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This week’s top stories: iOS 13.5 beta, iPhone 12 delays, AAPL Q2 earnings, more – 9to5Mac



In this week’s top stories: Apple starts beta testing iOS 13.5 with key changes, a detailed iPad buying guide, Apple reports its Q2 2020 earnings, and much more. Read on for all of this week’s biggest news.

Apple this week released a new beta of iOS 13.5 to developers and public beta users. This update includes the first version of the exposure notification API developed by Apple and Google. There are also two key other changes prompted by how our usage of iPhones is shifting during the COVID-19 outbreak.

First, Face ID can detect if you’re wearing a mask and skip directly to the passcode screen if so. Secondly, there’s a new setting for FaceTime that allows you to disable the shifting design during Group FaceTime calls. Learn more about that in our full coverage.

Corroborating recent reports from other sources, a new report from The Wall Street Journal this week indicated that iPhone 12 mass production is delayed by one month. Mass production being pushed back does not necessarily mean that the phone release date will also be delayed but is a good indicator of that.

Elsewhere, HBO announced this week that it is teaming up with Apple for the launch of its upcoming HBO Max streaming service. Customers who are billed through the App Store or through Apple TV Channels for HBO Now will be “upgraded automatically to HBO Max at no additional charge.” There will also be a new HBO Max app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Finally, Apple this week reported its fiscal Q2 2020 earnings, reporting revenue and profit impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple reported revenue of $58.3 billion and profit of $11.25 billion. This compares to $58 billion in revenue and $11.56 billion profit reported in the same quarter last year.

These and the rest of this week’s top stories below.

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9to5Mac Daily |

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9to5Mac Watch Time episode #21 |

Tyler Hayes joins Zac this week to talk about how the Apple Watch has become the ultimate iPod, the best apps for finding new music and playing audio, and much more.

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Happy Hour Podcast 275 |

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iOS 13.5 arrives in beta, Apple’s Exposure Notification API is ready to combat COVID-19 risks, Face ID and Group FaceTime are making changes, Zac has more thoughts on the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, iPhone SE has a missing feature, Ming-Chi Kuo predicts new AirPods, Apple announces earnings results, and much more.

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Stacktrace Podcast 081 |

John and Rambo return to the topic of app architecture, this time to discuss how to build scalable code bases using the MVC design pattern, and also talk about what Apple’s pro-level apps (including Xcode) might look like if ported to the iPad.

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Apple @ Work Podcast |

In this episode of the Apple @ Work podcast, Bradley is joined by Shane Moore from Bitglass to talk about the security risks of the move to cloud applications. Even if you are securing the authentication process, there is still more to consider for IT managers when it comes to creating a security environment in cloud services.

Stacktrace by 9to5Mac is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. .

Apple @ Work and Making the Grade |

Apple @ Work is a weekly series from Bradley Chambers covering Apple in education. Bradley has been managing Apple devices in an education environment since 2009. Through his experience deploying and managing hundreds of Macs and hundreds of iPads, Bradley will highlight ways in which Apple’s products work at scale, stories from the trenches of IT management, and ways Apple could improve its products for students.

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Residents being advised of potential coronavirus exposure at Halifax store –



NSHA Public Health is advising customers of a building supply store of potential exposure to COVID-19.

They say the risk of contact with the virus happened at Rona on 6055 Almon St., Halifax on May 23, 25 and 28.

“Public Health is directly contacting anyone known to be a close contact of the person(s) confirmed to have COVID-19. While most people have been contacted, there could be some contacts that Public Health is not aware of,” NSHA said in a statement on Saturday.

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READ MORE: Nova Scotia reports 1 more death at Northwood, 1 new case of coronavrius

According to NSHA, anyone exposed to the virus on the announced dates at this location may develop symptoms up to 14 days from the last date they were at this location. This would be up to, and including, June 11, 2020.

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People are being asked self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

COVID-19 symptoms include:

  • Fever (chills, sweats, etc.)
  • Cough (new or worsening)
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle aches
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal congestion or runny nose
  • Hoarse voice
  • DiarrheaUnusual fatigue
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste
  • Red, purple or blueish lesions, on the feet, toes or fingers without clear cause

If an individual has any COVID-19 symptoms, they are being asked to call 811 for assessment, to self-isolate until they receive 811 advice on what to do next and not to go directly to a COVID-19 assessment centre without being directed to do so.

