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Which Toronto pharmacies will be administering the COVID-19 vaccine? Here is the full lost. – CP24 Toronto's Breaking News



Ontario has released a list of more than 300 pharmacies that will be administering COVID-19 vaccine doses starting this week. Here is a look at the pharmacies in Toronto:  


North York

Shoppers Drug Mart 803 – 1500 Avenue Road

Shoppers Drug Mart 830 – 1800 Sheppard Avenue East

Rexall – 288 Sheppard Avenue East

Shoppers Drug Mart 986 – 4841 Yonge Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 838 – 3874 Bathurst Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 877 – 1859 Leslie Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 1510 – 2047 Avenue Road

Skymark Plaza – 3555 Don Mills Road

Loblaw – 6220 Yonge Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 1403 – 2528 Bayview Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 899 – 5998 Bathurst Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 919 – 6205 Bathurst Street

Costco Pharmacy #535 – 100 Billy Bishop Way

Shoppers Drug Mart 872 – 6428 Yonge Street

North York City Centre – 5150 Yonge Street

Keele and Finch Pharmacy – 102- 1275 Finch Avenue West

Whole Health Pharmacy – 7-1575 Jane Street

Hullmark – 4789 Yonge Street, Unit 2

Shoppers Drug Mart 820 – 1084 Wilson Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 881 – 3401 Dufferin Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 1162 – 4700 Keele Street

Rexall – 1115 Wilson Avenue

Loblaw – 2877 Bayview Avenue

Loblaw – 825 Don Mills Road

Dynasty Pharmacy – 5460 Yonge Street, Unit 106

Lefko Pharmasave 794 – 842 Wilson Avenue

Aria Pharmacy – 11 Newton Drive

Raymond Wing Chiu Chan Drug Ltd. – 794 Sheppard Avenue East

Bathurst Wilson IDA Pharmacy – 322 Wilson Avenue

Allcures Pharmacy – 31 St. Dennis Drive, Unit 1

Loblaw – 5095 Yonge Street

Premier Pharmacy and Compounding Centre – 3323 Bathurst Street

Nhatrang Drug Mart – 736 Wilson Avenue

Keele-Ingram Pharmacy – 2221 Keele Street


Toronto’s east end

Shoppers Drug Mart 500 – 1630 Danforth Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 1287 – 1500 Woodbine Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 982 – 1601 Bayview Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 1232 – 180 Danforth Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 994 – 755 Danforth Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 984 – 2000 Queen Street East

Shoppers Drug Mart 1255 – 1015 Lakeshore Boulevard East

Shoppers Drug Mart 823 – 970 Queen Street East

Loblaw – 50 Musgrave Street

Loblaw – 17 Leslie Street

Rexall – 539 Parliament Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 871 – 45 Overlea Boulevard

Costco Pharmacy 1316 – 42 Overlea Boulevard

Shoppers Drug Mart 1313 – 1860 Bayview Avenue, Unit 101

Loblaw – 449 Carlaw Avenue

Loblaw – 11 Redway Road

Shoppers Drug Mart 814 – 2494 Danforth Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 915 – 812 O’Connor Drive

Metro Pharmacy 537 – 3003 Danforth Avenue

Pharmasave – 825 Coxwell Avenue, Unit C114

Vina Pharmacy – 1025 Gerrard Street East

East York Pharmasave – 840 Coxwell Avenue, Unit 102

Care and Health Pharmacy – 2928 Danforth Avenue

City Remedy’sRx – 238 Danforth Avenue

Beaches Pharmacy – 1967 Queen Street East

Main Drug Mart – 7-1646 Victoria Park Avenue

Total Health Pharmacy – 997 Gerrard Street East

Victoria Park Pharmacy – 1314 Victoria Park Avenue

Pharmasave 606 – 944 Kingston Road

Pharmacare Drug Mart – 891 Broadview Avenue

I CARE Pharmacy Services – 2 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Unit 26-27

