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How To Set Off The Nuke In ‘Warzone 2’ And Instantly Win The Match



It’s finally happened: A Warzone 2 squad has blown up the map, instantly winning a special ‘Champion’s Domination’ victory in the process. Players were hoping a nuke would be added to the original game as far back as Verdansk. It’s been added to Warzone 2 at launch.

Here’s how to drop a nuke on the new Al Mazrah map and score the most coveted W in any Battle Royale game. Warning: It’s not anything like easy. Very few players will be able to finish this challenge, making it that much more of a triumph for the talented few who do. There are several steps to completing this process, and it’s the first step that’s by far the hardest. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Win 5 matches of Warzone 2 in a row.
  2. Find the three nuclear ingredients.
  3. Wait until the bomb site appears.
  4. Load the bomb site with the three components.
  5. Activate the bomb.
  6. Defend the bomb until it goes off.

Yeah, so winning five matches of Warzone 2 in a row is . . . insane. You have to be the best of the best to even get two in a row. (I’ve gotten one W out of the eight or so matches I’ve played so far and I feel pretty good about that!)

As of this writing, only one squad has completed this mission. The squad was comprised of three teammates and one lucky random. Streamers EthanStellar, OPMarked, and Wagnificent are the first players to achieve a Champion’s Domination in Warzone 2—and they almost didnt pull it off. I’m curious how long it will be until another squad claims the honor.

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How To Set Off The Nuke In Warzone 2

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of exactly what happens and what to do once you’ve completed that first step and, somehow, gotten a 5-game win-streak. (I’m not certain if you need five first-place wins, or if winning a Top 3 victory counts, actually).

Once you’ve won five matches in a row you’ll load into the Al Mazrah map as usual, only you’ll see three curious markers on the map as you fly in:

As you fly in, a message will appear that says “Champion’s Quest Available. Check your Tac-Map for a new Champion’s Quest.”

When you land at one of the markers on the map you’ll begin the Champion’s Quest. The quest text reads: Build and arm a nuke. Destroy the Warzone.

At this point, a 26-minute countdown timer will begin, meaning you have the entire length of the map to complete the quest—or die trying.

Finding The Three Nuke Components

Now that the quest is activated, you’ll see three circles appear on the left side of your screen. The first shows the letters Be—the abbreviation for the element Beryllium (#4 on the periodic table). This is the first of the nuclear bomb’s components you need to find. Each of the three components is located in a small box and appears as an orb. The general location will show up on the map but you’ll still need to find the precise location. Listen, as the boxes emit a faint hum. When you find the Beryllium you’ll see a message that says “Tracking Device Activated.”

Picking up an orb will mark you on the Tac-Map with a gold crown, visible to every other player in the game—painting a very bright target on your back for the remainder of the match.

Once you find Beryllium, the next circle unlocks after a short countdown. This circle says Pu—the abbreviation for the element Plutonium (#94). Once you pick this orb up you’ll begin to suffer the effects of radiation. Anyone near you will also be affected. It won’t kill you—at least not very quickly!—but it adds a new challenge to the match. Players can pick up more than one orb or you can spread them out across your team.

The final circle will now activate. It shows up as T, the abbreviation for Tritium, a “rare and radioactive isotope of hydrogen.” The message you see when you get to the box says ‘Scrambles Radar’ and once it’s held, the Tac-Map is scrambled as though an enemy Counter-UAV had been used.

Finding The Bomb Site And Activating The Nuke

With all three elements in your possession, your squad is now marked on the Tac-Map making it easy for enemy squads to hunt you down. Your Tac-Map is scrambled, making it difficult to coordinate movement or see where to go next. And you’re suffering from radiation poison, handicapping your play. You now have to wait for a couple minutes—and stay alive—until the bomb site appears. It will show up as a red and yellow nuclear symbol the Tac-Map and in the game when you approach.

