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What is a Gangster? Just a Criminal Right?



Perceptions of a Gangster: Some people see the “gangster” as a rebel with a cause, a social outcaste that fights back, fights the elite of society. Others see gangsters as a folklore-like symbol, like Robinhood of old. Gangsterism has always evoked many different images of it, opinions describing an individual or group with a common purpose. Stalin, with Trotsky and Lenin, was viewed by Russia’s Royals as nothing more than gangsterism outlaws and criminals, which they were by the way. Gangsters need to eat, and frolic in their often-short term self-perceived freedom.

We can see throughout the world many music celebrities pretending to be gangsters, eliciting an image of the bad boy. Hip Hop, Rock Roll, Reggae, and Rap have become attached mediums of the gangster lifestyle, a lifestyle of easy money, drugs, and chicks for free. Hollywood has built this image from a reality found on the streets, where there is the gangster, his or her clan(group) and everyone else is the opposition. The Opposition is you and I reader, the suckers, brainwashed society that lives by a set of community rules. We are the workers, family members, and builders of society while the gangster is the predator clawing at society for what they believe is their rightful piece of financial gain.

Gangsters come in all sizes, and from all races and ethnic groups. Some are very intelligent while others are darn right stupid. Some gather together on motorbikes and act as distributors of death and destruction. They are reflections of the society they live in with one simple difference, they are superegos, caring only for themselves and their group. I will not mention the names of the many historical examples of gangsterism to the present, mostly because they enjoy notoriety at best, being notorious at their worst.

Gangsterism has touched us all, often transforming a peaceful, democratic society into a war zone and possible police state. Look to Haiti and Jamacia, where societies are not under police control due to states of emergency proclaimed. Historically entire cities in the past have suffered similar situations, such as Chicago during the Al Capones era. Now entire nations’ populations shiver in fear within their own neighborhoods while Criminals rule the day and especially the night. Oh yeah, a gangster is above all else a criminal, nothing more. Whether you carry out crimes to achieve a political or social goal, or the purpose of a gangster is simply to rob, steal, murder, distribute narcotics, elicit protection money, arson, fraud or manipulate entire populations for a third party, a criminal is nothing more than a criminal.


Why do they become gangsters? Why does a child steal candy, and a bully beat up a smaller child?

Gangsters are lazy, and looking for easy money. We work for a living, and they attempt to steal some of our hard earnt funds. Gangsters are territorial, just like wolves and bears. One gangster will often steal from another bringing about gang conflicts that also hurt the community it happens within. Collateral damage is what they think when a child dies because of a stray bullet. Expected collateral damage is seen by the deaths of those who willingly take narcotics supplied by these gangsters. As long as society has an appetite for illicit items and services, the gangster will be with us, and innocents will always die because of them. I say, “God Damn the Pusher man and all gangsters”. Gangsters understand only one thing and that is power. Perhaps the power of faith drives them away from their criminal lives due to the influence of a child or family and their faith. The power of the gun impressed another famous gangster, Mao Tse Tung, and also every dictator that has lived on this planet. Gathering Power (and money) are achieved through the barrel of a gun, applying fear upon their opponent, with exacting revenge at all times.

What should the police and military do in Haiti and Jamaica to bring about peaceful order? Start at one section of their islands and drive these gangsters to the other, arresting and killing them as they go. Once at the other end give them the choice of surrender or death. Maybe a few martyrs will be made, but society will achieve peacefulness, order, and righteous understanding. These Islands respect the rule of law. That’s it. A righteous peace will assure the population that rebuilding the substructure and society itself will continue unabraded by public fraud, gangsterism, and corruption. After all, gangsters are also cowards, and knowing the authorities will hunt them down may bring the fear of justice and death into their criminal minds.

Steven Kaszab
bradford, Ontario


UPEI students offered $1,500 to leave residence during Canada Games –



Some UPEI students are earning extra money during the mid-semester break this year, simply by packing up and leaving campus. 

