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Gladu says media treatment of her campaign is 'not fair' –



Conservative leadership candidate Marilyn Gladu says the media is giving unfair attention to prominent male Conservatives who haven’t announced their intentions to run to be the party’s leader instead of to her campaign.

The race for the Conservative Party leadership kicked off earlier this month in the wake of leader Andrew Scheer’s resignation. Gladu, the only female to confirm her candidacy so far, said much news coverage briefly references her candidacy while allocating more time or space to potential male candidates who haven’t announced a bid for leadership. 

“I think that there’s been more attention paid to those that have not yet announced, and they get lots of press,” she said. “I think that it’s not fair and it doesn’t necessarily look good on the media because they should be promoting women in politics.”

Gladu’s comments come about two weeks after many leadership hopefuls began mobilizing their campaigns. Speculation over whether well-known politicians like former Conservative Party interim leader Rona Ambrose, former Quebec premier Jean Charest, and Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre will enter the race have dominated media headlines in recent weeks.

But Gladu said her candidacy often receives the “cursory one statement” from media outlets.

For instance, this CBC News article that said Gladu has the “steepest hill to climb ” in the race while allotting full graphs to four male politicians, including potential candidates, Poilievre, Charest, and former cabinet minister Erin O’Toole, who hadn’t announced bids for the leadership. Both Poilievre and Charest have since announced they will not be entering the race. O’Toole, meanwhile, has yet to formally announce his candidacy, but has assembled a campaign team.

An engineer of 32 years, Gladu said she’s experienced treatment like this before. While she said she doesn’t know the reason for the media’s treatment of her campaign, she acknowledged that she’s less well-known than candidates like Peter MacKay, who was a Conservative MP from 1997 to 2015 and served as a senior minister in Stephen Harper’s government for almost a decade.

Gladu has been an MP since 2015, serving as the Tories’ health critic since 2017. She also worked as the science critic, and as the chair for the House Status of Women Committee. Gladu was also a youth leader for over 30 years, prior to her career in federal politics, as well as being an engineer. She began her career at Dow Chemical, where she worked for 21 years before becoming the director of engineering at Suncor followed by a consultant role at WorleyParsons.

Recent polls have shown that the only female contestant has the most ground to make up in the race.

A Jan. 16-17 poll conducted by Mainstreet Research for iPolitics found that Peter MacKay would perform the best out of Conservative leadership candidates.

The poll asked 1,470 Canadian adults who they would vote for if a federal election were held today, with four different scenarios of who is Conservative leader: Andrew Scheer, Pierre Poilievre, Marilyn Gladu and Peter MacKay.

MacKay came in first place polling at 31.7 per cent of the vote, followed by Scheer at 30 per cent, Poilievre at 26.9 per cent, and Gladu in fourth place with 24.1 per cent of the vote.

The survey did not ask respondents which party they would back if Erin O’Toole was Conservative leader. 

READ MORE: Peter MacKay would do best out of three Tory leadership hopefuls in federal vote: Mainstreet poll

While she knowingly calls herself the race’s “dark horse,” Gladu believes that her personality will resonate with Canadians. 

“To know me is to love me and Canadians are going to get to know me over this campaign,” she said.

The Sarnia—Lambton MP also says a female leader would help the party attract new voters, something she said is necessary if the party hopes to win future elections.  She also said she’s able to build relationships with young people, another key factor to winning election as the younger voting demographic becomes larger.

Along with Gladu and MacKay, the leadership race includes Richard Decarie, a social conservative from Quebec; Alberta-based businessman Rick Peterson; and rookie MP Derek Sloan.

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Trump's social media suggests a campaign scrambling from Biden leaving 2024 race – ABC News



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Trump’s social media suggests a campaign scrambling from Biden leaving 2024 race  ABC News


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Ryan Reynolds Jokes About Taylor Swift’s Astronomical Babysitting Rates



Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are a Hollywood power couple with four adorable children. But juggling busy careers and a growing family can be a challenge, even for A-listers. Enter their close friend, pop icon Taylor Swift, who, according to Reynolds, might be their go-to babysitter. However, her services come with a hefty price tag (at least according to Reynolds‘ playful exaggeration).