Shoppers Simply Pharmacy 3017 – 235 Danforth Avenue, Unit 101


Toronto’s west end

Shoppers Drug Mart 989 – 2223 Bloor Street West

Shoppers Drug Mart 821 – 770 Lawrence Avenue West

Shoppers Drug Mart 867 – 620 Keele Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 1377 – 958 Bloor Street West

Galleria SC – 1245 Dupont Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 717 – 2440 Dundas Street West

Loblaw – 2549 Weston Road

Shoppers Drug Mart 879 – 2343 Eglinton Avenue West

Loblaw – 2280 Dundas Street West

Shoppers Drug Mart 1214 – 1840 Eglinton Avenue West

Loblaw – 222 Lansdowne Avenue

Wal-Mart Pharmacy 1004 – 2525 St. Clair Avenue West

Junction Pharmacy – 3016 Dundas Street West

Welcome Guardian Drugs – 137 Roncesvalles Avenue

High Park Pharmacy – 1938 Bloor Street West

Junction Chemist Pharmacy – 17 St. Johns Road

Lingeman IDA Pharmacy – 411 Jane Street

The Medicine Shoppe – 2600 Eglinton Avenue West

Northcliffe Pharmacy – 1751 Eglinton Avenue West

New Caledonia Pharmacy – 600 Caledonia Road

Friendly Care West King Pharmacy – 2077 Weston Road

Symington Pharmacy – 333 Symington Avenue

Healing Source Pharmacy – 2209 Bloor Street West

Mortar + Pestle Compounding Pharmacy – 1997 Bloor Street West

Nor-Arm Pharmacy – 107-1280 Finch Avenue West

Weston Jane Pharmacy – 1292 Weston Road

Shoppers Drug Mart 1166 – 3446 Dundas Street West



Shoppers Drug Mart 865 – 125 The Queensway

Shoppers Drug Mart 808 – 3010 Bloor Street West

Cloverdale Mall – 250 The East Mall

Shoppers Drug Mart 863 – 5230 Dundas Street West

Richview Plaza – 250 Wincott Drive

Shoppers Drug Mart 903 – 3730 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Unit 102

Shoppers Drug Mart 825 – 600 The East Mall, Unit 1

Costco Pharmacy 524 – 50 Queen Elizabeth Boulevard

Rexall – 3701 Lakeshore Boulevard West

Shoppers Drug Mart 837 – 270 The Kingsway

Loblaw – 3671 Dundas Street West

Loblaw – 380 The East Mall

Glencade Pharmacy –290 The West Mall

One Eva – 1 Eva Road

Unicare Pharmacy – 3170 Lakeshore Boulevard West

Clinicplus I.D.A. Pharmacy – 10 Neighbourhood Lane, Unit 103

Pharmasave – 1255 The Queensway, Unit 20

Shoppers Drug Mart 857 ETOBICOKE 123 Rexdale Blvd TORONTO

Loblaw – 330 Queens Plate Drive

Shoppers Drug Mart 1483 – 666 Burnhamthorpe Road

Lakeside Pharmacy – 2438 Lake Shore Boulevard West

Loblaw –1020 Islington Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 1421 – 2206 Lake Shore Boulevard West

Canadian Compounding Pharmacy – 2920 Bloor Street West

Islington Medical Pharmacy – 1243 Islington Avenue

Markland Wood Pharmacy – 4335 Bloor Street West



Shoppers Drug Mart 1314 – 1235 McCowan Road

Shoppers Drug Mart 880 – 1571 Sandhurst Circle

Shoppers Drug Mart 1335 – 255 Morningside Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 1388 – 2330 Kennedy Road

Loblaw – 681 Silver Star Boulevard

Costco – 1411 Warden Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 1301 – 5671 Steeles Avenue East

