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Apple Silicon Mac speculation: The good, the bummer, and the ugly at today's event – ZDNet



Will we see Macs with color choices? Maybe. Maybe not.

Tomorrow is Apple’s “One More Thing” event. If you’re a long-time Apple watcher, the “one more thing” idea probably holds a special place in your heart because of how the phrase was used in the yearly Stevenotes. At the end of a keynote, Jobs often paused and then teased, “One more thing.”

Apple Silicon

The first “one more thing” was the announcement in 1998 that the then-beleaguered Apple had returned to profitability. One of the earliest Wi-Fi routers, the AirPort, was introduced in a “one more thing.” Year after year, just as the keynote ended, Steve came out and used the magic phrase, “One more thing.”

The “one more thing” promise has only showed up three times since Jobs’ death in 2011. In 2014, Apple announced the Watch. In 2015, Apple announced Apple Music. And in 2017, to almost nobody’s surprise, Apple announced the iPhone X. That was the last “one more thing” we’ve seen.

Until now. This time, the entire event is titled “one more thing.” And, given Apple’s earlier announcement of plans to completely replace Intel in Macs with its own silicon, we can reasonably expect this announcement to be all about new Apple silicon-based Macs.

The good

Let’s start with the three vectors of goodness that should eventually come from Apple’s transition to its own processor architecture.

The first is battery life. Apple has put billions of research dollars into extending battery life for its phones and tablets, all of which live on top of Apple-designed chips. Apple designed its chips with battery life in mind, so they’re strongly optimized for energy utilization. All that research will be inherited by Macs running Apple silicon.

Next is speed. The Apple chipset is pretty impressive when it comes to speed. We’ve seen amazing capabilities in iPad Pros and we’re starting to see some early numbers from the new A14 Bionic chips in this year’s phones.

While you can get fast on Intel, heat and power consumption has always been an issue. Those issues will be less of a concern with Apple Silicon, so it might be possible to take the processor as far as it can go on Macs.

Finally, there’s price. Apple pays Intel for its chips. That includes a built-in profit for Intel. No one would ever say that Apple is going to forgo profit, but Apple Silicon chips will come to Apple at cost, which will definitely save Apple money.

Will any of those savings be passed on to consumers in the form of lower-cost Macs? Probably not. But Apple may well produce higher-performing and more feature-rich Macs at price points similar to historic norms.

So that’s the all good. Let’s move onto the possible bummers.

The bummer

While no tea leaves are required to tell you that Apple is likely to introduce an Apple Silicon-based Mac, the overall design is likely to remain the same.

Don’t go expecting a touch screen-based MacBook Pro, just because the iPad and the new Mac use the same chip architecture. While there’s a chance Apple might finally add touch screen Macs, they’ve never shown the inclination. (It differentiates the iPad and Mac.)

More to the point, it’s never a good idea to make too many changes in one release. Apple is already making a huge change with processors, which necessitates completely reengineering the internal hardware and adding all sorts of emulation capabilities. It’s therefore unlikely that the company would also change much of anything else.

That leaves out the possibility of a new look. Most likely, the Macs introduced at “One More Thing” will be of exactly the same design as we’ve seen before. On the other hand… well, see my guesses, further on in the article.

The ugly

The ugly, of course, begs the question: “How will they suck?”

Wait! Don’t start banging away “You suck, too!” comments and tweets. I’m not being negative just to troll y’all. It’s just that when an entire computer line transitions from one processor architecture to another very different architecture, there will be compromises and compatibility issues. Some stuff will suck, at least for a while.

Let’s start with the newest MacOS release, Big Sur. Big Sur is late. Normally, Apple announces a new OS release at WWDC in June and ships it right after the Apple event in September. Big Sur did not ship in September. It could be because of all the interruptions due to COVID, or it could be because Big Sur needs to support an entirely different architecture (as well as Intel Macs) and that’s a heavy lift.

In any case, Big Sur for Intel Macs did not come out in September, which may indicate that it needed some more time to bake. That could be trouble, because Apple doesn’t exactly have a track record of great initial releases.

There will also undoubtedly be software compatibility issues. Before I talk about that, let’s give Apple credit where credit is due. Apple has an amazing track record of OS migrations. Apple has done this twice before and built up tremendous institutional knowledge in the process.

But since there will be some combination of Rosetta 2 processor emulation along with newly compiled apps for the new architecture, expect some growing pains.

There will be some programs that just won’t work, some hopefully that will work just fine, and probably more than a few that are simply a little bit more cranky than you’d like — I’m looking at you, Adobe Premiere.

I am hoping that Apple will have ported and optimized a couple of showcase apps — Logic and Final Cut come to mind — that can demonstrate the benefits of Apple Silicon when optimized properly. It would be nice to see something blazingly fast along with what will undoubtedly be some somewhat clunky apps running in emulation.

Of course, Apple being Apple, there could be something else that goes horribly wrong. It could be taking a much-beloved keyboard and replacing it with an unmitigated disaster. It could be a rash of battery explosions. It could be removing a particularly useful and universally loved headphone jack from the machine. It could be removing almost all the ports. Whatever it is, Apple does have a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

We won’t know about these worrisome issues in Tuesday’s keynote, which will undoubtedly be presented in a warp bubble sustained by a reality distortion field. So, if there’s gonna be suck, you probably won’t know until after you pays your money and you takes your chances.

