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Tribunal says $40B Indigenous child-welfare agreement doesn’t satisfy all orders



OTTAWA — Federal ministers and the Assembly of First Nations expressed disappointment Tuesday as the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decided against approving a historic, $40 billion child-welfare settlement agreement.

In a summary of a decision released that afternoon, the tribunal urged the parties to continue negotiating.

“This decision is so devastating,” the assembly’s Manitoba Regional Chief Cindy Woodhouse, who was part of negotiating the package, said during a press conference in Winnipeg.

“I don’t think that the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal considered the major implication that this is going to have,” she said.


“This decision is so devastating to so many people today and for First Nations and Canadians who want to see a better system.”

The finding has now thrown the landmark settlement — the largest in Canadian history — into question.

In 2019, the tribunal ordered the federal government to compensate children and families. The ruling came three years after its verdict that Ottawa had discriminated against First Nations children for years by not properly funding child-welfare services on reserves.

The federal government, Assembly of First Nations and lawyers for two related class-action lawsuits announced a deal to pay that compensation in January.

The $40 billion package was split up into two parts: $20 billion to compensate First Nations families for harms caused and $20 billion to make long-term reforms to the current system.

The tribunal awarded $40,000 for each child who suffered under the system.

However, in the summary of its decision, the tribunal expressed concerns about the timeline for claimants to opt out of the compensation program and whether all children will indeed receive the full $40,000 it says they are owed.

The parties who negotiated the settlement had been awaiting word from the tribunal as to whether it would green-light the package, which must also be approved by the Federal Court.

The tribunal says that some of the victims who should be awarded payment according to its earlier ruling “have been removed or provided with reduced compensation” under the proposed compensation arrangement.

The First Nations Child and Family Caring Society had raised such concerns to the tribunal and welcomed Tuesday’s decision, stating it doesn’t believe any child should receive less than what the tribunal originally ordered.

Cindy Blackstock, the executive director of the group that first brought the matter to the tribunal, had previously said that the agreement would see some victims receiving more than $40,000 and others receiving less — a situation she found unacceptable.

“We believe the tribunal’s decision is a step in the right direction toward reconciliation,” the organization said in a statement Tuesday.

“Our expectation is that Canada immediately pays all financial reparations and supports owed to victims who have suffered so gravely and waited so long.”

Longtime New Democrat MP Charlie Angus also said the decision sent a clear message to the federal government, which he said has been trying to “ignore their responsibility.”

“This accord cannot rest on the principle that the government can choose to ignore certain children,” Angus said.

Woodhouse says that more than 300,000 families had been hoping to see the settlement approved by the end of the year.

“I don’t know when or if compensation will flow to these kids and families at this stage. We have come so, so close to compensation finally reaching our people. And today’s ruling is a significant, significant setback,” she said.

Attorney General of Canada and Justice Minister David Lametti says that as a next step, the federal government will wait for the tribunal to release its full decision and identify the issues within it.

Lametti said Tuesday that the government will continue working with First Nations leaders to find a solution and there is “no final decision on anything today.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct, 25. 2022.

— With files from Brittany Hobson and Marie-Danielle Smith.


Stephanie Taylor, The Canadian Press


The Giveaway’s Continue: The Rich Get Richer & the Working Class Poorer



The Corporate Lottery that all Big Business has been a part of, has been paying off for some. Donations with promises of future lucrative positions in Big Business have resulted in a firestorm of economic activity and financial jackpots for those in Big Pharma, the Electric Vehicle Sector and others. Between Premier Ford, Justin Trudeau and other Canadian Premiers the EV Industry has and will receive $57 Billion from the taxpayers. Perhaps there will come a day when EV Batteries will last more than a year or two, and the cost of these vehicles could match the overpriced gas models of the day, but this largess is seriously questionable at best, forked out to Corporations that will severely profit shortly and on the public dime too.

You don’t care about the various hidden agreements made by your Province with these Corporations, where there is no Transparency of the Agreements nor Accountability placed on the Government or Corporation? Corporate Welfare went wrong, worse than the Kathleen Wynne days when a photo shoot was needed, so they gave a $125 Million check to some Automotive Facility in Oshawa. Sure the Liberals were possibly guilty of undeclared fraud, allowing donations to sway their purchasing and Planning Departments, selling time with a Minister and wasting $Billions closing down operations that did not need to have been started, except for political gains. The Doug Ford Team has done some of these above-mentioned scams, and their ties to the Corporate World were never fully forthcoming. The Corporate Sector Controls The Conservatives of Ontario, and this has been a hidden truth for some time.

Victor Fedeli and Francois-Philippe Champagne invited Corporate Participation in their plans to create a new sector in Canada, the EV Panacea, and then the Corporate World took over. How else can you see the fact that all the agreements between the government and corporations are secret, unseen to the publics eye? All the Government offers is promises and propaganda/social media rushes “the future this, the futures that” but absolutely no real proven numbers for the public to consider.

