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Media Beat, Aug. 12, 2021 | FYIMusicNews – FYI Music News



Former British PM made $10M from Greensill Capital before it crashed

David Cameron has been cleared of breaking any lobbying rules over the affair, but MPs said he showed a “significant lack of judgement” and this has led British political satirist Jonathan Pie to explode with righteous indignation in a monologue that could possibly make a rapper blush.

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By the numbers: Canada’s radio broadcasting revenues and CanCon expenditures

– Source: CRTC

By the numbers: CBC/Radio Canada compensation for on-air talent and senior management

As of April 1, 2020, CBC/Radio-Canada had 7,488 full-time equivalents. Approximately 83% of the workforce comprises unionized employees represented by 4 bargaining units. Their compensation ranges from $28,906 to $123,100, as set out in their respective collective agreements.

On-Air Talent

In some cases, on-air talent (e.g., announcers, hosts, reporters and presenters) receive additional remuneration, above and beyond their union scale, as negotiated individually, based on factors such as the assignment, their recognized prominence and excellence, as well as their special skills and expertise.

The following chart summarizes the actual compensation for on-air talent, as of April 1, 2020 (excluding overtime). This information is set out in the form of salary bands (of $50,000 increments) and is aggregated, where necessary, to protect the privacy rights of individuals under the Privacy Act.

Senior Management

The following chart summarizes the compensation for CBC/Radio-Canada’s senior management. It sets out their base salary range and total cash compensation range. It also provides comparisons with compensation in the market. – Source: CBC

By the numbers: Canada’s debt load

Interest payments per year in C$s


Interest payments per second


National debt per citizen


Debt as a percentage of GDP


GDP of Canada


Canadian population


Other Facts About Canada’s National Debt

  • You could wrap $1 bills around the Earth 3,767 times with the debt amount.

  • If you lay $1 bills on top of each other they would make a pile 105,688 km, or 65,671 miles high. – Source:

By the numbers: Afghan war costs for the US

According to the US Department of Defense, the total military expenditure in Afghanistan (from October 2001 until September 2019) had reached $778B.

In addition, the US state department – along with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and other government agencies – spent $44B on reconstruction projects.

That brings the total cost – based on official data – to $822B between 2001 and 2019, but it doesn’t include any spending in Pakistan, which the US uses as a base for Afghan-related operations. – BBC News

By the numbers: Afghanistan GDP

Grants continue to finance around 75 percent of public spending. Security expenditures (national security and police) are high at around 28 percent of GDP in 2019, compared to the low-income country average of around three percent of GDP, driving total public spending of around 57 percent of GDP. The illicit economy accounts for a significant share of production, exports, and employment, and includes opium production, smuggling, and illegal mining. – The World Bank

America spent $6.4T on wars in the Middle East and Asia between 2001 and 2019

American taxpayers have had spent $6.4 trillion on post 9/11 wars and military action in the Middle East and Asia, according to a 2019 study.

That total is $2T more than the entire federal government spending during the completed 2019 fiscal year. The US government spent $4.4T during the fiscal year that ended Set. 30, according to the Treasury Department. – Amanda Macias, CNBC

By the numbers: Military spending in 2020

The United States led the ranking of countries with the highest military spending in 2020, with 778 billion U.S. dollars dedicated to the military. That constituted 39 percent of the total military spending worldwide that year, which amounted to 1.98 trillion U.S. dollars. As of 2019, the United States military expenditure amounted to 3.4 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), placing the U.S. lower in the ranking of military expenditure as a percentage of GDP than Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Russia. – Statista

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Media Day hype, player rankings are clickbait | Pickaxe and Roll – Denver Stiffs



Ryan Blackburn shares his thoughts on the third day of player interviews for media week that included Aaron Gordon, Will Barton, Jeff Green, Austin Rivers, and Michael Porter Jr. in a stacked session. Gordon was chill, Barton was excited, Green was professional, Rivers was insightful, and Porter showed readiness to take the leap. Then, Ryan discusses the ESPN player rankings that are filtering out and what they had to say about the Nuggets and Nikola Jokić.

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Hashtag Trending September 24 – European Commission Mandates USB-C; Social Media Platforms Sue Texas; Fedex’s Autonomous Delivery – IT World Canada



The European Commission hopes to mandate USB-C on smartphones, Texas is being sued over a new law for social media platforms, and FedEx completes its first fully autonomous vehicle delivery.

It’s all the tech news that’s trending right now, welcome to Hashtag Trending! It’s Friday, September 24, and I’m your host, Jori Negin-Shecter.

EU proposes mandatory USB-C on all devices, including iPhones from technology

The European Commission has announced plans to mandate a USB-C charging port on smartphones and other electronics. The goal is to reduce the number of chargers users need to buy, thus reducing electronic waste. Although it isn’t directly targeted at Apple, the mandate will affect the company the most. Apple still uses its own Lighting connector for its flagship smartphones, including their recently announced iPhone 13 series. As more laptops and smartphones switch to USB-C, calls for Apple to drop the Lightning port have grown as well. Notably, the Commission’s plan only targets wired charging, meaning the requirement does not apply to a device that exclusively uses wireless charging.

