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"The Last Dance" Episodes 9 & 10: Recap and social media reactions –



For the past month, sports fans have come together on Sunday evenings to enjoy “The Last Dance,” ESPN’s 10-part docuseries on Michael Jordan and his final season with the Chicago Bulls in 1997-98.

Sunday night, “The Last Dance” came to a close, as the series turned its focus to Chicago’s run to those 1998 NBA Finals, Jordan’s “Flu Game,” Dennis Rodman’s professional wrestling detour in the middle of that final series against the Jazz, “The Pushoff,” and much more.

And as always, the internet was out in full force with reactions, jokes, and appreciation for both Jordan and the storytelling. So for the final time, here’s how “The Last Dance” played out on Sunday.

On Dennis Rodman’s wrestling detour

Yes, it’s true. In the middle of the NBA Finals, after the Bulls won Game 3, Rodman missed practice to continue taking part in a professional wrestling storyline as a member of World Championship Wrestling’s New World Order, where he was allied with Hulk Hogan.

And NBA players in particular seemed to love the latest Rodman antics in “The Last Dance”:

What “The Last Dance” didn’t mention, though, was that Rodman was in fact feuding with Karl Malone in that professional wrestling storyline — seriously, while also squaring off in the Finals — and the two would clash in the ring on July 12, just weeks after the Finals ended.

If you’re interested in learning more, the WWE Network has its own special dedicated to Rodman’s time in wrestling:

On the Flu Game

For years, we’ve heard that Jordan’s gutsy performance in Game 5 of the 1998 NBA Finals might have been food poisoning and not the flu. And on Sunday, Jordan and his trainer, Tim Grover, confirmed that theory, telling a story of ordering a late-night pizza that was delivered by five pizza guys, traveling together, and then consumed by Jordan and Jordan alone.

It’s a great story, but color our Mark Titus, among others, highly skeptical of MJ’s version of events:

Still, whatever the details of that game and the day preceding it, “The Flu Game” will always be part of the legend of Jordan.

Indeed, the shoes Jordan was wearing in that game, a black and red version of his Jordan XIIs, have since been known as the “Flu Game” colorway, and the pair he wore in that game would fetch a pretty penny in 2020:

Regardless of what happened, the details of the story, with so many people making the delivery, had Twitter cracking wise:

Even the brands got in on the fun:

Well played, DiGiorno. Well played.

Anyway, while we’re here, take a minute to watch Stuart Scott’s classic call of the highlight of the Flu Game, the Pizza Game, the Food Poisoning Game, or whatever else you want to call it. We miss you, sir.

On Steve Kerr

Last week, we saw some of the more fraught moments in Kerr’s relationship with Jordan. But in Episode 9, His Airness showed Kerr the ultimate respect by dedicating an entire segment to Kerr, the loss of his father, and his success as the perfect role player for Chicago’s second threepeat.

And while “The Last Dance” didn’t necessarily explicitly say it, the bond between the two seemed to at least in part be built on their common sense of loss. The death of Jordan’s father has been an important touch point throughout the documentary; on Sunday, Kerr shared his story, in which his father was shot and killed outside of his office in Beirut, Lebanon, where he was a professor and president of the American University.

Between their battles and their brotherhood, Jordan learned to trust Kerr. So when it came time for the final play to win the Bulls’ 1997 championship, MJ told Kerr to be ready — and he was.

On Reggie Miller

Episodes 7 and 8 last week closed on Miller pondering the possibility that the 1998 Pacers might be able to retire Michael Jordan if they could beat the Bulls in the Eastern Conference finals. And while Indiana didn’t quite get the job done, they did force Chicago to a hard-fought seven games — largely because, well, Miller might be the most confident person in this documentary not named “Michael Jordan.”

Miller was a consummate storyteller in Episode 9, sharing a tale from early in his career where he talked a little smack to Jordan as the GOAT struggled and Miller poured it on, only for Jordan to flip the script and fire back with a barb of his own:

Still, by Jordan’s own admission, Miller’s Pacers pushed the Bulls unlike any other team in their second run. As Episode 9 detailed, Miller even hit a famous game winner in the playoffs against Chicago that had all of Indiana celebrating — except head coach Larry Bird, who’d seen too much magic from Jordan to relax until the clock hit all zeroes.

 On “The Pushoff”

You know what’s kind of tired, according to both those involved with “The Last Dance” and those watching on Sunday? The notion that Jordan’s “push” against Bryon Scott made much of a difference in MJ’s ability to hit the game-winner that clinched the Bulls’ sixth championship.

Instead, as Bob Costas, the man who called those Finals, said, the hand on Russell’s backside “was the equivalent of maître d’ showing someone to their table” — a quote Kevin Love found rather enjoyable.

Indeed, most everyone simply marveled at Jordan’s coming up clutch once again:

On “The Last Dance”

Sad though it may be, Sunday was the end of “The Last Dance.” And after it came to an end, fans, players, and the internet in general gave their thanks and appreciation for the documentary.

In the end, “The Last Dance” painted a portrait of a legend. It didn’t cover everything. It wasn’t always balanced in its treatment of all parties. And some parts weren’t pretty.

But it was unquestionably Jordan.

