD.

Samsung says altogether this gives users 49 different colour combinations.

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Additionally, the South Korean company will let users change their device’s colours after purchasing the smartphones with ‘Bespoke Upgrade Care.’

There will also be the Galaxy Watch 4 Bespoke Studio wearables that let users customize their smartwatch before purchasing. It seems like the Z Fold 3 isn’t getting a Bespoke Edition, which is odd considering it was possible to change the frame of the Z Fold 2.

The Bespoke Studio starts at $329.99 for the 40mm variant and the $459.99 for the 42mm version.

Samsung also announced a collaboration with the designer brand Maison Kitsuné that includes special brand editions of the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Watch 4. The special edition designs include cute fox branding on both the watch and buds.

The Maison Kitsuné 40mm Galaxy Watch costs $529.99. And the Maison Kitsuné Edition Galaxy Buds 2 costs $349.99.

The South Korean tech giant is also releasing a Galaxy Watch 4 update that lets users customize their watch faces and the mix and match complications. This update brings gesture controls and the ability to activate an app with a knock-knock motion on your wrist.

To learn more about the Galaxy Z Flip 3, check out my review of the foldable smartphone.

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Watch the Google Pixel Fall Launch Event in under 13 minutes [VIDEO] – Chrome Unboxed



Though it wasn’t a crazy-long presentation on Tuesday, the nearly-one-hour Pixel 6 launch event packed a ton of info into 60 minutes. While I don’t think Google did much on the fluff side of things, there were definitely some fun transitions, extra commentary, and needed visual flare that took up more time than absolutely necessary. That’s the case with every major tech event, and as a viewer, I do appreciate a bit of that.

On the other hand, we also know that many of you are short on time for events like these. You need the details and you need them quick before you decide which phone to purchase going into the fall. I get it. As a matter of fact, many tech events are better consumed without all the extra stuff between the facts.

So, in that light, we decided to put together a quick cut of the Google Pixel Fall Launch that takes the event from 54 minutes and 28 seconds all the way down to under 13 minutes. You’ll still get all the details, all the visual flare, and all the software/hardware examples you could want, but you can watch it during halftime of a football game.

[embedded content]

As you all know, Google used this event to launch Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, showing off the new design, their own custom SoC in Tensor, a bunch of new camera tricks like Magic Eraser, Face Unblur, Motion Mode and Real Tone, and some pretty sweet on-device AI/ML things that this phone can do that no other can match. On-device, real-time translation and the enhanced voice typing are two that really stuck out to me.

Trust me, this is one tech presentation you want to watch. To be honest, I’d tell you to go watch the original version and fully enjoy what Google put together. But if you simply don’t have time, we get it. Enjoy the video above and hopefully arm yourself to make a better purchasing decision sooner rather than later. We’re honestly not sure what Google’s inventory looks like this year, so I’d avoid waiting as much as possible.

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