Texas sued over bill stopping social media companies from banning users for political views from technology

Texas is being sued by groups representing Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter over a new bill that would prevent these platforms from banning users based on their political views. The law, called House Bill 20, bars social media platforms with over 50 million monthly users in the U.S. from banning users for their viewpoints. Additionally, the law also requires social media companies to file a public suspension report biannually. The reports must detail content removal and account suspensions. Supporters say the goal of the bill is to increase transparency and ensure that users are treated fairly. Despite this, the lawsuit claims that the government cannot force the social media platforms to host content that goes against their terms of service. A law of similar nature that sought to deplatform politicians for their viewpoints was struck down this past June in Florida.

Finally, FedEx has announced that it completed its first delivery run using an autonomous truck. The route stretched 500 miles round trip between Houston and Dallas. The success of the trip signals that the delivery company in Texas will begin using more autonomous vehicles in the not so distant future. The truck, which was developed by truck maker PACCAR and autonomous driving company Aurora, uses LiDAR, radar and various other sensors to drive safely on highways. [Business Insider]

That’s all the tech news that’s trending right now. Hashtag Trending is a part of the ITWC Podcast network. Add us to your Alexa Flash Briefing or your Google Home daily briefing. Make sure to sign up for our Daily IT Wire Newsletter to get all the news that matters directly in your inbox every day. Also, catch the next episode of Hashtag Tendances, our weekly Hashtag Trending episode in French, which drops every Friday at 3 pm. If you have a suggestion or tip, please drop us a line in the comments or via email. Thanks for listening, I’m Jori Negin-Shecter.

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Wonder Media Network’s Jenny Kaplan Mulls Podcaster’s Next Move – Forbes



Wonder Media Network Chief Executive Jenny Kaplan is figuring out how to turn her passion for podcasts into a business that can remain viable over the long run.

The New York-based company, which Kaplan co-founded in 2018, aims to appeal to audiences either overlooked or ignored by the mainstream media.

“We really wanted to start an organization that was a media company that was based in politics, business and culture, where women were perhaps our first core audience but where we had this big mission of amplifying underrepresented voices,” Kaplan said in an interview.

Wonder Media Network makes money selling advertising and sponsorships on its line-up of 26 original shows, including Encyclopedia Wommanica, The Brown Girls Guide to Politics, and Majority 54.  It also produces podcasts for corporate clients such as Microsoft

, Pfizer

, and Spotify for a fee.

Wonder Media Network is facing the same competitive pressures for advertisers and listeners that lead to the sales in recent months of Bill Simmons’ Ringer Podcast network, Wondery and Stitcher. The industry consolidation shows no signs of slowing

 “As more and more people produce podcasts, discoverability gets harder,” Kaplan said in an interview. “So we have been approached (about a sale) and are open to conversations. Our goal from the beginning has been to create a company that can be successful on its own and produces the kinds of shows that we want.”

Kaplan declined to be more specific about a potential Wonder Media Network sale.

Unlike other podcasters, Wonder Media Network typically doesn’t sell ads using pricing based on CPMs, or cost per thousand  (listeners), preferring monthly or seasonal deals.

According to Kaplan, the company’s approach to advertising enables it create better-produced ads that fit seamlessly with the content Wonder Media Network is creating.

“They sound better and feel better to the listeners, the hosts and the sponsors,” she said.

Kaplan funded Wonder Media Network launch along with Chief Marketing Officer Shira Atkins, who also co-founded the company. New Media Ventures, a venture fund and a network of investors that backs progressive-minded companies, has also invested in Wonder Media. According to Kaplan, Wonder Media Network was cash-flow positive and profitable in less than a year and continues to make money.

Like other podcast producers, Wonder Media Network is willing to tackle complicated stories at a time when online publishers are pressuring writers to produce sensationalist clickbait content like listicles that they hope will drive traffic to their sites.

“Podcasts are getting longer and more intricate,” Kaplan said. “People want to examine perspectives and different opinions in podcasting in a much longer form.”

Wonder Media Network’s first show was Women Belong In The House, which chronicled her mother Kathy Manning’s campaign for the U.S. Congress in North Carolina and the challenges facing other female candidates seeking elected office. 

Manning lost her first election in 2018 but succeeded two years later after a court-ordered redistricting made the district friendlier for Democrats. Before her victory, the seat had been in Republican hands since 1985.

“I had always been obsessed with politics and storytelling, which is why I got to journalism, to begin with, at least the storytelling side of things,” Kaplan said. “And so I had this front-row seat to look at what it’s like to run for office. I was obsessed with trying to figure out and diving into why there are so few women in office.”

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