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Due to the lockdown, time spent on social media grew exponentially for everyone. So is a break the need of the hour?



The lockdown left us to the mercy of social media to ensure physical distancing even while keeping one emotionally connected. But the over-dependence, lack of other channels to keep engaged to routines going haywire, led to excessive time being spent on social media. Is it time for a digital detox? Celebs share their take.

Use it right

In order to ensure that you are giving yourself and your loved ones time and energy, you have to not only switch off from social media but also put your devices away. Right now, I am not on a digital detox, but, yes, I am actively putting my phone away throughout the day. Social media can be a positive space, only if you do not get bogged down by the negativity. – Asis Sethi, filmmaker-director

Habitual behaviour

I am not dependent on social media, but, yes, I am hooked onto it! That is true because checking your social media handles every few minutes has become a habit with everybody. I have never taken a break from it because my work is related to it and I need to spread the word about it. But if I am not working for a few days, I might just take a break.

– Tarun Khanna, Raja Krishnadevaraya in Tenali Rama

No dependence

During the lockdown, I was never totally dependent on social media. I rather gave time to my family and to my own self. I started playing the casio; I was doing workouts at home and started cooking with my mother. I am still not dependent, but I love being on social media; I love interacting with my fans. I learn a lot from them; but no dependence, either during or after the lockdown. – Ansh Sinha, Rishabh Bansal in Tera Yaar Hoon Main

Set your limits

One should know how much time to invest in social media; you must set your own boundaries. The best way to detox is to keep your phone away from your reach and engage in an activity that you love. I like being connected to my close ones; it gives me positive energy. – Paritosh Tripathi, actor

Books beckon

I love interacting with people, but not completely on social media. If you focus on negative things you will have negative vibes, but if you see the talent on social media you will be happy and positive. Whenever I use social media too much, I detox by picking books.

– Jyoti Sharma, Dulari in Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare

Mental cleansing

The lockdown made me dependent on social media, but, thankfully, I realised that and also eventually got bored of it. It is depressive at times with the fake news doing the rounds. I went for a 15-day social media detox during this time. It was great, as I could give more time to reading, painting and yoga. Also my sleep pattern improved. It was like mental cleansing for me. – Shamin Mannan, Koel in Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare

Limit yourself

Taking a detox during the lockdown didn’t occur to me. However, right now I am on a break from social media and not planning to make a comeback anytime soon. We all live in a world where we have this constant urge to keep ourselves updated. And this urge is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. Little do we realise that most times it grows to a certain level of toxicity. The idea is to cut-off when you require to or at least limit yourself. – Karan Jotwani, Neel in Qurbaan Hua

Only saviour

Social media was the only platform on which we were connected. I am a social being and would have died without it! So yes, it was a saviour, but anything in excess is always harmful. So, I did give it a break. The detox experience has been like meditation. There was no competition, no updates. – Liza Malik, actor-singer

– As told to Mona

Source: – The Tribune India

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Japan mulls $95.5 billion extra budget to counter coronavirus: media –



TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s government is considering compiling an extra budget worth around $95.5 billion to offset the economic drag caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Mainichi newspaper reported on Saturday.

The government is likely to debate using the 10 trillion yen ($95.52 billion) budget to extend a labour subsidy programme scheduled to end in December and to pay for the distribution of a coronavirus vaccine, the Mainichi reported, without citing sources.

Members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party are calling for 10 trillion yen in spending, and Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is likely to formally order an extra budget early next month, the Mainichi said.

The finance ministry and the prime minister’s office did not respond when contacted by phone.

The government may consider whether to use some of the funds to extend a popular domestic travel subsidy scheme but is unlikely to offer more direct cash handouts to households, the newspaper reported.

The government has 7 trillion yen in reserves left over from an earlier coronavirus aid package that it can use to fund the extra budget. The government is considering issuing bonds to fund the remaining amount, according to the Mainichi.

Japan’s government and ruling party lawmakers originally planned to make a decision on extra stimulus after the release of third-quarter gross domestic product on Nov. 16 but decided to bring forward their decision because private sector companies are starting to cut workers’ bonus payments, the newspaper said.

($1 = 104.6900 yen)

(Reporting by Stanley White; Editing by Lincoln Feast.)

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Global Environment Media (GEM) Announces the First-of-its-Kind Digital Media Network Dedicated to Positive Environmental Solutions – Canada NewsWire



MONACO and WASHINGTON, Oct. 23, 2020 /CNW/ — Nonprofit, civic and corporate leaders from around the world have come together to launch Global Environment Media (GEM), a content platform designed to educate, engage, and empower audiences to tell positive stories of progress about our planet. The announcement was made today by its distinguished co-founders surrounding the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. Press kit and Sizzle Video.

Seeing the need for positive solutions that address the current environmental crises, this founding team of Christian Moore, Vincent Roger, Dennis Kucinich, Michael Clemente, Elizabeth Kucinich, Marc Scarpa and Doug Scott joined forces to build a media company with the support of the non-profit organization, GEMA, that together will lead current and future generations to a healthier, more sustainable planet. The founders share a vision to curate, produce and distribute inspiring environmental stories with positive solutions.

