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George North speaks out on social media 'nightmare' –



George North has revealed the extent of social media abuse aimed at Wales’ international rugby union players.

Captain Alun Wyn Jones came under fire on social media after England prop Joe Marler, who was subsequently banned for 10 weeks, grabbed Jones’ genitals during last Saturday’s Guinness Six Nations clash at Twickenham.

And Wales wing North, who has scored 40 tries for Wales during a glittering 95-cap career, has often been a target, even surrounding the concussion issues he has experienced during recent years.

“To be honest, that social media stuff, it’s a nightmare,” said North.

“It’s a great platform, to be so accessible to fans and vice versa, to sponsors and players alike. But the flipside is hard. Someone like Alun Wyn, he gives so much every day and people can just send him something that is not true because they have misread it.

“It wears down on you. He has got a young family and he doesn’t need that when he goes home.

“No one in their right mind would ever say it to his face. I don’t understand why he is getting the abuse he is if I am brutally honest.

“If you look at the situation he was put in (at Twickenham), I thought he dealt with it extremely well.

“It is easy enough when you are on a keyboard to say what you want. If they were to come into the environment, see the preparation we are doing, the lengths we go to – not just physically, but mentally – I would hope they would think differently about what they say and do.

“You put yourself in the shop window, you expect to have some of it, but when it is unjust or without any real knowledge or information behind it, it does drain hard.”

North has praised the Welsh Rugby Union’s work in helping them deal with social media negatives. He added: “The union are looking after the boys in a great way and try to turn a negative situation into a positive and have a laugh and a joke about it.

“They (trolls) only see that game on a Saturday where they think they could have done better if they hadn’t blown their knee out when they were 12, they would have played for Wales, obviously.”

North failed a head injury assessment during Wales’ defeat against France three weeks ago.

It was the latest such episode to affect him during his career, although it was his first head-related matter since 2016.

“Even walking around the supermarket, I get told I should retire,” he said.

“People comment without ever seeing me, treating me, knowing my symptoms, my history. People pluck the ones from 2015 and 2016 like it was yesterday, and the story goes round again.

“I take care of myself, I go to see a specialist and keep an eye on what I am doing. The general consensus with concussion is that we are in a much better place, but you put the social media fire in there and it goes through the roof.

“Weirdly (being on the pitch) it is the happiest place. There are no distractions, you are just doing your job. That is where you were playing when you were six or seven years old.

“Sometimes, I do think I will just can it (social media) and become a nomad.

“I have logged out a few times, for like a week or two weeks, and I have actually really enjoyed it. It has been quite nice not to know what is going on, not to be told you are rubbish.

“The majority of people are really good. They interact, they want to know what you are doing, they want to know positivity.”

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Weekly survey: How has your media consumption changed in the time of COVID-19? –



It’s eerie out there. Streets are emptier than 2 a.m. on Christmas morning. Businesses are closed. And how many times can you take the dog out for a walk before she says starts hiding when the leash comes out?

Now imagine if all this were happening in 2005. No social media. Blockbuster would be closed. No Netflix. Almost no one knew about podcasting. In other words, it could be worse.

There have been plenty of stories about how media consumption is changing. Are you listening to more radio? Perhaps for local news on the virus situation in your area. Maybe you need some musical escapism. Maybe you’re investigating more music on a streaming service like Spotify. Or watching more Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+, or YouTube. Or perhaps you’re passing the time by listening to more podcasts.

I realize that your answer might be “none of the above,” in which case you’re excused from this survey. But for everyone else, I’m curious about how you perceive any changes in your media consumption habits recently.

And if you think of it, please retweet. Let’s get as much data as we can, okay?

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Socialii makes social media management a lot more manageable. – The Next Web



TLDR: Socialii All-in-One Social Media Manager wrangles all your social media feeds into one place, saving you hours of time.

North Americans spend an average of two hours a day consuming, or more accurately, devouring social media. And that’s just the time spent scrolling and reading and viewing and sharing.

If you’re a brand trying to make an impact on social media, does that mean you need to be spending at least two hours a day crafting and curating content, engaging and boosting your profile? And if social media manager is just one of the hats you wear, do you really have two hours a day to devote solely to the unflinching 24/7/365 pursuit of a social presence?

The answer is, probably not. Instead, you’ve got to work smarter, not longer. Services like the Socialii All-in-One Social Media Manager can help keep you on top of all the social media networks you need to dominate without it becoming an unquenchable time suck. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to a Socialii Pro plan for just $49.99, over 90 percent off the regular price.

Rather than forcing you to hopscotch from platform to platform, Socialii’s ultra-simplified interface allows you to manage your social presence across multiple pages all in one place. With Socialii, you can publish to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and all the other most popular platforms immediately or you can schedule your posts to go live later.

In fact, Socialii is packed with a bunch of useful features for busy brand managers, including automated posting, email generation, audience targeting and more.

Socialii also offers deep-dive analytics so you’ll always be able to see exactly how your posts are doing as well as mine valuable user insight on your followers, fans and friends. 

Socialii can keep your audience interaction on point as well, alerting you to new comments and messages so you can offer up a response or even answer with a pre-written text, saving you loads of time each day.

With a Pro plan, users can monitor and feed up to 20 different social profiles at once as well as craft 10 separate RSS feeds so you’ll never be out of the loop instantly.

A $599.99 lifetime subscription to Socialii is now on sale for a fraction of that price, just $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Covid-19 celebs: Hayley Wickenheiser puts out social media call for PPE in return for a signed jersey and 'good karma' – National Post



Hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser has put a call out for masks and other critical medical personal protective equipment for health workers combatting the coronavirus crisis and the public has responded.

On Sunday night, Wickenheiser posted on Twitter, asking her followers to donate any spare equipment they have to the crisis, after receiving “desperate pleas from my frontline friends in Toronto.”

The Olympic gold medallist, who is also an aspiring emergency room physician, asked for 68 boxes of N95 masks, 135 boxes of surgical masks, 135 boxes of gloves and 1,350 chemo gowns.

“I don’t have much to offer in return, maybe a signed jersey, a smile and guaranteed good karma,” she wrote.

The public response was instantaneous.

Within less than an hour of her tweet, a camp director in Markham replied, saying he had 33 boxes of unexpired N95 masks available to send. Another user from Waterloo offered her community’s service to sew specs for chemo gowns, if able to “identify the correct textile.”

Others posted links to facebook groups and suggestions on resources to tap for equipment, i.e., dentists offices, schools etc.

One Canadian celebrity even offered to send personalized videos and Deadpool bobbleheads in exchange for more equipment.

“People who help Hayley get this critical PPE gear will get something awesome from me,” tweeted Ryan Reynolds. “I’ll send you personalized videos. I’ll sign whatever you want. I’ll send Deadpool Bobbleheads and/or movie memorabilia.”

” I’ll even raise your children as if they were my own – which trust me, you do NOT want. Any help will be rewarded generously,” he added.

Both Wickenheiser and Reynolds have been active voices in the Canadian fight against the pandemic. In the past weeks Wickenheiser successfully lobbied for the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and has been vocal on the anxiety athletes face when having to train under the threat of a global disease.

Last week, Reynolds joined a slew of other celebrities posting videos urging fans to stay home. He also paid a surprise virtual visit to children at SickKids hospital and talked to his young fans about the costumes he wore in Deadpool and his favourite food.

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