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Scientists raise alarm over signs of vaccine 'hesitancy' – CTV News



Scientists called for urgent action to improve public trust in immunization as research suggested sizeable minorities in some nations may be reluctant to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

With few effective treatments and no cure for the coronavirus, companies and governments are racing to develop vaccines in a bid to arrest the pandemic.

But there is increasing concern that “vaccine hesitancy” is also on the rise, with misinformation and mistrust colouring people’s acceptance of scientific advances.

In a new study published Tuesday in Nature Medicine, researchers in Spain, the U.S. and Britain surveyed 13,400 in 19 countries hit hard by COVID-19 and found that while 72 per cent said they would be immunized, 14 per cent would refuse and another 14 per cent would hesitate.

When extrapolated across whole populations this could amount to tens of millions of people who may avoid vaccination, the authors said.

“These findings should be a call to action for the international health community,” said co-author Heidi Larson, who runs the Vaccine Confidence Project at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

“If we do not start building vaccine literacy and restoring public trust in science today, we cannot hope to contain this pandemic.”

Researchers found that people who had least faith in their governments were less likely to accept a vaccine — and even those who had been ill with the virus were not more likely to respond positively.

While in China 88 per cent of respondents said they would take “a proven, safe and effective vaccine”, the highest of all the countries surveyed, the proportion dipped to 75 per cent in the U.S. and was as low as 55 per cent in Russia.

“We found that the problem of vaccine hesitancy is strongly related with a lack of trust in government,” said study coordinator Jeffrey Lazarus, of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health.

When asked if they would accept an approved, safe vaccine recommended by their employer, only 32 per cent of respondents completely agreed.

Acceptance rates again varied widely by country, with China again having the most clearly positive responses (84 per cent either completely or somewhat agreed) and Russia with the least (27 per cent).

People were less likely to accept a vaccine if it was mandated by their employer, the authors said.

The study, released at the Union World Conference on Lung Health, found greater acceptance of vaccines among people earning more than US$32 a day.

They also found older people were more likely to accept a vaccine than those under 22.


In a new initiative launched Tuesday and supported by the Vaccine Alliance Gavi, scientists involved in vaccine development will appear in a series of videos on social media to help raise public confidence in their work.

The researchers and clinicians in the U.K., U.S., South Africa, India and Brazil will be posting under the hashtag #TeamHalo — a reference to the circle of global scientific endeavour — on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

“I’m used to spending time pipetting samples and analysing data,” said Anna Blakney, a participating bioengineer who is part of the vaccine development team at Imperial College in London.

“TikTok is a new frontier for me but I’m enthusiastic about demystifying our work and making it accessible to the world.”

Earlier this month a study in the journal Royal Society Open Science found up to a third of people in some countries may believe coronavirus misinformation and in turn be less open to immunization.

And recent research from Cornell University found that U.S. President Donald Trump was the world’s biggest driver of COVID-19 misinformation, because of his promotion of what the researchers termed “miracle cures”.

Meanwhile, the speed of development has caused concerns in some countries, with Russia’s announcement in August that it would begin roll-out of the Sputnik V vaccine before crucial phase 3 trials criticized as premature. 

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Toronto BBQ restaurant appears set to defy city order and reopen – CTV Toronto



Police have returned to an Etobicoke barbecue restaurant that was ordered to close indefinitely after openly flouting public health restrictions prohibiting on-site dining.

Dozens of officers showed up at the Queen Elizabeth Blvd. location of Adamson Barbecue on Wednesday morning after owner Adam Skelly vowed to reopen in contravention of the Toronto Public Health order.

The enhanced police presence comes one day after dozens of customers were seen eating inside and on picnic benches set up outside the restaurant in direct contravention of the lockdown order that went into place in Toronto at the start of the week.

The brazen flouting of rules eventually led to a decision by Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa to use her powers under the Health Protection and Promotions Act to order the business to close but by the time police showed up to shut it down it was after 4 p.m. and Skelly was already in the process of closing for the day.

