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WWDC is our favorite time of the year for many reasons. Not only do we get to try out the upcoming major updates to Apple’s operating systems, but we also sometimes get fresh hardware releases. This time around, we witnessed the debut of Apple’s Vision Pro, some new Mac models, iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, and watchOS 10. And while the Cupertino firm has provided the public with a comprehensive list of what’s new in these releases, many additions remain undocumented publicly. For example, we have just discovered that iOS 17 beta 1 redesigns the built-in Apple Translate app. The new user interface offers more intuitive controls, making the application more straightforward and easy to use.


As our screenshots above reveal, Apple Translate on iOS 17 beta 1 (right) is cleaner than that on iOS 16 and earlier versions (left). The new design simplifies the entire section, making it both more intuitive to operate and easy on the eyes. As someone who tries to rely on Google services as little as possible, I had always found Apple Translate unintuitive to use when compared to its Google counterpart. Through the iOS 17 update, users finally get to enjoy a more direct app.

For example, Apple Translate on iOS 16 continues to shift between the two selected languages, making it hard to tap on the right field straightaway. Furthermore, dismissing a translated phrase to type another one was also a pain. On iOS 17, pretty much all of my concerns have been addressed in the Apple Translate app.

While Google Translate remains superior in terms of translation accuracy and language availability, Apple Translate can handle my occasional translation needs just fine. And thanks to this overhaul, I feel even more motivated to depend on it and ditch Google’s solution completely. We can only hope that this design makes it to the final release in September, as Apple could change its mind at any given moment.