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Western researchers give stories of trauma meaning through art –



With the help of volunteer artists, two Western University professors turned a research project on cognitive behavioural therapy for women who had experienced trauma into visual art in an effort to give meaning to what usually becomes numbers in a study. 

Through the London Health Sciences Centre, the two professors conducted an intervention study looking at the effectiveness of PATH, a pilot project consisting of trauma and violence informed cognitive behavioural therapy for pregnant women who have experienced violence or abuse. 

“When you’re having a baby, there’s a lot of people touching your body and you don’t have a lot of control over it in that situation and if you’ve been through a violent relationship or you’ve experienced abuse that can be challenging and really triggering,” said health studies professor Tara Mantler, who co-investigated the project with nursing professor Kimberly Jackson. 

“This intervention gave the women their voices back and it got all the [health care] providers in the room to think about the way they treat women and by that, provide them with more autonomy, so they could better cope with the experience,” Mantler added. 

Jackson says the results of the pilot project were positive, but the funding for the program was eventually cut. And while they were able to share their work with researchers, they felt they needed to reach an audience beyond academia.  

The art pieces were created with four themes in mind: Deep Dark Corner, Breaking Through the Brokenness, Triggering My Thoughts and Now Perfectly Imperfect. The piece illustrated in this image is from the last theme, which depicts hope and optimism. (Submitted by Kimberly Jackson)

The two professors teamed up with Sheila O’Keefe-McCarthy, a creative researcher at Brock University, who helped them transpose the women’s experiences through the program into works of art.

“The numbers tell an interesting story if you’re an academic, but we found that a lot of the meaning from the journey to recovery for these women was being lost. That’s why we wanted it to be visual,” said Mantler. 

Through reading the transcripts of each woman’s experience, O’Keefe-McCarthy created four artistic themes that were developed into poems, which laid the groundwork for visual artists to make ten art pieces. 

The opposing colour schemes in the art work represent the before (right) and after (left) of a traumatized pregnant woman’s journey to finding her self worth. (Submitted by Kimberly Jackson)

“It was important for us to have an embodied experience to have a glimpse into what the journey through the program was like for women,” Mantler said. 

The art illustrates the women’s transformation from trauma to healing as they went through their pregnancies with new coping mechanisms. 

Back in October, the research and artwork was showcased for the general public and the result was very gratifying, according to Jackson.

“We were overwhelmed with how moved people have been when they’ve seen the art, so for us it’s been amazing to bring the voices of these women to light in a very meaningful and powerful way,” she said. 

Those interested in seeing the work will still get a chance to do so during the Legacy 2020 research conference at Western University in May, but after that, the art will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to a women’s shelter. 

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Ontario Artist Only Canadian Selected to Conduct Workshop at Global Art Symposium



Peterborough: Artist Lynda Todd is the solo Canadian artist at the Curious Mondo Art Symposium 2022 that debuts on August 15 – 19, 2022.


Todd, the only Canadian, joins 14 other artists worldwide from the US, UK, Greece, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and more, at the symposium.


Curious Mondo, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a known platform for live-stream workshops and courses and has an audience in over 32 countries. Over 10,000 new people watch each day. Each workshop will be available to watch for free during its scheduled broadcast hour. There will be three workshops each day.

Todd explains, “As a visually impaired artist I am used to giving and receiving detailed step-by-step instructions. My goal is to encourage others to embrace their creativity”.

Todd will be on a live chat you can join for free at 1 p.m. (MDT) on Tuesday, August 16th, 2022.

Join the LIVE Symposium Kick-Off Event starting at 11 a.m.(EST) on August 15th, 2022. Free registration information here. Todd started her art journey three years as a fluid pour artist and has expanded to resin and sculpted art. She is presently working on a new exhibit of tactile art, opening up opportunities for the visually impaired and blind to enjoy art in a more intimate way.

Todd won the Spirit of the Hills Fine Art Award in 2021 and the life-time achievement Holnbeck award for her volunteer work in the Peterborough community.

Artists who applied to become part of the symposium had to submit their project plans and photos. The Todd submission presented methods for using resin art. Nikolas Kienitz, the instructor liaison for Curious Mondo explains that the project presented in the symposium had to be approachable both for newbies and the more technically advanced participants in resin art.