During a recent E! News interview promoting their upcoming movie “Deadpool & Wolverine,” Hugh Jackman playfully suggested that Swift was the real nanny for Reynolds and Lively’s four children. This lighthearted jab sparked a humorous response from Reynolds.

Known for his sharp wit, Reynolds responded to Jackman’s comment with a hilarious quip. He stated that the cost of having Taylor Swift babysit would be “cost-prohibitive,” implying that her rates would be astronomically high. He even playfully added, “But I think what he meant was, ‘Cost-insane-what-are-you-doing-I’m-no-longer-you’re-accountant.'”

Reynolds and Lively, who tied the knot in 2012, share four children: James (9), Inez (7), Betty (4), and a one-year-old whose name and gender remain private. The couple has maintained a close friendship with Swift over the years. This strong bond is evident in their recent attendance at a stop of her Eras Tour in Spain, along with their three eldest children.

Swift’s friendship with the Reynolds family extends beyond casual hangouts. During the concert in Spain, she gave a heartwarming shout-out to the couple’s daughters. While introducing her album “Folklore,” she mentioned the names James, Inez, and Betty, sending the audience into a frenzy. This sweet gesture further highlights the special bond between the singer and the Reynolds children.

This isn’t the first time Swift has incorporated the girls’ names into her music.  Her 2020 album “Folklore” features a song titled “Betty” that tells a story of a love triangle involving characters named James, Inez, and Betty. Additionally, her 2017 album “Reputation” included a voice recording of James on the song “Gorgeous.”

Whether Swift truly babysits for the Reynolds family or not remains a playful mystery. However, one thing is certain: the singer holds a special place in the hearts of the Reynolds children and their parents.

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The Simmering Feud Between Eva Mendes and Rachel McAdams



The 2004 romantic drama “The Notebook” continues to be a pop culture phenomenon, captivating audiences with its passionate love story between Noah and Allie, played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. But beyond the on-screen romance, rumours of tension between the actors and Gosling’s current partner, Eva Mendes, have added a layer of intrigue to the film’s legacy.


From Clashing Personalities to Real-Life Romance

While their undeniable on-screen chemistry led to a blockbuster performance, Gosling and McAdams reportedly had a tumultuous time during filming. “We inspired the worst in each other,” Gosling admitted to The Guardian. However, their initial animosity blossomed into a real-life romance in 2005, sending shivers down the spines of fans who had rooted for Noah and Allie.


Love Found, Love Lost

Their off-screen love story, however, wasn’t a fairytale. After two years, the couple went their separate ways. McAdams found happiness and a family with screenwriter Jamie Linden, while Gosling met his current partner, Eva Mendes, on the set of “The Place Beyond the Pines” in 2011. Together, they have built a life and share two daughters.


A Post-Breakup Conundrum: Maintaining a Friendship

While McAdams and Gosling’s romantic flame fizzled out, reports suggest they remained amicable post-breakup.  This friendly dynamic, however, is said to have shifted when Mendes entered the picture.


A Shadow of Jealousy? Unconfirmed Rumors of Tension

Unverified reports claim that Mendes is allegedly uncomfortable with McAdams being around Gosling.  Unnamed sources allege that Mendes discourages any interaction between the former co-stars, fearing it might upset her. This has reportedly limited Gosling’s ability to maintain a casual friendship with McAdams.

The validity of these claims remains shrouded in mystery.  Mendes and Gosling are known for their privacy, making it difficult to separate truth from speculation.



Beyond the Rumors: The Power of “The Notebook” Endures

While the rumors of off-screen tension add another chapter to the “The Notebook” narrative, the film’s enduring power lies in its timeless portrayal of love and loss. Whether Gosling and McAdams remained friends or not doesn’t diminish the on-screen magic they created. The film’s ability to resonate with audiences continues, reminding us of the intensity of first love, the pain of heartbreak, and the enduring power of memories.

The Notebook’s legacy is a complex one, weaving together a captivating on-screen love story, rumored off-screen tension, and a reminder of the film’s lasting impact on pop culture.

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