In a post on the restaurant’s official Instagram page last night Skelly shared a animated image of him standing on a police cruiser and wielding a spatula along with the caption “Etobicoke. 11 a.m. to sold out. Dine-in.” He then showed up at the restaurant at around 10 a.m., replying “absolutely” when asked by CP24 whether he planned to reopen.

“I think you are going to find there will be people there really quickly to enforce the law (if he does reopen),” Toronto Mayor John Tory told CP24 earlier on Wednesday morning.

“And I would say that if he comes back a second day after being ordered the first day to close he is free to do that but so are the authorities free then to throw the book at him, which is exactly what they should do. It is not my decision but I hope they throw the book at him.”

Adam Skelly

Police and bylaw officer actually showed up at Adamson Barbecue shortly after it opened on Tuesday but did not close it down at the time, telling reporters that it wouldn’t be safe “to go in and physically remove everyone” due to the “sheer number of people” that showed up.

Staff Superintendent Mark Barkley, however, told reporters later in the day that it was a “mistake” not to act earlier in the day.

He said that if customers return to the restaurant today police will be “prepared to deal with people who refuse to leave the premises.”

“If he opens tomorrow we will be here,” he said. “We will have a presence and we will ensure compliance with the order.”


Staff Superintendent Mark Barkley, however, told reporters later in the day that it was a “mistake” not to act at the time.

He said that if customers return to the restaurant today police will be “prepared to deal with people who refuse to leave the premises.”

“If he opens tomorrow we will be here,” he said. “We will have a presence and we will ensure compliance with the order.”

‘A bad apple spoiling it for everyone else’

The decision by Skelly to operate in contravention of provincial emergency orders was criticized by a number of officials, including Tory and Premier Doug Ford.

On Wednesday the Vice President of Central Canada for the lobby group Restaurants Canada James Rilett told CP24 that there is a “lot of frustration in the industry right now,” as most restauranteurs believe that they can operate safely.

But he said that what transpired at Adamson Barbecue one day prior was far from safe with little regard paid to even the most basic of precautions, like ensuring physical distancing in lineups and between tables.

“It is a really unfortunate situation. Restaurant have done so much to promote safety and to show that they can serve their customers safely and abide by the rules. Something like this just puts everyone in a bad light and unfortunately it is one of those situations where a bad apple really is spoiling it for everyone else,” he said.

Individuals who violate the province’s emergency orders could face fines of anywhere from $750 to $100,000.

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Ontario reports 35 more deaths, a record-high in second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, and 1373 new infections – CP24 Toronto's Breaking News



Ontario is reporting 1,373 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday and an additional 35 deaths, the highest number of fatalities recorded in a single day during the second wave of the pandemic.

The figure marks the deadliest single day of the second wave so far, surpassing the 32 fatalities reported last week on Nov. 18.

Of the latest deaths, 22 were among long-term care home residents, up from 10 deaths in those settings a day ago.

There are currently 102 long-term care homes with an active COVID-19 outbreak.

Since January, a total of 3,554 people have died from the disease in Ontario.

Most of the new cases continue to be in the Greater Toronto Area, particularly in the hot spots of Toronto and Peel.

“Locally, there are 445 new cases in Toronto, 415 in Peel and 136 in York Region,” Health Minister Christine Elliott tweeted on Wednesday.

Elsewhere in the GTA, Durham Region logged 26 cases, compared to 16 on Tuesday, and Halton recorded 30 cases, up from five a day ago.

On Tuesday, the province reported 1,009 new infections and 1,589 new cases on Monday. But yesterday the province said those numbers are inaccurate due to technical issues with data collection, resulting in an underestimate of numbers on Tuesday and an overestimate on Monday.

When averaging out new cases on Monday and Tuesday, Ontario logged 1,299 new infections on both days.

The seven-day rolling average now stands at 1,388, down from 1,411 a week ago.

According to provincial health officials, 1,476 more people recovered from the virus bringing the total number of active cases to 12,779.

To date, there have been nearly 107,900 cases of the novel coronavirus across the province since January and 91,550 recoveries.

Provincial labs processed more than 36,000 tests in the past 24 hours, up from more than 27,000 tests the previous day.