© 2020 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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Sony CEO Opens Up on PlayStation 5 Pricing Strategy – Essentially Sports



Sony is finally opening-up on its next-gen console, PlayStation 5, after having kept mum for most of the year. With a game reveal showcase now confirmed for June 4, we can expect further news to start flowing in. While next week’s showcase is sure to give us something about the console itself, do not expect too much. Sony is bound to continue keeping its cards close to its chest. However, Sony PlayStation’s CEO, Jim Ryan, did touch upon a few elements regarding the console in a sit-down with

The reports, mostly unconfirmed, about PlayStation 5 have surely given the console’s loyal community a bit of anxiety. The first half of the year has more or less been about how Sony has run into trouble due to the pandemic ravaging our globe. Be it a possibility of a delay, or the disturbance in the production capacity of the new console, the news was pretty grim until this month.

The biggest letdown was perhaps the news report claiming the launch price of the console could be around $450-500. A Bloomberg report claimed the high production cost of the units would force Sony to hike up the launch price. But would that work for them? After all, back when it hiked up the launch price for PS3, it suffered dearly.

However, this month has brought in a much-needed sense of relief among the fans. The tech giant’s financial reports confirmed the console launch was on track. Moreover, we also got an official word of a “compelling lineup of games.”

PlayStation 5 CEO assures “best possible value proposition”

In his chat with, Jim Ryan did brush upon the subject of the price, unsurprisingly, though, refrained from giving us an estimate. He did admit that times are a bit unusual, and vowed to offer the “best possible value proposition.”

“Now, who knows how this recession is going to look, how deep it will be and how long it will last.

“I think the best way that we can address this is by providing the best possible value proposition that we can. I don’t necessarily mean lowest price. Value is a combination of many things. In our area it means games, it means number of games, depth of games, breadth of games, quality of games, price of games… all of these things and how they avail themselves of the feature set of the platform.”

While this sounds quite noncommittal, let’s hope the PS3 debacle compels them to keep the price on the lower end of the spectrum. However, there is a good possibility that Sony will hike the price up from the PS4 launch ($399). Unless, of course, it is ready to bear some significant initial losses.

“Increase in development budgets”

Ryan admitted that the new-age graphical capabilities of the PlayStation 5 will also increase the game-development costs.

“I think, to the extent that the technology enables the graphics side of it to become more interesting and life-like, (the games) will become slightly more human-intensive and capital intensive to produce. So yes, we think there probably will be an increase in development budgets. We don’t see it as being a massive increase, and that’s why we want to do more faster than we have ever done before, to provide a fertile install base for people who make games to be able to monetize against.” 

We better expect the next-gen console and games to put a strain on our wallets. Well, at least in the initial phase. But then again, it has never really been all that cheap, has it?

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Microsoft 'to replace journalists with robots' – BBC News



Microsoft ‘to replace journalists with robots’ – BBC News

Image copyright

PA Media

Microsoft is to replace dozens of contract journalists on its MSN website and use automated systems to select news stories, US and UK media report.

The curating of stories from news organisations and selection of headlines and pictures for the MSN site is currently done by journalists.

Artificial intelligence will perform these news production tasks, sources told the
Seattle Times

Microsoft said it was part of an evaluation of its business.

The US tech giant said in a statement: “Like all companies, we evaluate our business on a regular basis. This can result in increased investment in some places and, from time to time, redeployment in others. These decisions are not the result of the current pandemic.”

Microsoft, like some other tech companies, pays news organisations to use their content on its website.

But it employs journalists to decide which stories to display and how they are presented.

Around 50 contract news producers will lose their jobs at the end of June, the Seattle Times reports, but a team of full-time journalists will remain.

“It’s demoralising to think machines can replace us but there you go,” one of those facing redundancy told the paper.

Some sacked journalists warned that artificial intelligence may not be fully familiar with strict editorial guidelines, and could end up letting through inappropriate stories.

Twenty-seven of those losing their jobs are employed by the UK’s PA Media,
the Guardian reports

One journalist quoted in the paper said: “I spend all my time reading about how automation and AI is going to take all our jobs – now it’s taken mine.”

Microsoft is one of many tech companies experimenting with forms of so-called robot journalism to cut costs. Google is also investing in projects to understand how it might work.

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