Once it appears, each player carrying an orb has to deposit that orb into the bomb. Once all three are deposited, you’ll see a message telling you to activate the bomb. And once you’ve done that, a final one-minute countdown timer will pop up and you’ll be instructed to defend the bomb until it detonates—like a really, really high-stakes match of Search & Destroy.

Now all you have to do is stay alive, fight off anyone who comes to kill you and make sure nobody deactivates the bomb before it goes off. If you manage all of that, the nuke drops on the map killing any other players still alive and awarding you and your squad the Champion’s Domination W after a hard-fought victory.

As you can see, this is a real accomplishment and no small feat. Only the very best of the very best will ever be able to even start a Champion’s Quest, let alone carry it out successfully. Even this team of top-tier players almost lost, with just one squad member left standing (and hiding) when the nuke finally exploded. It’s almost lucky that nobody disarmed the bomb! Be sure to check out EthanStellar, OPMarked, and Wagnificent on Twitch since as of this writing, as far as I’m aware they’re the only squad to complete this madness.

I’m curious if there will be other Champion’s Quests or similar mega-event-style missions added in the future (or if some are already in the game but remain under wraps). We shall see.

Oh, and I suppose scumbag hackers and their verminous ilk will also be able to complete this, unless Ricochet starts working better!

You can watch a truncated version of the match via YouTuber IceManIsaac below:

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LastPass Suffers Second Major Data Breach in Four Months | – Spiceworks News and Insights



On Wednesday, LastPass confirmed it was breached, a fallout of the August 2022 incident wherein portions of source code and some proprietary LastPass technical information were compromised. The recent breach came to light after the company noticed unusual activity in a third-party cloud storage service it shares with GoTo, its parent company.

In a blog post, LastPass CEO Karim Toubba said the still unknown threat actors accessed “certain elements” of the password manager’s customer information. Toubba didn’t talk about the type of information that was compromised but assured that the passwords of more than 33 million company users and more than 100,000 business accounts remain unaffected.

The August 2022 breach, wherein the hackers had access to LastPass accounts for four days, compromised the source code and some proprietary technical information. What the threat actors obtained in the previously compromised data to breach LastPass again is unknown.

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“Since the company claims that the current hack is based on data compromised in the previous hack, this raises the question: Why did they not learn from the earlier hack and correct the root cause?” Mike Walters, VP of vulnerability and threat research at Action1, told Spiceworks. “The trend of repeated hacks, where the company fails to eliminate the consequences of the breach for months, is frustrating.”

In both LastPass breaches this year, the threat actors failed to access customer passwords thanks to the Zero Knowledge security model it has implemented that no one except the customer has access to the password or any other data stored in the company’s digital vault.

The password manager solutions vendor is working with Mandiant to ascertain the precise reason behind the hack. “We are working diligently to understand the scope of the incident and identify what specific information has been accessed,” Toubba said. LastPass’s previous August 2022 breach came through a compromised developer account that had access to the company’s developer environment.

Walters added, “To avoid this mistake, you should take decisive steps to investigate the security incident, as well as to find and fix any and all security vulnerabilities. Namely, carefully examine the investigation report and conduct an in-depth analysis of all architectural issues. Implement robust network segmentation and complete visibility into network traffic and user behavior. Ensure you receive alerts about any abnormal events.”

“Also, validate that your IDS/IPS, Endpoint Protection, EDR, NGFW, Sandbox, Honeypot, and RMM systems are in place and fine-tuned according to your business needs.  Finally, you need to have a SOC center for incident response.”

Let us know if you enjoyed reading this news on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. We would love to hear from you!

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‘The Callisto Protocol’ Reviews Are In, And They Are Concerning – Forbes



We have reached the last few high profile releases of the year, and The Callisto Protocol was a game that many were looking forward to, a survival horror outing that seemed like it would be a spiritual successor to Dead Space.

