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Best Prime Day Apple Deals: $199 AirPods Pro, $849 MacBook Air, $749 iPad Pro – Forbes



If there’s a brand you’d like to get hold of at a bargain price, it’s probably going to be Apple. The company’s products are premium-quality with assured build quality, dazzling design and impeccable performance. That’s why Prime Day Apple deals are some of the most popular discounts featured during Amazon’s two-day sales frenzy, currently in full swing.

So, if you can buy Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro for a fraction of the regular price, well, who’s complaining? Read on for the best Apple products whose prices are being cut down to size this Prime Day. But, be warned, these items are in high demand, so if you see what you want, be prepared to move fast!

Best Prime Day Apple Deals: AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

If you want comfortable, lightweight earbuds that stay in your ears securely and have outstanding audio, look no further. Not only has Apple built something tiny but good-looking, with great battery life, but it has supplied three sizes of ear tips for the perfect fit. And even that’s only half the audio story. Active noise-canceling means that the AirPods Pro use microphones to listen to the outside world, then produce the exact opposite sound to cancel it out, leaving you with nothing but the music.

If you want to hear the outside world, just choose the Transparency Mode which turns the volume down on the music and uses the microphones to let you hear the person talking to you. It’s hard to overstate how brilliant these earbuds are – and this is a sensational price for them. You’d normally pay $249 for them – this Prime Day reduction sees a 20% price cut, that’s $50 off, so they’re just $199. The same price is also available at Walmart. Note that if you miss these deals, there’s also a reduction at Best Buy. It’s not quite as good, just $15 off, but $234.99 is still a good price.

Best Prime Day Apple Deals: Classic Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods With Charging Case (Wired)

Maybe you don’t feel you need the noise-canceling feature (although, trust me, it’s terrific) or you prefer the look of the classic AirPods. Well, Prime Day can help you out here, too. The original AirPods usually cost $159, but there’s a 21% reduction right now, that’s $34.01 off, taking them down to just $124.99.

These are outstanding earbuds that look and sound fantastic, with neat features like sensors which know when you’ve taken an earbud out of your ear to hear what someone’s saying to you, and pause the playback automatically until you put it back again. Clever, huh?

You can also find a reduction on AirPods at Best Buy: $129.99. And Walmart undercuts the Best Buy price by 99c.

Prime Day Apple Deals: AirPods With Charging Case

Apple AirPods With Wireless Charging Case

Wireless charging is a real benefit, a palpable convenience that’s highly enjoyable. So, Apple added an optional wireless charging case for the classic AirPods. Usually, you would pay $199 for this, but right now, the price is slashed by $39.01 to just $159.99, a significant 20% savings. The performance of the AirPods is identical to the cheaper version, but the extra usefulness of wireless charging is brilliant and at this price, it’s like you’re getting this additional feature for no cost. Or turn to Best Buy or Walmart for a price-match ($159.99).

Best Prime Day Apple Deals: iPad (8th Gen)

Apple 10.2-inch iPad (8th Gen)

The latest iPad, just announced a couple of weeks ago at an already-attractive price of $329, is reduced on Prime Day by $30, that’s 9%, to $299, which is amazing value. This is a screaming-value product that just got louder, and comes in three colors, Space Gray, Silver and Gold aluminum finishes.

Best Prime Day Apple Deals: iPad Pro

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

If you want the best in terms of features and performance, the iPad Pro is irresistible – and more powerful than most laptops to boot. Choose from 11in or 12.9in displays, with other aspects, such as the dual cameras and LiDAR scanner for Augmented Reality features, the same across both sizes.

The iPad Pro is a tremendous gadget and right now it’s available for sensational prices, with $50 off each size model. That means $749 instead of $799 for the 11-incher, and $949 instead of $999 for the larger, 12.9in model.

Best Prime Day Apple Deals: MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Maybe a full-on laptop is what you’re after. The MacBook Air is spectacular, with a gorgeous, light, thin profile, superb screen and keyboard and a fingerprint sensor for the power button. It’s the kind of laptop that, once you’ve used it, you really don’t care for anything else. The latest model costs $999, with a 256GB storage capacity, but right now, it’s $949.99 at Amazon.

But wait! Another $100 is removed at the checkout, meaning this amazing laptop is going to set you back just $849.99. Now, you just need to choose between Space Gray, Silver or Gold aluminum finishes. Decisions, decisions.

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The Best Prime Day Deals From Other Retailers

Amazon isn’t the only shop getting in on the Prime Day fun. Scores of other retailers, from Nordstrom to B&H Photo and Best Buy, are running Prime Day sales of their own.

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Weekly poll results: iPhone 12 mini wins big, followed by Pro Max, 12 Pro at the bottom – news –



There are two reasons why Apple released the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro first. One, they share most of their components, simplifying the build process. Two, Cupertino must have thought they are the two most interesting models out of the four.

And analysts think the same – Ming-Chi Kuo estimates 7-9 million units were ordered on day 1 and predicts that the mini and Pro Max will not be as popular. Last week’s poll shows the opposite, however, as the two models scheduled for a November launch can’t come soon enough. As usual, there’s a large contingent of people not interested in buying an iPhone.

Them aside, the iPhone 12 mini came out as the most desirable model. There’s nothing like it on the market, especially after Sony discontinued the Compact line (the Xperia 5 II isn’t all that small). This also made the mini a divisive phone – some say the regular iPhone 12 is better value for money as it has a larger screen and battery, others love the mini exactly for its size.

