Six sets of two posters each that are showing up in vacant store windows in downtown Timmins are the work of two Toronto artists. They are, however, on the theme of “Living in Timmins.”

The artwork is financed by a Toronto-based organization dedicated to brightening up downtowns.

Timmins BIA executive director Cindy Campbell says that group will issue a public call for artists this fall.

“Based on Northern Ontario and especially Timmins’ participation,” she points out, “they’re specifically reaching out to indigenous and northern artists to become part of the roster so their artwork can be shown across Canada.”

Campbell says any time someone stops to look at the art, they could realize that there’s potential in that store space.

“All of a sudden that maybe Mom and Pop business idea that was in the back of your head becomes a reality,” she remarks. “‘If I can showcase my products like they’re showcasing what they’re doing, I have a chance at a business.’”

The art was officially unveiled on Wednesday at the following addresses:

  • 75 Pine St. S
  • 85 Pine St S.
  • 264 Third Ave
  • 221 Third Ave
  • 166 Third Ave
  • 123 Third Ave