The 2023 Canada Winter Games Host Society offered $1,500 each to students living in Andrew Hall if they give up their residence rooms to make space for arriving athletes. 

The students have to leave a few days before the break starts, on Feb. 17, and can return March 7. They also had to give up their meal plan for the duration.


Many athletes are staying at UPEI’s new 260-bed residence, built to meet accommodation requirements for the Games’ temporary athlete village.

But Wayne Carew, chair of the Games, said there are 120 more athletes coming than originally planned. 

A portrait of a man standing outside, wearing a jacket with the Canada Winter Games logo.
Organizers want the athletes all to stay on the UPEI campus so they can have ‘the experience of a lifetime,’ says Wayne Carew, chair of the 2023 Canada Winter Games Host Society. (Tony Davis/CBC)

“We ended up getting 44 rooms [in Andrew Hall] and that’s great,” said Carew.

He said the athletes staying at UPEI “are going to have a wild experience on the campus of the beautiful University of Prince Edward Island.” 

Carew said the costs of doing this are a “lot cheaper” than arranging accommodations elsewhere. But he said the main reason is to provide all athletes the same, “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.

“Where they live, the food and the camaraderie and the experience of a lifetime: that’s what they’ll remember in 20 years’ time about P.E.I.,” he said.

‘Pretty good deal’

Some students were eager to take the organizers up on their offer.

“I’m going away to Florida during the two-week break anyways. So I was like, ‘May as well let them use my room then,'” said Hannah Somers. 

Portrait of a man in a toque and a grey sweater standing in front of a residence hall.
UPEI student Benji Dueck is moving in with a friend during the Canada Games so he can get the $1,500 offer. (Tony Davis/CBC)

“It’s $1,500. Pretty nice,” said Benji Dueck, who agreed to vacate the room with his roommate.  “We’re moving out, living with a friend in the city. So, sounds like a pretty good deal to me.”

As part of the agreement, the students had to clear out their rooms. Canada Games organizers made arrangements so students could store their belongings.

But not all students thought it was a good deal.

Portrait of a woman in a black down jacket standing in front of a residence hall.
UPEI student Maria de Torres won’t be leaving residence during the Canada Games. ‘It’s just too hard to pack up. It’s just too hectic,’ she says. (Tony Davis/CBC)

“I’m not giving up my spot in Andrew Hall for $1,500,” said Maria de Torres. “It’s just too hard to pack up. It’s just too hectic. And since I’m an international student, I got a lot [of things] right now.”

Shelby Dyment is also staying in Andrew Hall. Dyment said she and her roommate are working as residence life assistants during the mid-semester break and she’s also doing directed study, so she has to stay on campus.

“There’s a lot of people doing it. It’s just for our situation it just wasn’t working for what we were doing,” she said.

In a statement, UPEI said that enough students had accepted the offer to host all the athletes. 

It said the host society made all the arrangements with the students, including paying for their incentives and arranging for storage.

Organizers expect about 3,600 athletes, coaches and officials to participate in the Games. The event will run from Feb. 18 to March 5.

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Germany won't be a 'party to the war' amid tanks exports to Ukraine: Ambassador – CTV News



The German ambassador to Canada says Germany will not become “a party to the conflict” in Ukraine, despite it and several other countries announcing they’ll answer President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s pleas for tanks, possibly increasing the risk of Russian escalation.

Sabine Sparwasser said it’s a “real priority” for Germany to support Ukraine, but that it’s important to be in “lockstep” coordination with other allied countries.

“There is a clear line for Germany,” she told CTV’s Question Period host Vassy Kapelos, in an interview airing Sunday. “We do want not want to be a party to the conflict.”


“We want to support, we want to do everything we can, but we, and NATO, do not want to be a party to the war,” she also said. “That’s I think, the line we’re trying to follow.”