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Social media helps solve mystery of lost camera found in Kelowna’s Mill Creek –



Brianna Irawan, 13, was extremely happy after finding out on Thursday that her prized underwater camera that had been lost for almost a year had been found in Kelowna’s Mill Creek.

The Williams Lake teen was visiting relatives in Kelowna last year when she lost the camera while jumping into the waterfalls at Mill Creek Regional Park.

“We were on Mill Creek, jumping into the water and I put my camera underneath my clothes,” Irawan told Global News on Friday.

“When I jumped, I forgot about my camera, so I walked back up and then I picked up my clothes and I forgot my camera was underneath and it fell into the water.”

Social media helps solve mystery of lost camera found in Kelowna’s Mill Creek

Social media helps solve mystery of lost camera found in Kelowna’s Mill Creek

READ MORE: Kelowna man finds digital camera in Mill Creek for second time

She went back the creek several times over the next few days, but eventually had to write her camera off to the river gods.

Story continues below advertisement

The Fujifilm XP model wasn’t seen again until almost a year later when Calvin Van Buskirk found it caught up in some debris downstream.

“What makes it even more interesting is we found a GoPro there last year. You guys [Global News] were able to get the images and the videos off it within hours it found its way back to its rightful owner,” Van Buskirk said.

Construction crew makes unusual find near Kelowna

Construction crew makes unusual find near Kelowna

It took less than 24 hours for images retrieved from the camera to make their way around social media and back to their owner.

Story continues below advertisement

Kyla Irawan, Brianna’s mother, sent a message to Global News on Thursday afternoon through Facebook to say the photos had come from her daughter.

On Friday, Global News returned the camera — still in working order — to Brianna’s uncle, Travis Whiting, who is also Kelowna’s fire chief.

‘This is the craziest thing,’: Lost GoPro owner reunited with camera

‘This is the craziest thing,’: Lost GoPro owner reunited with camera

The Irawans shared a message of gratitude with Van Buskirk.

“Thank you, Calvin, we totally appreciate your honesty,” said Kyla Irawan.

“Thank you for putting it on Global so I can give my daughter the opportunity to have all those memories back.”

For her part, Brianna said she can’t wait to see her FujiFilm XP model again.

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“Soon as I get it, I’m going to transfer the photos” to a computer, she said.

© 2020 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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Former UBC basketball assistant coach criticized for social media activity – The Province



Long-time assistant men’s basketball coach Vern Knopp will no longer work next to head coach Kevin Hanson.

The University of B.C. is distancing itself from former assistant men’s basketball coach Vern Knopp following questions about some of his activity on social media.

A Twitter account called Muted Madness pointed out on Thursday that Knopp had hit the like button on a video posted by conservative comedians the Hodge Twins on June 3 that claims the Black Lives Matter movement is a “leftist lie.”

A number of other Twitter users echoed the criticism of Knopp, who served as head coach Kevin Hanson’s volunteer assistant for the past two decades.

Later on Thursday, he shared a comment on his account, which is set to private: “So I never knew some likes to conservative posts would cause this shit storm? However my LIKES are those of mine and have nothing to do with UBC! I had told Coach Hanson months ago that I wasn’t returning to UBC but I just not (sic) made it public, only to my family.”

Reached via direct message on Friday, Knopp said he’d told Hanson about his decision in May as well as some parents on the team, but declined to make further comment.

Later on Thursday, Kavie Toor, UBC Athletics’ managing director, distanced the university from Knopp.

“Vern Knopp’s personal opinions, beliefs and social media endorsements do not represent the ideals and values of the UBC Thunderbirds. Vern Knopp is no longer a member of the Thunderbrids men’s basketball coaching staff,” he tweeted.

On Friday, the university’s athletics department declined to comment further.

The Alma Mater Society, a UBC students’ union, expressed support for the university’s position.

“The AMS is committed to supporting students from the Black community at this time, and we are actively working to develop programming to help combat anti-Black racism at UBC. The sentiments expressed by Mr. Knopp have absolutely no place at UBC, and society in general,” they said in a statement.

“We are encouraged to see that UBC Athletics and Recreation has taken a zero-tolerance approach to this issue.”

On Tuesday, the department shared a message on Twitter from university president Santa Ono.

“As Thunderbirds we join all of UBC in condemning racism in all forms. We are committed to an inclusive and respectful environment where we listen, learn and continue to grow together,” the department said in a tweet.

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Saskatoon police Cst. placed on leave in connection with 'concerning' social media posts – CKOM News Talk Sports



The Saskatoon Police Service has placed a constable on administrative leave regarding concerning posts on their personal social media account.

On Friday morning, police say they were notified about private posts that a member is accused of making on his personal social media account.

Police say the posts were harmful and offensive to the gender and sexually diverse community.

As a result, the member was immediately placed on administrative leave and an investigation was initiated regarding his conduct.

In a release, Chief of Police Troy Cooper said, “The relationship we have with the gender and sexually diverse community is incredibly important to the Saskatoon Police Service. I was to assure the public that we take these complaints seriously. We have acted swiftly to address the issue and a thorough investigation will occur.”

The 12-year member will remain on administrative leave while an investigation takes place.

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