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The Galaxy Watch 4 could be Android's Apple Watch – Analyst – TrustedReviews



The team-up between Google and Samsung might be what finally knocks the Apple Watch Series off its throne.

Samsung has been busy recently, with the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3, alongside other items like the Galaxy Air Buds 2, the company has been working hard on a lot of new projects.

Samsung’s latest wearable, the Galaxy Watch 4, comes from a team-up between Google and Samsung, bringing Wear OS to the Android smartwatch.

We asked some experts what they thought about the latest Galaxy Watch and how it could help Samsung and Google finally get a leg up on Apple’s wearable line.

Did Samsung and Google do enough to give Wear OS a fighting chance against the Apple Watch?

“It is too early to say. But it is a win-win situation for both Samsung and Google. Samsung’s smartwatches have struggled with developer and app support and Google has that in abundance. Google has struggled with hardware. A partnership gives Samsung the app support that comes with Google and gives Google the hardware expertise of Samsung,” Anisha Bhatia, Senior Analyst at GolbalData told Trusted Reviews.

“Collaboration also allows them access to non-Apple customers that was denied to them due to Android fragmentation. Volumes will bring in scale, cost efficiencies and more developers, which is what both Google and Samsung need to become viable competitors to Apple.”

Other experts agree that while it is too early to say for sure, the team-up between Samsung and Google should be a good thing for the future of the Galaxy Watch 4.

“If we look at the Apple Watch’s success, it’s built on seamless interoperability with the iPhone, giving users the knowledge that their smartwatch will just work with their phone, with no hassle. In contrast, Samsung and Google are trying to appeal to a wider base,” Leo Gebbie, principal analyst, Connected Devices at CCS Insight revealed to Trusted Reviews.

“For example, will using the Watch4 with a non-Samsung smartphone deliver a premium experience? Will people with other Android-powered smartphones – for instance, OnePlus – be aware of the benefits of a Wear OS device as opposed to a OnePlus watch?

“It’s a far trickier message for Google and Samsung to pitch to customers, and until Wear OS becomes more widespread and consistent, it will likely remain hard to communicate.”

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It is assumed that the team-up will also mean that the Galaxy Watch 4 could be the Apple equivalent but for Android.

“Regarding software, third-party apps have been a challenge for almost all smartwatch makers aside from Apple. Samsung is looking to have cracked this with the reignition of their partnership with Goggle, providing users with a wealth of familiar apps from Google Play,” Jack Hamlin, Global Client Manager at Kantar Worldpanel told Trusted Reviews.

“This development makes Samsung Galaxy Watch an extremely compelling choice for Android smartphone owners, in many ways making it the ‘Apple Watch’ of the Android world.”

How do you see Wear OS devices doing in the next year?

“We have seen increased sales and engagement in the wearables category following Covid. Wear OS devices’ sleek design and third-party app support will stand them in good stead for success in the coming year,” Hamlin continued to say.

“However competition is set to intensify, Google’s acquisition of Fitbit has sparked rumours of a possible Pixel watch, which would directly compete with the Wear OS series.”

While the experts agree Samsung’s newest wearable will do well, it will have to overcome strong competition from Apple’s wearables, such as the Apple Watch 6.

“This year, I expect the Galaxy Watch 4 to perform well. However, it’s very difficult to say how other Wear OS devices will perform, because we still don’t know exactly what devices will use it,” Gebbie went on to say.

“Google has confirmed that some Mobvoi TicWatch and Fossil watches will support the new software, but these are fairly small players in terms of shipments. I’m also expecting to see new Fitbit devices running Wear OS but little is known about these right now.

“Ultimately, I think it could take some time before we’ll have any indication of the level of success that the new Wear OS has achieved, but Google and Samsung have invested heavily and are certainly in it for the long haul.”

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EU Commission proposes removing chargers from all smartphone boxes – news –



In a new press release by the European Commission, legislation is being put forth by the European Commission to standardize the charging plug across all consumer devices. It also plans to “harmonize” a fast-charging standard and “unbundle the sale of chargers from the sale of electronic devices”. This proposal will apply to “smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers, and handheld videogame consoles.”

The Commission officially proposes four things:

  • A harmonized charging port for electronic devices: USB-C will be the common port.
  • Harmonized fast-charging technology: will help prevent different producers unjustifiably limit the charging speed and will help ensure that charging speed is the same when using any compatible charger for a device.
  • Unbundling the sale of a charger from the sale of the electronic device: the Commission says that EU consumers already have an average of three chargers and will only use two.
  • Improved information for consumers: OEMs will need to provide information about charging speeds and whether the device supports fast charging.