Nearly 45,000 test specimens are still under investigation.

The province’s positivity rate is now 4.7 per cent, down from 5.8 per cent on Tuesday although yesterday’s numbers are skewed due to the technical error.

Ontario’s health-care system is still coping with an increased number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals.

There were 523 COVID-19 patients in Ontario hospitals on Wednesday, compared to 534 one day ago. Of those patients, 159 are in an intensive care unit and 106 are breathing with the help of a ventilator.

The latest numbers come after Ontario’s Attorney General released a scathing report Wednesday morning saying that the chief medical officer of health and his associates “did not lead” the province’s response to the virus when the pandemic first began in March.

Bonnie Lysyk also found that Dr. David Williams and his staff were pro-active in directing the 34 local public health units in the province.

Premier Doug Ford is expected to face questions about the report this afternoon when he makes an announcement regarding guidelines for gatherings over the holiday season.

On Monday, Toronto and Peel Region entered the grey “lockdown” zone of the province’s COVID-19 response framework for at least 28 days to reduce the spread of the virus in those hot spots.

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Stock market news live updates: Futures point to full steam ahead on Wall Street after Dow hits 30K – Yahoo Canada Finance




Vital® to Feature Enterprise Imaging and AI Virtually at RSNA 2020

Vital is hosting demonstrations and educational content from industry experts.MINNETONKA, Minn., Nov. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vital, a Canon Group company, alongside Canon Medical, will exhibit a virtual gallery experience at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting November 29 through December 5. Within the online experience, Vital will host discussions around enterprise imaging, VNAi, and the latest in Vitrea® Advanced Visualization. Learn more: End-to-End Enterprise Imaging Product RSNA Featured Demonstration                     Friday, December 4, 3:30-4:00pm CST This on-demand product demonstration and Q&A session led by a team of Vital experts will provide a complete view of Vitrea Enterprise Imaging. Register via the RSNA official conference to learn about the solution and how the efficient, perceptive and interoperable EI solution can help organizations reduce operational costs and risk, increase efficiency, identify revenue generation and deliver exceptional care.On-Demand Live Chats, Webinars and Demos Within the virtual gallery experience, attendees gain access to content from industry experts, on-demand video, and demonstration library, which includes the Automation Platform. The Automation Platform is an AI based zero-click solution that uses deep learning to streamline your workflow for fast actionable results every time. Vital’s product experts will be available during RSNA sponsored hours to chat with those who have questions. Representatives will be standing by to share product demonstrations, answer product questions, and assist with scheduling meetings.Other featured topics include enterprise imaging, VNAi, PACS replacement, AI, remote reading, EBIW, and Vitrea Advanced Visualization Version 7.Featured Speaker Hear from Gartner VP analyst, Barry Runyon, on the Real-Time Health System vision, his key insights and how healthcare delivery organizations can apply it.“Vital’s commitment to giving healthcare providers solutions that fit their needs to make efficient and timely decisions hasn’t changed, even during the pandemic with many providers reading remotely,” says Jim Litterer, President and CEO of Vital. “We have continued to focus on enabling data-driven decisions, streamlined vendor agnostic workflows, and supporting collaborative imaging which is what our customers expect us to deliver.”Learn more and schedule a meeting at Vital®  Vital, a Canon Group company, has a legacy of leadership in healthcare imaging using smart algorithms and techniques of innovation spanning over 30 years. As a premier provider of an Enterprise Imaging (EI) solution focused on interoperability, Vital transforms and seamlessly connects disparate PACS and other data into an efficient, perceptive and interoperable EI solution. Through modular and scalable enterprise message orchestration, enterprise visualization and enterprise analytics solutions, Vital’s Vitrea® Enterprise Imaging solution makes data accessible across the entire enterprise when and where providers need it. Today, Vital is selectively embedding intelligence and leveraging decades of smart algorithms in advanced visualization to give clinicians the ability to make real-time decisions for today’s empowered healthcare consumer and helping to enhance the patient care experience. For more information on how Vital is shaping the future of healthcare technology, visit, or join the conversation on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. For more information contact: Zach Stenger +1952-487-9534

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