Shoppers Drug Mart 1381 – 1780 Markham Road

Shoppers Drug Mart 829 – 265 Port Union Road

Shoppers Drug Mart 851 – 85 Ellesmere Road, Unit 31

Shoppers Drug Mart 800 – 629 Markham Road

Shoppers Drug Mart 811 – 2999 Kingston Road

Rexall – 3607 Sheppard Avenue East

Shoppers Drug Mart 1509 – 2901 Sheppard Avenue East

Loblaw – 3401 Lawrence Avenue East

Shoppers Drug Mart 860 – 300 Borough Drive

Loblaw – 1450 Lawrence Avenue East

Shoppers Drug Mart 856 – 2251 Lawrence Avenue East

Shoppers Drug Mart 1399 – 91 Rylander Boulevard, Unit 1022

FreshCo –2490 Gerrard Street East

Lawrence/Midland – 2650 Lawrence Avenue East

Wal-Mart Pharmacy 3159 – 1900 Eglinton Avenue East

Wal-Mart Pharmacy 3111 – 799 Milner Avenue

Wal-Mart Pharmacy 3000 – 3850 Sheppard Avenue East

Wal-Mart Pharmacy 1080 – 5995 Steeles Avenue East

Pharmasave – 462 Birchmount Road

Orton Park Guardian Pharmacy – 136 Orton Park Road

Guardian Village Square Pharmacy – 2942 Finch Avenue East

Pharmasave Cedarcourt – 3480 Lawrence Avenue East

Lawrence Pharmacy – 2683 Lawrence Avenue East

Kennedy Road Pharmacy – 4-2 Antrim Crescent

People’s Choice RemedysRx – 1145 Morningside Avenue, Unit 16

Health Check Pharmacy – 2826A Markham Road

HealthSmart Pharmasave – 2425 Eglinton Avenue East, Unit 10

Shoppers Drug Mart 859 – 2751 Eglinton Avenue East,

Shoppers Drug Mart 855 – 1400 Neilson Road

Pharmasave – 3485 Kingston Road

Markham Corners Pharmacy – 5113 Sheppard Avenue East

Rylander Pharmasave – 8-6758 Kingston Road

Victoria Commons Pharmacy – 6-2555 Victoria Park Avenue

Lapsley Pharmacy – 27 Lapsley Road


Midtown Toronto

Shoppers Drug Mart 836 – 523 St. Clair Avenue West

Shoppers Drug Mart 841 – 2345 Yonge Street

Eglinton/Bathurst – 901 Eglinton Avenue West

Shoppers Drug Mart 818 – 759 Mount Pleasant Road

Shoppers Drug Mart 939 – 1507 Yonge Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 1281 – 292 Dupont Street

Yonge/Eglinton – 2300 Yonge Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 1240 – 3366 Yonge Street

Rexall – 2 St. Clair Avenue East, Unit C001

Shoppers Drug Mart 926 – 1027 Yonge Street

Rexall – 3402 Yonge Street

Rosebury – 145 Marlee Avenue

Sam’s I.D.A. Pharmacy – 1920 Yonge Street

Ava Pharmacy – 81 St. Clair Avenue East, Unit 220

Forest Hill Pharmacy – 491 Eglinton Avenue West, Unit 102

Loblaw – 396 St. Clair Avenue West


Downtown Toronto

First Canadian Place, Unit CN1038

Shoppers Drug Mart 997 – 66 Wellington Street West, Unit 10

College Park – 777 Bay Street, Unit C 216

Shoppers Drug Mart 1410 – 236 Bloor Street West

Shoppers Drug Mart 807 – 20 Bloor St. East

Shoppers Drug Mart 1322 – 565 Sherbourne Street, Unit 40

Shoppers Drug Mart 949 – 69 Yonge Street

Richmond/Adelaide – 120 Adelaide Street West, Unit R28

Rexall – 200 Wellington Street West, Unit 200

Waterpark Place – 88 Queens Quay West

Rexall – 250 University Avenue, Unit 120

Rexall – 63 Wellesley Street East

Mount Sinai – 600 University Avenue

Atrium on Bay – 595 Bay Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 813 – 725 College Street

