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It seems like ages ago already, but Apple caused quite a commotion back in 2017 when it announced its AirPower wireless charging pad. The device was unlike anything out at the time, featuring 30 wireless charging coils, giving users the freedom to place up to three devices anywhere on the pad for instant wireless charging. Unfortunately, the device would never make it to store shelves, as Apple would cancel the product citing that it didn’t meet its “high standards.” Reports at the time stated that Apple couldn’t tackle the wireless charging pad’s issue with overheating.


XDA 2400 x 1600-32

While Apple might have given up on the project, it looks like Tesla, of all companies, wasn’t content with letting the idea die, as it has now announced its own wireless charging pad that will begin shipping starting next year. The wireless charging technology is backed by FreePower, known for its wireless charging prowess, and the design of the wireless pad is all Tesla. The product description mentions that the look of the product is inspired by the “angular design and metallic styling of Cybertruck.”

This is quite a slick device made aluminum and premium Alcantara. Furthermore, it has a detachable magnetic stand, giving it versatility, displaying phones either flat or in an upright position. When it comes to charging speed, we’re looking at “15W of fast charging power per device for up to three devices simultaneously.” For the most part, this is a pretty interesting product and offers something most other chargers don’t.

We have seen similar products in the past, but they featured less charging coils, and you didn’t get edge to edge coverage. While it seems like a pretty good product, unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap, coming in at $300. As mentioned before, it is now available to order but won’t be shipping until February 2023. Of course, if you don’t want to shell out that much money, there are plenty of other options available, with some of the best wireless chargers costing much less.

Source: Tesla