My guesses

Most of the event will be devoted to the announcement of new Apple Silicon Macs. The rumor mill seems to think those will be a 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, along with a 16-inch MacBook Pro. You can pretty much expect a renewed discussion of Big Sur’s capabilities, and possibly a new iPad.

But what’s the “One More Thing”?

It could be a new Intel Mac. Yeah, seriously. Apple says that the Apple Silicon migration will take two years and we’re only a few months in. That seems to imply that there will be more Intel Macs. My bet is on another Intel MacBook Pro or an upgraded Mac Pro. But I could be wrong. It could be the new 14-inch MacBook with small bezels, because if Apple were to innovate on design, it would be on a known quantity like Intel Macs.

It could be AR glasses but, no, it couldn’t. Let’s not kid ourselves. That’s not a this year thing.

It could be an upgraded iPad. Okay. Sure. But that’s not really exciting.

It could be Apple AirTags, which have been rolling around in the rumor mills for a while now. They’re not at all exciting and they’ve been done before, but that’s never stopped Apple.

It could be something none of us suspect, like an Appleified self-levitating hover scooter. I know it’s not probable, but Apple might want to get in on the growing $41 billion scooter market. No, I’m not making this up. The scooter market is actually projected to grow that big. But yeah, I am making up the idea that Apple might be going there. After all, an iScoot would interfere with the Apple Car project (which is probably quite dead, to be honest).

No, I think I know what the One More Thing event’s “one more thing” will be. I think it will be Macs in multiple colors. After all, Apple has to differentiate the Apple Silicon Macs from the Intel Macs somehow. They use darker gray to indicate Pro gear. So why not blue or green or (PRODUCT)RED as colors?

Anyway, that’s my thinking. That and possibly an Apple Silicon Mac mini. They’ve already shipped one of those to developers, so it’s not much of a stretch.

What do you think? What will be the “one more thing” at One More Thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Walmart Black Friday deal not only saves you $80 – it crushes the the price of the AirPods Pro to the cheapest we’ve ever seen.

The AirPods Pro come with a wireless charging case and noise-canceling tech, and pair seamlessly with iPhones. There’s no word on how long this $169 AirPods Pro Walmart deal will last, so you better be quick come 7pm ET.

AirPods Pro Black Friday deal

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The AirPods Pro earbuds are a step up from the standard AirPods. You get noise cancellation onboard, for blocking out background noise, and different sized ear tips for finding the perfect size. That was one of the main criticisms of the normal AirPods – their one size fit some people fine, but not others.

They sound better than the standard AirPods, too. Apple still favors a neutral tonal balance, rather than tipping the scales in the direction of bass, but that easygoing nature is especially good with lower-quality streams. They also have a spaciousness that’s rare with in-ear headphones, which allows the instruments room to breathe.


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From Amazon to Walmart, no retailer can keep enough in stock to satisfy demand. As a result, the console is selling at nearly double its retail price in the resell market.

Calling the PlayStation 5 its “biggest console launch ever,” Sony said that the demand for PS5 is unprecedented and that “more PS5 inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year.”

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Apple Black Friday 2020: Best Apple Watch Deals Including Series 3 From $119 – MacRumors



Black Friday sales have begun on a variety of products, including the Apple Watch. There are quite a few deals across the Apple Watch lineup this year, including one of the lowest price we’ve ever seen the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watc black friday 20 sale featureNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Amazon and Walmart are offering the 38mm GPS Apple Watch Series 3 for just $119.00, down from $179.00. You can also get the 42mm GPS model from Amazon and Walmart for $149.00, down from $209.00. Both of these sales represent the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for the Apple Watch Series 3, and the 2017 model of the Apple Watch makes a solid holiday gift for someone looking to get into Apple’s wearable family.

As a note, stock is very limited for these models and retailers appear to be running out fast. Make your purchases soon if you’re interested.

Apple Watch SE

For a step up, Apple also offers the Apple Watch SE, which offers many of the latest features but at a value price. Sport band GPS models are discounted by $20 at Amazon, priced at $259.00 for 40mm and $289.00 for 44mm.

Cellular models of the Apple Watch SE are also on sale, with most models similarly discounted by $20 to $309.00 for 40mm and $339.00 for 44mm. There is, however, one 44mm model in silver with a Deep Navy Sport Loop available for $309.99, a $49 savings.

Apple Watch Series 6

If you’re looking for the most advanced Apple Watch, Amazon also has a few notable deals on those. The 40mm GPS Apple Watch Series 6 (PRODUCT)RED is $329.98 this week, a $69 discount from the regular price $399.00. Other 40mm models are priced at $379.

For the 44mm GPS models, Amazon is currently showing all of them at $379.99 after a coupon is automatically applied at checkout, down from $429.00. Across the board, these are the best prices available online so far this week.

You can save even more (up to $120) if you’re interested in a cellular model, with 40mm stainless steel Milanese Loop models priced at $699.00, stainless steel sport band models priced at $579.00, and a (PRODUCT)RED aluminum model discounted by $109 to $389.98. Discounts and availability on 44mm cellular models are more limited, with with a few models available for $479.99 after a $29.01 checkout discount.

Most of these sales are the best deals we’ve tracked to date on the Apple Watch Series 6, which sports ways to measure your heart rhythm and blood oxygen levels. In terms of deep discounts, the Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 3 are the only notable models getting marked down at the major retailers this Black Friday.

Be sure to visit our full Black Friday Roundup to shop for even more Apple-related products and accessories on sale this week.

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