With the total amount of money somewhat known, given and basically donated to rich corporations, the possible 3000 jobs created will cost $5 Million per job. Excessive don’t you think?


What cost to create jobs? Is it not the corporate Worlds responsibility to take care of its own employment needs? The Conservatives have become Socialistic Corporate Hacks, financially giving a windfall of cash to the Rich, while not paying our Essential Service Employee properly for years. Booooooooooooooooooo!

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario
[email protected]

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A Soldiers Pride



My Grand Father fought for the other side,
standing against the Soviet Horde,
protecting his family, community and national pride,
an artilleryman pounding the other side.

A Colonel of distinction and professionalism clear,
he upheld the code of soldiers far and wide,
to protect, serve and possibly die.
A Hero perhaps, depending on your side.

Hungarians stood mostly against their Soviet Nemesis,
but fought on the Western Front as well,
in the Sicily campaign and in France too.

His artillery barraged the British, Americans and Canadians as well,
Doing what all soldiers are required by oath,
to achieve their goal, fight on until the battle is won,
but his heart was at home, with his family is plain,
the soldier should never really leave their domain.


Returning to his land, the Soviets arrested him at once,
and through a trial sentenced him to hang.
Before his house, he stood with the hangman’s noose tight,
until some Jewish citizens came forth with open eyes
declaring this man a saviour to their kind.

Rich, powerful and high-ranking was he,
so with his wife they hid away Jewish families.
It was said they saved many Jewish Lives,
and for that, his life was saved,
and to the Gulag 20 years he remained.

Living his remaining life in familiar peace,
away from the hell of war and destruction untold.
He told me his story and pronounced wholeheartedly,
that a soldier’s life for future generations should never be,
the horror that destroyed the lives of many never felt.

With tears in his old eyes, he told me true,
taking a life takes something dear from me and you.
If he could relive his life, a soldier he would never be,
but to live one’s life freely and most meaningfully.

My Grandfather respected his opponents with pride,
men and women fighting for their families and home.
He lifted a glass of wine to his lips with a tear,
toasting all People far and wide
dearly held in his heart was a soldier’s pride.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario
[email protected]

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Breaking BoGlobal Live Art Event Showcases AI’s Creative Power, Amplifies Neurodivergent Awareness



                                             Breaking Boundaries:
Global Live Art Event Showcases AI’s Creative Power, Amplifies

                                         Neurodivergent Awareness                 

Toronto, On – A groundbreaking event broadcasting live on June 12 is set to bridge continents and disciplines, uniting five multidisciplinary artists in a real-time creative explosion. Combining sound design, vocals, instrumental music, and painting, the performance will harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in innovative ways, highlighting its potential to enhance and inspire the artistic process.

The event will feature a diverse range of talent, with  artists performing from each of the two participating continents. This global collaboration will not only showcase the artists’ individual skills but also demonstrate the power of technology to connect and foster creative exchange across vast distances, all to draw attention and raise awareness about the importance of inclusion.
A unique aspect of the event will be the integration of AI tools into each artist’s performance. From generating musical compositions to inspiring visual elements, AI will play an active role in shaping the artistic creations in real time. The goal is to demonstrate how AI can be a valuable tool, sparking new ideas, enhancing creative expression, and even adding an element of surprise to the artistic process. It can also be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to facilitation of daily tasks of a child with autism.

In a powerful statement of inclusion, the event will also feature artwork created by children on the autism spectrum. By highlighting the work of neurodivergent children, the event aims to promote understanding and appreciation for the diverse ways in which creativity can manifest, and outline the benefits involved.
The event promises to be a visually stunning and sonically rich experience, with each artist’s performance captured and projected for the audience to enjoy, and cross-casted between locations. The event will culminate in a virtual gallery, where the artwork created during the performance, along with the children’s pieces, will be showcased. Workshops, mentorship and resources will be later provided for FREE to autism advocacy associations who would like to participate in the program.


By combining live performance, AI integration, and a focus on neurodiversity, this event is poised to push the boundaries of artistic expression and spark new conversations about the role of technology in the creative world and inclusivity. It’s a celebration of human creativity, amplified and enhanced by the power of AI, and a testament to the transformative potential of art to connect us all.

WHAT: virtual multimedia multidisciplinary, multicultural, multinational, AI powered artistic event

WHY: designed to draw attention to benefits of exposing spectrum individuals to creative artistic process

WHEN: June 12th at 10.15 EST

WHERE: Virtual event on ZOOM, broadcasted from Toronto Island and Porec, Istria
Event is free but registration is required. Register here:

 WHO:  EDQIA Savant Concept Alliance in collaboration with benefactors and friends

Media Inquiries:
Sasha Stoltz Publicity:
Sasha Stoltz | [email protected] | 416.579.4804

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