Weyburn has a brand-new art gallery located in the Credit Union Spark Centre. 

The well-attended grand opening took place Friday evening, with a speech from City of Weyburn curator Regan Lanning, and the music of local harpist Sharon Elliot. 

Regan Lanning and Sharon ElliottRegan Lanning and Sharon Elliott (Photo by Trillian Reynoldson)

“We are so excited to have a gallery that is just dedicated to the arts,” Lanning said. “It’s not a shared place, it is just solely for arts and arts presentation.” 

Lanning said the gallery had been six years in the making. 

“When I became curator, one of my very first meetings was about the need for a new facility and a new art gallery here in Weyburn.” 

Man looks at artMan views art in Weyburn’s new gallery (Photo by Trillian Reynoldson)

There are three exhibits in the gallery, the James Weir People’s Choice, Sacred Spaces, and Where We Started Where We Are. Art from around 25 different artists is being represented. 

“We program about 30 percent of our exhibitions for local artists and the James Weir People’s Choice is just one of those. It is a long-running, much-loved exhibition that is 38 years old this year. Named after the very first chair of the Weyburn and Arts Council, which was the very first Arts Council in Saskatchewan.” 

Those who attended had the opportunity to vote for their favorite pieces of art for the James Weir competition. Voting is open until March 18, and the awards presentation will be held at the gallery on March 24 at 7:00 p.m. 

James Weir AwardJames Weir People’s Choice Award (Photo by Trillian Reynoldson)


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