Rexall – 474 Spadina Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart 1402 – 279 Yonge Street

Commerce Court Toronto – 199 Bay Street, Unit C186

Loblaw – 60 Carlton Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 1288 – 761 King Street West

Shoppers Drug Mart 985 – 200 Bay Street

Rexall – 87 Avenue Road

Rexall – 63 Front Street East

Shoppers Drug Mart 1320 – 388 King Street West

Rexall – 285 Spadina Avenue

Rexall – 481 Bloor Street West

Shoppers Drug Mart 1408 – 55 Bloor Street West

Greenwin Square – 345 Bloor Street, Unit 3

Shoppers Drug Mart 945 – 181 Bay Street

Greendale Drugs – 152 Carlton Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 806 – 360A Bloor Street West

Shoppers Drug Mart 1414 – 260 Queen Street West

Shoppers Drug Mart 1441 – 333 Bay Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 1351 – 18 Jarvis Street

Snowden Pharmacy – 264 Bloor Street West

Pharmasave – 100-720 Spadina Avenue

Metro Drugs – 129 Dundas Street East

Loblaw – 200 Front Street East

Shoppers Drug Mart 993 – 524 Queen Street West

Loblaw – 10 Lower Jarvis Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 1005 – 1090 King Street West

Green Pharmacy – 620A Bloor Street West

Sanomed Pharmacy & Compounding Centre – 1000 Bay Street

Well+Good Pharmacy – 557 Church Street

Jarvis St. Apothecary – 275 Jarvis Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 1253 – 1473 Queen Street West

Shoppers Drug Mart 1362 – 1033 Queen Street West, Unit A

Shoppers Drug Mart 943 – 465 Yonge Street

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Canadian Business During the Pandemic



In 2019 the world was hit by the covid 19 pandemic and ever since then people have been suffering in different ways. Usually, economies and businesses have changed the way they work and do business. Most of which are going towards online and automation.

The people most effected by this are the laymen that used to work hard labors to make money for there families. But other then them it has been hard for most business to make such switch. Those of whom got on the online/ e commerce band wagon quickly were out of trouble and into the safe zone but not everyone is mace for the high-speed online world and are thus suffering.

More than 200,000 Canadian businesses could close permanently during the COVID-19 crisis, throwing millions of people out of work as the resurgence of the virus worsens across much of the country, according to new research. You can only imagine how many families these businesses were feeding, not to mention the impact the economy and the GDP is going to bear.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business said one in six, or about 181,000, Canadian small business owners are now seriously contemplating shutting down. The latest figures, based on a survey of its members done between Jan. 12 and 16, come on top of 58,000 businesses that became inactive in 2020.

An estimate by the CFIB last summer said one in seven or 158,000 businesses were at risk of going under as a result of the pandemic. Based on the organization’s updated forecast, more than 2.4 million people could be out of work. A staggering 20 per cent of private sector jobs.

Simon Gaudreault, CFIB’s senior director of national research, said it was an alarming increase in the number of businesses that are considering closing.

We are not headed in the right direction, and each week that passes without improvement on the business front pushes more owners to make that final decision,”

He said in a statement.

The more businesses that disappear, the more jobs we will lose, and the harder it will be for the economy to recover.

In total, one in five businesses are at risk of permanent closure by the end of the pandemic, the organization said.

The new sad research shows that this year has been horrible for the Canadian businesses.


The beginning of 2021 feels more like the fifth quarter of 2020 than a new year,” said Laura Jones, executive vice-president of the CFIB, in a statement.

She called on governments to help small businesses “replace subsidies with sales” by introducing safe pathways to reopen to businesses.

There’s a lot at stake now from jobs, to tax revenue to support for local soccer teams,”

Jones said.

Let’s make 2021 the year we help small business survive and then get back to thriving.”