According to the EU Commission, European consumers spend €2.4 billion annually on standalone chargers not included with devices. Also, an estimated 11,000 tonnes of e-waste are made up of disposed/unused chargers every year. The EU Commission hopes that the proposed legislation could potentially save consumers €250 million per year on unnecessary charger purchases.

Fast-charging standardization is an interesting one. Many Chinese phone makers all use different fast-charging standards to compete with each other, but most will support some form of USB-C Power Delivery fast-charging. So OEMs would need to provide fast-charging information so that they are informed about what charging speeds they may expect from the charger they already have at home.

iPhone 12 Pro with included Lightning to USB-C cable

The proposed legislation will affect Apple the most. They’d need to make the switch from Lightning to USB-C. It’s been rumored for years that Apple would make this switch, and even though Apple’s MacBook and iPad have already switched to USB-C, its two most popular product lines: the iPhone and AirPods, continue to use the Lightning cable. This would hurt Apple’s sales of chargers and cables, so Apple isn’t giving in without a fight.

Even so, the proposed legislation still needs to be approved by the ordinary legislative procedure (co-decision): It needs to be adopted by the EU Parliament and Council. Once (and if) the legislation is approved, a transition period of 24-months will be given to OEMs to transition to the new EU laws.


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Some iPhone 13 Pro animations affected by an issue that will be fixed – The Verge



Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup launched Friday, and one of the key features of the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are their ProMotion displays with variable refresh rates that can top out at 120Hz. But as spotted by 9to5Mac, some app animations in third-party apps are currently only running at 60Hz. That might be frustrating if you were expecting to see buttery-smooth animations across all of your apps with the new phones, but when we asked Apple what was going on, the company shared two reasons why this might be happening.

One reason is that developers will need to update their apps to declare that they use the higher refresh rate. This can be done by adding an entry to the app’s plist, Apple tells The Verge, and the company says it plans to share documentation about the entry you need to add soon. But in some cases, animations built with the company’s Core Animation technology are also affected by an issue that will be fixed in an upcoming software update, Apple says.

Variable refresh rate screens offer a lot of benefits, including smoother animations and scrolling when you’re using the device and battery savings the screen runs at lower refresh rates. We were impressed with the screens on the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max in our review, and it’s good to hear that third party apps will be able to take full advantage of what they have to offer — though some may have to wait until after that software update.

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Today’s Homes Need a Professional Electrician’s Touch



Credit: Ed Harvey via Pexels

Modern technology can be jaw-dropping at times, but it must be installed correctly and safely. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to show off one of the latest gadgets, only to see that it doesn’t work!

Professional electricians have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that the wiring tucked out of view works as it should, so what is visible performs the way it’s expected to. Let’s check out the different services electricians provide for your home.

Safely, Efficiently Wire Smart Homes

The idea of a Smart Home where people can control a room’s temperature from their phone did not exist when many homes were built. Whether your home is from a previous generation or you’re building a new one from scratch, professional electricians can ensure the wiring will safely and sufficiently power all your devices if you want Smart appliances in it.

The electrical requirements are not the same in a house designed to power the lights versus one that can charge a car in the garage. Even though some aspects of a Smart Home can be self-installed, if you’re confident enough, most laypeople don’t know how to install it optimally.

If you have multiple smart devices, it’s better to have them streamlined, so they can talk to each other and be interconnected. You want your speakers, thermostat, locks, and more to work effortlessly, and professional electricians make it easy.

If you’re going to be charging an electric vehicle at home, ensure your EV Charger is hardwired to the electrical panel. A certified, licensed, and insured electrician needs to confirm the installation meets certification requirements.

If you need an electrician in Pickering or anywhere in the Durham region to wire your home for modern technology, look for a family-owned business that can get the job done quickly and with excellent customer service. Family-owned businesses specialize in customer satisfaction.

Safety Matters Above All

It’s hard for laypeople to identify faulty or dangerous wiring when they see it, and it’s hard to see behind those walls. Professional electricians have the equipment to measure the rate at which electricity is conducted, so they can safely install your home’s lighting.

Whether you’re moving into an old home that may have outdated systems or building a brand-new house, hiring a professional electrician to inspect and install the wiring is essential. Confirm first whether they’re an apprentice, journeyman, or a master electrician, and double-check that the business is bonded, licensed, and insured.

The safety of you, your family, and your home may be at risk unless a professional electrician has inspected your home’s wiring and deemed it safe. You can’t get this peace of mind any other way.

A home ought to have lights that turn on brightly and safely, but it’s common to expect a lot more from our gadgets, given today’s incredible consumer technology. Make sure you have a professional electrician inspect and wire the home, so you can feel confident that everything will work smoothly and safely.


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