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How to Prevent iGaming Fraud



Gaming Industry

Threats to the gambling sector include chargebacks, fraudulent deposits, cheating, and money laundering. Many gambling platforms lack standardized mechanisms for online identity verification and fraud prevention. Through card fraud, identity misrepresentation, and theft,  hackers can get beyond security barriers, and the answer to all these is Flexepin.

You can fund your casino account using Flexepin, a prepaid voucher, to make safe and simple online payments. Since Flexepin is paid for in advance, there is no chance that your bank information or identity could be stolen online. This makes it more secure than standard digital payment options. You may buy Flexepin from practically anywhere in the world without providing any personal details about yourself or your bank.

When enrolling on the official Flexepin website, you will still need to prove your identity, but it is a quick and easy process. The three things that keep users’ trust in the Flexepin payment system are how easy it is to use, how safe it is, and how private it is.

Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers are available for purchase in several countries, in a range of currencies, and in pre-set amounts.


History of Flexepin

Novatti Group Companies, an Australian fintech company founded in 2015, came up with Flexepin which is a secure payment gateway solution. It offers its services as a cash top-up voucher, so customers with Flexepin accounts can make purchases and payments online in a safer way. You can protect your identity, personal information, and financial information completely without using credit or debit cards.

With many years of experience in providing payment solutions for businesses, Flexepin is quickly rising to among the top alternative online payment options worldwide. They are undoubtedly developing into a crucial component of the global financial digital environment.

Where Can You Use Flexepin?

The service is available in Australia, Canada, and the whole of Europe. The vouchers for these countries can be bought in stores and on the Flexepin website. The daily limit of $/£/€/2,500 ensures that you have enough time to play your favorite online casino games without going way above your budget.

Advantages of Flexepin

With so many payment options available for Canadian casino players, what makes Flexepin the best choice? There are a few reasons; firstly, data protection. You must restrict who has access to your financial information in this day and age of credit card fraud. You can use Flexepin to gamble online without giving casinos access to your financial information.

When creating a casino account, you must provide your name and contact information. You don’t have to divulge your banking information, though, during deposits. This is crucial if you frequently use debit cards because they are connected to your bank, thus increasing the risk of cybercriminals being able to hack into your account.

Although Flexepin does charge a processing fee, it is significantly lower than other platforms such as Visa or Mastercard. There may well be other methods that charge less, but you are assured absolute privacy and protection when using a voucher like Flexepin.

Flexepin is a practical method of payment. Yes, to buy cards online, you must first create an account. But if you go to one of their physical stores, all you need is identification and money. It shouldn’t be an issue because there are numerous places in Canada where you can get Flexepin.

Vouchers for Flexepin never expire. But most cards tell you to use the voucher within a year of when you bought the card.

The immediacy of Flexepin in Canada is an additional advantage. It enables Canadian dollars to be used for immediate deposits. Unlike many other casino payment options, Flexepin doesn’t charge a fee for deposits to gaming websites.

Disadvantages of Flexepin

We were only able to find two disadvantages for Canadians when it comes to Flexepin, and they are minor at that. To begin, if you use Flexepin to fund your casino account, you will not be able to withdraw. Secondly, you are unable to reverse transactions, so be certain of the amount you are purchasing and depositing at an online casino.

How to Get Started With Flexepin?

After registering on the Flexepin website, you can take advantage of all of the benefits of the payment system.

Before you can buy your first voucher, you have to sign up at Flexepin and pass one identity verification step. The process is pretty straightforward: all you have to do is fill a particular form, enter your contact and personal information, and submit identification documents (photos of the corresponding passport pages).

You only need to wait for representatives from Flexepin to get in touch with you and verify the activation of your account after filling out the form and clicking the “Register” button. Typically, this occurs within 24 hours of sending the registration application.

Redeeming your voucher at an online casino is quick and easy as well. Simply log into your casino account and choose Flexepin for your deposits. You will need to enter a 16-digit voucher code to use your cash. Once you’ve topped up your account, you can start playing right away!

Online Casinos in Canada That Accept Flexepin

Of course, we wouldn’t talk about how great it is to use Flexepin at a casino without providing a list of the best Flexepin online casinos in Canada. Even though it’s accepted in more than 44 casinos, we’ve chosen the top five that we think are best.


  • Ruby Fortune
  • Spin casino
  • Royal Vegas
  • TonyBet
  • Casino Planet


As online casino gaming grows, so does iGaming fraud, and it’s prudent for you to take the necessary security measures to protect your money and sensitive details. One of those ways is by using Flexepin to make safe and secure online casino payments.



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U.S. Federal Reserve delivers small interest rate hike, signals a ‘couple’ more increases necessary to tackle inflation



Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell speaks during a news conference at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington on Feb. 1.Jacquelyn Martin/The Associated Press

The U.S. Federal Reserve increased its benchmark interest rate by a quarter percentage point on Wednesday and signalled that a “couple” more rate hikes are still needed to bring inflation under control.