But now that reviews are coming in, it seems to be falling short of that series, and while reviews are…okay, a few major critics and outlets have given it unusually low scores. The Callisto Protocol is currently sitting at a 76 Metascore, a ways off from the 86 of Dead Space, the 90 of Dead Space 2, and closer to the 78 of Dead Space 3, which was viewed as a series low point, before Visceral was eventually dismantled.

My friend Skillup, whose tastes I trust pretty explicitly at this point, positively roasted the game in his review:

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Elsewhere, we’re seeing a number of high profile outlets in gaming give The Callisto Protocol some of its lowest scores:

IGN – 7/10 – “The Callisto Protocol is a satisfyingly gory spiritual successor to the Dead Space series, but it’s ultimately more of a striking modern mimic than a scary new mutation.”

Game Informer – 6/10 – “These various problems aside, though, The Callisto Protocol is still doing a lot of what Dead Space did, for better and worse. And to that end, there are moments of fun, even if, in contrast, they’re light on genuine terror. I’m okay with The Callisto Protocol being another version of its spiritual predecessor, but it struggles to nail even the basics. As a result, I’m underwhelmed, annoyed, and disappointed. If you wanted anything more out of this second crack at making a new sci-fi IP in survival horror, or something markedly different that acknowledges just how far gaming has come since 2008, The Callisto Protocol is not your answer.”

VGC – 6/10 – “The Callisto Protocol delivers the violence, intensity and horror that lives up to its Dead Space predecessor, but with deeper strategic combat. However, a cliché story and lack of original ideas means that it has one tentacle stuck in the past.”

That isn’t to say there isn’t any praise. Here’s a somewhat shocking perfect 10/10 score from Dextero:

“A wonderfully exhausting exercise in futility is probably the best way of describing The Callisto Protocol as no matter the strength of my own resolve, I was constantly on edge and reveling in those fleeting moments where the game allowed me to breathe following yet another life-threatening fight. The constant fear and dread incited by the phenomenal visual and sound design are only complemented by the compelling story. The Callisto Protocol is, hopefully, the start of an exciting new franchise, and is another sign that survival horror is anything but dead.”

The Callisto Protocol is being released about two months ahead of the Dead Space remake from EA, but so far, it does seem like you may be better sticking off with the original than the “spiritual successor” here. It may find its fans, but this is not shaping up to be a last minute industry megahit, if most of these reviews are to be believed. We’ll see what fans make of it as it heads to the wild.

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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Patch Divides Players Over Whether Anything's Fixed – Kotaku




Others are reporting greater render distances, improved shadows, fading light changes, and fade-in rather than pop-in for NPCs.

However, Nintendúo World’s side-by-side framerate test seems to show each version out-performing the other in different places. Although I’d argue there’s definitely some improvement when entering towns in 1.1.0:

Nintendúo World

Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated

One more for luck? This side-by-side comparison by Reyvanlatino (which unfortunately plays the music from both simultaneously, but just out of time) makes them look absolutely identical to me:


So yeah, it’s pretty difficult to know exactly what’s happening here, and why different people are recording such different experiences.

Read More: Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: The Kotaku Review

In my own very unscientific comparison, I played the same area on my son’s original Switch with the 1.1.0 patch and on my OLED without the patch, and to my eyes the patched version seemed noticeably smoother. But, my eyes are notorious idiots, and either way, it was far from a revelatory experience.

It’s so hard to know what’s your imagination versus what’s a genuine improvement, but Pokémon still popped in, and it was still freezing up for half a second at random points. (Still, at least I caught a bunch of the Violet paradox monsters to trade to myself later.) If things are improved, they’re absolutely definitely not improved enough.

We asked Nintendo yesterday if they could be more specific about what had been patched, and didn’t even receive a response. So we’ve asked again today, not least because it seems like they could have something to boast about here. We’ll obviously update should they find time to reply. Although perhaps they’re relying on people’s hopeful imaginations to fill in where they did not?

Meanwhile, come on Digital Foundry, pull your fingers out and give us the definitive answers.


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