Curious Mondo student, Ivonne Hugely, describes her experience as “I love the classes and the enthusiasm of both the instructors as well as the hosts. I love the feeling of community in the chats and the camaraderie and friendships that have developed while growing as an artist in both skills and confidence. Thank you, Curious Mondo! I especially love the fact that your courses are free while you’re live and filming. It really helps”.



Curious Mondo founder, Shahar Boyayan, explains, “We are Mondo Makers. We live and breathe creativity: we find creative solutions to problems, we bring new ideas to fruition and we are committed to empowering self-expression and cultivating resourcefulness in people and communities. We do this through ART. By making it, preserving it, and carrying on the legacy of different art forms!”


Todd describes her workshop, “I will teach how to create a work of art with resin, how to mix resin, what you can use to tint your resin and safety precautions. Participants will learn doming, casting, coating and so much more. Tips and tricks will be offered throughout the class and She will go over techniques and applications for resin. Even if you’ve never used resin, alcohol inks or acrylic paints, everything you need to know is covered in the class to get you started and ‘embrace your creativity.


The public can join the Live classes free of charge or can purchase life-time access for only $97 and get access to all of the workshops, bonus classes and studio tours.

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Woodstock Art Gallery to Host Last Summer Drop-In Today – 104.7 Heart FM



Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 6:13am

Families will be able to stop by the Woodstock Art Gallery from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today for the last studio drop-in of the summer.

WOODSTOCK – The Woodstock Art Gallery is back with its last studio drop-in of the summer.

From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today you can check out the new free, self-guided interactive art experience for all ages where you can explore, build and keep your art. Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult in order to participate.

Adults and kids are welcome to stop by and have fun, with your memento tied in with current exhibits at the art gallery.

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Downtown Williams Lake Art Walk 2022 opens Aug. 12 and will feature 30 artists at 30 businesses – Williams Lake Tribune



The Downtown Williams Lake Art Walk 2022 will kick off with some live art action on Friday, August 12.

From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. the grand opening event will include kids activities, door prizes, handing out guidebooks and a live paint battle.

The “Battle of the Brushes” will involve five or six artists battling it out for painting supremacy from noon to 1 p.m. The artists will be given a subject ahead of time but will also be thrown a curve ball part way through to create an element of improvisation as well.

Patrons will be able to watch as the artists create pieces at the event and can even vote on their favourite painting and one selected by the organizers will also be used in the marketing for the 2023 art walk.

“We’re hoping that their end results are fun and interesting and that people are entertained as they paint,” said Sherry Yonkman, Downtown Williams Lake executive director.

The paintings will also be auctioned off.

Downtown Art Walk is an event showcasing artists’ artworks in local downtown businesses, the event is free for patrons, and guides can be picked up at the Downtown Williams lake office, participating businesses, at the Stationhouse Gallery and at the Tourism Discovery Centre or at the Thursday Performance in the Park on Aug. 11.

The artworks will be on display from Aug. 12 to Sept. 7 and patrons can use the map in the guidebook to plan their walks and learn more about the artists.

On the back page of the guidebook is a passport which every hosting business can stamp and then patrons can use their stamped passports to enter to win $500 towards their favourite artist’s work or a number of $50 gift certificates as well.

Participating businesses include: United Floors; Williams Lake Boys and Girls Club; Interior Properties Real Estate; Kornak & Hamm’s Pharmacy Ltd.; Williams Lake First Nation; RE/MAX Williams Lake Realty; All-Ways Travel; City of Williams Lake ; Western Financial Group; Williams Lake Optometry; The Bean Counter Bistro;Williams Lake & District Credit Union; Sta-Well Health Foods; NEXT GENeral Mercantile + Refillery; The Open Book; The Realm of Toys & The Nerd Room; Woodland Jewellers Ltd.; Walk Rite Shoes; Do-More Promotional; Kit and Kaboodle; D&D Passports Xcetera ; Williams Lake Lavender Lingerie; Sandtronic Business Systems Ltd.; Crosina Realty Ltd.; The Heeler; Laketown Furnishings Ltd.; End of the Roll; Bob’s Footwear & Apparel Inc.; Lo’s Florist; and WorkBC Williams Lake.

Read more: Williams Lake Art Walk to feature 32 artists at 31 locations

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