The whole world has suffered a lot from the pandemic and the Canadian economy has been no stranger to it. We can only pray that the world gets rid of this pandemic quickly and everything become as it used to be. Although I think it is about time, we start setting new norms.

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Shopify shares edge up after falling on executive departures



By Chavi Mehta

(Reuters) -Shopify Inc shares edged higher on Thursday, recovering partially from the previous day’s fall, with analysts saying the news of planned senior executive departures may have limited impact due to the company’s deep talent pool.

Chief Executive Officer Tobi Lutke said in a blog post on Wednesday the company’s chief talent officer, chief legal officer and chief technology officer will all leave their roles.

“We remain confident it (Shopify) can continue to execute at a high level, despite the departures,” Tom Forte, analyst at D.A. Davidson & Co said, pointing to the company’s “deep bench of talented executives.”

Shopify, which provides infrastructure for online stores, has seen its valuation soar in the past year as many businesses went virtual during the COVID-19 lockdowns, turning it into Canada‘s most valuable company.

Shopify declined to comment further on Lutke’s statement suggesting current company leaders would step in to fill the three roles. After chief product officer Craig Miller left in September, Lutke took on the role in addition to CEO.

The Ottawa-based company is Canada‘s biggest homegrown tech success story, founded in 2006 and supporting over 1 million businesses globally, according to the company.

Jonathan Kees, analyst at Summit Insights Group, called the timing of the departures “a little alarming” but said the specific roles make it less concerning, given that the executives leaving are “more back-office roles.”

Lutke said each one of them had their individual reasons to leave, without giving details.

“I am willing to give Tobi’s explanation the benefit of the doubt,” Kees added.

Toronto-listed shares of Shopify were up 3.5% at C$1526.41 on Thursday, giving it a market value of C$188 billion ($150 billion). It ended down 5.1% on Wednesday.

“While we would refer to the departure of three high-level executives as ‘significant,’ we would not refer to it as a ‘brain drain,'” Forte added.

($1 = 1.2541 Canadian dollars)

(Reporting by Subrat Patnaik in Bengaluru; additional reporting by Moira Warburton in Vancouver; Editing by Sherry Jacob-Phillips and Dan Grebler)

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Almost half of Shopify’s top execs to depart company: CEO



By Moira Warburton

(Reuters) – Three of e-commerce platform Shopify’s seven top executives will be leaving the company in the coming months, chief executive officer and founder of Canada‘s most valuable company Tobi Lutke said in a blog post on Wednesday.

The company’s chief talent officer, chief legal officer and chief technology officer will all transition out of their roles, Lutke said, adding that they have been “spectacular and deserve to take a bow.”

“Each one of them has their individual reasons but what was unanimous with all three was that this was the best for them and the best for Shopify,” he said.

The trio follow the departure of Craig Miller, chief product officer, in September. Lutke took on the role in addition to CEO.

Shopify, which provides infrastructure for online stores, has seen its valuation soar in the last year as many businesses went virtual during COVID-19 lockdowns. It has a market cap valuation of C$182.7 billion ($146 billion), above Canada‘s top lender Royal Bank of Canada.

It is Canada‘s biggest homegrown tech success story, founded in 2006 and supporting over 1 million businesses globally, according to the company.

“We have a phenomenally strong bench of leaders who will now step up into larger roles,” Lutke said, but did not name replacements.

Shopify said in February revenue growth would slow this year as vaccine rollouts encourage people to return to stores and warned it does not expect 2020’s near doubling of gross merchandise volume, an industry metric to measure transaction volumes, to repeat this year.

Chief talent officer, Brittany Forsyth, was the 22nd employee hired at Shopify and has been with the company for 11 years. She said on Twitter that post-Shopify she would be focusing on Backbone Angels, an all-female collective of angel investors she co-founded in March.

Shopify shares fell 5.1% while the benchmark Canadian share index ended marginally down.

($1 = 1.2515 Canadian dollars)


(Reporting by Moira Warburton in Toronto; Editing by Aurora Ellis)

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