Moore, the Managing Partner of GEM and president of the foundation, Global Environment Movement Association (GEMA) said, “GEM embodies that mindset that people must fall in love with the natural world first in order to then be engaged and excited enough to save it. This was why we launched GEM as the first-of-its kind media network.”

Added Roger, the Managing Partner GEM, and treasurer of GEMA, “We believe in positivity and wanted to create a destination where people can explore stories of innovators who are impacting the world. We know that governments can only go so far and together with GEM, individuals, businesses and NGOs, can take action and catalyze the change needed to heal our planet.” will be divided into four primary sections: 1) Live TV, 2)Topics – an expansive VOD library – “solution-oriented” videos covering nine environmental topics: Energy, Climate Change, People on Earth, Forests, The Ocean, Biodiversity, Food, Sustainable Living and Water 3) Research – an education section rich with infographics, academic papers, a portal to global environmental courses and 4) Kids – a special learning section for kids.

With its powerful mission, GEM has already partnered with 50 institutions, foundations, NGOs, and nearly 40 global advisory members. To read the full list go here.

GEM is proud to have the support of Hamid Guedroudj, social and environmental philanthropist.

For more information, please visit

Follow on Social: @TheGEMPlatform

Logo –

Media Contacts
Liz Stein, Communications Director
[email protected]

SOURCE Global Environment Media

For further information: +1.240.461.3053,

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Nunavut MLA ousted from cabinet after social media post criticizing Black women for abortions –



Nunavut MLA Patterk Netser has been removed from cabinet after a 14-3 vote by his fellow MLAs in the legislature on Friday morning.

“I sometimes have to make difficult decisions in the best interest of our territory. This is one of those times. There can be no tolerance for disrespectful hurtful actions,” said Premier Joe Savikataaq. 

Savikataaq introduced a motion on Wednesday — the first day of the fall sitting — to remove Netser from the executive council. Savikataaq accused Netser of making comments “based in racism and gender violence.”

Netser’s demotion follows a recent Facebook post in which the MLA criticized Black women for having abortions. In the same post, Netser also stated “all lives matter,” a phrase largely seen as a criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement because it discounts the disproportionate racism that Black people face.

A post apparently made by Netser refers to “all lives matter,” a slogan which undermines the Black Lives Matter message by discounting the disproportionate racism that Black people face. His post then goes on to question how many Black women undergo abortion. (Patiq Netser/Facebook)

Two weeks ago, the premier stripped Netser of his ministerial portfolios. The Aivilik MLA was minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation and the Nunavut Arctic College.

In a statement on Friday morning in the legislature, Netser denied the premier’s claim that his words were racist or gender violent. 

“I never raised any issues on ethnic groups. I spoke out about unborn babies that have been aborted,” he said, in his response to the motion.

“My reference to ‘all lives matter’ was not stated in that context and I would not have used those words if I knew they could be used to negate the struggles of my Black brothers and sisters,” he said.  

‘We cannot say whatever we want’

Iqaluit Manirajak MLA Adam Arreak Lightstone seconded the motion to oust Netser. 

MLAs Tony Akoak, Emiliano Qirngnuq and Netser opposed. MLA David Qamaniq abstained from voting while three others, Minister Elisapee Sheutiapik, MLAs Cathy Towtongie and Margaret Nakashuk were not present in the house for the vote.

Qirngnuq said he was uncomfortable with the motion because the statements by Netser were made outside of the assembly. He asked for deep reflection on the severity of government reaction. 

Jeannie Ehaloak, minister of Justice and responsible for Human Rights Tribunal, supported the vote to oust Netser from cabinet.

Justice minister Jeannie Ehaloak says saying ‘whatever we want to’ puts the credibility of government at risk. (Jordan Konek/CBC)

“We can believe whatever we want to. But we cannot say whatever we want when those statements have a negative impact on the rights and dignity of others,” Ehaloak said.

“This is particularly true for those of us in office.”

Doing so puts the credibility of government at risk, she added.

“We have a code of conduct, when you’re elected to MLA you are held to a higher standard than the general public. When you’re elected to the executive council you are held to an even higher level, you are speaking on behalf of the government,” premier Savikataaq said to media following the vote. 

Savikataaq said Wednesday that he expected MLAs to support his motion to take the next step and remove Netser from cabinet. The premier wanted MLAs to vote on his motion on Wednesday, but Netser voted to delay it until Friday.

The ousted minister also spoke out on Wednesday, making no apologies for his social media posts. In a member’s statement, he said he was being punished “because of my Christian principles and values.”

Now out of cabinet, Netser told reporters on Friday that he will continue as an MLA.

To his constituents he said, “This is what happened, we can’t do anything about it, we will be OK.”  

 The cabinet vacancy has triggered a leadership forum to be held to elect another MLA to fill the spot. The date for the forum has yet to be determined.   

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