Defence Minister Anita Anand announced this week Canada will send four Leopard 2 battle tanks — with the possibility of more in the future — to Ukraine, along with Canadian Armed Forces members to train Ukrainian soldiers on how to use them.

Canada first needed permission from Berlin to re-export any of its 82 German-made Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. After a meeting of 50 defence leaders in Germany earlier this month, it was unclear whether Germany would give the green light.

But following what German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called “intensive consultations,” Germany announced on Jan. 25 it would send tanks to Ukraine, and the following day, Canada followed suit. It is now joining several other countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Poland, which are sending several dozen tanks to Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this week the tanks would allow Ukraine to “significantly strengthen their combat capabilities.”

“It demonstrates also the unit and the resolve of NATO allies in partners in providing support to Ukraine,” he said.

Meanwhile Sparwasser said Germany is “walking that fine line” of avoiding steps that could prompt escalation from Russia, while supporting Ukraine, and staying out of the war themselves.

“I think it’s very important to see that Germany is very determined and has a real priority in supporting Ukraine in its struggle for freedom and sovereignty,” Sparwasser said. “But we also put a high priority on going it together with our friends and allies.”

Sparwasser said despite warnings from Russia that sending tanks to Ukraine will cause an escalation, Germany is within international law — specifically Article 51 of the United Nations Charter — to provide support to Ukraine.

“Ukraine is under attack has the right to self defence, and other nations can come in and provide Ukraine with the means to defend itself,” Sparwasser said. “So in international law terms, this is a very clear cut case.”

She added that considering “Russia doesn’t respect international law,” it’s a more impactful deterrent to Russia, ahead of an expected spring offensive, to see several countries come together in support of Ukraine.

With files from the Associated Press

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COVID: Canada retaining Evusheld – CTV News



While Health Canada says it is “aware” of the U.S. decision to withdraw the emergency use of Evusheld, a drug by AstraZeneca used to help prevent COVID-19 infection— the agency is maintaining its approval, citing the differences in variant circulation between Canada and the U.S.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Jan. 26 that its emergency use authorization of the drug was pulled due to its inefficacy in treating “certain” COVID-19 variants.

The FDA stated in a release on its website that as the XBB.1.5. variant, nicknamed “Kraken”, is making up the majority of cases in the country, the use of Evusheld is “not expected to provide protection” and therefore not worth exposing the public to possible side effects of the drug, like allergic reactions.


In an email to, Health Canada said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration pulled the drug as the main variant of concern in the U.S. is XBB.1.5.

“Dominant variants in the [U.S.] may be different from those circulating in Canada,” the federal agency said in an email. “The most recent epidemiological data in Canada (as of January 1, 2023) indicate that BA.5 (Omicron) subvariants continue to account for more than 89 per cent of reported cases.”

On Jan. 6 the FDA said in press release that certain variants are not neutralized by Evusheld and cautioned people who are exposed to XBB.1.5. On Jan. 26, the FDA then updated its website by saying it would be limiting the use of Evusheld.

“Evusheld is not currently authorized for use in the U.S. until further notice by the Agency,” the FDA website states.

On Jan. 17, Health Canada issued a “risk communication” on Evusheld, explaining how it may not be effective against certain Omicron subvariants when used as a preventative measure or treatment for COVID-19.

“Decisions regarding the use of EVUSHELD should take into consideration what is known about the characteristics of the circulating COVID-19 variants, including geographical prevalence and individual exposure,” Health Canada said in an email.

Health Canada says Evusheld does neutralize against Omicron subvariant BA.2, which according to the agency, is the dominant variant in many communities in Canada.

The drug was introduced for prevention measures specifically for people who have weaker immune systems and are unlikely to be protected by a COVID-19 vaccine. It can only be given to people 12 years and older.

“EVUSHELD is not a substitute for vaccination in individuals for whom COVID-19 vaccination is recommended,” the agency’s website reads.

Health Canada says no drug, including Evusheld, is a substitute for vaccination.

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