The interest in the smallest new iPhone may cause curious ripples in the smartphone market – some commenters believe (or, perhaps, hope) that Android makers will follow Apple’s lead and make tiny flagships once again.

Moving on, the second most popular model was the iPhone 12 Pro Max – the largest, most expensive phone in the series and the one with the best camera. The larger main camera sensor and the longer telephoto lens are exclusively available on the Max. This is also the largest iPhone ever with a 6.7” display.

Checking our Daily interest chart, the Max is well ahead of even the mini. Going back to Kuo’s predictions, the analyst believes that the Pro Max will make up 15-20% of all iPhone 12 models sold while the mini will be the least popular with a 10-15% share. One thing is certain, more people are looking up the larger phone – how many end up actually buying it will be known in about a month.

Weekly poll results: iPhone 12 mini wins big, followed by Pro Max, 12 Pro at the bottom

Next up is the vanilla iPhone 12. In some ways this was the largest year over year upgrade as LCD was swapped for OLED. And if you have an XR, the ultra wide camera is a new addition. However, Apple didn’t double the storage as it did on the two Pros, so people coming from an 11 or XR are looking at the same storage options (and 64 GB is starting to feel tight).

Finally, the iPhone 12 Pro garnered the least amount of attention among the new models, but it’s not all bad – it proved more popular than older iPhone models, which got a price cut as the 12-series was introduced. The 12 Pro offers a larger screen compared to the 11 Pro and XS (6.1” vs. 5.8”), double the base storage, LiDAR and a few other perks – not the least of which 5G.

Weekly poll results: iPhone 12 mini wins big, followed by Pro Max, 12 Pro at the bottom

Apple waited until the US, Europe and other key markets have developed 5G networks rather than launching last year when coverage was limited. We didn’t see a ton of excitement over the faster connectivity, though, it seems that potential buyers are more interested in the other upgrades on the 12-series.

Weekly poll results: iPhone 12 mini wins big, followed by Pro Max, 12 Pro at the bottom

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Raptic Shield iPhone 12 cases bring 10-ft. drop protection, clear back, more [Deal]



Whether you’ve already preordered your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro or are waiting for the iPhone 12 mini or Pro Max to launch, Raptic’s new cases for the entire iPhone 12 lineup are available now. The Raptic Shield iPhone 12 cases features 10-foot military-grade drop protection, a machined aluminum frame with clear backing to show off your iPhone’s color, and even an antimicrobial treatment. Read on for a closer look, as well as a special 20% off with code code “9to5MACiP12“ at checkout.

The Raptic Shield offers a great blend of form and function for your device. The case goes beyond MIL-STD-810G protection standards with testing that includes 10-foot drops onto concrete. The front of the case features a raised 1.2 mm lip, which offers further defense against rough surfaces, and forceful impacts on your screen.

Raptic’s Shield case incorporates a machined aluminum frame to offer complete protection of the iPhone 12’s new bezel design. The durable machined frame is also paired with a soft rubber bumper in addition to the honeycomb interior lining on the case, which provides superior shock absorption and multi-faceted protection on your device.

The Shield’s one-piece construction makes the case super easy to put on and take off, and was designed to complement the iPhone’s premium build. And with a clear polycarbonate back, you don’t have to choose between having reliable protection and seeing your iPhone 12’s color and sleek design.

Another valuable touch is that the Raptic Shield’s frame and back are infused with an antimicrobial treatment to keep your iPhone 12 clean and hygienic. The antimicrobial agents act to keep bacteria from gathering on the most frequently touched surfaces of your device. It’s also compatible with all Qi-certified chargers.

The Raptic Shield comes in Red, Black, Blue, Iridescent, Cranberry, Black & Red Gradient, and Teal Gradient for each of the latest iPhone models. Raptic offers a lifetime warranty and a 30-day hassle-free return policy.

20% off Raptic Shield for iPhone 12 models

With free shipping in the US, you can order the Raptic Shield now for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, as well as iPhone 12 Pro/Max now normally priced at $29.99. But for 9to5Mac readers, use the code “9to5MACiP12“ at checkout to get 20% off these new iPhone 12 cases.

Check out the Raptic Shield in action below including keeping the iPhone 12 protected from a 22-foot drop on concrete.

Source:- 9to5Mac

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MagSafe Chargers Might Leave Imprints on Leather Cases, Warns Apple



According to MacRumors, charging your iPhone wirelessly using Apple’s new MagSafe Charger while the device is in a case can leave circular imprints on the outer surface of the case from contact with Apple’s induction charging accessory.

Image: MacRumors

In a freshly published Apple Support document, the iPhone manufacturer specifically warned users of the possibility of circular imprints on Apple leather cases for the iPhone 12 lineup from contact with a MagSafe Charger.

This would indicate that while the issue exists in other soft cases as well, Apple’s leather cases may be most prone to it.

The same document also warns against having credit cards, security badges, passports, or other items with magnetic strips or RFID chips between an iPhone and a MagSafe Charger to avoid damage, that an iPhone won’t charge wirelessly if it is also connected to a wired charger, and that if an iPhone gets too warm during wireless charging, iOS might not let it charge past 80%.

Apple’s leather cases for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro — the only members of the iPhone 12 family launched so far — won’t be available for pre-order until November 6, so if Apple’s already warning users of the problem, they know how significant it really is.

Users were already not too happy with the fact that MagSafe charging is at least twice as slow as wired charging, and judging by community reactions, this is just adding insult to injury.

Source: – iPhone in Canada

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