The widely anticipated announcement lifted the federal funds rate to a range of 4.5 per cent to 4.75 per cent. The quarter-point move is the smallest increase since the central bank began ratcheting up borrowing costs last spring in an effort to curb surging prices.

After a string of oversized rate hikes, the U.S. economy has begun to slow and inflation is showing signs of easing. Fed chair Jerome Powell said on Wednesday that “the disinflationary process has started,” although he warned that it would be “very premature to declare victory.”

“While recent developments are encouraging, we will need substantially more evidence to be confident that inflation is on a sustained downward path,” he said in a news conference after the rate announcement.


While the Fed was unambiguous that “ongoing increases” in borrowing costs are still necessary, financial markets responded positively to Mr. Powell’s relatively optimistic comments about inflation and the U.S. economy.

The S&P 500 finished the trading day up 1.05 per cent, while the Nasdaq Composite surged 2 per cent. Bond markets also rallied, with the yield on two-year U.S. government bonds falling around 0.1 per cent. Bond prices and yields move in opposite directions.

“While previous statements said the Fed would have to determine the pace of future rate rises, today’s statement indicated it will now have to determine their extent,” Desjardins economist Francis Généreux wrote in a note to clients. “Rate hikes aren’t over, but it may be the beginning of the end.”

Members of the Federal Open Market Committee, the Fed’s highest decision-making body, which sets U.S. monetary policy, signalled in December that they expect the fed funds rate to exceed 5 per cent by the end of the year. That would imply at least two more quarter-point hikes.

Mr. Powell reiterated this forecast, although he said future rate hikes would be conditional on incoming economic data. He also pushed back against market expectations that the Fed could start cutting interest rates this year. Interest-rate-swap contracts are pricing at least two rate cuts before the end of 2023.

“The historical record cautions strongly against prematurely loosening policy. We will stay the course, until the job is done,” Mr. Powell said.

The Fed’s insistence that more rate hikes are still needed puts it on a different trajectory than the Bank of Canada.

Last week, Canada’s central bank increased its benchmark rate to 4.5 per cent, but said it expects to hold off further rate hikes. This “conditional pause” suggests that Canadian rates have reached a plateau while U.S. rates will keep marching higher.

The Canadian economy is generally seen as being more sensitive to interest rates than the U.S. economy, given how much of the Canadian economy relies on the housing sector. Canadian mortgages also tend to have five-year terms, compared with 30-year terms in the United States, making homeowners more susceptible to rate increases.

What happens next to U.S. interest rates will depend on the trajectory of inflation as well as the strength of the country’s labour market.

There are plenty of signs that inflation is trending in the right direction. The annual rate of consumer price index inflation in the U.S. was 6.5 per cent in December, down from a 40-year high of 9.1 per cent in June.

Prices for many goods, such as used vehicles, have fallen in recent months, as supply chains have improved and consumer demand has shifted back toward services. Mr. Powell said he also expects housing-related inflation to diminish in the coming months.

The challenge is service prices, excluding housing, which show few signs of decelerating. This is tied in part to rapid wage growth, which is being driven by the ultralow levels of unemployment, which stood at a record low 3.5 per cent in December.

Mr. Powell said unemployment will likely need to rise to slow the pace of service price growth. He expects this to happen in the coming quarters as higher rates work to slow the economy. Although, he suggested that a soft landing was still possible.

“There’s a path to getting inflation back down to 2 per cent without a really significant economic decline or a significant increase in unemployment,” he said.

The European Central Bank and the Bank of England will announce their latest interest-rate decisions on Thursday. The central banks are behind the Bank of Canada and the Fed when it comes to tightening monetary policy, and both are expected to announce further half-point rate increases.


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ChatGPT to launch paid version of AI tool for $20 US a month



The intelligence embedded in ChatGPT may be artificial, but the creators of the wildly popular chat bot are hoping it can do something humans strive for all the time: make money.

OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, will soon roll out a paid version of the service in a pilot project, where people willing to spend $20 US a month will get a premium version of the product.

Starting soon, customers in the U.S. who sign up for the program will get preferential access to the service, even at peak times of demand, when many users are currently locked out.

They’ll also get faster response times for their queries, and priority access to new features and improvements as they roll out.


The subscription service will only be available to U.S. users for the time being.

Wildly popular service has its critics

The service has taken the world by storm since its launch in November, becoming the first viral mass-market artificial intelligence tool.

But ChatGPT is not without its critics. Detractors have already waved red flags about the service’s potential to lead to job losses, as well as being a haven for plagiarism and cheating.

In a blog post, the California-based company says it is also exploring other options for its business, including lower-cost plans, communal subscriptions for corporate clients and data packs.

But the free version is here to stay, they say.

“We love our free users and will continue to offer free access to ChatGPT,” the company said. “By offering this subscription pricing, we will be able to help support free access availability to as many people as possible.”


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